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St Louis Area Information

St. Louis, Missouri, the eastern boundary of the United States as an independent city, and it is the second largest city in the state. Franklin, Jefferson, Lincoln, St. Charles, St. Louis, Missouri, and Bond, Calhoun, Clinton, Jersey, Macoupin, Madison, Monroe and St. Clair counties in the metropolitan statistical areas of Warren, and Washington counties in Illinois. There are several stages in the development of its founding in St. Louis, which refers to the city's famous Gateway Arch, the nation's western expansion coordinate. St. Louis Best and cultural diversity of life, and a life of downtown commercial district rejoiced. St. Louis city was founded in 1764 by Pierre Laclede and Auguste Chouteau, and after the Louisiana Purchase, and became a major port on the Mississippi River. In 1990, plans were developed for the defense of lack of experience, and with them the first regions of the country, the St. Louis area, the post Cold War - for the financial system has emerged as a national laboratory. Its population expanded after the American Civil War, and it became the fourth largest city in the United States in the late 19th century.

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      St Louis Area Recreation, Culture and Attractions
St. Louis is a major cultural center in the Midwest. In the 19th and 20th centuries, with its French past and number of Catholic pioneer, St. Louis was a center of Roman Catholicism in the United States. Several places of devout in the city, St. Louis, the world's largest mosaic installation of the home's Cathedral Basilica of the decimal, are noteworthy. There are many cultural attractions such as the Greater St. Louis Gateway Arch and the Delmar Loop area. The city is also the music and the performing arts, blues, jazz, and a deal of ragtime defined relationship. Greensfelder the center of the Pops Orchestra plays concerts in the summer series. Repertory Theatre of St. Louis is modern drama, music, and comedy, including the recently-expanded in two phases at Loretto Hilton Center running the plays of the season. Today, a nationwide music tour of the complex, Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, Scotttrade Center or visiting venues such as competition, they are traveling to work in St. Louis. Dance St. Louis, fairs sponsored by local national and international organizations, and provides a program of dance education. Jefferson Barracks Historical Park in April and May of the American Indian Days Reenactment of World War II. St. Louis Cardinals, Major League Baseball, one of the oldest franchises, most recently in 2011, with 11 World Series titles, accumulation, and the two teams in the Frontier League, Gateway Grizzlies and the River City Rascals play. There are number of attractions in St. Louis including Premier St. Louis Park only larger than Central Park in NYC on the Lower East and Forest Park, Forest Park, St. Louis Zoo, and St. Louis Art Museum, Missouri History Museum and St. Louis Science Center, which will also tour the Municipal Opera, musical productions by the public free of charge during the summer.

      St Louis Area Demographics
St Louis Area Total Population is 319,000
St Louis Area Male Population is 154,000
St Louis Area Female Population is 165,000
St Louis Area White Population is 134,000
St Louis Area Hispanic Population is 11,000
St Louis Area Asian Population is 9,000
St Louis Area Two or more races Population is 6,000
St Louis Area American Indian Population is 600
St Louis Area Other race Population is 400
St Louis Area Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander Population is 70

      St Louis Area Education
Education in the St. Louis area in February 2003, the best education, the best places' list, Forbes magazine ranked the fourth place. Superintendent of St. Louis Public Schools is appointed by and serve six-year terms without demulcent at the seven-member education, fair, held by an elected board. 77 schools in the St. Louis Public Schools, St. Louis city works, and it are operated by a state-appointed board. St. Louis 12 universities, 8 professional schools, graduate schools, 9, 8 professional schools in the two-year colleges and 89 vocational schools. St. Louis Community College is the largest community college in Missouri and the largest one in the United States; college's three campuses of the college transfers, career development programs, and credit courses. The city quickly became the center for bio-technology industry; industry is supported by many of the research in this area.

