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Illinois rental properties are primarily found in the major metropolitan areas of Illinois. Common rental types found in Illinois are apartments, studios, lofts, one bedrooms, two bedrooms, condos, houses for rent, mobile homes, hotel rooms, vacation rental, furnished rentals short term rentals. Regions and cities if Illinois where housing rentals are found are West Central IL, Northwest IL, All Cities, East Central IL, Southern IL, Chicago Suburbs, Chicago. Vacation rentals, short term rentals and furnished housing are more common in the metropolitan areas of Illinois.

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Illinois State Information

Illinois state was the fifth most populous state in the nation. Illions rank is 24th of the 50 states of United States. It is the eastern north-central of U.S. The Illinois state total area is 56,345 sq mi. In 2002 estimated total population of Illinois is 12,600,620. The majority of Illinois's forests are located in the southern one-third of the state. The Illinois state official languages is English. Spoken languages are speaking 80.8% of people speak English, 10.9% of people speak Spanish, 1.6% of people speak Polish and 6.7% of people speak other languages. In Illinois state largest religious groups are Catholics and Protestants. Other major Protestant groups include the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Illinois state climate is cold, snowy winters and hot, wet summers. In 2003, the Environmental Protection Agency's database listed 455 hazardous waste sites, 39 of which were on the National Priorities List, in Illinois. The major agricultural region is the corn belt, covering all of central and about half of northern Illinois. The Illinois state agriculture income was reached $7.5 billion in 2001. It is big business in the Illinois state.

Illinois Recreation, Culture and Attractions

The Illinois state has state parks, natural areas, conservation areas, recreation areas, and fish and wildlife areas. And most of camping, hiking, biking, fishing, hunting, state park lodges and resorts, interpretive programs and hundreds of great ideas for places to visit and things to do in outdoor Illinois. The Gateway Geyser is located less than ten minutes away over the bridge in East St. Louis. There are many southern Illinois attractions to enjoy right across the river. Illinois has six major league professional sports teams. In 1947, 1952 and 1964 Illinois won the Rose Bowl.

Illinois Demographics

Illinois total population - 12,419,293
Illinois male population - 6,080,336
Illinois female population - 6,338,957
Illinois white population - 9,125,471
Illinois black population - 1,876,875
Illinois American Indian and Alaska Native - 31,006
Illinois Asian population - 423,603
Illinois Hispanic or Latino population - 1,530,262

Illinois School Information

Illinois Education system is under the Illinois State Board of Education or ISBE. Illinois education is financed through a combination of state, local, and federal funds. The Illinois State Board of Education is the recommended to the state leaders concerning education spending and policies. Illinois has many major universities and colleges. That is Eastern Illinois University, Northeastern Illinois University, Western Illinois University, Columbia College Chicago, Bradley University, Roosevelt University, Chicago State University and Robert Morris University. These are public and private institutions. Additionally, Illinois supports 49 public community colleges in the Illinois Community College System.

Illinois State Symbols

Illinois State nickname - Land of Lincoln; The Prairie State
Illinois state flag
Illinois state Slogan
Illinois state Slogan
Mile After Magnificent Mile
Illinois state Song
Illinois state Song
Illinois state Motto
Illinois state Motto
State sovereignty, national union
Illinois state  Fossil
Illinois state Fossil
Tully Monster
Illinois state  Mammal
Illinois state Mammal
White-tailed deer
Illinois state  Fish
Illinois state Fish
Illinois state  Flower
Illinois state Flower
Illinois state  Insect
Illinois state Insect
Monarch Butterfly
Illinois state  Tree
Illinois state Tree
White Oak
Illinois state  soil
Illinois state soil
Illinois state  Bird
Illinois state Bird
Northern Cardinal
Illinois state   Dance
Illinois state Dance
Square Dance
Illinois state   Fruit
Illinois state Fruit
Gold Rush Apple
Illinois state   Reptile
Illinois state Reptile
Painted Turtle

Illinois State History

Long ago paleo-Indians lived in Illinois as 8000 B.C. 1000 B.C. the Early Archaic Indians joined new inhabitants to form what is known as the Late Archaic Indians. In the American Revolution, the Illinois and Potawatomi supported the American cause. The first permanent settlement was a mission built by French priests at Cahokia, near present-day St. Louis, in 1699. In 1765, pursuant to the Treaty of Paris that ended the French and Indian War, the British took control of the Illinois country, but they established no settlements of their own. The federal government owned most of the land, and its land offices did a fast business on easy terms. After 1865 the Illinois state economic and population growth quickened. In 1871 the Chicago destroyed the downtown section. In 1980s Illinois state economy like those of other Rust Belt states. In that time amendment ended Illinois' system of three-member house districts. In 2003, the Illinois state had a $5 billion budget deficit. Now the Illinois state budget was aslo called for increasing casino taxes and eliminating tax exemptions for trucking, chemical, insurance, and other industries.

