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Kentucky Rentals
Kentucky rental properties are primarily found in the major metropolitan areas of Kentucky. Common rental types found in Kentucky are apartments, studios, lofts, one bedrooms, two bedrooms, condos, houses for rent, mobile homes, hotel rooms, vacation rental, furnished rentals short term rentals. Regions and cities if Kentucky where housing rentals are found are Eastern Kentucky, Lexington Area, Louisville Area, Northern Kentucky, South Central Kentucky, Western Kentucky.Vacation rentals, short term rentals and furnished housing are more common in the metropolitan areas of Kentucky.

Kentucky Rental Areas
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      Kentucky State Information
Kentucky state is located on eastern south-central of US. In size wise the Kentucky state rank is 37th. It is the smallest of the eight south-central states among the United States of America. The Kentucky state area is 104,659 sq km. The Kentucky state forest land is 12,684,000 acres. Kentucky borders are North by Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio, North east by West Virginia, South east by West Virginia, South by Tennessee and west by Tennessee. The total boundary length of Kentucky is 2,076 km. Kentucky ranked 26th in population in the US with an estimated total of 4,092,891 in 2002. Throughout its history, Kentucky has been predominantly Protestant. In 1783 the first Methodist Church was established near Danville. The Kentucky state official language is English. In 2000, 96.1% of all residents five years old and older spoke only English at home, down from 97.5% in 1990. The Kentucky state has moderate, relatively humid climate, with abundant rainfall. Kentucky experiences all four seasons, usually with striking variations in the severity of summer and winter from year to year. In 1787, Kentucky tobacco, first marketed in New Orleans. Half of the Kentucky's population was considered rural, and nearly one fourth of the Kentucky state's population owes its living to agriculture in 1990. Although primarily an agricultural state during the 19th century, Kentucky was a leading supplier of manufactures to the South before the Civil War. Kentucky was the headquarters for several Fortune 500 companies in 1997.

      Kentucky Recreation, Culture and Attractions
The Kentucky state has many cultures. This is the perfect fit into any one region of the United States. The Kentucky state is located too far East to be claimed by the Midwest and too far West to be claimed by Easterners. In truth, the culture of Kentucky is flavored by all these regions and blended with unique features that make it like no place else. The Kentucky state culture is considered to be Southern. The more rural communities are not without traditions of their own, however. The eleven-day Kentucky State Fair has been celebrating the history, heritage and culture of the Bluegrass State for over 100 years. Kentucky is home for many attractive spots. Mammoth Cave National Park, featuring the world,s longest known cave system. Red River Gorge Geological Area, part of the Daniel Boone National Forest. Cumberland Falls State Park, one of the few places in the Western Hemisphere where a "moon-bow" may be regularly seen. Each year, the World's Championship Horse Show, the most prestigious saddlebred show in the world, is held in conjunction with the Fair. The first known horse race in Kentucky was held in 1783. Kentucky is well known for its horse racing as well as Fort Knox. The Kentucky State Fair and the World,s Championship Horse Show are owned and produced by the Kentucky State Fair Board, an agency of the Kentucky Commerce Cabinet. There is a minor league baseball team in Louisville that plays in the Triple-A International League.

      Kentucky State Demographics
Kentucky total population - 4,041,769
Kentucky male population - 1,975,368
Kentucky female population - 2,066,401
Kentucky white population - 3,640,889
Kentucky black population - 295,994
Kentucky American Indian and Alaska Native - 8,616
Kentucky Asian population - 29,744
Kentucky Hispanic or Latino population - 59,939

      Kentucky School Information
The Kentucky state was support its public education system. In 1999 the Kentucky state total enrollment to public schools stood at 648,607. The Kentucky state's sixteen public two-year colleges have been governed by the Kentucky Community and Technical College System. Minority students made up approximately 12% of the total enrollment in public elementary and secondary schools in 2001. That era is coming to an end in most of the Kentucky state, but the problems of an educational system heavily political in nature remain. While higher education has expanded and diversified in the last decade, the next decade will see further growth in adults returning for additional education, plus the possibility of increasing the percentage of Kentucky youth who graduate from high school.

