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Cumberland County Information

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Cumberland County Information

Cumberland County is in the U.S. state of New Jersey. According to the 2010 statistics, the population is 156,898. Cumberland County seat is Bridgeton. Cumberland County is named for Prince William, Duke's of Cumberland from the Delaware Valley region as well as a part of the Vineland-Millville-Bridgeton dominant Metropolitan Statistical Area. The Cumberland County is heart of the Northeast Corridor along the Cumberland County Delaware Bay and appropriate to New York City, Just two hours from Baltimore, Philadelphia, and forty-five minutes from the Atlantic.

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      Cumberland County Demographics
Cumberland County Population is 157,095
Cumberland County Female persons Population is 48.6%
Cumberland County White persons Population is 72.9%
Cumberland County Black persons Population is 20.20%
Cumberland County Black persons Population is 21.5%
Cumberland County American Indian and Alaska Native persons Population is 1.5%
Cumberland County Asian persons Population is 1.4%
Cumberland County Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander persons Population is 0.1%
Cumberland County White persons not Hispanic Population is 49.9%

      Cumberland County History
Cumberland County has grown up into a region about 157,000 people who constitute a multi-faceted community of different ethnic groups, until now Since Cumberland County being apart from Salem County in January of 1748.These ethnic groups each of our 14 town, boroughs; municipalities have give to the rich cultural heritage. They have also give significantly to our continued progress, Today, development continues to be a company that is agriculture-based, established in advance, our county to glass, cans, Oyster and wear industries. Today, the Cumberland County Retail businesses and manufacturing responsibilities are the attractions of our region, will continue to be developed.

      Cumberland County Tourism
Cumberland County Visitors and tourists have choice for fishing, boating, bird watching, antique shopping, and more exploring the wild and scenic Maurice River, a visit to a glass-making performance. Every month of third Friday galleries stay open late, and the high number of bars and restaurants to browse the unique shops, restaurants and cafes at one meal, live music and all the arts of the visitors that came from the street. Maurice River in Cumberland County, the Cumberland County NJ the East Lighthouse Light House east of the sea in the history of the region played an important part. The guiding light has the way in the year 1849 from the Maurice River, fishermen, oystermen and boaters. Despite the many lighthouses that once stood along the edge of the Delaware Bay, New Jersey in East Point, Jersey side of the last lighthouse and is the second oldest standing.

      Cumberland County Transportation
Cumberland only supplies services to the state and county routes. County routes lead through some of the CR 540, CR 548 (Only Maurice River), CR 550, CR 552, CR 553 and CR 555.State routes are Route 47, Route 49, Route 55, Route 56, Route 77 and Route 347. Route 55 I-76, I-295, and north of the county, which is only limited approach road that serves the Philadelphia area. Cumberland County, New Jersey Turnpike, Garden State Parkway, Routes 55 and 322 are easily accessible by road using the bigger routes, and I-295. It took more than a total of 40 miles, across the full 20 years; the construction of Route 55 and Cumberland County residents Commerce businesses and leisure activities in the world has opened spread. NJ Transit's bus services to the Cumberland County cover. Agendas are available via NJ Transit. Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6pm Cumberland Area Transit System (CATS) is available, demand response bus transportation for 6 hours. General public, senior citizens and incapacitated residents are sent from the central office.

      Cumberland County Tourist Attractions
Albert Kolonich Nature Trail
Bayshore Discovery Project
Bridgeton Historic Houses Walking Tour
Bridgeton Riverfront
Cohanzick Zoo
Manumuskin River Preserve
County Liberty Bell
Meadow Wood Environmental Sanctuary
Dutch Neck Village
Maurice River - National Scenic and Recreational RiverEast Point Lighthouse
Millville Army Air Field Museum
George Woodruff Indian Museum
Nail Mill Museum
Gibbon House
Potters Tavern
Glades Wildlife Refuge
Seabrook Education & Cultural Center
Glasstown Arts District
Swedish Granary
Swansea Vineyards
Wheaton Arts & Cultural Center
New Jersey Motorsports Park
New England Towne Burying Ground
The Landis Theater
Maurice River Bluffs Preserve
Maurice River Historical Society East Point Lighthouse
New Sweden Colonial Farmstead
Levoy Theater
Lummis Library
Lighthouse Tours
John DuBois Maritime Museum
Southern New Jersey All Sports Museum / Hall of Fame

      Cumberland County Museums
Bowers Beach Maritime Museum
New Castle Court House Museum
Hagley Museum
American Swedish Historical Museum
Winterthur Museum
Zwaanendael Museum
Perelman Antique Toy Museum
Port of History Museum

      Cumberland County Parks
Bridgeton City Park
City Park
Clarks Pond Fish and Wildlife Management Area
Dix Fish and Wildlife Management Area
Edward G Bevan Fish and Wildlife Management Area
Egg Island Fish and Wildlife Management Area
Fortescue Fish and Wildlife Management Area
Heislerville Fish and Wildlife Management Area
Landis Park
Menantico Ponds Fish and Wildlife Management Area
Nantuxent Fish and Wildlife Management Area
Owls Nest Field
Peaslee Fish and Wildlife Management Area

      Cumberland County Religious
Cumberland County Percent Religious population is 35.00%
Cumberland County Catholic population is 15.54%
Cumberland County LDS population is 0.66%
Cumberland County Baptist population is 2.08%
Cumberland County Episcopalian population is 0.21%
Cumberland County Pentecostal population is 2.20%
Cumberland County Lutheran population is 0.86%
Cumberland County Methodist population is 4.62%
Cumberland County Presbyterian population is 1.01%
Cumberland County Other Christian population is 5.58%
Cumberland County Jewish population is 0.50%
Cumberland County Eastern population is 0.80%
Cumberland County Islam population is 0.94%

      Cumberland County Tax
Cumberland County Unemployment Rate tax is 12.60%
Cumberland County Recent Job Growth tax is 1.09%
Cumberland County Future Job Growth tax is 29.58%
Cumberland County Sales Taxes tax is 7.00%
Cumberland County Income Taxes tax is 2.45%
Cumberland County Income per Captax is $20,806
Cumberland County Management, Business, and Financial Operations tax is 8.64%
Cumberland County Professional and Related Occupations tax is 17.11%
Cumberland County Service tax is 18.39%
Sales and Office tax is 24.13%
Cumberland County Farming, Fishing, and Forestry tax is 1.65%
Cumberland County Construction, Extraction, and Maintenance tax is 10.07%
Cumberland County Production, Transportation, and Material Moving tax is 20.01%

      Cumberland County Government
Cumberland County is governed by Freeholders of the County of seven members of a Board of Cumberland and is responsible for each county is assigned to one of the sections. These people are elected by a large number of partisan elections, Cumberland County citizens and two or three seats coming up for election each year, staggered three-year terms of office work.

      Cumberland County Geography
Cumberland is a low-lying, generally nondescript coastal county, with many salt marshes near the Delaware Bay. The highest height is at one of 12 areas in Upper Deerfield Township that exceed 140 feet (42.6 m) above sea level; the lowest elevation is sea level. According to the 2010 census, the county has a total area of 677.62 square miles (1,755.0 km2), of which 483.70 square miles (1,252.8 km2) (or 71.38%) is land and 193.92 square miles (502.3 km2) (or 28.62%) is water. In recent years, average temperatures in the county seat of Bridgeton, F (-4 C) on January 87 biggest F (31 C) on July 25 low range, but less than the record - 13 F (-25 C) in January 1985 and record 101 high F (38 C) was recorded in July 1966. The Average monthly precipitation in February is 2.94 inches (75 mm) and from March 4.30 inches (109 mm).

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