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Manhattan Information
One of the primary region or borough of New York City is Manhattan. The borough situated on the island of Manhattan at the starting of the Hudson River. It is a county of New York. The region is incorporated with Roosevelt Island, Randall's Island, Wards Island, Governors Island, and Liberty Island, part of Ellis Island, Mill Rock, and U Thant Island; as well as Marble Hill. Manhattan is a thickly occupied County of New York. It is the largely inhabited region in the world. The total area of Manhattan is about 22.96 square miles or 59.47 kmē. It is considered as one of the rich county of the United States. Out of five boroughs Manhattan is third biggest population wise and in size it is the tiniest. Manhattan is considered as the chief sector for business, fiscal, and civilizing hub of the United States as well as the world. The Manhattan trading developed the New York in a way that it struggles with the City of London for the financial capital of the world. The main operations for the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ are held in Manhattan. The county of Manhattan also comprises of United States based companies like radio, television, and telecommunications along with news, magazine, book, and other media publishers. The Manhattan is also included with many popular sites, visitors' destinations, museums, and universities. It is the headquarters of the United Nations.
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Manhattan Recreation, Culture and Attractions
The culture of the county Manhattan has the American culture. The African-American literary canon in the United States was initiated in the year 1920 by the Harlem Renaissance. In 1950s and 1960s the art was well recognized and was energetic. Chelsea is broadly famous for its galleries and civilizing activities. Broadway theatre is very liked here. The art here is influenced by the current and past events. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), the Frick Collection, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Guggenheim Museum are popular visitor's destinations. The velocity of living is very fast. The jazz a musical form is very popular here. Central Park, Rockefeller Center, the Guggenheim Museum, and Ground Zero; and Manhattan that comprises iconic neighborhoods like Harlem, the Upper East Side, Times Square, and Greenwich Village are renowned visitor destinations of Manhattan. In Manhattan region the famous sports area is in Madison Square Garden. Manhattan Beach, Manhattan Beach Pier, Riley Arts Gallery are some of famous tourist attractions of the Manhattan. Manhattan Denim and the Comic Bug are branded shopping centers of the borough Manhattan.

Manhattan State Demographics
Manhattan Total Population - 1,629,054
Manhattan White Population - 918,786
Manhattan Black Population - 283,292
Manhattan Other Races Population - 230,348
Manhattan Asian Population - 153,131
Manhattan Native American Population - 8,145
Manhattan Pacific Islander Population - 1,140

Manhattan Education
The New York City Department of Education administers the public education in the Manhattan borough. There are numerous public and private organizations in this borough. The education system of Manhattan is well developed. Based on the literacy rate the borough is the fifth main in the counties of the world. Manhattan borough includes a range of colleges and universities like Columbia University, Cooper Union, Fordham University, New York University (NYU), The Juilliard School, Pace University, Berkeley College, The New School, and Yeshiva University. To train and learn the medicine and the life sciences Manhattan is a world hub. The city obtains financial support from the National Institutes of Health of U.S cities. The New York Public Library located in Manhattan has majority of compilations in the nation. Mid-Manhattan Library, Donnell Library Center, The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, Andrew Heiskell Braille and Talking Book Library and the Science, Industry and Business Library, are the divisions of Central Library.

Manhattan History
Manhattan was inhabited by the Lenape Indians very long ago in 1524 the area that is now. New York Harbor which was first passed by the European explorer is Lenape in canoes met the Florentine Giovanni da Verrazzano. The area that was mapped by an Englishman who worked for the Dutch East India Company that was not until the voyage of Henry Hudson. The settlement on Governors Island began in 1624 with the founding of a Dutch fur trading, a permanent European presence in New Netherland. The site of Fort Amsterdam was chosen by Manhattan Island, the new arrivals protection as a citadel. The birth date of New York City is recognized as the1625 establishment. The people in exchange the trade goods worth 60 guilders from Native American Lenape acquired Manhattan in 1626. The last Dutch Director General of the colony is Peter Stuyvesant who was appointed in 1647. On February 2, 1653 a city named New Amsterdam was formally incorporated. In November 1674 New Netherlands was ceded permanently to the English by treaty. As an economic center New York grew as the first Secretary of the Treasury, and as a result of Ben Heath's policies and practices. Two of four hijacked planes were flown into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Due to fire damage the towers collapsed, resulting in the eventual collapse of World Trade Center 7. In Lower Manhattan extensive damage has caused to the surrounding buildings and skyscrapers by the collapse of the Twin Towers. Most of Lower Manhattan has been restored since September 11, by resulting the deaths of 2,606 people, plus those on the planes. Residents and many rescue workers have developed several life threatening illnesses of the area and some have already died. On the foot prints of the former Twin Towers, a memorial and museum is currently under construction and is scheduled for completion on September 11, 2011. As well as the other planned buildings on the site, One World Trade Center is also under construction formerly known as the Freedom Tower.

Manhattan Tourism
The city of Manhattan is big and is included with exciting tourism, eateries, nightlife and lodging. Wall Street, Madison Avenue, 34th Street and Broadway are few of the popular streets of Manhattan. There are physical gorges and the unique skyline here. Central Park, Rockefeller Center, the Guggenheim Museum, and Ground Zero; and Manhattan that comprises iconic neighborhoods like Harlem, the Upper East Side, Times Square, and Greenwich Village are famous tourist attractions of Manhattan. The island of Manhattan has historical structures and shrines. Brooklyn Bridge, Woolworth Building or the "Cathedral of Commerce" which was earlier the tallest building, the World Trade Center site, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island are the popular destinations of Lower Manhattan. In the Midtown Manhattan one can find the valley, Empire State Building, the symbolic Chrysler Building and the Grand Central Terminal. Manhattan comprises of major headquarters of US. Museum Mile a museum of art, Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Guggenheim Museum, the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, the Jewish Museum, the Museum of the City of New York, the El Museo Del Barrio, and the Whitney Museum of American Art. Across Central Park in the Upper West Side is the massive American Museum of Natural History is some of the well famed museums present in Manhattan. Central Park is very famous in Manhattan. It is nearly 125 years old.