Illinois State Tourist Information

Chicago is the one of the largest city of the Illinois state. Chicago is the one of the most important cities in America and is a top tourist destination. The Chicago provide tourist information offices such as information about tourist attractions, landmarks, restaurants, travel, maps and Chicago public transport. Chicago has many attractive places, museums, boasts one of the world's tallest buildings, the Sears Tower. There are 42 state parks, 4 state forests, 36,659 campsites, and 25 state recreation places. In Illinois State has Tourist Information Center and Chamber. The center is open year round and the staff is most helpful with current information of tourism. The State of Illinois has many interesting attractions, historic landmarks, entertainment, sports, beaches and a number of vast parks and gardens.

Illinois State Transportation

Illinois transportation was organized to speak with one voice for all of Illinois regarding transportation funding needs. The Illinois Road and Transportation Builders Association is now the largest statewide organization of companies designing, building and maintaining the state highways, transit systems, railways and aviation systems. O'Hare International Airport (ORD) is one of the busiest airports in the world, it is in Chicago. In 1920s the road system of Illinois was inadequate. The Midway International Airport is secondary airport in the Chicago metropolitan area. The largest suburban commuter rail system in the United States. Most of the railroads are coverage to the Illinois state. In Chicago's central location in the United States has made it a major transfer point for airline connections.

Illinois Taxes

Illionis State Tax Rate Range Low 3.0 %- High 0.00
Illionis State Tax Income Brackets Lowest flat rate - Highest flat rate
Illionis State Personal Exemptions Single -2,000, Married - 4,000, Dependents - 2,000
Illionis State Sales Tax Rate on Food 6.25%, on Prescription Drugs 0%, on Non-prescription Drugs 0%
Illionis State Total Tax on Gasoline 20.1%, on Diesel Fuel 22.6%
Illionis State Excise Tax Rates on Cigarettes Tax Rate 98(¢ per pack)
Illionis State Beer Excise Tax Rate $0.185($ per gallon)
Illionis State Wine Excise Tax Rate $0.73($ per gallon)

Illinois Universities

Northwestern University - 18,486 students
University of Chicago - 14,263 students
Illinois Wesleyan University - 2,144 students
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - 42,738 students
Knox College - 1,351 students
Illinois Institute of Technology - 6,747 students
Augustana College - 2,463 students
Bradley University - 6,126 students
Illinois State University - 20,521 students
Eastern Illinois University - 12,040 students

Illinois Religions

Christian - 75%
Protestant - 38%
Baptist - 11%
Lutheran - 7%
Methodist - 6%
Presbyterian - 3%
Other/general Protestant - 11%
Roman Catholic - 29%
Other Christian - 8%
Jewish - 1%
Muslim - 1%
Buddhist - 1%
Other - 7%
Non-religious - 15%

