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Molokai Information

Hawaiian island of Molokai is one of the insufficient islands in the United States; the island area is 38 miles long and 10 miles wide. Molokai is one of the main Hawaiian Islands and the 27th largest island in the United States and the 5th largest in the composition. It is small, but its reams 7,000 people, the shape of the island like a shoe or fish. The island boundaries shares on the west by the Kaiwi Channel to Oahu Molokai Kalohi channel, Pailolo channel is separated from the southeast Maui and to be Lanai from the south. For their treatment and care during Molokai Roman Catholic Saints have been two of whom Father Damien de Veuster, a Belgian monk and Mother Marianne Cope Sisters of St. Francis has been long the home of the Roman Catholic religion is classified as long-term sufferers of Hansen's disease, also known as leprosy in 19th century.

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      Molokai Recreation, Culture and Attractions
Molokai called as "Most Hawaiian Island" because it often a number of reasons, more people than anywhere Molokai Hawaiian blood, and another reason that will be undeveloped in the decision making. They are still caught many fishes in the sea, and they range from hunting wild boar and deer living in the old ways and follow along on the left. Molokai is like Hawaiian cultural scene in particular, there is a variation in its essence is still identified with an interesting mix of east and west. Molokai people friendly and Hardy Bunch efforts and they are now in their history they made them with the success. Culture is also an active phishing and farming industry as well as the constant tourist traffic. Hula is the Molokai's traditional dance and it begun to sprout like mushrooms. Aside from regular performances from the tourist centers again pop culture the way of the hula. Dance is traditional arts as well as in the back of their way to that interest. Molokai Hawaiian music has always been a special part of the culture and the rest of the state. In addition to cultural shows, often when it comes to dance. Hawaiian chants and western string instruments introduced in the nineteenth century and expanded local steel guitars. Visit to Molokai it is the best way to experience the local culture of Molokai. Merrie Monarch Festival in April of the most popular programs and the King Kamehameha Day in June. King Kamehameha Day honors the great tricks of the king, in this day they play hula, chants, feasts, and local competitions. There are number of monuments, relics. You can visit the local culture of museums.

      Molokai Demographics
Molokai Total Population is 5,100
Molokai Male Population is 2,500
Molokai Female Population is 2,600
Molokai Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone Population is 1,400
Molokai Two or more races Population is 1,400
Molokai Asian Population is 1000
Molokai White Population is 600
Molokai Hispanic Population is 300
Molokai American Indian Population is 12
Molokai Black Population is 4
Molokai Other race alone Population is 4

Molokai symbols

Image of Molokai National Flower

Image of Molokai National Color
Molokai Flower
Molokai Color

      Molokai History
Million and half years ago two of the largest volcanoes in the Pacific Ocean and Molokai Island created towards the surface. Captain James Cook recognized the Hawaiian Islands, Molokai, and the first time in England long before the vision of the island, near the island of Oahu, but once he planned to conquer time Kamehameha the Great lived. 5th largest of Hawaii's main islands, Molokai is a true reflection of what Hawaii once, making Hawaii the ability to preserve the old spirit and traditions. Molokai's dedication to its powerful ancient priests from the King Kamehameha, Hawaii is a strong tradition of leadership and ingenuity V. Polynesian settlers from the island of Molokai in 650 or 450 AD. These people Marquesas, Tahiti and the Pacific came from other neighboring islands. During this period Molokai was due to the interaction of people and managed to maintain peace and anonymity. Competing for control of the fertile fishing grounds of the kings of the island of Molokai, internal conflicts experienced in the 18th century. When the king was able to conquer Oahu, Maui, Molokai and Maui came to the king's rule. During the reign of King Kamehameha's Molokai again overpowered by a great deal, but at this point in the Hawaiian Islands are a part of an integrated. There are many legends and stories explain that first came to Molokai. According to a legend, Tahitians Island, one of them, Kupu was settled, the marshal of the East Molokai. The first people of Molokai came from Britain in the Hawaiian Islands by Captain James Cook in the year of November 1778. In fact the first Europeans to set foot in the Molokai during the year 1786 Captain George Dixon. In the 1800s, the Christian missionary who visited the island, at the eastern part of the island in 1832 and was the first permanent missionary or Kalua'aha was established. Meyer Sugar Mill on Molokai is also running for over 30 years. It built in the year of 1840, and it was create especially in the modern history and development of the economy can affect Molokai.

Molokai Tourism
Molokai residents of the efforts made to increase histrionic tourism. Molokai Community members fortunately "Save La'au Point" development company Molokai Ranch's attempt to discourse the movement opposed. Embrace the spirit of the true Molokai Hawaiian fans, but in general without interest. In 2007, a panel of experts in sustainable tourism and destination stewardship of 522 islands and archipelagos around the world have reviewed 111 selected human habitations. Molokai survey of antiquated breathtaking tropical landscape conditions stewardship rich and deep Hawaiian traditions and reveals your number of positive culture.

      Molokai Tourist Attractions
Kapuaiwa Coconut Grove
Kaunakakai Wharf
Summer Canoe Races
Molokai Plumeria Orchard
Molokai War Memorial
Molokai Hot Bread
Humpback Whales
Up By Kalae
Coffees of Hawaii
Purdy's Macadamia Nuts
Post A Nut
Ironwood Hills Golf Course
Kalaupapa Lookout
Kamakou Preserve
Big Wind Kite Factory
Mo'omomi Preserve
West Molokai Beaches
Ancient Fish Ponds
Father Damien's Churches
'Ili'iliopae Heiau

      Molokai Museum
R. W. Meyer Sugar Mill Museum

      Molokai Park
Pala'au State Park

      Molokai Towns and Villages
Kalaupapa - 122 Population
Kalawao - 90 Population
Kaunakakai - 3,425 Population
Kualapuu - 2,027 Population
Maunaloa - 376 Population

      Molokai Religious
Molokai Catholic Church Population is 58%
Molokai Assemblies of God Population is 13%
Molokai LDS (Mormon) Church Population is 8%
Molokai United Church of Christ Population is 5%
Molokai Other Population is 5%

      Molokai Geography
Molokai is one of the six major Hawaiian Islands, Molokai land 260.0 square miles is the fifth largest and it has 6000 of population. East Molokai and the much smaller West Molokai were built from two distinct shield volcanoes. 1.5 years ago, a crisis in the northern half million of the world's highest sea cliffs in which the island is now at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean as a debris field scattered all over the place in the north. Today there is only standing in the southern half of the volcanoes. Molokai's south shore length is about 25 miles (40 km) to the measuring of the longest fringing reef in the United States. The Kaunakakai is the biggest town is located on the south shore of the island of Molokai. The south and southeast by Pailolo channel from Maui Molokai Kalohi channel, Kaiwi Channel from Oahu to the west and from Lanai.

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