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Mississippi rental properties are primarily found in the major metropolitan areas of Mississippi. Common rental types found in Mississippi are apartments, studios, lofts, one bedrooms, two bedrooms, condos, houses for rent, mobile homes, hotel rooms, vacation rental, furnished rentals short term rentals. Regions and cities if Mississippi where housing rentals are found are Capital - River, Coastal, Pines, All Cities, Hills, Delta MS. Vacation rentals, short term rentals and furnished housing are more common in the metropolitan areas of Mississippi.

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Mississippi State Information

Mississippi state is located on eastern south-central of US. In size wide the Mississippi state rank is 32nd among the US. The total area of Mississippi is 123,514 sq km. Mississippi had approximately 7,519,000 hectares in 2002 estimation. The Mississippi state borders are on the north by Tennessee, east by Alabama, south by the Gulf of Mexico and Louisiana and west by Louisiana. Mississippi total boundary length is 1,634 km. Mississippi climate had short winters and long, humid summers. In population wise Mississippi state rank is 31 in the US. In 2002 estimation the Mississippi state total population was 2,871,782. The population is projected to reach 2,908,000 by 2005 and 3.1 million by 2025. Now a day,s many settlers of Mississippi were Roman Catholics. Members of the Roman Catholic Church are concentrated in areas once influenced by French and Spanish rule. Protestants have dominated Mississippi since the late 18th century. There were about 115,760 Roman Catholics, an estimated 3,919 Muslims, and about 1,400 Jews. Over 1.2 million people did not claim any religious affiliation. Mississippi state official language is English. In 2001 estimation, Mississippi ranked 26th among the states in income from agriculture. In 2002 Mississippi ranked 2nd in upland cotton and 4th in rice production. In 1998, Mississippi ranked 8th among the 50 states in size of commercial fish landings. In 1997, Mississippi was the headquarters for one Fortune 500 company, WorldCom. The Mississippi state biggest manufacturing concern is Litton Industries' Ingalls shipyard at Pascagoula.

Mississippi Recreation, Culture and Attractions

Mississippi state culture was a mound-building Native American culture. While the Mississippi state has had a reputation for being the most racist in America, individual musicians created an integrated music community.A number of cultural traits are recognized as being characteristic of the Mississippians. Mississippi's rich culture and heritage can be found in the state's museums, historical homes, Civil War sites and landmarks. Mississippi State Fair, Mississippi also reflects the culture of this land. Mississippi is one of the exclusive Mississippi Tourist Attractions. Mississippi's major tourist attractions are its floating riverboat casinos and its mansions and plantations, many of them in the Natchez area. National parks include the Natchez Trace Parkway, Gulf Islands National Seashore, and Vicksburg National Military Park. The Mississippi State Fair is held annually in Jackson during the second week in October. During this time, it becomes an exciting day out for families. There are also 6 national forests and 27 state parks. Moreover, some special attractions are also there. In Mississippi state has no major league professional teams in Mississippi. Although college basketball and baseball have strong traditions at Mississippi schools. There is also a minor league hockey team in Biloxi, as well as teams in Jackson and Tupelo.

Mississippi Demographics

Mississippi total population - 2,844,658
Mississippi male population - 1,373,554
Mississippi female population - 1,471,104
Mississippi white population - 1,746,099
Mississippi black population - 1,033,809
Mississippi American Indian and Alaska Native - 11,652
Mississippi Asian population - 18,626
Mississippi Hispanic or Latino population - 39,569

Mississippi School Information

In 1980s Mississippi education is improved. Blacks and whites attended separate public schools in Mississippi until the 1960s. The total enrollment for fall 1999 in Mississippi's public schools stood at 500,716. Total enrollment was estimated at 499,362 in fall 2000 and is expected to reach 514,000 by fall 2005. In 1997, minority students comprised 33.3% of total postsecondary enrollment. Important institutions of higher learning in Mississippi include the University of Mississippi, established in 1844, Mississippi State University, and the University of Southern Mississippi. The Mississippi sate total yearly enrollment of about 369,500 elementary pupils and about 132,500 secondary students.

Mississippi State Symbols

Massachusetts State nickname - Bay State
Mississippi state flag
Mississippi state  Slogan
Mississippi state Slogan
The South's Warmest Welcome
Mississippi state  Song
Mississippi state Song
Go, Mississippi
Mississippi state Reptile
Mississippi state Reptile
American alligator
Mississippi state  Fossil
Mississippi state Fossil
Mississippi state   Motto
Mississippi state Motto
By valor and arms
Mississippi state  Fish
Mississippi state Fish
Largemouth or Black Bass
Mississippi state Flower
Mississippi state Flower
Mississippi state  Bird
Mississippi state Bird
Mississippi state  Tree
Mississippi state Tree
Southern Magnolia
Mississippi state  Soil
Mississippi state Soil
Mississippi state  Dance
Mississippi state Dance
Square Dance
Mississippi state  Insect
Mississippi state Insect
Mississippi state  Shell
Mississippi state Shell
Eastern Oyster
Mississippi state  Mammal
Mississippi state Mammal
White-tailed deer