St Louis Area History
St. Louis area becomes a city its initial nickname was "Mound City", giving birth too many of the temple and the area is residential earthwork built by the Native American Mississippian culture and it is a major hub. The first struggle at a settlement near St. Louis, at the mouth of the Riviere des Peres, established in 1700, the Jesuit Mission of St. Francis Xavier. With two Native American bands of the Jesuit party was established at the site, but the mission was abandoned in favor of three years, and the home of more than 60 years on the region was again attempted. West of the Mississippi, the Missouri River in 1764 to the 1803 European control of Louisiana, in the north part of the Spanish consider part of the Viceroyalty of New Spain. St. Louis has been transferred to France in 1800, and later as part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, and sold in the United States, and the city became the territorial capital. In 1808, the city elected its first municipal legislators. The first New Orleans and eastern markets to develop relations with the steam boats succeed in St. Louis in 1818. From the capital city of St. Louis, Missouri became a state in 1821. St. Louis city continued to see growth due to its port connections in 1822. Gateway Arch in St. Louis was established in 1965 in the first place Laclede symbol, became a part of St. Louis's skyline. In the summer of 1993 in the north of the city of St. Louis, Missouri and Mississippi rivers joined forces and the country's history, some of its protective levees demolished by the floods wiped out the extensive damage from the floods. St. Louis is a major city without the big city; some of the problems of the twenty first century distinguish entered. The population of a downturn in the past and instead focus on a strong future in St. Louis, the downtown area had attracted the attention of major companies, and the education system has been improved.

      St Louis Area Transportation
Four interstates and several U.S. highways in the city of St. Louis and served as the state's highways. St. Louis's public bus system service that provides some of the lower parts of the system; it is the metro St. Louis, Missouri. Although there are no airports within the city limits, the city owns and operates Lambert-St. Louis International Airport in St. Louis County, in the north-west. Freight rail and passenger rail service provided by Amtrak and served at the downtown St. Louis, the Gateway Multimodal Transportation Center, the passenger service, BNSF Railway tracks to the city owned and operated. Bus service, light rail, and paratransit service in the city is also known as the Metro State Development Corporation will be provided. St. Louis is also a Port Authority manages the river shipping, and Taxicabs are regulated in the city.

      St Louis Area Colleges and Universities
Saint Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri, United States - 13,000 Students
Saint Louis Community College-Forest Park, St. Louis, Missouri, United States - 8,000 Students
Washington University in St Louis, St. Louis, Missouri, U.S - 14,000 Students
Webster University, Webster Groves, Missouri, USA - 21,000 Students
University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri, USA - 34,000 Students
Saint Louis Community College-Florissant Valley, Ferguson, Missouri, United States - 7,000 Students
Saint Louis Community College, St. Louis, Missouri, United States - 12,000 Students

