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Stockholm Information

Stockholm city is the capital and major city of Sweden. The largest populated city in Sweden is Stockholm city and nearly 22% of Sweden population is staying in Stockholm city metropolitan area. Stockholm city is one of Sweden's cultural, media, political, and economic centers. Stockholm city is positioned 24th place in the world, 10th in Europe and 1st place in Scandinavia. Sweden capital Stockholm city is one of the most beautiful and attractive city in the world.

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      Stockholm Recreation, Culture and Attractions
Stockholm has many national cultural institutions. Stockholm has many activities like clubs, museums, theatres and 85 art galleries. More than 100 events taking place in one night in Stockholm city. Stockholm city provides Stockholm Card for free entrance to 75 sightseeing spots, free use of city sightseeing buses, undergrounds, bus and suburb trains and this card sold in many tourist information centers and hotels. In Stockholm city football and ice hockey are most Spectator sports. The most popular teams of Stockholm city are AIK, Djurgardens IF and Hammarby IF. Stockholm city hosted 1912 Summer Olympics and also hosted numerous sports events, notably football and athletics. Stockholm city has the most crowded museums, visited by millions of people every year. Stockholm City Theatre, the Peoples Opera, the Modern Theatre of Dance, the China Theatre, the Göta Lejon Theatre, the Mosebacke Theatre, and the Oscar Theatre are the some other notable theatres in Stockholm City. Stockholm has a vibrant art scene with a number of internationally recognized art centers and commercial galleries.

      Stockholm Demographics
Stockholm Total Population is 871,952

      Stockholm Education
In the 18th century research and higher education in sciences department are in progress in Stockholm city. In Stockholm city Royal Institute of Technology was started in the year of 1827. Now Scandinavia's leading higher education institute of technology enrollment is of 13,000 students. Stockholm University founded in the year of 1878 with university status allowed in the year 1960 and has of 2008 senses Stockholm University has 52,000 students. Stockholm University also includes many historical institutions like as the Observatory, the Swedish Museum of Natural History, and the botanical garden Bergianska tradgarden. The Sodertorn University College was originated in the year 1995. In Stockholm city this university is the multi-disciplinary institution.

      Stockholm History
Stockholm city was founded by Birger Jarl to protect Sweden from a sea invasion by foreign navies and also to stop the pillage of towns such as Sigtuna on Lake Malaren. Stockholm city technically advanced has strong economic and cultural connections. Stockholm's City Council was fabricated of 24 members. In the year of 1520 Danish King Christian II was entered in to the Stockholm city. On 8 November 1520 the Stockholm Bloodbath took place. In the year of 1634 Stockholm has become an authorized capital of the Swedish empire. Stockholm city has got back its leading economic role, by the 2nd half of the 19th century. In 19th century Stockholm city established number of scientific institutes, including the Karolinska Institute and 20th century established a modern, technologically advanced, and ethnically diverse city. The old Stockholm city was situated on Helgeandsholmen. Stockholm city the old quarters were renewed and in 19th century the city was re-built. Stockholm city is known as an important cultural and trade center. Stockholm city has become "The Capital of Culture in Europe" by 1998.

      Stockholm Tourism
Stockholm city is fabricated of 14 islands attached to 50 bridges on Lake Malaren. Stockholm city is world famous for its location by the water because fifty percent of the Stockholm city area is water. Stockholm city itself comprises of fourteen major islands, nearly 17 million travelers visits Stockholm city islands every year. Stockholm city has around 70 fascinating museums. Jazz festival is very famous in Stockholm city celebrates in the summer season every year.

      Stockholm Transportation
Stockholm city public transportation comprises of bus, metro, regional/suburban rail and light rail, tram and archipelago boat. In Stockholm city bus and rail transportation system is systematized by Storstockholms Local traffic. Stockholm city boat transportation is handled by Waxholmsbolaget. Stockholm city public transport system is supported separately, with Flygbussarna supplying airport bus services, and Arlanda Express an airport train service. The commuter train is also fairly frequent in Stockholm city, spreads about 50km from central Stockholm and Stockholm city has an extensive public transport system. Stockholm city has 100 stations and the total system distance is of 105.7 km and Stockholm city has long metro networks in Europe.

