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Oslo Information

Oslo is the capital and most populous city of Norway. It has population around 1.5 million residents and it is a financial and government center in Norway. Oslo was established in 1048 by King Harald Hardrade and it is also the largest city in Europe. The city name came from the Old Norse, Bjorvika a large farm at the site of the first establishment. The city is also the Norwegian trade, banking, industry and shipping center in the country. It is an important center of maritime trade sea industries in Europe. Oslo is a city known for its world and its denizens to enjoy consistently high quality of life in Europe. Oslo is considered a global city in 2008 Globalization and World Cities Study Group and Network presented studies of the "beta world city". Near the end of a beautiful fjord in Oslo; it's the topography of the rolling green hills and mountains. There are forty small islands in Oslo close to three hundred and fifty lakes. Later the city became an important center of oceanography in Europe and now has about 980 companies. Oslo is currently the fastest population growing city in Europe, increased by a record level. The increase in immigration and a high birth rate of immigrants came from the most part within the national immigration.

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      Oslo Recreation, Culture and Attractions
There are number cultural attractions including Norwegian artists. Number of world-famous writers lived or been born in the city of Oslo. The Oslo Government authorizes large amounts of money for modern cultural installations, facilities, buildings and festivals. There are regional parks, and contains a large number of seasites and museums. Examples include Fram Museum, Vikingskiphuset and Kon - Tiki Museum. Oslo annual Oslo Freedom Forum a conference described by the economist maintains that "its way to become similar to the Davos Economic Forum's human rights." There are number of major museums and galleries in Oslo. The city host a large number of festivals, such as Oslo Live, a rock and roll event, and the Oslo Jazz Festival in Oslo for the last 25 years, a six-day festival which takes place annually in August. Oslo Chamber Music Festival held each year in August at the global level chambers and gather in Oslo to perform a solo at this Festival. There similar as the Norwegian Theatre and the National Theatre placed at Karl Johan Street in Oslo home for over 20 theaters. Holmenkollen is National Arena and the main biathlon and Nordic skiing venue Holmenkollbakken of the country. This is the Holmenkollen Ski Festival including the annual World Cup tournaments in the world. Every year the city conducted the international youth football tournament Norway Cup is conduct on Ekebergsletta and other parts of the city.

Oslo Symbols

Image of Oslo Motto

Oslo Motto
Unanimiter et constanter

      Oslo Demographics
Oslo City Total Population is 599,000
Oslo City Pakistan Population is 22,000
Oslo City Sweden Population is 13,000
Oslo City Somalia Population is 12,000
Oslo City Poland Population is 12,000
Oslo City SriLanka Population is 7,000
Oslo City Iraq Population is 7,000
Oslo City Turkey Population is 6,000
Oslo City Morocco Population is 6,000
Oslo City Vietnam Population is 6,000
Oslo City Iran Population is 5,000
Oslo City Philippines Population is 5,000
Oslo City India Population is 4,000
Oslo City Germany Population is 3,000
Oslo City Denmark Population is 3,000
Oslo City Afghanistan Population is 3,000
Oslo City Bosnia and Herzegovina Population is 3,000
Oslo City Russia Population is 3,000
Oslo City China, People's Republic Population is 2,000
Oslo City United Kingdom Population is 2,644
Oslo City Kosovo Population is 2,535

      Oslo Education
Universal education introduced in the year of 1889 in Oslo. At the beginning of compulsory education for nine years, ten years later in 1996 education rules, went to their education in 1997 education rule seven years. All schools in Oslo, English, Music, Mathematics and Science, and other significant things providing abide by the Norwegian national curriculum. Children like a second foreign language of choice of the subsidiary language studies or practical work projects. Almost half of people with third level education in Norway, Europe's top three regions in relation to education. Expat children who attend the school in Oslo also learn about the culture and history of the Sami. However, more students in higher secondary education, which is based on the selection training focuses on general studies or business. Finally they are eligible for admission to the university general studies after effectuate their vocational training students will receive a certificate.

      Oslo History
Oslo was established around 1049 by King Harald Hardrade. Name of the Oslo means 'fields of the gods', 'pasture', the Old Norse name for the Norse God and less, is derived from the words. In the 13th century, King Hakon V block east from the Swedish threat of a military presence on the hope created by the building of Akershus Festning. The middle of the 14th century, half of the population of the country was conducted by the Norwegian politics and security. Christiania once again, when the union with Denmark the original capital of the cancellation in 1814. Norway's first constitution in 1814 and the official capital of the designers of the new field, but he had other ideas about the future of their efforts to effectively Norwegian and Swedish rule, which consolidated the two countries Sweden have been canceled. In the Middle Ages, Oslo and Akershus Fortress in Oslo, Norway's capital and helped to start the building of the city the first king to reside permanently in the King Haakon V. The regime reached its level. In the 18th century, after the Great Northern War, the city's economy boomed with shipbuilding and trade. Transformed Christiania has a trading port on a stronger financial system. For the development of modern Norway's capital Christiania in 1905, the Union was dissolved and Norway became a separate kingdom to establish a platform. It was the original name in 1925 Oslo never looked back.