      St Louis Area Tourist Attractions
Anheuser Busch in St. Louis, Missouri
Art and Entertainment District Grand Center in Saint Louis-St Louis MO-G rand Art Music Theater
Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri
Casino Queen Saint Louis-St Louis MO-Casino Riverboat Gambling
Cathedral Basilica in St. Louis, Missouri
Central West End Neighborhood in Saint Louis-St Louis MO-Neighborhood As sociation Entertainment
Chase Park Plaza - St Louis MO - Chase Park Plaza Hotel
City Museum in St. Louis, Missouri
Compton Heights Neighborhood in Saint Louis-St Louis MO-Compton Heights Tower St Louis
Crowne Plaza Hotel - St Louis MO - Crowne Plaza Hotel Downtown
Drury Plaza Hotel - St Louis MO - Drury Hotel Downtown Arch
Edward Jones Dome - St. Louis, Missouri - home field for the St. Louis Rams NFL football team
Four Seasons Hotel -St Louis MO - Four Seasons Luxury Hotel
Grant's Farm in St. Louis, Missouri
Hilton St Louis at the Ballpark - St Louis MO - Hilton Hotel Ballpark Baseball
Hilton St Louis Airport - St Louis MO - Hilton Hotel Airport
Hilton St. Louis Downtown
Hilton St Louis Frontenac - St Louis MO - Hilton Frontenac Hotel Wedding Shopping
Holy Corners District Neighborhood in Saint Louis-St Louis MO-Holy Corne rs Church Churches
Hyatt Regency St Louis Riverfront - St Louis MO - Hyatt Hotel
Hyatt Regency - St Louis MO - Hyatt Hotel
Lafayette Square Neighborhood in Saint Louis-St Louis MO-Lafayette Squar e Historic Park
Laumeier Sculpture Park Saint Louis-St. Louis MO-Scuplture Art Exhibit
Magic House - St Louis MO-Children's Museum Fairy Magic
Marriott St Louis Airport - St Louis MO - Marriott Hotel Airport
Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum Saint Louis-St Louis MO-Art Washington Un iversity
Millennium Hotel - St Louis MO - Millenium Hotel Downtown
Missouri Botanical Garden: St. Louis, Missouri
Museum of Transportation- Saint Louis MO-Museum Transportation History Train
Museum of Westward Expansion Saint Louis-St. Louis MO-Lewis & Clark Westward Expansion Museum
Omni Majestic Hotel - St Louis MO - Omni Hotel downtown arch busch stadium
Renaissance St Louis Grand & Suites - St Louis MO - Renaissance Marriot Hotel Downtown
Renaissance St Louis Hotel Airport - St Louis MO - Renaissance Hotel Airport
Ritz-Carlton St Louis - St Louis MO - Ritz-Carlton Luxury Hotel
Saint Louis Zoo - Saint Louis, Missouri - large zoo with thousands of animals
Scottrade Center, Saint Louis, Missouri
Sheraton City Center - St Louis MO - Sheraton Hotel downtown
Six Flags St Louis-St Louis MO-Six Flags Amusement Theme park
Soulard Neighborhood in Saint Louis-St Louis MO-Soulard Blues Mardi Gras
The St. Louis Zoo in St. Louis, Missouri
St. Louis Art Museum in St. Louis, Missouri
St. Louis Science Center-St. Louis MO-Science Center Planetarium
St. Louis Walk of Fame-St. Louis MO-Walk Of Fame Stars
The Butterfly House - St. Louis, Missouri - butterfly zoo that's part of the Missouri Botanical Garden
Westin - St Louis MO - Westin Hotel Downtown
Wyndham Roberts Mayfair - St Louis MO - Wyndham Hotel Downtown

      St Louis Area Museums
Campbell House Museum
Carondelet Historic Center
Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis
Center of Creative Arts
Chatillon-DeMenil House
City Museum
Concordia Historical Institute
Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis
Eugene Field House & St. Louis Toy Museum
Kraus House
Gallery 210
General Daniel Bissell House
Griot Museum Black History
Hawken House Museum
Historic Aircraft Restoration Museum
Historic Hanley House
Jefferson Barracks County Park
Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
Kemp Auto Museum
Laumeier Sculpture Park
Louis Bolduc House
Louisiana Area Historical Museum
May Gallery
Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum
Miniature Museum of Greater St. Louis
Missouri History Museum
Museum of Contemporary Religious Art
Museum of the Dog
Museum of Transportation
Old Courthouse
Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts
Saint Louis Art Museum
Saint Louis University Museum of Art
Samuel Cupples House
Scott Joplin House State Historic Site
The Sheldon
Soldiers' Memorial
St. Louis Soccer Hall of Fame
St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum
St. Louis Holocaust Museum & Learning Center
St. Louis Mercantile Library
St. Louis Science Center
The Magic House (Missouri)
Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site
World Chess Hall of Fame