Illinois Counties

Adams County, Illionis - Population 68,277
Alexander County, Illionis - Population 9,590
Bond County, Illionis - Population 17,633
Boone County, Illionis - Population 41,786
Brown County, Illionis - Population 6,950
Bureau County, Illionis- Population 35,503
Calhoun County, Illionis - Population 5,084
Carroll County, Illionis - Population 16,674
Cass County, Illionis - Population 13,695
Champaign County, Illionis - Population 179,669
Christian County, Illionis - Population 35,372
Clark County, Illionis - Population 17,008
Clay County, Illionis - Population 14,560
Clinton County, Illionis - Population 35,535
Coles County, Illionis - Population 53,196
Cook County, Illionis - Population 5,376,741
Crawford County, Illionis - Population 20,452
Cumberland County, Illionis - Population 11,253
De Witt County, Illionis - Population 16,798
DeKalb County, Illionis - Population 88,969
Douglas County, Illionis - Population 19,922
DuPage County, Illionis - Population 904,161
Edgar County, Illionis - Population 19,704
Edwards County, Illionis - Population 6,971
Effingham County, Illionis - Population 34,264
Fayette County, Illionis - Population 21,802
Ford County, Illionis - Population 14,241
Franklin County, Illionis - Population 39,018
Fulton County, Illionis - Population 38,250
Gallatin County, Illionis - Population 6,445
Greene County, Illionis - Population 14,761
Grundy County, Illionis - Population 37,535
Hamilton County, Illionis - Population 8,621
Hancock County, Illionis - Population 20,121
Hardin County, Illionis - Population 4,800
Henderson County, Illionis - Population 8,213
Henry County, Illionis - Population 51,020
Iroquois County, Illionis - Population 31,334
Jackson County, Illionis - Population 59,612
Jasper County, Illionis - Population 10,117
Jefferson County, Illionis - Population 40,045
Jersey County, Illionis - Population 21,668
Jo Daviess County, Illionis - Population 22,289
Johnson County, Illionis - Population 12,878
Kane County, Illionis - Population 404,119
Kankakee County, Illionis - Population 103,833
Kendall County, Illionis - Population 54,544
Knox County, Illionis - Population 55,836
Lake County, Illionis - Population 644,356
LaSalle County, Illionis - Population 111,509
Lawrence County, Illionis - Population 15,452
Lee County, Illionis - Population 36,062
Livingston County, Illionis - Population 39,678
Logan County, Illionis - Population 31,183
Macon County, Illionis - Population 114,706
Macoupin County, Illionis - Population 49,019
Madison County, Illionis - Population 258,941
Marion County, Illionis - Population 41,691
Marshall County, Illionis - Population 13,180
Mason County, Illionis - Population 16,038
Massac County, Illionis - Population 15,161
McDonough County, Illionis - Population 32,913
McHenry County, Illionis - Population 260,077
McLean County, Illionis - Population 150,433
Menard County, Illionis - Population 12,486
Mercer County, Illionis - Population 16,957
Monroe County, Illionis - Population 27,619
Montgomery County, Illionis - Population 30,652
Morgan County, Illionis - Population 36,616
Moultrie County, Illionis - Population 14,287
Ogle County, Illionis - Population 51,032
Peoria County, Illionis - Population 183,433
Perry County, Illionis - Population 23,094
Piatt County, Illionis - Population 16,365
Pike County, Illionis - Population 17,384
Pope County, Illionis - Population 4,413
Pulaski County, Illionis - Population 7,348
Putnam County, Illionis - Population 6,086
Randolph County, Illionis - Population 33,893
Richland County, Illionis - Population 16,149
Rock Island County, Illionis - Population 149,374
Saline County, Illionis - Population 26,733
Sangamon County, Illionis - Population 188,951
Schuyler County, Illionis - Population 7,189
Scott County, Illionis - Population 5,537
Shelby County, Illionis - Population 22,893
St. Clair County, Illionis - Population 256,082
Stark County, Illionis - Population 6,332
Stephenson County, Illionis - Population 48,979
Tazewell County, Illionis - Population 128,485
Union County, Illionis - Population 18,293
Vermilion County, Illionis - Population 83,919
Wabash County, Illionis - Population 12,937
Warren County, Illionis - Population 18,735
Washington County, Illionis - Population 15,148
Wayne County, Illionis - Population 17,151
White County, Illionis- Population 15,371
Whiteside County, Illionis - Population 60,653
Will County, Illionis - Population 502,266
Williamson County, Illionis - Population 61,296
Winnebago County, Illionis - Population 278,418
Woodford County, Illionis - Population 35,469

Illinois State Government

Illinois State has four constitutions. The government of Illinois has three branches. That is executive, legislative and judicial. The Illinois state rights were expanded to include provisions banning discrimination in housing and employment and recognizing women's rights. In 2002 the legislative salary is $55,788. Legislators must be US citizens and his/her age is at least 21 years old. And the governor also at least 25 years old, and must be a US citizen. In 2002, governor salary was $150,691. The citizens voting age was at least 18 years old. The local government of Illinois has many units than other state. The mayor's power has been closely tied with the city's Democratic Party organization. In 1850s the major political groups are Republican and Democratic parties. Republican politicians built their own ward machines in Chicago and succumbed to corruption in the 20th century. Illinois has voted for Democratic presidential candidates in the last five elections. The Illinois first governor was Shadrach Bond. He is served from the period of 1818 to 1822.

Illinois State Economy

Illinois Economy is based on agriculture and industrial. The expansion of Illinois's economy separated into four parts, they are frontier, industrial transition, industrial maturity and service economy. The frontier part is the agriculture and Illinois agriculture live stocks are cattle, milk, chickens and eggs and Illinois crops are corn, soybeans, apples, vegetables and lima beans. Corn is the major earning crop in the state. The industrial transition is the manufacturing products. In 20 century running industrial maturity period. The manufacturing products of Illinois are chemicals, electrical tools, machinery and food dispensation and fictitious metals. Major mining items of Illinois are Coal, Petroleum and crushed stone. Service sector play natal role on Illinois economy and the important products are community; finance, wholesale, retail, insurance and real estate. Gross Product I 2010 was $630 billion.

Illinois State Parks

Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail - Eleven States: , ID,IL,IA,KS,MO,MT,NE,ND,OR,SD,WA: It is the scattered over 3,700 miles and more than 100 sites. Their fee information about sites along the Trail is also available at Trail headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. Lincoln Home National Historic Site - Springfield, IL: THere is no entrence fee. Parking is available in the visitor parking lot on a daily basis. Mormon Pioneer National Historic Trail - Various States, IL,IA,NE,UT,WY: There are no fees. But trail resources and sites are on federal lands managed by other agencies that do collect these fees. Trail Of Tears National Historic Trail - AL,AR,GA,IL,KY,MO,NC,OK,TN: There are no entrence fee for visiting the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail. Entry fees are charged at two of the three National Park Service areas on the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail.