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Bronx Information
Bronx is also known as Bronx County. It is one of the northernmost of the five regions of New York City. Bronx is situated on north of Manhattan and Queens, and south of Westchester County, the Bronx is the only region that is situated mainly on the mainland. Bronx has total 1,400,761 populations. The city was separated by the Bronx River into a hillier unit in the west, closer to Manhattan, and the flatter East Bronx, nearer to Long Island and the West Bronx was occupied to New York City in 1874. The city total area is 147.6 km2 and the city established several Irish, German, Jewish and Italian settlers as its once-rural population shattered between the middle of 19th and middle of 20th centuries. The city is home to "Bronck's River". There is also a short southern land border through Marble Hill in the Borough of Manhattan, over the filled-in former course of the Spuyten Duyvil Creek. Marble Hill's postal ZIP code, telephonic Area Code and fire service, however, are shared with the Bronx and not Manhattan. The Bronx encompasses one of the five lowliest Congressional Districts in the United States the 16th, but its varied diversity of neighborhoods also contains the wealthy Riverdale and Country Club. The numerous places and borders of the Bronx's neighborhoods have developed unclear with time and succeeding influences of strangers.
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Bronx Recreation, Culture and Attractions
Bronx is a formally designated cultural agency. The county interested in the arts concluded programming, technical assistance, and grants. Promoters a number of projects and facilities, with the Longwood Arts Project, The Bronx Writers' Center, The Business Center for the Arts, and Arts in Education. Information provided finished the site includes an events calendar. Bronx Art Ensemble is a proficient performance ensemble with a year-round schedule of chamber music and orchestral concerts, as well as special programs for families and a full music and arts-in-education program for schools. Bronx Tourism Council given as information about coming events and several tourist attractions in the Bronx. Radio and television is one of New York City's major non-commercial radio newscasters is WFUV, an National Public Radio-affiliated 50,000-watt station broadcasting from Fordham University's Rose Hill campus in the Bronx. The city is home to numerous Off-Off-Broadway theaters, several staging new works by settler playwrights from Latin America and Africa. The Bronx Museum of the Arts was established in 1971, displays 20th century and modern art done its central museum space and 11,000 square feet of galleries. One national landmark in the Bronx is the Hall of Fame for Great Americans, supervising the Harlem River and considered by the famous architect Stanford White. The projecting borough's maritime heritage is recognized in several ways.

Bronx State Demographics
Bronx total population - 1,383,871
Bronx Male population - 644,007
Bronx Female population - 739,864
Bronx Hispanic population - 644,705
Bronx Black population - 416,338
Bronx White population - 193,651
Bronx Asian population - 38,558
Bronx Two or more races population - 27,209
Bronx Other race population - 8,227
Bronx American population - 3,488
Bronx Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone population - 474

Bronx Flag

image of Bronx flag

Bronx Education
The Bronx education is provided by a huge number of public and private institutions, many of which inducement students who live outside the Bronx. Bronx education system is managed by the New York City Department. There are also many public contract schools. Private schools series from elite independent schools to religiously-affiliated schools run by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York and Jewish organizations. The city has several public high schools are situated in the borough with the elite Bronx High School of Science, DeWitt Clinton High School, High School for Violin and Dance, Bronx Leadership Academy 2, Bronx International High School, the School for Excellence, the Morris Academy for Collaborative Study, Wings Academy for young adults, Validus Preparatory Academy, Bronx Expeditionary Learning High School, Herbert H. Lehman High School and High School of American Studies. Manhattan College is a Catholic college in Riverdale which suggestions undergraduate programs in the arts, business, education, engineering, and science. It also offers graduate programs in education and engineering. The Bronx County is home to many colleges and Universities.

Bronx Symbols
Bronx City Motto - "Ne cede malis"Do not give way to evil

Bronx History
Bronx history started with Dutch colonizers in 1639. Bronx is a borough of New York City. In the beginning it was part of Westchester County, but it was ceded to New York County in remains before it became Bronx County. On the late 19th century the city produced into a railroad suburb. At the same period the city transportation allowed for rapid population development. On the 20th century Bronx has democratic history is divided into 4 periods. The South Bronx was for many years a manufacturing center, and in the early part of the 20th Century was noted as a center of piano manufacturing. The city was suffered rapid growth after World War I. Additions of the New York City Subway subsidized to the increase in population as thousands of settlers flooded The Bronx, subsequent in a major boom in residential construction. Between these groups, many Irish Americans, Italian Americans and particularly Jewish Americans settled here. Irish Americans started moving further north after 1930s, and German Americans followed suit in the 1940s, as did many Italian Americans in the 1950s and Jews in the 1960s. After the 1930s, as the older generation retired people moved to Florida. Bronx was weighed down by a wave of burning in 1970s. The burning of buildings was mostly in the South Bronx and in West Farms. The most common clarification of what happened was that landlords decided to burn their low property-value buildings and take the insurance money as profit. Some of the residential growth has befallen in the Bronx since the middle of 1980s. The community members were working to rebuild the social, economic and ecological infrastructure by creating inexpensive housing. While not really a city, in 1997, the Bronx was chosen an All-America City by the National Civic League, representing its comeback from the decline of the 1970s.

