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Luxembourg City Information

The city of Luxembourg, also called as Luxembourg City, is commonality with city position, and the capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Luxembourg is located at the convergence of the Alzette and Pétrusse Rivers in southern Luxembourg. The city involves the historic Luxembourg Castle, recognized by the Franks in the early mid Ages, around which a resolution developed. Luxembourg City located at the mid of Western Europe, by road 213 km from Brussels, 372 km from Paris, 209 km from Cologne, and 65 km from Metz. The community of Luxembourg City had a population of 94, 034. In the 2011 Mercer worldwide review of 221 cities, Luxembourg was positioned first for personal safety while it was ranked 19th for superiority of living. Luxembourg City is a storybook beauty. Luxembourg provides visitors with impressive outline over parklands and atmospheric old neighborhoods Luxembourg City may be small in size compared to Paris but it's as passionate as capitals.

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      Luxembourg City Recreation, Culture and Attractions
Luxembourg City has total area is 5,173 hectares containing 1/4 green area. The Luxembourg City holds in sharp contrast to its cultural view. The National Museum of History and Art, Luxembourg City History Museum, Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art and National Museum of Natural History are the main attractions in Luxembourg City. Grand Theatre de Luxembourg and the Theatre des Capucins are the main theatres in Luxembourg City. The Villa Vauban, the Casino Luxembourg and Am Tunnel are the main art galleries of Luxembourg City. Luxembourg City is influenced by European culture and it is the capital city for European culture. The limits of Grand Duchy of Luxembourg are Rheinland-Pfalz and Saarland in Germany, the Lorraine area in France, the Walloon Region and German-speaking in Belgium. Luxembourg has wide range of restaurants and cuisines. The ING Europe Marathon Luxembourg is held in capital from 2006. Racing FC Union Luxembourg and FC RM Hamm Benfica are two main football clubs in Luxembourg City. Luxembourg City main attractions are Gothic Revival Cathedral of Notre Dame, Grand Ducal Palace, Gëlle Fra war memorial, the casemates, the Neumünster Abbey, the Place d'Armes, and city hall.

      Luxembourg City Demographics
Luxembourg City total population - 94,000

      Luxembourg City Education
Luxembourg City has 11 years education necessary. Luxembourg City has 2 years pre schooling for 4 to 6 years children, primary education for 9 years and secondary education is diploma certificate. Luxembourg City has state and private schools also. Primary school age for children is 6to 12 years and German language teaching and for secondary French grade language. From 12 to 17 years children has choice for selecting subjects they are classical or technical and its duration is 5 years. The International Baccalaureate program is the main in Luxembourg City and in that program teaches French or English in secondary education. The main schools in Luxembourg are International School is a nonprofit school, St. George's International school and Ecole Europeenne.

      Luxembourg City History
In the Roman period, an acropolis tower protected the two crossing Roman roads that met at the place of Luxembourg City. Siegfried composed his castle and named Lucilinburhuc, on the Bock Feels, mentioned for the first time. The first fortress was built in the 10th century. By the end of 12th century, Luxembourg City expanded to westward around the new St. Nicholas Church. Luxembourg's City became a part and group of nations for Burundian, and later Spanish and Austrian and beneath those Habsburg organizations. Luxembourg Castle was repeatedly become strong; Luxembourg itself was one of the strongest fortifications in Europe. Under the French blockade Luxembourg send out for so long, French politician and military engineer Lazar Cannot called Luxembourg "the best fortress in the world, except Gibraltar", nickname is 'Gibraltar of the North'. Luxembourg City recovered by fetching the capital of a fully self-governing state. Luxembourg City was enlightened in the year 1944 10th September. In the years 1944 and 1945 the city was beneath long-range attack by the German V-3 field gun. After the war, Luxembourg ended its impartiality, and became a beginning member of so many inter and supra governmental institutions. In the year 1952, the city became the headquarters of the High power of the European Coal and Steel society. Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo, the assembly of Vienna determined Luxembourg should become an independent Grand Duchy. Luxembourg was announced impartial in 1867.

      Luxembourg City Transportation
Luxembourg City transport system has bus, rail and air. Luxembourg City is in Europe and it is between Frankfurt, Paris and Amsterdam. Luxembourg City has 25 bus routes and it is organized by private companies such as CFL and RGTR. The bus system in Luxembourg has day passes charge is EUR 1.50 and ticket validity 2 hours from the use and ticket is useful in bus as well as trains. Block of 10 tickets fare was EUR 12. Luxembourg City has night buses also. Luxembourg City railway station is the one of the main in nation and its services provided by CFL. Luxembourg trains are available to the German, Belgian and French per every hour and French TGV Est network, Basel and Zurich in Switzerland connections trains are available daily twice. Luxembourg Findel International Airport is the great airport in country and it is located in municipality of Sandweiler. Luxair and Cargolux are main airlines in Luxembourg City. Luxembourg City provides free charge in trains and buses for traveling of dogs and bicycles.

      Luxembourg City Tourism
Luxembourg City is located on southern side of Luxembourg. Luxembourg City total area is 51 km2 and 2% of Grand Duchy's area and Luxembourg City commune rank was fourth. Luxembourg City consists of 24 quarters. The quarters are major neighbourhoods, historic districts and suburbs of city. Luxembourg City climate is calmed oceanic and icy to breezy in winter season and summer season. Luxembourg City cut by the rivers by many bridges is Adolphe Bridge, Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge and Passerelle.

      Luxembourg City Universities
University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg - 5,000 Students

      Luxembourg City Tourist Attractions
Adolphe Bridge
Bock (Luxembourg)
Château de Septfontaines
Fort Thüngen
Grand Ducal Palace, Luxembourg
Monument of the Millennium
Neumünster Abbey
Place d'Armes (Luxembourg)
Place Guillaume II
Luxembourg American Cemetery Memorial
Philharmonie Luxembourg
Notre Dame Cathedral
Palace of the Grand Dukes (Palais Grand-Ducal)
Casino Luxembourg
Petrusse Casemates
Viaduc (Passerelle)
Citadel of the Holy Spirit (Citadelle du St-Esprit)
Monument de la Solidarite Nationale (Monument to National Unity)

      Luxembourg City Museums
Am Tunnel
Luxembourg City History Museum
National Museum of History and Art
National Museum of Natural History
Photothèque (Luxembourg)
Villa Vauban

      Luxembourg City Parks
Municipal Park (Luxembourg City)
Parc Merl

      Luxembourg City Government
Supporting the Luxembourgian formation local government is centered on the city's shared council. Luxembourg government consists of 27 members, each selected every six years once on every second Sunday of October and enchanting office on 1 January of the subsequent year, and the council is the biggest of all shared councils in Luxembourg. The city is considered a stronghold of the Democratic Party, which is the third-biggest party nationally; Democratic Party is the biggest party on the council, with eleven councilors. The city's supervision is headed by the mayor, who is the leader of the biggest party on the common council. The mayor guard the cabinet, other cities in Luxembourg, which are restricted to four enchains at most, Luxembourg is given special allowance to have six enchains. Luxembourg City is the house of Luxembourg Government.

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