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Oahu Information

Oahu is also known as "The Gathering Place" it is most populated and third largest island in Hawaii. It is the capital of the Islands Hawaii. It's this primary difference between the ancient and the contemporary that makes determining Oahu so enjoyable. The obvious blue waters of Kailua Beach meet the metropolitan cityscapes of Honolulu. The island total area is of 596.7 square miles. In area wise Oahu is 20th largest island in the United States. The historic architecture of Iolani Palace meets the eternal memorials of Pearl Harbor. The big city of Waikiki meets the minor town of Haleiwa on the North Shore. Get a taste of local flavors in Kapahulu one night, and then dine at a Five Diamond Hawaii Regional Cuisine restaurant the after that. From indulging in urban comforts to avoidance to natural wonders, Oahu's "town and country" experiences are unrivaled. The island set over five hills and bounded by attractive white sandy beaches, attracting some seven million visitors each year. The island's architecture is suggestive of a previous era. The Chinatown Historical Society offers walking tours which include an amble through the colorful arcades, past the exotic herb shops, the famous open market and historical buildings. A change of pace is to stay Dole Plantation it is three miles past of Wahiawa. Walk around the Pineapple Garden tasting the varieties of pineapple grown there, or surf the waves on Ka'a'awa Beach on the windward face of the island.

Hawaii Oahu Apartments, Houses, Rooms
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Oahu Recreation Culture and Attractions

Now the island has assorted cultures that have blended and transformed the Oahu traditions, festivals and foods. Oahu's main part to the culture of the area of Hawaii is that of the Polynesian people who first established in the area more than one thousand years ago. The Polynesians are an island clan with strong fishing roots which are reflected in the lives of folk's people who maintain to make a living fishing in Oahu today. The Polynesians are also known for their arts and crafts, particularly their wooden handicrafts, which can be purchased in various stores and from local vendors during Oahu. The culture and lifestyle of the area of Oahu occasionally provokes impatience on the part of Westerners. The city is a world deal center through the day and a great night life location. The Oahu is celebrates cultural festivals here every now and then to attract more tourists as well as for the spread of the Hawaiian culture and traditions which are on the whole uniform throughout the state of Hawaii as their origin is from a single place but some surface differences exist in between them because of the different varieties of immigrants that later settled in each area. This island has many Sandy beaches, beautiful bays, unspoiled forest trails, and quaint towns. Presently the island's culture revolves approximately the multimillion dollar hotels and shopping malls that have been built here and this is one of the hottest tourist spots in the whole of the United States of America.

Oahu Demographics
Oahu total population - 900,000
Oahu White population - 25%
Oahu Black population - 4%
Oahu American Indian and Alaska Native population - 1.00%
Oahu Asian population - 45%
Oahu Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander population - 8%
Oahu Two or more races mixed population - 17%
Oahu Hispanic or Latino population - 7.5%

Oahu History

The novel settlers of the island of Oahu were Polynesian migrants who arrived in the area at the establishment of the millennium. The Polynesian ethnic culture has been a major part of the history of Oahu since this time. From the Hawaiian kingdom to the attack on Pearl Harbor, a searching of Oahu's history reflects the key influences that have impacted all of Hawaii. In the ending of the 18th century the island area exploration began by Europeans. In 1778, British traveler Captain James Cook arrived on the islands and is attributed with their official discovery. The territoriality of the tribes naturally led to conflict among them, and clashes threatened to tear the islands apart. The interior wars among the special tribes were finally brought to an end in 1795, and the Hawaiian Islands were united under the House of Kamehameha, an empire begun by King Kanehameha the Great, and which was is power until 1872. For the 2 decades that followed, several elected kings and queens came and went, as the political climate on the Hawaiian Islands grew more and more erratic. The aperture clash of World War II in the Pacific for the United States was the Imperial Japanese Navy attack on Pearl Harbor, Oahu on the morning of December 7, 1941. The revelation assault was intended at the Pacific Fleet of the United States Navy and its defending Army Air Corps and Marine Air Forces. In March of 1959, the Hawaiian Islands were with authorization granted statehood by President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Now the island is adding to being the most populated island in the state, it is the third largest island in the chain. The state's capital, Honolulu, is situated there, and it is the main port of Hawaii. Presently the island is also known as the "Gathering Isle".

Oahu Tourism

Oahu is one of the most populated and tourist destination islands in United States. Oahu's 112 miles of seashore include Waikiki Beach, which attracts approximately 4 million visitors a year. It is home to top locations in Oahu for snorkeling are Kawela Bay on the northern shore and the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve on the southern coast. Makapuu Beach and Waimanalo Beach on the western coast are favorable to bodyboarding, while Waikiki is ideal for surfing. Whale watching is probable from December to May. Oahu provides family and friendly attractions such as the Honolulu Zoo and the Waikiki Aquarium. Oahu is Hawaii's mark entertainment experience is the luau, an outdoor feast accompanied by live music. While many visitors to Oahu are strained by its beaches, Hawaii's third-largest island also provides a collection of cultural attractions.

Oahu Transportation

Oahu has Hawaii's major international airport i.e Honolulu International Airport. All major familial carriers and many international carriers serve Oahu, so you can get here from just concerning anywhere. The Hawaii Tourism Authority encourages visitors to rent a car. Oahu's city transportation system is appropriately named "TheBus." Fares are realistic, routes are general and there are special visitor passes for multiple day uses. Taxis are a great way to travel while in a group and the cost can be public. TheBus serves all of the major areas of Oahu, as well as offering two special lines which run to the airport. There are many transit centers which make catching the bus and transferring between busses relatively easy.

Oahu Universities and Colleges
University of Hawaii-West Oahu, Pearl City, Hawaii, USA - 1,000 Students

Oahu beaches
Ala Moana Beach
Hanauma Bay
Kaneohe Bay
Ko Olina Beach Park
Kailua and Lanikai Beach
Sandy Beach
Sunset Beach
Waiklkl Beach
Waimanalo Beach
Waimea Bay

Oahu Tourist Attractions
Ala Moana
Aloha Tower
Bernice P. Bishop Museum
Diamond Head
Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa
Honolulu Museum of Art
Mauna Ala
Makapuu Lighthouse
North Shore
Pali Lookout
Pearl Harbor
Polynesian Cultural Center
USS Arizona Memorial
USS Missouri
Valley of the Temples

Oahu Geography

Oahu is Hawaii's third largest island and most populous island and the third largest island in the Hawaiian group. It is separated into six regions - Honolulu, East Oahu, Central, Leeward, North Shore and Windward. The central regions and the eastern seashore enjoy a wetter climate, ensuing in lush, green backdrops for dramatic rocks and ridges. The island is through up of two now destroyed shield volcanoes, Wai'anae in the western part of the island and Ko'olau in the east. Mt. Ka'ala is the highest mountain in Oahu; it is placed in the Wai'anae Mountain Range, rising to 4,003 feet over sea level. Oahu also has beautiful waterfalls, coastal cliffs, sandy beaches, and offshore coral reefs. This is tourist industry is a major economic movement on Oahu. It has average air temperatures and yearly rainfall. It is usually cooler and rainier with a raise in altitude across the Oahu landscape.

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