Mississippi State History

The names of Mississippi's pre-Columbian inhabitants are not known. Upon the appearance of the first Spanish explorers in the early 16th century. French settlements were soon established at Fort Maurepas, Mobile, Biloxi, Fort Rosalie, and New Orleans. Mississippi was divided into two main parts; the southern section to a British province called West Florida and the remaining portion to the Georgia colony. Fort Rosalie was renamed Fort Panmure, and the Natchez District was established as a subdivision of West Florida. After the outbreak of the U.S. War of Independence, Spain regained possession of Florida and occupied Natchez. During this period, the territory included all the land area that is today within the borders of Mississippi and Alabama. Congress then offered admission to the western half, which became the nation's 20th state-Mississippi on 10 December. Until the Civil War, Mississippi exemplified the American frontier; it was bustling, violent, and aggressive. The two countries settled the occupation dispute in 1798. Many important battles were fought in or on the borders of Mississippi. The Battle of Vicksburg became a turning point in the war. During the World Wat II several war plants opened in Mississippi. World War II was a period of economic, political, and social stagnation for Mississippi. Mississippi's agricultural economy, dominated by cotton and tenant farming, provided the economic equivalent of slavery for black sharecroppers. Today, Mississippi like many other southern statesis an economic and, to and extent, cultural backwater struggling to remake itself. Mississippi's economy was hard hit by the 1986 decline in oil and gas prices.

Mississippi State Tourist Information

In Mississippi have about 35 million overnight travelers in 2001 for tourism. Jackson is home to a number of notable historic landmarks, namely Jackson's city hall, old state capitol building and governor's mansion. Tourism is encouraged in the Jackson area and many of the city's tourist attractions are widely promoted. The main tourist information center in Jackson is situated along North President Street and is open Monday through Friday. And further tourist information desk being available at the Agriculture and Forestry Museum on Lakeside Drive. Mississippi's major tourist attractions are its floating riverboat casinos and its mansions and plantations, many of them in the Natchez area.

Mississippi State Transportation

Mississippi State has served by eight interstate highways and fourteen main U.S. Routes. Amtrak provides scheduled passenger service along two routes, the Crescent and City of New Orleans. One of the United States Class I railroads serve Mississippi. Mississippi has Canadian National Railway's Illinois Central Railroad subsidiary provides north-south service, BNSF Railway has an east-west line across northern Mississippi, Kansas City Southern Railway provides east-west service in the middle of the state and north-south service along the Alabama state line and other services.

Mississippi Taxes

Mississippi State Tax Rate Range Low 3.0% High 5.0%
Mississippi State Tax Income Brackets Lowest flat rate 5,000 - Highest flat rate 10,000
Mississippi State Personal Exemptions Single - 6,000, Married - 12,000, Dependents - 1,500
Mississippi State Sales Tax Rate on Food 7%, on Prescription Drugs 0%, on Non-prescription Drugs 0%
Mississippi State Total Tax on Gasoline 18.4%, on Diesel Fuel 18.4%
Mississippi State Excise Tax Rates on Cigarettes Tax Rate 18(¢ per pack)
Mississippi State Beer Excise Tax Rate $0.4268($ per gallon)
Mississippi State Wine Excise Tax Rate $0.35($ per gallon)

Mississippi Universities

Mississippi State University - 16,206 Students
Millsaps College - 1,084 Students
University of Mississippi Main Campus - 15,220 Students
University of Southern Mississippi - 14,777 Students
Southeastern Baptist College - 70 Students
Mississippi University for Women - 2,428 Students
Tougaloo College - 913 Students
Mississippi College - 4,041 Students
William Carey University - 2,519 Students
Jackson State University - 8,256 Students

Mississippi Religions

Protestant - 32.0%
Roman Catholic - 28.0%
Jewish - 1%
Muslim - 1%
Buddhist - 1%
other faiths - 13.0%