      Stockholm Universities
Stockholm University,Sweden - 28,200 students
Stockholm University Karolinska Institutet,Sweden - 5,500 students
Stockholm University Royal Institute of Technology,Sweden - 14,500 students
Stockholm School of Economics,Sweden - 1,700 students
Stockholm University Södertörn University,Sweden - 6,300 students

      Stockholm Tourist Attractions
The Old Town
Drottningholm Palace
Opera House (Operan)
Riddarholm Church (Riddarholmskyrkan)
Royal Dramatic Theater (Kungliga Dramatiska Teatern)
Lake Malaren
Berwald Concert Hall (Berwaldhallen)
Kaknas Television Tower (Kaknastornet)
Parliament Building (Riksdagshuset)
SkyView Globe
Stockholm Globe Arena
Historical Museum of Wines and Spirits (Vin & Spirithistoriska Museet)
The Great Synagogue of Stockholm
Tyska Kyrkan (Old German Church)
Seglora Kyrka
Stockholm International Fairs & Congress Center
Hay Market (Hotorget)
Kungsholm Kirche - Ulrica Eleonora
Woodland Chapel
Regina Theater
Rosendal Palace
Ericsson Globe
Bikram Yoga Sodermalm
Hillsong Church Stockholm
Museum of Ethnography (Etnografiska Museet)
Cirkus Arena
Hamburger Bors
Van der Nootska palatset
Gustav Vasa Kyrka
Finnish Church (Finska kyrkan)
Grand Lidingo
Filmstaden Sergel
Biblioteca dell'Accademia Svedese
Olof Palme Memorial plaque
Catholic Cathedral (Katolska Domkyrkan)
Filmstaden Soder
The Western Bridge
S:ta Clara kyrka
Yoga Shakti Studio
Fagel Bla
Filmstaden Camera
Dansens Hus

      Stockholm Museums
Vasa Museum
Skansen Open-Air Museum
Museum of National Antiquities (Historiska Museet)
Thiel Gallery (Thielska Galleriet)
Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet
Hallwyl Museum (Hallwylska Museet)
Royal Palace (Kungliga Slottet)
The Army Museum
Museum of Medieval Stockholm (Stockholms Medeltidsmuseum)
National Museum of Art (National Museet)
National Museum of Science and Technology
Nordic Museum (Nordiska Museet)
Moderna Museet - Stockholm
Stockholm Transport Museum (Sparvagsmuseet)
Stockholm City Museum
Royal Coin Cabinet
The Nobel Museum
Sven-Harrys (konstmuseum)
Musik- och teatermuseet
The Royal Mews
Aquaria Water Museum
Jewish Museum Stockholm
East Asiatic Museum
Museum of Dance (Dansmuseet)
Strindberg Museum
Swedish Form (Svensk Form)
Royal Treasury (Skattkammaren)
Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities (Ostasiatiska Museet)
Museum of Biology
Magasin 3
Museum of Architecture (Arkitekturmuseet)
Observatory Museum

      Stockholm Parks
Rosendal's Garden (Rosendals Tradgarder)
Grona Lunds Tivoli
Kungstradgarden Park
Fjarilshuset (Butterfly House)
Stockholm Outback
Parco Berzelius

      Stockholm Tax Rate
Stockholms tax rate is 30.39 %
Stockholms Municipal tax rate is 18.29 %
Stockholms County council tax rate is 12.10 %

      Stockholm Geography
Stockholm city is situated on the south-central east coast of Sweden. Stockholm city Centre is practically situated on the water. Stockholm city contains humid continental climate. Stockholm city daylight is different widely in excess of 18 hours in the midsummer and in December only around 6 hours. A daytime high temperature in summer is 20-25 °C in Stockholm city and low temperature is 13 °C, temperatures may reach to 30 °C. In Stockholm city snow average temperatures ranges from -5 to 1 °C and occasionally drop below -15 °C. On 3rd July 1811 Stockholm city's highest temperature ever recorded was 36°C and on 20 January 1814 lowest temperature was -31 °C. Stockholm city never dropped temperature below -25.1 °C. Snowfalls come about mainly in December up to March in Stockholm city.

      Stockholm Economy
Stockholm city incorporate 45% of Swedish companies with above 200 employees. Stockholm city also headquarters for prominent clothes retailer H&M. In Stockholm city economy, tourism plays crucial role. Stockholm city is 10th largest visiting place in Europe.

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