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Oregon rental properties are primarily found in the major metropolitan areas of Oregon. Common rental types found in Oregon are apartments, studios, lofts, one bedrooms, two bedrooms, condos, houses for rent, mobile homes, hotel rooms, vacation rental, furnished rentals short term rentals. Regions and cities if Oregon where housing rentals are found are Portland Area, Willamette Valley, Southern OR, Central OR, Coast, All Cities, Mt Hood, Eastern OR. Vacation rentals, short term rentals and furnished housing are more common in the metropolitan areas of Oregon.

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Use the rental links below to find Oregon apartment rentals, Oregon houses for rent, Oregon short term furnished Oregon vacation rentals and more. Landlords post rentals directly. Tenants contact landlords about the houses and apartments and negotiate such rental aspects as rent, lease term, pet policy...

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Oregon State Information

Oregon State was located on Pacific coast of the northwestern of United State. Oregon State was size wise 10th rank among the 50 states of US. Oregon is often nickname is The Beaver State. The Oregon capital city is Salem. Oregon State total area was 255,026 km2. Oregon is bordered on the north by Washington, east by Idaho, south by Nevada and California and west by Pacific Ocean. Oregon state total boundary length is 2,324 km. The total forest land is 318,000 hectares. Oregon State forest land is multiple ? use. State lands are managed to produce sustainable revenue for counties, schools, and local taxing districts. About 80% of The Oregon's forestland is land capable of producing timber for commercial harvest. However, less than 60% of this commercial land is available for full-yield timber production. The remaining forestland base contains commercial forest. Oregon State official language is English. Oregon State climate is mild, The Oregon has generally temperature. The Oregon total population is 3,825,657 in 2009 estimation. In population wise The Oregon rank is 27th among the United States. The Oregon Agriculture is dominated the economy and culture of Oregon. The Oregon leads in growing peppermint. Oregon?s farmland is covers about 17.2 million acres to the total area of Oregon. The eastern Oregon has most beef cattle are raised on the rangeland. State leading agriculture activity is Cattle and calf production. Manufacturing in Oregon is dominated by the lumber and wood products industry. More than half of the Oregon's industrial workers are employed in the Portland area.

Oregon Recreation, Culture and Attractions

Oregon State has many recreation areas and parks. The US Forest Service administers the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, on the Oregon coast; the Lava Lands Visitor Complex near Bend. The Oregon has many attractive areas and natural beauties. Tourism is The Oregon's 3rd-largest employer. Oregon offers scenic diversity with it's forests, rivers, beaches, mountains and waterfalls. If you're planning to visit Oregon you might want to see some waterfalls at Silver Falls State Park. Oregon has one national park, Crater Lake, and three other areas?John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, Oregon Caves National Monument and Ft. Clatsop National Memorial?managed by the National Park Service. Oregon has one major league team, based in Portland. Oregon has only one major professional sports team that is the National Basketball Association. Portland has two minor-league sports teams who play at PGE Park. That is Portland Timbers of the USL First Division are a very popular soccer team, and the Portland Beavers of the Pacific Coast League. In late August and early September they were conducted the horse racings at the place of Portland Meadows in Portland.

Oregon Demographics

Oregon total population - 3,421,399
Oregon male population - 1,696,550
Oregon female population - 1,724,849
Oregon white population - 2,961,623
Oregon black population - 55,662
Oregon American Indian and Alaska Native - 45,211
Oregon Asian population - 101,350
Oregon Hispanic or Latino population - 275,314

Oregon School Information

Oregon State has 559,215 students in public primary and secondary schools in 2005 estimation. Oregon state education system was assessing student performance. Oregon State was organized the Scholarship Commission administers an extensive financial aid program for state college students. The Oregon has three regional universities that is Western Oregon University in Monmouth, Southern Oregon University in Ashland, and Eastern Oregon University in La Grande. There are many private colleges further south in the Willamette Valley. Historically the Oregon State was struggled to fund higher education.