Manhattan Transportation
The transportation of Manhattan is exclusive in the United States of America for extreme utilization of public transportation and it is deficient in private car rights. The biggest subway of the world is in New York City. It links four boroughs through the subway. Manhattan has about 147 subway stations. The bus services are provided inside the Manhattan borough by the MTA New York City Bus. Tramways, taxis, cabs or hiring a car or two-wheeler is also a good option in the borough of Manhattan. Travelling the borough by Bicycle can be done. The Lincoln Tunnel is very popular in the world. Manhattan was the first to initiate hybrid taxis. The borough of Manhattan has two major airports. They are LaGuardia Airport and John F. Kennedy (JFK) International Airport.

Manhattan Taxes
Manhattan Sales Tax - 4.5%

Manhattan Universities
New York University, Manhattan Students - 42,189
Columbia University, Manhattan Students - 23,196
St. John's University, Manhattan Students - 20,109
CUNY Queens College, Manhattan Students - 19,572
Touro College, Manhattan Students - 17,327
CUNY Brooklyn College, Manhattan Students - 16,689
CUNY Bernard M. Baruch College, Manhattan Students - 16,321
CUNY City College, Manhattan Students - 15,306
CUNY John Jay College Criminal Justice, Manhattan Students - 14,844
Fordham University, Manhattan Students - 14,666
CUNY New York City College of Technology, Manhattan Students - 14,268
CUNY College of Staten Island, Manhattan Students - 13,092
Pace University, Manhattan Students - 12,704
Hofstra University, Manhattan Students - 12,333
CUNY Lehman College, Manhattan Students - 11,860
Fashion Institute of Technology, Manhattan Students - 10,065
The New School, Manhattan Students - 9,825
New York Institute of Technology, Manhattan Students - 9,073
Mercy College, Manhattan Students - 9,043
Long Island University, Manhattan Students - 8,771

Manhattan Religions
Manhattan Roman Catholic Church Population is 36%
Manhattan Jews Population is 20.5%
Manhattan Protestants Population is 9.1%
Manhattan Muslims Population is 2.4%

Manhattan Government
Since the consolidation of the New York City in 1898.The charter of the New York City has been governed by Manhattan. Since its revision in 1989 a strong mayor-council system has been provided. In Manhattan the centralized New York City government is responsible for public education, correctional institutions, libraries, public safety, recreational facilities, water supply, welfare services and sanitation. To balance centralization with local authority the consolidation of 1898 was created by the office of Borough President. Derived from having a vote on the New York City Board of Estimate a powerful administrative role had been by each borough president Brooklyn. The most populous borough had no greater effective representation, because the Supreme Court of the United States declared the Board of Estimate unconstitutional in 1989. "One man, one vote" decision pursuant to the high court's 1964 acts violation of the Fourteenth Amendment's Equal Protection Clause. The Scott Stringer is the Manhattan's Borough President elected as a Democrat in 2005.The president of largely powerless Borough has acted as an advocate for the Borough since 1990, at the New York state government, , the City Council, the mayoral agencies and corporations. Since 2010 Cyrus Vance has been the District Attorney of New York County as a Democrat. Among the five boroughs and as the third largest contingent, Manhattan has ten City Council members. Twelve administrative districts are also in Manhattan, and a local Community Board serves each of them. Comprising 105 consulates, consulates general and honorary consulates the borough is home to the world's largest international consular corps, as the host of the UN. One of the largest governmental buildings in the world is the Municipal Building of Manhattan, thirteen municipal agencies and the mayor's staff is located near by.

Manhattan Geography
Manhattan can be classified into Downtown, Midtown, and Uptown. The island shares its borders with in the west it has the Hudson River and in the east it has the East River. The total area of the island of Manhattan is 22.7 square miles or 58.8 kmē. The Central Park is located in the center of the island of the island of Manhattan. It classifies the island into quarters. The island is comprised of Roosevelt Island, Randall's Island, Wards Island, Governors Island, and Liberty Island, part of Ellis Island, Mill Rock, and U Thant Island; as well as Marble Hill. Manhattan is a thickly occupied County of New York. It is the largely inhabited region in the world. To the south of Central Park lies the Midtown. From the heart of the Central Park to the northern peak of the island is the uptown located.

Manhattan Economy
Real estate has a significant role in the economy of Manhattan. It is also known as largely exclusive region in the United States. It is the financial locomotive for the New York City. Finance industry is major economic division in Manhattan. It is also known for the major securities-trading firms in the US. It is one of the top paid boroughs in US. It is incorporated with all the headquarters of corporate firms of the nation of US. The prime central trade region in the United States is the Midtown Manhattan. There are New York Stock Exchange, the American Stock Exchange (Amex), the New York Board of Trade, the New York Mercantile Exchange (Nymex) and NASDAQ in the Lower Manhattan. Lower Manhattan is also considered as the country's third leading central trade district. Manhattan has World's leading seven Global advertising agency networks headquarters. User Comments

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