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Zurich Information

Zurich is the largest city and capital of the division of Switzerland. Limmat River flows from Lake Zurich. The city is a cultural center and the most desirable cities in the world. Instant monarchy of the Middle Ages Zurich gained the independent and privileged status in 1519. Zurich is a leading global city and one of the largest financial centers in the world. The city has a large number of financial associations and banking Giants. There are number of museums and art galleries like Swiss National Museum and Kunsthaus can be seen in the city. The city of Zurich the University of Technology and ETHZ are Switzerland's two prestigious federal agencies. Reconciliation to number of surveys from 2006 to 2008, Zurich was the wealthiest city in the world's best quality of life as well as in Europe. Zurich is also has one of the most extraordinary theaters in the German-speaking world.

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      Zurich Recreation, Culture and Attractions
Zurich has a great cultural tradition of high-quality museums and galleries, Zurich high-caliber chamber and concert ensemble and several important theaters. As one of the largest and highest popular yearly events in Zurich, it is also one of the world's major techno and dance music festivals in the Street Parade. Such Opera House, Tonhalle Orchestra, Zurich's cultural institutions and the Schauspielhaus theater stage, high culture encourages visitors and residents. The city is the cultural spectrum including the opera house, theater, art gallery, concert hall and through a variety of films and recognized in 1970, but over the last 25 years of their own life is almost unbelievable. Langstrasse area along the lake and the old town of the city's bars and restaurants can be described as extensive in the city of Zurich. Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich was founded in 1916 with the Dada movement in several art movements. One of the first programs in Zurich, took a constructivist art movement. An exhibition is the best of traditional holiday in Zurich. The traditional cuisine of Zurich Zwingli Huldrych centuries of rule by patrician Burghers Puritanism and the main traditional foods The Permanent Press Zurcher Geschnetzeltes and are Tirggel reflects the traditional fare. Zurich offers a variety of great when it comes to the rest of the night. The world-famous Street Parade the hosting place in August every year in the city. Zurich people prefer an active lifestyle sport is a constituent part of Swiss culture and society. Abundance of international sporting opportunity for sport lovers and several international sport federations in Zurich is an attractive place. Association football sports in Zurich is Switzerland's highest league in the subject and a list of the two major Swiss football teams; Grasshopper - Club Zurich and FC Zurich in 1886 which was established since 1896. Ice hockey is the head of the organization, as well as ice hockey league in the world, such as Zurich has refereed at the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) is one of the most popular sports in the city.

      Zurich Demographics
Zurich City Total Population is 376,000
Zurich City White Population is 87.0%
Zurich City Two or more races population is Population is 1.0%
Zurich City French Population is 4.5%
Zurich City Serbo-Croatian Population is 4.1%
Zurich City Spanish Population is 3.9%
Zurich City Portuguese Population is 3.1%
Zurich City Albanian Population is 2.3%

      Zurich Education
The Zurich children have compulsory nine-year of education. Compulsory primary level of education, lower secondary level is free of charge on all continents and in all local schools. Zurich international schools have unique and excellent quality and there are number of international schools with British or American diplomas and certificates are predominant. Options for higher education in the Canton of Zurich it is home to more than 20 universities, colleges and institutions. The University of Zurich in Zurich was founded in 1833 and is the largest university in Switzerland, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH Zurich was founded in 1855 and has relationships with 21 Nobel Prize winners. Zurich is also one of the co-location centers of Knowledge and Innovation Community.

      Zurich History
Settlements of the Neolithic and the Bronze Age were established around Lake Zurich. Pre-Roman Celtic, La Tene settlements were discovered near the marks Lindenhof hill. It is the town's oldest written reference to a tomb stone found at Lindenhof, with dates from the 2nd century. In the 5th century, the Germanic Shelf tribe settled in the Swiss plateau. The Roman fortification survives standing until the 7th century. Zurich only in the 13th century the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Carolingian Empire grew out of an answer and became an imperial city. The destruction of the main line of the Zahringer family of Zurich in 1218 and became an instant sovereignty and nationality of a status comparable. Zurich citizens of Lucerne, Schwyz, Uri and Unterwalden, before representatives of the cantons of the Swiss Confederation of the other members of the loyalty oath in 1 May 1351. In the 16th and 17th centuries Zurich in the second ring of commanding consolidation built in 1624 as a result the Council adopted an isolationist attitude. Helvetic Revolution of 1798 saw the fall of the old regime. Zurich lost determination of the land and its economic allowance and the city and the separation between cantons 1803-1805. For the Federal capital of Zurich 1839-40 and as a consequence a great stir throughout Switzerland in 1839 contributed to the success of the Conservative party. The city was wide range developments in the 19th century. Since 1847, Spanisch-Brotli-Bahn, the first railway of Swiss territory Zurich Hauptbahnhof at the origin of the Swiss rail network connected Zurich with Baden. In 1872, Gottfried Keller Clerk to the canton of Zurich, Zurich individually in "Versicherungs-Verein" established a unified signature rules.