Kentucky State Symbols
Kentucky State nickname - Bluegrass State

Image of Kentucky state flag

Image of Kentucky state slogan

Image of Kentucky state song
Kentucky State Flag
Kentucky State Slogan
Kentucky Unbridled Spirit
Kentucky State Song
My Old Kentucky Home, by Stephen Foster

Image of Kentucky state fruit

Image of Kentucky state insect

Image of Kentucky state mammal
Kentucky State Fruit
Kentucky State Insect
Honey Bee
Kentucky State Mammal
Gray squirrel

Image of Kentucky state horse

Image of Kentucky state dance

Image of Kentucky state motto
Kentucky State Horse
Kentucky State Dance
Kentucky State Motto
United we stand, divided we fall

Image of Kentucky state fish

Image of Kentucky state flower

Image of Kentucky state soil
Kentucky State Fish
Kentucky Spotted Bass
Kentucky State Flower
Kentucky State Soil
Crider Soil Series

Image of Kentucky state bird

Image of Kentucky state tree

Image of Kentucky state fossil
Kentucky State Bird
Kentucky State Tree
Tulip Tree
Kentucky State Fossil

      Kentucky State History
The Kentucky state 30,000 year ago first human inhabitants were descendants of prehistoric peoples who migrated from Asia over an artic land bridge to North America. The earliest nomadic hunters occupied the land for several thousand years, and were followed by the seminomadic Woodland and Adena cultures. In 1776 Kentucky was made a county of Virginia. These early pioneers of Kentucky and Tennessee were constantly in conflict with the Native Americans. However, in 1792 a constitution was finally framed and accepted, and in the same year the Commonwealth of Kentucky was admitted to the Union, the first state West of the Appalachians. The War of 1812 spurred economic prosperity in Kentucky, but financial difficulties after the war threatened many with ruin. The War of 1812 spurred economic prosperity in Kentucky, but financial difficulties after the war threatened many with ruin. In the first half of the 19th century Kentucky was primarily a state of small farms rather than large plantations and was not adaptable to extensive use of slave labor. At the outbreak of the Civil War, Kentucky attempted to remain neutral. After the Civil War industrial and commercial recovery was aided by increased railroad construction. During the early 1900s, a group of tobacco companies held a monopoly on tobacco buying in Kentucky. Since World War II, construction of turnpikes, extensive development of state parks, and a marked rise in tourism have all contributed to the development of the Kentucky state. In the period of 1920s the state people in Kentucky lost work as the demand for coal decreased. During the 1960s, the coal industry grew rising to second place nationally. In World War II also created jobs with the U.S. military and supplying weapons and food to U.S. soldiers.

      Kentucky State Tourist Information
The Kentucky state tourism income is $9.1 billion dollars in 2002. Tourism is the support for the Kentucky state income. Kentucky has a rich historical history with many wonderful places to visit when you are on vacation. The increase has been attributed, in part, to the impact of the Kentucky Tourism Development Act of 1996. The Kentucky state top tourist attractions are Mammoth Cave National Park. Lexington is on of the city of Kentucky. Lexington's many tourist attractions are often situated on the city's outskirts and the surrounding, lush countryside offers beautiful rolling hills and a number of Lexington's famous horse farms, particularly around Paris Pike and Old Frankfort Pike areas. Outside of Lexington are some of the area's oldest and most historic towns, just a short trip from the center of Lexington.

      Kentucky State Transportation
The Kentucky state transportation is developed in slowly. Kentucky has five major interstate highways and nine parkways. The first railroad in Kentucky, the Lexington and Ohio, opened on 15th August 1832. Railroad construction increased greatly after the conflict ended. The Northern Kentucky area is served by the Cardinal at the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal. Kentucky's primary airports include Louisville International Airport, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport and Blue Grass Airport in Lexington. The Kentucky Port and River Development Commission was created by the legislature in 1966 to promote river transportation. The water transportation is the played a major role in Kentucky's economy.

      Kentucky Taxes
Kentucky State Tax Rate Range Low 2.0 %- High 6.0%
Kentucky State Tax Income Brackets Lowest flat rate 3000 - Highest flat rate 75000
Kentucky State Personal Exemptions Single - 20 (c), Married - 40 (c), Dependents - 20 (c)
Kentucky State Sales Tax Rate on Food 6%, on Prescription Drugs 0%, on Non-prescription Drugs 0%
Kentucky State Total Tax on Gasoline 21.0%, on Diesel Fuel 18.0%
Kentucky State Excise Tax Rates on Cigarettes Tax Rate 30( per pack)
Kentucky State Beer Excise Tax Rate $0.08($ per gallon)
Kentucky State Wine Excise Tax Rate $0.50($ per gallon)

      Kentucky Universities
Centre College - 1,147 Students
Asbury College - 1,268 Students
Berea College - 1,576 Students
Transylvania University - 1,117 Students
University of Kentucky - 26,382 Students
University of Louisville - 20,785 Students
Georgetown College - 1,910 Students
Murray State University - 10,298 Students
Northern Kentucky University - 14,617 Students
Western Kentucky University - 18,660 Students