Oregon State Symbols

State nickname - The Last Frontier
Oregon state flag
Oregon state  Slogan
Oregon state Slogan
Pacific Wonderland
Oregon state  Song
Oregon state Song
Oregon, My Oregon
Oregon state Motto
Oregon state Motto
Alis Volat Propriis
Oregon state  Fossil
Oregon state Fossil
Oregon state   Mammal
Oregon state Mammal
American Beaver
Oregon state  Fish
Oregon state Fish
Chinook salmon
Oregon state Flower
Oregon state Flower
Oregon state  Insect
Oregon state Insect
Oregon Swallowtail
Oregon state  Tree
Oregon state Tree
Oregon state  Soil
Oregon state Soil
Jory soil
Oregon state  Bird
Oregon state Bird
Western Meadowlark
Oregon state  Dance
Oregon state Dance
Square dance
Oregon state  Fruit
Oregon state Fruit
Oregon state  shell
Oregon state shell
Oregon Hairy Triton

Oregon State History

The Oregon history is stretches back further than the arrival of settlers from Europe and the eastern United States. The Native American tribes of the Pacific Northwest are played an important role for the history of the Oregon State. In middle of 19th century settlers began coming to the then Oregon Territory to stay via the Oregon Trail. British Captain James Cook, on his third voyage of discovery, visited the Northwest and named several Oregon capes in 1778. The period of 1842?1843, the Oregon Trail brought many new American settlers to Oregon Country. Another major influence region was Protestant missionary activity. It is begun to the Jason Lee, a Methodist missionary, in 1834. Oregon became the 33rd state on February 14, 1859. The Oregon Donation Land Act offered 320 acres of free Oregon land to each man. The United States Government was forced to the Native Americans to move onto reservations. The building of the Bonneville Dam in 1943 on the Columbia River was one of the biggest economical advances in the history of Oregon. The economy of Oregon has long relied on the natural resources that characterize the state. Many Oregonians became unemployed during the period of 1929-1939. The federal government was provided jobs through the construction to the Oregon. They supply the power to the industries and developed the new industries. Industries are dominated to the Oregon economy. The economy of Oregon has long relied on the natural resources that characterize the state. In agricultural industries also changed. Farms became larger using more and more machinery. The Oregon population was growing steadily in the 20th century as migration into The Oregon continued.

Oregon State Tourist Information

Oregon tourism is the most important to The Oregon economy. The Oregon has many evergreen mountain forests, waterfalls, pristine lakes and scenic beaches draw visitors year round. Tourism is The Oregon's 3rd-largest employer. Tourist advertising programs are conducted by the Oregon Tourism Commission. The Oregon tourist attractions are Crater Lake National Park; the Rogue River, for river running and fishing; the Columbia Gorge, east of Portland; the Cascades wilderness and Portland's annual Rose Festival. United States Forest Service administers the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, on the Oregon coast. Oregon State has 225 parks and recreation areas cover 90,000 acres.

Oregon State Transportation

Oregon Transportation is also most important to The Oregon economy. The Oregon State Transportation Commission is formally the Oregon State Highway Commission. The first highway commission is created on 1913, August 13th. The new commission meeting was conducted on March 6th. This is managing the Oregon State Transportation System. The Oregon state has three off-highway vehicle riding areas have been set aside to provide riders with a variety of experiences. The Oregon State has two major railroad systems. Oregon's roads and highways had become a network extending by 2000. The major inland waterway is Columbia River forms. The Oregon's largest and busiest airport is Portland International Airport.

Oregon Taxes

Oregon State Tax Rate Range Low 5.0% High 9.0%
Oregon State Tax Income Brackets Lowest flat rate 2,900 (b)- Highest flat rate 87,300 (b)
Oregon State Personal Exemptions Single 169 (c) - Married 338 (c) ? Dependents ? 169 (c)
Oregon State Sales Tax Rate on Food 0.0%, on Prescription Drugs 0%, on Non-prescription Drugs 0%
Oregon State Total Tax on Gasoline 24.0%, on Diesel Fuel 24.0%
Oregon State Excise Tax Rates on Cigarettes Tax Rate 118(¢ per pack)
Oregon State Beer Excise Tax Rate $0.08($ per gallon)
Oregon State Wine Excise Tax Rate $0.67($ per gallon)

Oregon Universities

Reed College - 1,436 Students
Willamette University - 3,138 Students
University of Portland University- 3,478 Students
Linfield College - 1,754 Students
Lewis & Clark College - 3,641 Students
University of Oregon - 20,348 Students
Clackamas Community College - 5,976 Students
Oregon State University - 19,352 Students
George Fox University - 3,323 Students
Gutenberg College - 51 Students

Oregon Religions

Baptist - 8.70%
Buddhism - 0.50%
Christianity - 76.10%
Episcopalian - 2.20%
Congregationalist - 0.10%
Churches of Christ - 0.40%
Islam - 0.10%
Judaism - 0.40%
Methodist - 4.90%