Bronx Tourism
Bronx was third most heavily inhabited county in the United States. The Bronx Tourism Council is given the information future events and several tourist attractions in the Bronx. The Bronx is one of the biggest cemeteries in New York City, sits on the western bank of the Bronx River near Yonkers. The county interested in the arts concluded programming, technical assistance, and grants. Promoters a number of projects and facilities, with the Longwood Arts Project, The Bronx Writers' Center, The Business Center for the Arts, and Arts in Education. Information provided finished the site includes an events calendar. Bronx Art Ensemble is a proficient performance ensemble with a year-round schedule of chamber music and orchestral concerts, as well as special programs for families and a full music and arts-in-education program for schools. Closer the borough's center, and beside the Bronx River, is Bronx Park. Its northern end houses the New York Botanical Gardens, which preserve the last patch of the unusual hemlock forest that once occupied the whole city, and its southern end the Bronx Zoo, the biggest urban zoological gardens in the U.S.

Bronx Transportation
The Bronx street network is asymmetrical. Approximating the northernmost part of upper Manhattan, the West Bronx's hilly terrain leaves a relatively free-style street gridiron. Abundant of the West Bronx's street totaling carries ended from upper Manhattan, but does not match it exactly; East 132nd Street is the lowest numbered street in the Bronx. The East Bronx is significantly flatter, and the street layout tends to be more systematic. Bronx has more major limited access highways traverse the Bronx including the Bronx River Parkway, Bruckner Expressway, Cross-Bronx Expressway, New England Thruway, Henry Hudson Parkway, Hutchinson River Parkway and the Major Deegan Expressway. Several bridges and subways linked the Bronx to Manhattan and Queens. The Bronx is aided by six lines of the New York City Subway with 70 stations in the Bronx. The city has two Metro-North Railroad traveler rail lines serve 11 stations in the Bronx.

Bronx Universities
Fordham University,New York City, New York, United States of America - 15,158 Students
City University of New York,New York City, New York,United States of America - 480,000 Students
CUNY Lehman College,Bronx,New York,United States of America - 6,257 Students
CUNY Bronx Community College,Bronx,New York,United States of America - 6,016 Students
Monroe College-Main Campus,Bronx,New York,United States of America - 4,127 Students
CUNY Hostos Community College,Bronx,New York,United States of America - 3,504 Students
Manhattan College,Bronx,New York,United States of America - 3,094 Students
College of Mount Saint Vincent,Bronx,New York,United States of America - 1,393 Students
Academy of Art University, Bronx, California, United States - 17,500+ Students

Bronx Tourist Attractions
Bronx Council of the Arts Inc (Museums; 1738 Hone Avenue)
Abagail Kirsch at the NY Botanical Gardens (Botanical Gardens; 200 Southern Boulevard)
City Island Nautical Museum (Cultural Attractions- Events- & Facilities; 190 Fordham Street Frnt)
A To Z Services (Cultural Attractions- Events- & Facilities; 2811 Appointment 1 Morris Avenue)
Abigail Kirsch Culinary Productions - New York Botanical Gardens (Cultural Attractions- Events- & Facilities; New York Botanical G)
Baitul AMAN Islamic Center Inc (Cultural Attractions- Events- & Facilities; 2351 Newbold Avenue Frnt)
N Y City - Parks & Recreation Dept- Park Enforcement Patrol- Sub Stations- Pelham (Nature Centers; Bruckner Expressway)
N Y City - Parks & Recreation Dept- Nature Centers- Orchard Beach (Nature Centers; Pelham Bay Park)
Fun Zone Of Bruckner Shopping Plaza (Amusement & Theme Parks; 1967 Turnbull Ave)