      Oslo Transportation
Oslo is one of the Norway's most regnant public transport systems, it is organized by Ruter. There are six-line Oslo Metro, residence, six-line Oslo Tramway and the eight-line Oslo Passenger Rail percent of the world's most extensive metro. Metro runs underground through the city center, while the more distant suburbs, Tramway, which operates in areas near the city center; these two Bærum operate the office and in the northern parts of the loops of the center line of the ring. There is public transportation in Oslo buses, trams, ferries, and a wide range of local and inter-city rail metro system. The fastest way to downtown Oslo Flytoget, 20 minutes to go to the shuttle train to the city center. It is suitable for the use of travelers to get around the area of Oslo, which is usually a range of public transport system. Tourists regularly used bus, tram and metro transportation systems. Positive thing about the public transport system in Oslo three of the same regulation, the organization of these methods of transportation, Ruter transport will be carried out and what was within the city limits is a common fare and ticketing system for all transport systems are effectively optional. Oslo Central Station as well as tourists in the same fare tickets and bus, tram and metro tickets for a discount on multiple charges including Oslo, you can go to for more information about all public transport in the city.

      Oslo Universities
Oslo University College, Oslo, Norway - 12,000 Students
University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway - 27,000 Students

      Oslo Tourist Attractions
Aker Brygge
Akershus Park
Botanical Gardens
Folk Architecture
Fountain in Oslo
Historic Building
Oslo City Square
Oslo Monument
Oslo Sculptures
Slottsparken Park
Vigeland Fountain
Vigeland Obelisk
Vigeland Park

      Oslo Museums
Akershus Castle
Armed Forces Museum
Astrup Fearnley Museet
DogA - Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture
Film Museum
Football Museum
Fram Museum - The Polar Ship Fram
Holmenkollen Ski Museum & Tower
Holocaust Center
Ibsen Museum
Intercultural Museum
International Museum of Children's Art
Munch Museum
Museum of Decorative Arts and Design
National Gallery
National Museum
National Museum of Contemporary Art
Natural History Museum
Nobel Peace Center
Norway's Resistance Museum
Norwegian Folk Museum
Norwegian Maritime Museum
Norwegian Museum of Science & Technology
Norwegian Telecom Museum
NRK Events
Oslo Cathedral
Oslo City Hall
Oslo City Museum
Oslo Reptile Park
The Historical Museum
The Kon-Tiki Museum
The National Library
The Vigeland Museum
The Viking Ship Museum
Voksenasen Gallery

      Oslo Parks
Eidsvolls plass
Grev Wedels plass
Christian Frederiks plass
Halfdan Kjerulfs plass
Botanisk hage
St. Hanshaugen
Stensparken with Blasen
Kampen park
Valerenga park
Iladalen park
Gronlands park and Botsparken
Olaf Ryes plass
Rudolf Nilsens plass
Alexander Kiellands plass
Schous plass
Amaldus Nielsens plass
Evald Ryghs plass
Bulow Hanssens plass
Froyas have
Akersveien, Akersbakken in front of Gamle Aker kirke

      Oslo Religion
Oslo City Christianity Population is 69.83%
Oslo City Islam Population is 3.59%
Oslo City Buddhism Populatoion is 0.51%
Oslo City Other Population is 26.07%

      Oslo Government
The city's administration and the leadership of the City Council proposition and decisions of the city council are responsible for carrying out decisions. Once the decisions are made in the City Council, which is to determine the location of the government's responsibility to run properly. Oslo has five of the eight members of the city government if they are elected in eight vice-mayors. Oslo, Norway's capital and is the seat of its national government. Many government offices including the Prime Minister's assemblage of buildings collect at close to the national Parliament-Storting. The city council is responsible for a wide range of cases than any other Norwegian municipal authorities. Each December, the City Council determines that the municipal budget. The highest decision-making body headed by the Mayor of Oslo consisting of 59 City Council members. Elections are held every four years. City Council is apart into five standing committees they are Finance, Health and Welfare, Urban Development, Education and Cultural Affairs, and Transport and Environmental Affairs. The committees make all matters for decision by the City Council.

      Oslo Geography
The city is in the southeastern region of Norway. Semi-circle around the Oslofjord, sitting on the northern tip of the city is surrounded by green hills. City limits, the largest being near the Oslo Fjord and the surrounding 40 islands are Malmoya. One of the lowest homicide rates in the city with the most secure in the world. Oslo is Norway's largest merchant marine home port. East and west of Oslo; there are two small rivers Akerselva and Alna, Akerselva divides into two parts. From June to August best season for visitors like the sun rising, the maximum temperature is 15.8 ° C. During the winter, ice fishing, ice skating and cross-country skiing and other winter activities such as skiing tourists love them.

      Oslo Economy
Oslo is one of the highest regional GDP of Europe, has a different and wider economic system. Amsterdam behind it is ranked 2nd in the category of business. Capital of nearly 980 companies and is an important sea port with 8,500 employees. The largest shipping companies, shipbrokers, and insurance brokers are in the city of Oslo. Hovik is the main office in Oslo, Det Norske Veritas, with 16.5% of its registered class of the world's fleet, one of the world's three major marine classification societies. Oslo is one of the world's most valuable cities. Oslo is the most expensive housing market, however, corresponding cheaper than other cities on the list in the Norway.

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