      St Louis Area Parks
Aboussie Park
Adams Park
Alaska Park
Aloe Plaza
Aloe Plaza West
Amberg Park
Banks Park
Barrett Brothers Park
Beckett Playground
Bellerive Park
Benton Park
Berra Park
Blase Park
Bradley Park
Buder Playground
Busch Park
Carnegie Park
Carondelet Park
Carondelet Lions Park
Chain of Rocks Park
Chambers Park
Charles Park
Cherokee Park
Christy Park
Clifton Heights Park
Columbus Square Park
Compton Hill Reservoir Park
Davis Park
Fairground Park
Fanetti Plaza
Filipiac Park
Forest Park
Fountain Park
Fourteenth Street Mall
Fowler Park
Fox Park
Francis Park
Franz Park
Freeman Park
Fremont Park
Gateway Mall Plaza
Giles Park
Gravois Park
Hall Park
Handy Park
Hickey Park
Hyde Park
Interco Plaza
Jackson Place Park
Kaufmann Park
Kennedy Park
Kiener Plaza
Kingsbury Square Park
Laclede Park
Lafayette Park
Leisure Park
Leisure Park
Lindenwood Park
Lucas Gardens Park
Lucier Park
Lyon Park
Marquette Park
May Amphitheater
McDonald Park
Memorial Plaza
Mestres Park
Minnesota and Hill Park
Minniewood Park
Mt. Pleasant Park
Murphy Park
O Fallon Park
Parkland Park
Penrose Park
Perry Park
Poelker Park
Pontiac Square Park
Porter Mall
River Des Peres Park
River Des Peres Extension Park
Rumbold Park
Russell Park
St. Louis Place Park
St. Marcus Cemetery
Seay Park
Serra Sculpture Park
Sherman Park
Soulard Park
St. Louis Square Park
Strauss Park
Strodtman Park
Sublette Park
Tambo Park
Tandy Park
Terry Park
Tiffany Park
Tilles Park
Tower Grove Park
Turner Playground
Unity Park
Vivian and Astra Park
Walnut Park
Washington Square
Willmore Park
Windsor Park
Yeatman Square Park

      St Louis Area Religious
St Louis Area Percent Religious Population is 46.15%
St Louis Area Catholic Population is 16.21%
St Louis Area LDS Population is 0.22%
St Louis Area Baptist Population is 12.82%
St Louis Area Episcopalian Population is 0.49%
St Louis Area Pentecostal Population is 0.96%
St Louis Area Lutheran Population is 2.39%
St Louis Area Methodist Population is 3.42%
St Louis Area Presbyterian Population is 1.50%
St Louis Area Other Christian Population is 5.47%
St Louis Area Jewish Population is 0.64%
St Louis Area Eastern Population is 0.99%
St Louis Area Islam Population is 1.05%

      St Louis Area Government
Mayor of St. Louis and six other elected officials, legislative power is vested in the board of aldermen and a mayor - council government. A board of aldermen to be elected president of the board is made of 28 members plus around the city in four year term. The mayor is elected in odd numbered years following the United States Presidential Election, as are the aldermen representing odd-numbered wards data. No Republican mayor since 1949 and the city is also the last time a Republican was voted to another city-wide office in 1970. The board of aldermen from even-numbered year wards is elected President. The Democratic Party is a political power in the city of St. Louis for decades.

      St Louis Area Geography
According to the United States Census Bureau, St. Louis total area was 66.2 square miles (171.3 kmē) of it is land 61.9 square miles (160.4 kmē4.2 square miles of the water (11.0 kmē or 6.39%). The city is primarily in the southern Missouri-Mississippi confluence of the Midwestern United States, where the plateau on the west bank of the Mississippi River Bluffs 100-200 feet and was built in terraces. Many of the region's low hills and broad, shallow valleys and rolling prairie are a fertile and faults. There are two broad flood plains of the Mississippi River and Missouri River valleys in St Louis. It was last modified continental climate with extreme hot or humid most of the time with the four seasons. Winters are mild and rarely severe and active; eighteen inches of annual snow fall. 100 degrees or higher temperatures occur in the hot days, with an average of five days per year.

      St Louis Area Economy
St. Louis 19 Fortune Anheuser-Busch Companies, including the Emerson Electric, May Department Stores, Graybor Electric, and Monsanto Company, including the 1000 companies in the world and the city is headquarters of economy in Missouri. A Fortune 500 companies headquartered in the Greater St. Louis in the thirteenth-largest city in the United States. In 2011 estimation the city Gross Metropolitan Product (GMP) of St. Louis was $133.1 billion; it is 21st-highest in the country. St. Louis, Missouri's rivers, especially moving objects, such as bulk belonging such as grain, play a major role, such as coal, salt, and certain chemicals and petroleum products. Information Technology jobs in the city with the highest concentration. Incentives to help new and existing businesses in the state of Missouri in a variety offers.

      St Louis Area Information Sources User Comments

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