Bronx Neighborhoods
Bathgate neighborhood
Baychester neighborhood
Bedford Park neighborhood
Belmont neighborhood
Bronx Park South neighborhood
Bronx River neighborhood
Bronxdale neighborhood
Castle Hill neighborhood
City Island neighborhood
Claremont neighborhood
Clason Point neighborhood
Concourse Village neighborhood
Coop City neighborhood
Country Club neighborhood
Crotona Park neighborhood
Crotona Park East neighborhood
East Concourse neighborhood
East Tremont neighborhood
Eastchester neighborhood
Eastchester Bay neighborhood
Edenwald neighborhood
Edgewater Park neighborhood
Fieldston neighborhood
Fishbay neighborhood
Fordham neighborhood
Harding Park neighborhood
Highbridge neighborhood
Historic Village neighborhood
Hunt's Point neighborhood
Jerome Park neighborhood
Kings Bridge neighborhood
Kingsbridge Heights neighborhood
Laconia neighborhood
Locust Point neighborhood
Longwood neighborhood
Marble Hill neighborhood
Melrose neighborhood
Morris Heights neighborhood
Morris Park neighborhood
Morrisania neighborhood
Mott Haven neighborhood
Mount Eden neighborhood
Mount Hope neighborhood
North Baychester neighborhood
North Riverdale neighborhood
Norwood neighborhood
Ollinville neighborhood
Park Stratton neighborhood
Parkchester neighborhood
Pelham Bay neighborhood
Pelham Bay Park neighborhood
Pelham Gardens neighborhood
Pelham Parkway neighborhood
Port Morris neighborhood
Riverdale neighborhood
Schuylerville neighborhood
Silver Beach neighborhood
Soundview neighborhood
Soundview Bruckner neighborhood
South Riverdale neighborhood
Spencer Estates neighborhood
Spuyten Duyvil neighborhood
The Bronx neighborhood
Throgs Neck neighborhood
Unionport neighborhood
University Heights neighborhood
Van Cortlandt Pk neighborhood
Van Nest neighborhood
Wakefield neighborhood
West Concourse neighborhood
West Farms neighborhood
Westchester neighborhood
Westchester Square neighborhood
Williamsbridge neighborhood
Woodlawn neighborhood
Woodstock neighborhood

Bronx Parks
Bronx Park
Wilhamsbridge Playground
Hudson Park
Sound View Park
Seton Falls Park
Ferry Point Park
Mullayly Park
Haffen Park
Ewen Park

Bronx Religions
Bronx Catholic Church Population is 78%
Bronx Other population is 22%

Bronx Government
The Bronx has been ruled by the New York City Charter that offers for a mayor-council system since 1898. The national New York City government is answerable for all municipal functions. The office of Borough President was formed in the union of 1898 with powers generally resulting from having a vote on the New York City Board of Estimate. On April 21, 2009, an unusual election was held to choose Carrion's successor. All present-elected public officials in the Bronx have first won the Democratic appointment. Native party platforms center on reasonable housing, education and economic improvement. Argumentative political issues in the Bronx contain ecological issues, the cost of housing, and the separation of parkland for new Yankee Stadium. On January 1st 1914 the city separation from New York County, it had each of the other 61 regions of New York State, its own directly-elected District Counsel, and the county's chief public prosecutor. The city has twelve Community Boards, selected bodies that field grumbles and advise on land use and municipal amenities and services for local inhabitants, businesses and organizations.

Bronx Economy
Bronx is changing and developing city in New York City. BCA efforts on place established art related economic improvement to growth access to arts and artists build supportable contacts between the several different sectors of the Bronx community and make networks that work. We are realize that in the middle of all the development and change in the South Bronx, artists and arts establishments continue to face two basic economic improvement difficulties on the request side possible consumers often lack information about the quantity and quality of products and on the supply side, artists and arts organizations may not have incomes to take benefit of the market chances. This is helps to make income and investment through staging creative influences among the arts/artists the community at huge and the market place.

Bronx Geography
The Bronx is totally located on the North American land. The Hudson River divides the Bronx on the west from Bergen County in New Jersey State and the Harlem River divides the Bronx from the island of Manhattan to the southwest. The East River divides the Bronx from Queens. Westchester County communities of Yonkers, Mount Vernon, Pelham Manor and New Rochelle are bordering of north of the Bronx. Marble Hill is a small southern land boundary in the Borough of Manhattan and its postal code, telephonic Area Code and fire service are common with the Bronx. Public Library in New York preserves a Map Rectifier facility that settles old maps of the Bronx with present cartography. The Bronx River is completely freshwater river in New York City and it flows south from Westchester County during the borough. The Hutchinson River passes during the East Bronx. The Bronx contains a number of small islands those are City Island and Hart Island. The city highest elevation is 280 feet. User Comments

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Little Italy
Arthur Avenue, located in the Fordham section, is known as Little Italy. This infamous avenue is known for their wonderful Italian food, available in various delis, bakeries, cafes, and restaurants in the area. All types of Italian delicacies are available!
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