Mississippi Counties

Adams County, Mississippi - Population 34340
Alcorn County, Mississippi - Population 34558
Amite County, Mississippi - Population 13599
Attala County, Mississippi - Population 19661
Benton County, Mississippi - Population 8026
Bolivar County, Mississippi - Population 40633
Calhoun County, Mississippi - Population 15069
Carroll County, Mississippi - Population 10769
Chickasaw County, Mississippi - Population 19440
Choctaw County, Mississippi - Population 9758
Claiborne County, Mississippi - Population 11831
Clarke County, Mississippi - Population 17955
Clay County, Mississippi - Population 21979
Coahoma County, Mississippi - Population 30622
Copiah County, Mississippi - Population 28757
Covington County, Mississippi - Population 19407
DeSoto County, Mississippi - Population 107199
Forrest County, Mississippi - Population 72604
Franklin County, Mississippi - Population 8448
George County, Mississippi - Population 19144
Greene County, Mississippi - Population 13299
Grenada County, Mississippi - Population 23263
Hancock County, Mississippi - Population 42967
Harrison County, Mississippi - Population 189601
Hinds County, Mississippi - Population 250800
Holmes County, Mississippi - Population 21609
Humphreys County, Mississippi - Population 11206
Issaquena County, Mississippi - Population 2274
Itawamba County, Mississippi - Population 22770
Jackson County, Mississippi - Population 131420
Jasper County, Mississippi - Population 18149
Jefferson County, Mississippi - Population 9740
Jefferson Davis County, Mississippi - Population 13962
Jones County, Mississippi - Population 64958
Kemper County, Mississippi - Population 10453
Lafayette County, Mississippi - Population 38744
Lamar County, Mississippi - Population 39070
Lauderdale County, Mississippi - Population 78161
Lawrence County, Mississippi - Population 13258
Leake County, Mississippi - Population 20940
Lee County, Mississippi - Population 75755
Leflore County, Mississippi - Population 37947
Lincoln County, Mississippi - Population 33166
Lowndes County, Mississippi - Population 61586
Madison County, Mississippi - Population 74674
Marion County, Mississippi - Population 25595
Marshall County, Mississippi - Population 34993
Monroe County, Mississippi - Population 38014
Montgomery County, Mississippi - Population 12189
Neshoba County, Mississippi - Population 28684
Newton County, Mississippi - Population 21838
Noxubee County, Mississippi - Population 12548
Oktibbeha County, Mississippi - Population 42902
Panola County, Mississippi - Population 34274
Pearl River County, Mississippi - Population 48621
Perry County, Mississippi - Population 12138
Pike County, Mississippi - Population 38940
Pontotoc County, Mississippi - Population 26726
Prentiss County, Mississippi - Population 25556
Quitman County, Mississippi - Population 10117
Rankin County, Mississippi - Population 115327
Scott County, Mississippi - Population 28423
Sharkey County, Mississippi - Population 6580
Simpson County, Mississippi - Population 27639
Smith County, Mississippi - Population 16182
Stone County, Mississippi - Population 13622
Sunflower County, Mississippi - Population 34369
Tallahatchie County, Mississippi - Population 14903
Tate County, Mississippi - Population 25370
Tippah County, Mississippi - Population 20826
Tishomingo County, Mississippi - Population 19163
Tunica County, Mississippi - Population 9227
Union County, Mississippi - Population 25362
Walthall County, Mississippi - Population 15156
Warren County, Mississippi - Population 49644
Washington County, Mississippi - Population 62977
Wayne County, Mississippi - Population 21216
Webster County, Mississippi - Population 10294
Wilkinson County, Mississippi - Population 10312
Winston County, Mississippi - Population 20160
Yalobusha County, Mississippi - Population 13051
Yazoo County, Mississippi - Population 28149

Mississippi State Government

Mississippi State had four state constitutions. The Mississippi state's present constitution, as amended, dates from 1890. Mississippi State is one of the only five states that elect its state officials in odd-numbered years. The governor is limited to a maximum of two consecutive terms. The governor and lieutenant governor must be at least 30 years old, a US citizen for 20 years, and a Mississippi resident for five years before election. As of 2002, Mississippi had 296 municipal governments. Some smaller municipalities were run by a commission or by a city manager, appointed by council members. During Reconstruction, Mississippi had its first Republican governor. Mississippi's major political parties are the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. The electorate may also initiate amendments, provided petitions are signed by 12% of total votes for all candidates for governor at the last election.

Mississippi Economy

Earlier of Civil War the Mississippi state was the fifth top state in the country. Cotton is the main economy of Mississippi and the rank was 3rd for cotton in 2010. In 2010 the gross product of Mississippi was $98 billion. Before the World War II the state economy is slowly decreased. Mississippi send outs are raw materials and main imports are manufactures. In Mississippi economy the manufacturing was not main sector till 1965. The outputs of Mississippi agricultural live stocks are broilers, eggs, hogs and sheep and agricultural crops are soybeans, corn, grain, rice, sorghum, hay, and wheat. The manufacturing outputs of Mississippi are food, beverages, grain, furniture, chemicals automobiles. Petroleum, natural gas, clays, limestone, sand and gravel are the mined outputs of Mississippi. Mississippi economy is also based on shrimp bearing. The services of Mississippi are industries, government services, business and community.

Mississippi Parks

Brices Cross Roads National Battlefield Site - Baldwyn, MS: There are no fees. The Visitor Center is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Gulf Islands National Seashore - Gulf Breeze, Florida and Ocean Springs, Mississippi , FL,MS: Entrance Fees is $3.00 per person, $8.00 Per vehicle per 1-7 days and $25.00 Gulf Islands Annual Pass. Visitor Center opens at 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. Natchez National Historical Park - Natchez, MS: There is NO fee to visit the William Johnson House. The William Johnson House is open from 9:00am to 5:00pm everyday. Natchez Trace Parkway - the states of, AL,MS,TN: There is no fee for reservation. Visitors can enter the Parkway, free of charge. Open at 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Time. Natchez Trace National Scenic Trail - Tupelo, MS: There is no fee for reservation. Open every day during daylight hours. Tupelo National Battlefield - Tupelo, MS: There are no fees or reservations. The Visitor Center is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day except December 25. Vicksburg National Military Park - Vicksburg, MS: Only paper Golden Age and Access Passports may be exchanged free of charge for new plastic passes. Visitor Center opens at 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.