      Kentucky Religions
Christianity - 78.4%
Protestantism - 51.3%
Roman Catholicism - 23.9%
LDS - 1.7%
Jehovah's Witness - 0.7%
Orthodox Church - 0.6%
other Christian - 0.3%
Unaffilated - 16.1%
Judaism - 1.7%
Buddhist - 0.7%
Islam - 0.6%
Hinduism - 0.4%
other - 1.2%

      Kentucky Counties
Adair County, Kentucky - Population 17,244
Allen County, Kentucky - Population 17,800
Anderson County, Kentucky - Population 19,111
Ballard County, Kentucky - Population 8,286
Barren County, Kentucky - Population 38,033
Bath County, Kentucky- Population 11,085
Bell County, Kentucky - Population 30,060
Boone County, Kentucky - Population 85,991
Bourbon County, Kentucky - Population 19,360
Boyd County, Kentucky - Population 49,752
Boyle County, Kentucky - Population 27,697
Bracken County, Kentucky - Population 8,279
Breathitt County, Kentucky - Population 16,100
Breckinridge County, Kentucky - Population 18,648
Bullitt County, Kentucky - Population 61,236
Butler County, Kentucky - Population 13,010
Caldwell County, Kentucky - Population 13,060
Calloway County, Kentucky - Population 34,177
Campbell County, Kentucky - Population 88,616
Carlisle County, Kentucky - Population 5,351
Carroll County, Kentucky - Population 10,155
Carter County, Kentucky - Population 26,889
Casey County, Kentucky - Population 15,447
Christian County, Kentucky - Population 72,265
Clark County, Kentucky - Population 33,144
Clay County, Kentucky - Population 24,556
Clinton County, Kentucky - Population 9,634
Crittenden County, Kentucky - Population 9,384
Cumberland County, Kentucky - Population 7,147
Daviess County, Kentucky - Population 91,545
Edmonson County, Kentucky - Population 12,085
Elliott County, Kentucky - Population 6,748
Estill County, Kentucky - Population 15,307
Fayette County, Kentucky - Population 260,512
Fleming County, Kentucky - Population 13,792
Floyd County, Kentucky - Population 42,441
Franklin County, Kentucky - Population 47,687
Fulton County, Kentucky - Population 7,752
Gallatin County, Kentucky - Population 7,870
Garrard County, Kentucky - Population 14,792
Grant County, Kentucky - Population 22,384
Graves County, Kentucky - Population 37,028
Grayson County, Kentucky - Population 24,053
Green County, Kentucky - Population 11,518
Greenup County, Kentucky - Population 36,891
Hancock County, Kentucky - Population 8,392
Hardin County, Kentucky - Population 94,174
Harlan County, Kentucky - Population 33,202
Harrison County, Kentucky - Population 17,983
Hart County, Kentucky - Population 17,445
Henderson County, Kentucky - Population 44,829
Henry County, Kentucky - Population 15,060
Hickman County, Kentucky - Population 5,262
Hopkins County, Kentucky - Population 46,519
Jackson County, Kentucky - Population 13,495
Jefferson County, Kentucky - Population 693,604
Jessamine County, Kentucky - Population 39,041
Johnson County, Kentucky - Population 23,445
Kenton County, Kentucky - Population 151,464
Knott County, Kentucky - Population 17,649
Knox County, Kentucky - Population 31,795
LaRue County, Kentucky - Population 13,373
Laurel County, Kentucky - Population 52,715
Lawrence County, Kentucky - Population 15,569
Lee County, Kentucky - Population 7,916
Leslie County, Kentucky - Population 12,401
Letcher County, Kentucky - Population 25,277
Lewis County, Kentucky - Population 14,092
Lincoln County, Kentucky - Population 23,361
Livingston County, Kentucky - Population 9,804
Logan County, Kentucky - Population 26,573
Lyon County, Kentucky - Population 8,080
McCracken County, Kentucky - Population 65,514
McCreary County, Kentucky - Population 17,080
McLean County, Kentucky - Population 9,938
Madison County, Kentucky - Population 70,872
Magoffin County, Kentucky - Population 13,332
Marion County, Kentucky - Population 18,212
Marshall County, Kentucky - Population 30,125
Martin County, Kentucky - Population 12,578
Mason County, Kentucky - Population 16,800
Meade County, Kentucky - Population 26,349
Menifee County, Kentucky - Population 6,556
Mercer County, Kentucky - Population 20,817
Metcalfe County, Kentucky - Population 10,037
Monroe County, Kentucky - Population 11,756
Montgomery County, Kentucky - Population 22,554
Morgan County, Kentucky - Population 13,948
Muhlenberg County, Kentucky - Population 31,839
Nelson County, Kentucky - Population 37,477
Nicholas County, Kentucky - Population 6,813
Ohio County, Kentucky - Population 22,916
Oldham County, Kentucky - Population 46,178
Owen County, Kentucky - Population 10,547
Owsley County, Kentucky - Population 4,858
Pendleton County, Kentucky - Population 14,390
Perry County, Kentucky- Population 29,390
Pike County, Kentucky - Population 68,736
Powell County, Kentucky - Population 13,237
Pulaski County, Kentucky - Population 56,217
Robertson County, Kentucky - Population 2,266
Rockcastle County, Kentucky - Population 16,582
Rowan County, Kentucky - Population 22,094
Russell County, Kentucky - Population 16,315
Scott County, Kentucky - Population 33,061
Shelby County, Kentucky - Population 33,337
Simpson County, Kentucky - Population 16,405
Spencer County, Kentucky - Population 11,766
Taylor County, Kentucky - Population 22,927
Todd County, Kentucky- Population 11,971
Trigg County, Kentucky - Population 12,597
Trimble County, Kentucky - Population 8,125
Union County, Kentucky - Population 15,637
Warren County, Kentucky - Population 92,522
Washington County, Kentucky - Population 10,916
Wayne County, Kentucky - Population 19,923
Webster County, Kentucky - Population 14,120
Whitley County, Kentucky - Population 35,865
Wolfe County, Kentucky - Population 7,065
Woodford County, Kentucky - Population 23,208

