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Salem County Information

The County is located in the heart of the Northeast Corridor, Salem County historic towns, ancient and preserved landscapes, productive farms and business parks in the presence of modern industry is a special place it all managed by an excellent road system. According to the 2010 Census, the county's population is 66,083 which is the least substantial populated county in New Jersey. County government is in the same block of Old Salem, Salem County Courthouse, and Salem City Court works. It is the oldest active courthouse in New Jersey and the United States, Virginia, the oldest of the King William County Government in the year 1725, the second oldest courthouse in continuous use. Courthouse, using locally made bricks, built in 1735 during the reign of King George II. In addition to the expanded and remodeled in 1908, the building was enlarged in 1817. Courthouse, "treason trials" After the attack, the British, with the help of Salem areas in which a man was accused of suspected Loyalists were held. In 1820, Colonel Johnson, according to legend, standing on the courthouse steps, say, a big surprise to see the meeting in front of a crowd ate tomatoes. Salem County is in the unique Quaker - encouraged architecture and styles of the 18th century, it is also known as masonry.

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      Salem County Demographics
Salem County Total Population is 66,000
Salem County Male Population is 32,000
Salem County Female Population is 34,000
Salem County White Non-Hispanic Alone Population is 77.5%
Salem County Black Non-Hispanic Alone Population is 14.7%
Salem County Hispanic or Latino Population is 5.5%
Salem County Two or more races Population is 1.0%
Salem County Asian alone Population is 0.6%

      Salem County History
Lenape Indians were lived for centuries before the arrival of European immigration in the early 1600s and lived in the Delaware River. This is the first time a Dutch colony in 1631. John Fenwick he is a member of the Society of Friends, in 1673 a large number of members of his family and friends in the community Assamhockin down the creek's mouth, and the New Town was founded; County settling time in English in 1641 in Salem, Salem in West Jersey. County of Salem and Cumberland counties Patriots feed back by the British in South Jersey is a small but important role in the revolution. Salem County militia retaliated against the British in 1778 when the cost of the Massacre at Hancock's Bridge. Salem County in the development of Commerce and Industry of the region's natural resources: the resources provided by the thin soil glassmaking, cedar swamps and marshes found in building materials, shingles and boards, and the interior of the coastal area is used for the production of fertile soil, rich in vegetables, fruit crops production. America's first successful glass factory County in Salem. Salem County was settled by Lenape Indians used to use the roads most taken from the trade routes of these trails. Roads and highways are built off the coast of transportation out of the interior of agriculture products and timber.

      Salem County Transportation
Salem is served by several highways. The major county routes CR 540, CR 551, CR 553 (in Pittsgrove only) and are CR 581. State Highway routes are Route 45, Route 47, Route 48 (the point in Kaurna only), Route 56 (in Pittsgrove only), Route 77 and Route 140 (the point in Kaurna only). U.S. Route 40 and U.S. Route 130 U.S. routes are on the southern side. Limited access highways are Interstate 295, Delaware Memorial Bridge (I-295/US 40 decimal sign), and the New Jersey Turnpike. Go through the northern part of the county roads.

      Salem County Tourist Attractions
Supawna Meadows National Wildlife Refuge
Cowtown Rodeo
Four Seasons Family Campground
Auburn Road Vineyard
Garden State Aquatic Nursery
Steakouts Home Plate
M&M Hunting Preserve & Sporting Clays
Two Bridges Wine Trail
Royal Port Antiques
Woodstown Massage Boutique
The Inn at the Victorian Rose Garden
Scarecrow Hollow Cornfield
Running Deer Golf Course
Salem City Cafe
Woodstown Walking Tour
Pennsville Historical Society
Birding & Wildlife Trails
Hancock House
Marlboro Farm Market
Wood Lanes
Game Creek Hunting Farms
Al & Sam's Canoe & Kayak
NJ Horse Drawn Carriages
AJ's Restaurant and Tavern
Historical Society of Penns Grove
Eddis Farm
Pratts Garden
George's Fault Antiques
Blue Salon and Spa
Finns Point National Cemetery & Trails
Harvey's Honey
Obissquasoit Bowmen
Ye Olde Centeron Inn
Splash and Paddle

      Salem County Libraries
Elmer Public Library
Penns Grove-Carney's Point Library
Pennsville Public Library
Salem County Historical Society Research Library
Salem Free Public Library
Woodstown-Pilesgrove Library

      Salem County Museums
Pennsville Township Historical Society Museum
Salem County Historical Society

      Salem County Neighboring Counties
New Castle County
New Castle County
Cumberland County
Gloucester County

      Salem County Parks
Centerton Park
Fenwick Monument
Fort Mott State Park
Killcohook National Wildlife Refuge
Mad Horse Creek Fish and Wildlife Management Area
Market Street Historic District
Maskells Millpond Fish and Wildlife Management Area
Parvin State Park
Supawna Meadows National Wildlife Refuge

      Salem County Religious
Salem County Catholic Church Population is 39%
Salem County United Methodist Church Population is 23%
Salem County American Baptist Churches in the USA Population is 3%
Salem County Other Population is 22%

      Salem County Government
Chosen Freeholders of the County is seven members of a Board of Salem. Freeholders are elected by a large number of voters in partisan elections in the County of Salem, and staggered three-year terms in the county. County officials selected to be elected to the Board of Freeholders, New Jersey, as part of its own county board of each "Freeholders," that is the only state in the country. Freeholders are determined by the number of collection, and cannot exceed nine members.

      Salem County Geography
According to the 2010 Salem county estimation, the total area in the County 372.33 square miles (964.3 km2) 331.90 square miles (859.6 km 2) (or 89.14%) is land and 40.43 square miles (104.7 km 2) (or 10.86%), (964.3 km 2) square miles of water. Minimum land relief is almost uniformly flat Coastal Plain. A feature known as County high-rise, but the chance at an elevation of 160 feet (48.7 m) above the Upper Pittsgrove Township, was not one of the seven low altitudes. Salem County, NJ, 42 inches of rain receives per year. An average of 37 in the U.S. 14 inches of snow. 25 inches of snow per year, and receives an average U.S. city.

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