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Tel Aviv Information

Tel Aviv formally Tel Aviv-Yafo and it is the second populous city of Israel. Tel Aviv is on the Mediterranean coast roughly 60 km north-west of Jerusalem and 100 km south of Haifa. The Tel Aviv certified name is Tel Aviv-Yafo and follow the fact that the city has developed nearby the earliest port city of Yafo to the south of the new city center and expanding to many other neighboring cities. In 1909 Tel Aviv was recognized by the Jewish society of Jaffa on the boundary of the earliest port city. Tel Aviv and Jaffa were centralized into a singular municipality in 1950 two years afterward the founding of the State of Israel. Tel Aviv identified as "The City That Never Sleeps" and is an admired international tourist spot. Tel Aviv economy rank is second and its rank was 19th in the earth. Tel Aviv is an economic area for stock souk, research, development and corporate. Tel Aviv placed on a 14-kilometer long peel on the Mediterranean seacoast; Tel Aviv extends past the Ayalon River to the east and Yarkon River to the north. As of 2011 Tel Aviv is titled the third newest city. Tel Aviv is habitually ranked as one of the top LGBT objective in the World. Jaffa is world's earliest port. Tel Aviv's center comprises The Heart of Tel Aviv and the old north. The central metropolitan area of the city comprises tourist's demonstrations and shopping areas.

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      Tel Aviv Recreation, Culture and Attractions
Tel Aviv name replaced as hill of spring, in use from biblical and new literary instruction in 1910. Tel Aviv has a popular Jewish culture in Israel. In Tel Aviv has most of the peoples are Jewish, Muslims and Christians and their authorities. Tel Aviv was not surviving till 1909. Tel Aviv was manufactured from damage and as it needs the strong history that reflects like Jerusalem. Tel Aviv has modern cultural art, gastronomy, entertainment and structural design. The Tel Aviv is exhibiting Arts of the Israeli Opera wherever Placido Domingo was house sense among 1962 and 1965, and the Cameri Theater. Tel Avivian's can be alienated into two main demographic clusters; the first respectful and honored group is the older population and the second group is the young people, usually after their army service flock by their masses to live in Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is a biggest area for nightclubs is the Tel Aviv port; it has the largest trading clubs and bars. Tel Aviv is worldwide tourist intention. Tel Aviv is recognized as a "party capital" and "the city that never sleeps" owed to its blooming nightlife, young environment. It has so many museums, architectural and cultural arts. Tel Aviv is the center of the greatest sports teams in Israel that is a world's great basketball team. Tel Aviv got 46 Israeli medals, 36 journals of the Israel cup and 5 for basket ball, for football won 22 Israel cup, 18 Israeli league medals, two Asia cups and two Toto cup. Tel Aviv got silver medal in the 1992 Olympic Games.

      Tel Aviv Demographics
Tel Aviv total population - 400,000
Tel Aviv Jews population - 91%
Tel Aviv Muslims population - 3%
Tel Aviv Christians population - 1%
Tel Aviv Unclassified population - 5%

Tel Aviv Symbols
Tel Aviv nickname - The White City, The City That Never Sleeps, The Big Orange

Image of Tel Aviv flag

      Tel Aviv Education
Tel Aviv Children have to register in kindergarten and elementary school and high school. Tel Aviv provides a lot of school, colleges and university. A new elementary school is outlined north of Sde Dov like a new high school in north side of Tel Aviv. The Hebrew school is oldest school in Tel Aviv denominated as Herzliya Hebrew Gymnasium was constructed in 1905 on Herzl Street. In Tel Aviv Tel Aviv University are the great university, recognized in 1953 and the Bar Ilan University initiate in 1955. Tel Aviv University is the great university and it has physics, chemistry and computers and linguistics branches. In 2008 Tel Aviv-Yafo was reward the National Education Prize in appreciation of its educational excellence. Tel Aviv provides 11 years free education for children's in schooling. Primary for six years conformed by three years of lower and three years of upper education. Tel Aviv has four varieties of school they are religious and secular of the orthodox Agudat Israel schools for Arabs and private, mainly handled by Catholic and Protestant societies. The language teaches in Jewish schools is Hebrew and Arab schools it is Arabic. Israeli secondary system is the session of the Israeli matriculation, Students are necessary to have a passing mark on the minimum matriculation subjects.

      Tel Aviv History
One hundred years before Tel Aviv has a sand hill. In 1223, Emperor Frederick II further fornications. Crusader authority ended in 1268, when the Mamluk Sultan Baibars confined the town, damaged its harbor and demolished its fortifications. Tel Aviv city is first declared in letters from 1470 BCE that verification its capture by Egyptian Pharaoh Thutmose III. Formerly termed as Ahuzat Bayit, it was recognized 60 families in 1909 as a Jewish region near Jaffa. In 1910, the forename was tainted to Tel Aviv, meaning "hill of spring." Jaffa port was developed by King Solomon to get the cedars of Lebanon for made the first Temple. Most Jews were excluded from Jaffa and Tel Aviv by the Turks throughout World War I, but revisited following the war when Britain established the mandate for Palestine. The population of Tel Aviv was growing mainly as Jews were moved to leave largely Arab Jaffa by instability in the 1920s. Arab services in Jaffa case Tel Aviv in 1948 before to the starting of the actual war. After the refuse of the Roman Empire the Moslems and afterward European Crusaders recharged Jaffa, which then refused until the 19th century when the Turks ruled here. From then on Jaffa enlarged its population significantly so that it was particularly busy in the 20th Century. Tel Aviv is the primarily Jewish city in all times. The Arabs of Jaffa attacked the small Jewish community here so that all the Jaffa Jews stimulated to Tel Aviv in 1921. After the refuse of the Roman Empire the Moslems and shortly European Crusaders recharged Jaffa, which then refused till the 19th century when the Turks ruled here. Tel Aviv Stock Exchange started in 1953 and the Diamond Exchange these are economic growing in the city.

