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Boston Information
The biggest and the capital city of Massachusetts is Boston. It is an ancient city of United States. Being the biggest city in New England it is informally the Capital of New England. Boston hosts as a significantly superior city region known as Greater Boston. The counties Essex, Middlesex, Norfolk, Suffolk, Plymouth, Worcester, northern Bristol County, all of Rhode Island and some divisions of New Hampshire are incorporated in the area of Boston. The city was established by Puritan colonists from England in the year 1630. It is situated on the Shawmut Peninsula. The Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party in the American Revolution were held in Boston. The Battle of Bunker Hill and the Siege of Boston were the wars held in Boston. Boston has lengthened ahead of the peninsula. Boston was developed as a chief transport harbor and industrialized hub following American freedom. It has affluent past. The historical monuments and Faneuil hall draw many visitors to Boston. The city of Boston was the foremost to have America's first public school, Boston Latin School in 1635, and the first subway system in the United States in 1897. For the higher learning and Medicine Boston is considered as educational hub. Research, electronics, engineering, finance, and high technology are sectors on which the economy of Boston. The position of Boson city is 12th as principal finance center in the Z/Yen peak 20 Global Financial Centers.
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Boston Recreation, Culture and Attractions
The Boston Museum of Fine Arts was established in 1870 and it is one of the first museums in America. It was primarily housed in the Boston Athenaeum affecting Boston Common. It is determined in 1837; this Boston benchmark was the first botanical garden in the United States to be open to the indefinite public. In order to elaborate the 24 acres of marshland appropriate for the garden, the city held a striving to determine who would constitute the design. The New England Aquarium fascinated nearly a half million visitors until its first year of operation. One of its beginning attractions was its Giant Ocean Tank, independent in early 1970 as the largest oblique, salt water tank in the world at the time of its construction. It participate multifarious cultural roots with greater New England, with a language of the non-rhotic Eastern New England emphasizes recognized as Boston English, and a provincial cuisine with a large significance on salt, seafood and dairy products. Irish Americans are an outstanding importance on Boston's politics and spiritual institutions. It also has its individual combination of neologisms recognized as Boston slang. The city is also a major center for instant classical music, with a number of acting groups, some of which are affiliated with the city's conservatories and universities. Boston has teams in the four significant North American efficient sports leagues, and has accomplished 33 championships in these leagues, being of 2011. It was built in 1912; it is the first sports arena or stadium in enterprising use in the United States with the four major professional American sports leagues, includes extensive League Baseball, National Basketball Association, the National Football organization and the National Hockey League. In 1903, it was also the site of the first game of the first prevalent World Series.

Boston Demographics
Boston Total Population - 617,594
Boston White Population - 332,883
Boston Black or African American Population - 138,341
Boston Native American Population - 1,235
Boston Asian Population - 54,965
Boston Others Population - 9,881
Boston Two or more races Population - 14,822
Boston Hispanic or Latino Population -108,078

Boston Symbols
Nickname - Beantown, The Hub (of the Universe), The Cradle of Liberty, The Cradle of Modern America, The Athens of America, The Walking City
Motto - Sicut patribus sit Deus nobis or in Latin "As God was with our fathers, so may He be with us"

Boston Area Flag

image of Boston state flag

Boston Education
Boston's is influenced as a rational center, "the Athens of America". It is determined in large constituent from the teaching and research enterprises of more than 100 colleges and universities situated in the Greater Boston Area. In Boston and Cambridge more than 250,000 students were attendant colleges abandoned. Within the Boston, Boston University exhibited a large subsistence as the city's fourth-largest employer. It preserves a campus adjacent to the Charles River on Commonwealth Avenue and its medical campus in the South End. Northeastern University is another large private university, is placed in the Fen way area, and is especially known for its Business and Health Science schools and collaborative education program. Suffolk University is the third greater university in Boston, is placed in the Beacon Hill area, and it is recognized for its law school and business school. Boston College is an independent Catholic Jesuit university, whose elementary campus was placed in the South End. Boston has different smaller independent colleges and universities, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Emmanuel College and Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. New England School of Law is a small private law school placed in the theater district, was formerly determined as America's first all female law school. This is also a home to different conservatories and art schools, with The Art Institute of Boston (Lesley University). Other conservatories incorporates the Boston specifically, the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Berklee College of Music. Boston Public Schools is the first public school system in the U.S., registers 57,000 students from pre-kindergarten to grade 12. Forbes Magazine organized the Boston Public Schools similarly the superlative large city school system with a graduation rate of 82% in the country. The city also has private, provincial, and charter schools and around 3000 students of scramble minorities.