      Kentucky State Government
The constitution was adopted on 28 September 1891. The Kentucky state was one of only five states that elect its state officials in odd numbered years. The Kentucky state legislature, called the general assembly, consists of the House of Representatives, which has 100 members elected for two-year terms, and the senate, with 38 members elected for staggered four-year terms. The assembly meets in regular sessions of no more than 60 legislative days. The current Kentucky Constitution, the lieutenant governor assumes the duties of the governor only if the governor is incapacitated. To vote in Kentucky, one must be a US citizen, be at least 18 years old. The governor and lieutenant governor must be at least 30 years old, US citizens, and citizens and residents of Kentucky for six years. The Judicial system is Kentucky is vested in a unified court of justice. Justices are elected from seven Supreme Court districts for terms of eight years. The judges also serve eight-year terms and elect one of their numbers to serve a four-year term as chief judge.

      Kentucky State Economy
Kentucky is an agricultural state. In 1960s time the Kentucky is poorest state in United States. Kentucky's economy is based mainly on agriculture, mining and manufacturing. The state agricultural live stocks are cattle, broilers, hogs, milk and eggs and agriculture crops are tobacco, soybeans, corn, wheat, barley and hay. Tobacco is the second largest crop in the United State. The main output of Kentucky mining is coal and the coal is main income of Kentucky in 19th century. In 1980 manufacturing is developed and the manufacturing outputs of Kentucky are transportation tools, aircraft components boats, cars and chemicals. The mined outputs are natural gas, petroleum, limestone and coal. In Kentucky the goat rural rank was 5, beef cattle manufacture rank was 8 and corn rank was 14. In united state the Kentucky rank is 4 for the vehicles and trucks equipments. Kentucky has large UPS hub for transformation. Kentucky gross product was $163.3 billion in 2010.

      Kentucky State Parks
Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Site - Hodgenville, KY: There are no fees. Open daylight hour year around. Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area - Oneida, KY,TN: The entrance fee is $5.00. The openings hours are May through September are 8:00 to 6:00 and October thru April the hours are 8:00 to 4:00. Cumberland Gap National Historical Park - Middlesboro, KY: Entrance fee is $10.00 for Adults, seniors with Golden Age Passports $5.00, $5.00 for children twelve and under. The visitor center is open daily 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and the visitor center is closed on Christmas Day. Mammoth Cave National Park - Mammoth Cave, KY: Opening hours are Early Summer Schedule of May 23 - June 19 8:00 a.m. - 6:15 p.m., Mid-Summer Schedule of June 20 - August 9 and September 5 - 6 is 8:00 a.m. - 7:15 p.m., Late Summer Schedule of August 10 - September 4 and September 7th timings 8:00 a.m. - 6:15 p.m.Trail Of Tears National Historic Trail - AL,AR,GA,IL,KY,MO,NC,OK,TN: There is no entrance fee but some parks are charges entrance fee. User Kentucky Comments

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