      Zurich Tourism
Zurich is the major city in Switzerland and it is a largest simultaneous art and shopping destination. Zurich is Switzerland's major tourist destination in the world by Lonely Planet Guide Book Ten of the best places to visit. City of Zurich in Switzerland and abroad throughout the year from the visitors to enjoy a variety of events and public festivals offers a large variety of cultural and sporting convenience. More than 50 museums in the city, the best culinary highlights, unlimited shopping pleasure, Switzerland's liveliest nightlife, numerous events and countless green oasis in the city's center and enjoy encourages guests to linger.

      Zurich Transportation
Public transport is first class in Zurich and its native citizens use public transport in large numbers. 70% of visitors to the city use the train or bus, and throughout half of journeys within the community take place on public transport. Within Zurich and overall the canton of Zurich public transport, traffic density ratings between ZVV networks consists of the largest in the world. Zurich railways, air, roads traffic for the center of the composite. Zurich Hauptbahnhof is the major and busiest station in Switzerland and is an extraordinary railway hub in Europe. Zurich Airport is less than 10 kilometers (6.2 mi) unconventional is where it has its individual railway station on the city's northeast in Kloten. It is directly connected to the main Swiss cities of Zurich and Dubendorf also has an airfield. The Zurich taxis are very expensive compared to the train.

      Zurich Universities
University of Zurich, Zurich, Canton of Zurich, Switzerland - 25,618 Students
Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Zurich, Winterthur and Wädenswil, Canton of Zurich, Switzerland - 15,334 Students
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Zurich, Canton of Zurich, Switzerland - 15,093 Students

      Zurich Tourist Attractions
Baden - city of diversity
Bahnhofstrasse Zurich
Lakeside Promenade
St. Peter
Zoo Zurich & Masoala Rainforest
Zurich West

      Zurich Museums
Centre Le Corbusier
Foundation E.G. Bührle
Haus Konstruktiv
Kunsthaus Zurich
Rietberg Museum
Swiss National Museum
Zunfthaus zur Meisen

      Zurich Religious
Zurich City Percent Religious Population is 60.82%
Zurich City Catholic Population is 39.75%
Zurich City LDS Population is 2.59%
Zurich City Baptist Population is 2.96%
Zurich City Pentecostal Population is 2.73%
Zurich City Lutheran Population is 7.09%
Zurich City Methodist Population is 2.63%
Zurich City Presbyterian Population is 1.16%
Zurich City Other Christian Population is 1.93%

      Zurich Tax
Zurich City Corporate Tex - 8%
Zurich City VAT - 8%
Zurich City Inheritance Tax - 10-50%
Zurich City Real estate profit Tax - 0.3-3%
Zurich City Real estate transfer Tax - 1-3%

      Zurich Government
Incorporate the executive government of the City Council of Zurich and operates as an organization government. It has nine councilors, each presiding over a department and the mayor serves as chairman of the executive branch. Chronicle voters in the City Council elections are held every four years. Executive body of the Bank of the City Hall meetings held on Limmat. On the other hand, the City Parliament has legislative authority. Elections are held every four years which has 125 members. Terms of Service and the City Council and the City of Parliament gave the administration to implement the laws. Any citizen of Zurich authorizes to vote can be elected as a constituent of the City Parliament.

      Zurich Geography
Zurich is the Europe's largest and urban area and the capital of the Switzerland. It is on the north end of Lake Zurich, some 60 miles (100 km) northeast of Bern, the national capital and about 1,350 feet above sea level (410 m). Zurich Limmat River, which drains from the lake flows through the city's heart near the snowcapped Alps. After running the first at the north west of the old town is gradually turning into a curve which flows from the lake, river Limmat, it takes two sides. The geographic center of the city is Lindenhof, Limmat, a small natural hill on the west bank, 700 m (2,300 ft) in the north where the river issues Lake Zurich. Zurich was used in four different seasons by definition are based on the sea and Zurich has humid continental climate. The city Meteorology and Climatology in Zurich annual mean temperature is the Federal Office of the measuring station.

      Zurich Economy
Zurich is one of the most significant financial centers in the country of Europe. Zurich is the Switzerland's commercial, banking, and insurance center as well as one of the world's financial centers. Various innovative businesses and industries both are small and large, the main source of Zurich's financial system. It is one of the main manufacturing center; products are machinery, chemicals, and textiles and clothing. And tourism is the main industries in the publication. In such a rapidly expanding and innovative financial system aerospace automotive supplier industry and markets such as biotechnology and life sciences, however, currently enjoying such success and enriched the field of medical tech. Product prices and higher production levels in Switzerland is low compared to other countries in the world non-wage labor costs are lower than the competition thanks to economic regions.

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