Boston History
The past of America has a significant position of the past of Boston. The city was discovered by the Puritan migrants of England. Swiftly the city of Boston developed as the political, business, economic, spiritual, and learning hub of the New England area. The inconsiderate British reaction for the Boston Tea Party exploded the American Revolution in Boston. The eminent battle at Bunker Hill resulted siege of the British in the city. During this period the economy of Boston suffered losses. The transportation however improved the economy in 1800. Boston like New York in 19th century was the financial center of the United States. Elite identified as the Boston Brahmins conquered the Boston city in the 19th century. Around 1950 the industries boomed in Boston. The economy in 21st century majorly relied on education, medicine, and high technology. Reverend William Blackstone was the primary colonist to inhabit in Boston. After the recession the Boston Area initiated its development in the financial and service industries. Currently Boston has flourished with skyscrapers and office towers and is authentication to Boston's success and its vivacity. A fresh convention center counting with the Museum of Fine Arts and the 2004 Democratic National Convention are proposed for future betterment of Boston. The city of Boston has an affluent history.

Boston Tourism
The Boston city is known for its historical tourist's destinations. Few of the Historic sites and national parks of Boston region are Black Heritage Trail, Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area, Boston National Historical Park, Castle Island, Custom House Tower, Freedom Trail - marked by a red line or bricks embedded in the ground, Boston Common, Bunker Hill Monument, Faneuil Hall, Granary Burying Ground, Massachusetts State House, Old North Church, Old State House, Paul Revere House, USS Constitution and Old City Hall. The city is also incorporated with Boston's Museum of Science, Boston Athenaem, Boston Children's Museum, Boston Tea Party Museum, Franklin Park Zoo, Harrison Gray Otis House, Harvard Art Museum, Institute of Contemporary Art, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum an European art museum, John F. Kennedy Library, Mapparium, MIT Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Science, New England Aquarium, Nichols House Museum, IMAX theater and planetarium. The Boston city has Shopping areas and Sports arenas and stadiums.

Boston Transportation
Most of the scheduled passenger service for Boston is handled by the Logan International Airport, which is located in the neighborhood of East Boston. There are three major general aviation relievers surrounding the city, to the west Hanscom Field in Bedford, Beverly Municipal Airport to the north, and to the south is the Norwood Memorial Airport. The scheduled passenger service is also provided by the New Hampshire to the Boston area. From the early 17th century the streets of Downtown Boston's were not organized on a grid, but in meandering (indirect) organic pattern it grew. The street in the Back Bay, East Boston, the South End, and South Boston follows a grid system by difference. In the eastern terminus (boundary) Boston is the cross-continent I-90, the Massachusetts runs along by the Massachusetts Turnpike which is known as the Circumferential Highway originally. Third of Bostonians nearly use public transit to work for their commute. The fourth-highest rate has the Boston for the public transit usage. The first underground rapid transit system is operated by the (MBTA) Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority in the United States. The nation's seventh busiest bus networks as well as water shuttles are also operated by the MBTA. "The Walking City," is the Nickname for Boston. Comparably by other populated cities Boston hosts more pedestrian commuters. The population commutes by foot are 13% as the compactness owing the factors of the cities large student population. Out of the major American cities 13% of the population by foot is pedestrian commuters, by making it the highest percentage in the country. In the United States, Walk Score ranked Boston as the third most walk able city in 2011.Boston has one of the bicycle commuting as its highest rates. In late July 2011, a "Hub Way" called the bikes hare program was launched. The intention announced by the police to step up enforcement of traffic laws in tandem with the program on both bikers and drivers. To improve the cities growing clash between bikers and motorists for safety and ameliorate (modernize) as part of an effort.