Oregon Counties

Baker County, Oregon - Population 16,741
Benton County, Oregon - Population 78,153
Clackamas County, Oregon - Population 338,391
Clatsop County, Oregon - Population 35,630
Columbia County, Oregon - Population 43,560
Coos County, Oregon - Population 62,779
Crook County, Oregon - Population 19,182
Curry County, Oregon - Population 21,137
Deschutes County, Oregon - Population 115,367
Douglas County, Oregon - Population 100,399
Gilliam County, Oregon - Population 1,915
Grant County, Oregon - Population 7,935
Harney County, Oregon - Population 7,609
Hood River County, Oregon - Population 20,411
Jackson County, Oregon - Population 202,310
Jefferson County, Oregon - Population 19,009
Josephine County, Oregon - Population 75,726
Klamath County, Oregon - Population 63,775
Lake County, Oregon - Population 7,422
Lane County, Oregon - Population 322,959
Lincoln County, Oregon - Population 44,479
Linn County, Oregon - Population 103,069
Malheur County, Oregon - Population 31,615
Marion County, Oregon - Population 284,834
Morrow County, Oregon - Population 10,995
Multnomah County, Oregon - Population 660,486
Polk County, Oregon - Population 62,380
Sherman County, Oregon - Population 1,934
Tillamook County, Oregon - Population 24,262
Umatilla County, Oregon - Population 70,548
Union County, Oregon - Population 24,530
Wallowa County, Oregon - Population 7,226
Wasco County, Oregon - Population 23,791
Washington County, Oregon - Population 445,342
Wheeler County, Oregon - Population 1,547
Yamhill County, Oregon - Population 84,992

Oregon State Government

The Oregon country is an independent republic country. Oregon?s constitution was approved on the 1857 and it is effected on 1859. The Oregon Governor was serving in four year terms. He is elected officially. The biennial Oregon Legislative Assembly consists of a thirty-member Senate and a sixty-member House. To vote for Oregon person have a must be a US Citizen, age 18 year old and a state resident. The Oregon highest court is Supreme Court. State judges and local justices of the peace are elected by nonpartisan ballot for six-year terms. The Oregon Supreme Court has the seven elected justices. They will be choosing the one of their own to serve a six-year term as Chief Justice. Oregon State has 36 counties, 240 municipal governments, 236 public school districts, and 927 special districts. Oregon's penal system is operated by the Oregon Department of Corrections.

Oregon Economy

The Oregon income is based on different sectors. As of 2010 the state gross product of Oregon was $168.6 billion and it is 26th richest state in the nation. In Oregon the agricultural outputs are cattle, milk, eggs, broilers, wheat, onions, ryegrass, daffodils, tulips, lilies and irises. In Oregon the lumber and wood items are main income and the Oregon has so many forests. The Oregon economy is also based on natural resources and tourism. The Oregon has so many tourist destinations. In Oregon the manufacturing outputs are electronic goods, computer monitors, microprocessors, printers, microchips, plywood and calculators. Oregon has one of world best fishing industry is salmon. The Oregon main mining outputs are sand, gravel, pumice stone, diatomite, gold and clays. In Oregon business, wholesale, retail, finance, insurance, real estate and community are the main service outputs.

Oregon Parks

California National Historic Trail - Various States, CA,CO,ID,KS,MO,NE,NV,OR,UT,WY: There are no Fees, administered by the National Park Service. Crater Lake National Park - Crater Lake, OR: The park is always open, but many of the roads and facilities are closed during the winter.Fort Vancouver National Historic Site - Vancouver, OR,WA: The entrance cost is $3.00 per individual and $5.00 per family, and is valid for seven days.The park is open to visitors 360 days each year. The park is closed each year on January 1, November 25, and December 24, 25, and 31.John Day Fossil Beds National Monument - Kimberly, OR: Entrance to the park and park visitor centers is free of charge. Park trails, overlooks, and picnic areas are open seven days a week during daylight hours. Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail - Eleven States: , ID,IL,IA,KS,MO,MT,NE,ND,OR,SD,WA: Operating hours and seasons vary from site to site. Lewis and Clark National Historical Park - Long Beach to Cannon Beach, OR,WA: 16 and older - $3.00 each - Entrance fee good for 7 days, including date purchased. 15 and younger free. Nez Perce National Historical Park - four states, ID,MT,OR,WA: There are no fees to visit. Oregon National Historic Trail - Various States, ID,KS,MO,NE,OR,WY: Entrance and parking fees may be charged at some locations and hours vary at the discretion. Oregon Caves National Monument - Cave Junction, OR: There is no entrance fee to visit the Monument.