      Tel Aviv Tourism
Tel Aviv is a biggest city and largest viable center in Israel. Tel Aviv is the country's extreme cultural center. Tel Aviv has to home for museums, theatres and concert halls. Tel Aviv busy along the gorgeous beach shred of the Mediterranean. Tel Aviv city is made International tourism for visitors. Tel Aviv is eventful metropolis, which stimulates its visitors with a unique spirited atmosphere of enjoyment and fun. Tel Aviv also has arrangement of delight locations, striking markets, nightlife, shopping malls, beautiful golden beaches and fantastic restaurants. Most Tourist attraction is the prehistoric port city of Old JAFFA.

      Tel Aviv Transportation
Tel Aviv is the core of the Israeli transportation system in details of road, rail, and air transport. The Israeli road system partially centers about the city with some of the country's biggest highways momentary during or running to the city. In Tel Aviv bus transport is the mainly general form of open transport and is very expansively used. Tel Aviv most important Bus Station is placed in the south side of the city. Tel Aviv city is also provides by narrow and intercity taxis. The Tel Aviv Central train station is the major train station of the city and the rush station in Israel. The city has three more stations beside the Ayalon Highway they are HaShalom, Tel Aviv University and HaHagana. The major highway primary to the city is the Ayalon Highway which lopes beside the eastern side of the city from north to south along the Ayalon River riverbed, separating for the mainly part Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan. Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport is placed in the closest city of Lod. The first line of a light rail scheme is structure and design to open in 2016. In April 2011 the town has fulfilled construction of on 100 kilometers of bicycle paths.

      Tel Aviv Universities
Afeka - Tel Aviv Academic College of Engineering,Tel Aviv - 2,000 students
Kibbutzim College of Education,Tel Aviv - 5,500 students

      Tel Aviv Attractions
Dizengoff square Agam Fountain
Gordon Beach
Clock tower in Jaffa
Neve Tzedek
Sheinken Street
Simon's House
Independence Hall
Ben-Gurion House

      Tel Aviv Museums
Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Independence Hall
Batei HaOsef
Etzel Museum
5708 Etzel Museum - Beit Gidi
Lehi Museum - Beit Yair
Nachum Gutman Museum
Eretz Israel Museum
Beth Hatefutsoth
Beit HaPalmach

      Tel Aviv Parks
Charles Clore Park
Dubnow Park
Meir Park, Tel Aviv
Yarkon Park
Yamit 2000 Water Park
Sitvanit - Paragliding
Meymadion Water Park
Octopus Dive Center

      Tel Aviv Government
Tel Aviv is ruled by a 31-member city council elected for a five years nomenclature in direct qualified elections. Tel Aviv precinct is reliable for social services, public basis, no rural concocting, populace programs, tourism and local obligations. Tel Aviv City Hall is placed in Rabin square. Extraneous kibbutzim, Meretz convene countless votes in Tel Aviv than in another city in Israel. The union is led by Tel Aviv 1 and conforms of 23 of 31 seats. In Tel Aviv at the age of 18 and aloft utterly the Israeli occupants and at least one year of residence in Tel Aviv are suitable to vote in incorporated elections.

      Tel Aviv Geography
Tel Aviv is situated round 325'N 3448'E on the Israeli Latinate coastline in central Israel, the famous land bridge between Europe, Africa and Asia. The Tel Aviv district consists of the city of Tel Aviv itself and a number of nearest cities, which are common, termed Gush Dan. In Israel Tel Aviv or Tel Aviv-Jaffa is a city. Tel Aviv was recognized in 1909 as an area of Jaffa and included in 1934. Tel Aviv has promptly north of the ancient port of Jaffa. Tel Aviv has a Latinate climate with hot, wet summers, variable springs and autumns, and cool, coastal winters. Snow is outstandingly restricted and rainy month was January in Tel Aviv.

      Tel Aviv Economy
Tel Aviv structures the center of Israel's industrial, worldwide slanting economy. Greater Tel Aviv is a primary centre of wholesale trade and retail and while tourism is a major sector. As Israel's main freightage hub, Tel Aviv mostly depends on motor vehicle freightage, containing wide bus system. Tel Aviv was manufactured on sand hills area incompatible for agricultural and maritime trade was hub in Haifa and Ashdod. Since 1990 Tel Aviv is residence to the Tel Aviv Stock, Israel's only stock which has achieved. The rank of Tel Aviv was as a beta+ world city. Tel Aviv is a main compiling arts centre and is the mainstream exclusive city in the Middle East. Tel Aviv comprehends the commerce yarn plants, chemical concocting and nourishment manufacturers.

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