Boston Taxes
Boston Sales Tax - 4.5%

Boston Universities
Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts, United States, Students - 31,766
Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology, BostonStudents - 513
Boston Architectural College, Boston, Students - 1,338
Northeastern University, Boston, Students - 24,434
Suffolk University, Boston, Students - 9,148
University of Massachusetts, Boston, Students - 14,117
Wentworth Institute of Technology Boston Students - 3,816

Boston Religions
Brooklyn Buddhism Population is 50.2%
Brooklyn Taoism Population is 8.2%
Brooklyn Islam Population is 8%
Brooklyn Hinduism Population is 7.7%
Brooklyn Sikhism Population is 1.7%
Brooklyn Catholic Population is 3.3%
Brooklyn Other Christian Population is 5.6%
Brooklyn Other Religion Population is 0.5%
Brooklyn No Religion Population is 14.9%

Boston Government
The Mayor of Boston is very strong. With extensive executive powers the mayor is vested, in the council of government system. Thomas Menino is the current Mayor of Boston. In 1993 he was elected and in 2009 for a fifth term he was re-elected. In Boston history it was highest. In every two years the Boston city council is elected. The district seats are nine in number, the residents of that district elects each through plurality voting. At-large councilors each voter casts up to four votes, each candidate should not use more than one vote. From within themselves the city council president is elected by the councilors. The mayor appoints the School committee of the Boston Public schools. The United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit is served by the Boston as a home. In the life of Bostonians the Massachusetts Port Authority (Mass port) and the Boston Public Health Commission plays an important role. For the Federal Reserve Bank Boston the headquarters is Boston. (The First District of the Federal Reserve). For the 8th and 9th congressional districts of Massachusetts's Boston is federally a part. The senior member of the United States is Democrat John Kerry. He is the Senate of the state and he was elected in 1984. The United States Senate is Republican Scott Brown and the state's junior member and was elected in 2010. The long-time Democratic senator Ted Kennedy death caused the vacancy to fill it.

Boston Parks
The city of Boston is incorporated with a historic National park known as Boston National Historical Park. The function of the city Boston in the American revolt can be displayed in this park. The park got selected as a National park in the year October 1, 1974. The park includes a union of sites. The National Park Service does not completely administer the park service. Few of the sites of the park which are not managed by the National park service are The Bunker Hill Monument, The Charlestown Navy Yard, Dorchester Heights, Faneuil Hall, The Old North Church, The Old South Meeting House, The Old State House and The Paul Revere House. NPS possess and holds the powers of The Bunker Hill Monument and Dorchester Heights. U.S. Navy warship has custom built orders to control the Charlestown Navy Yard. Faneuil Hall is construed by National Park Rangers but it is owned by the City of Boston. Parish runs the Old North Church. A private organization has undertaken the rights to power the Old South Meeting House. From the year 1881 the Bostonian Society controls the Old State House. The Paul Revere Memorial Association manages the Paul Revere House.

Boston Geography
The city of Boston is the biggest and the capital city of the Massachusetts. The total area of the city of Boston is around 89.6 square miles or 232.1 km2. Out of which the water area is about 41.2 square miles or 106.7 km2 and the land area is 48.4 square miles or 125.4 km2. It is considered as the third majorly heavily inhabited city of the nation. The city is surrounded by the region known as "Greater Boston". The towns that share the margins to the city of Boston are Winthrop, Revere, Chelsea, Everett, Somerville, Cambridge, Watertown, Newton, Brookline, Needham, Dedham, Canton, Milton, and Quincy. The city is appropriately divided from Cambridge, Watertown, and the zone of Charlestown by the Charles River. The Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area (BHINRA) is situated in the east of the city. Bellevue Hill located at 330 ft or 101 m above the sea level is peak point of Boston. The geographic coordinates of the city of Boston are 4221'28"N 7103'42"W.

Boston Economy
The higher Boston metropolitan area has the sixth-largest economy in the country and it is the12th-largest in the world. It is surrounded at $363 billion. Boston's colleges and universities have a considerable effect on the regional economy, with students subsidized an attainable $4.8 billion report to the city's economy. Boston also appropriates the highest unconditional amount of annual resources from the National Institutes of Health of all cities in the United States. Tourism incorporates a large ingredient of Boston's economy. Some of the significant companies headquartered in the city are the Liberty Mutual insurance company, Gillette, and New Balance. Boston is also home to management deliberate firms The Boston Consulting Group and Bain & Company, as well as the private integrity group Bain Capital. Early in its history, Boston builds its name as a center for the transaction of wool and the accomplishment of clothing, shoes, textiles and leather goods. While the shoe and textile industries have experiences in recent groups, they persists significant patron to Boston's economy. User Comments

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