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Maui Information

Maui is Hawaiian archipelago and it is second largest island in Hawaii and 17th largest island in United States. There is something about the magic because the island is also known as Magic Island. In 2010 estimation the island of Maui has 144,444 of the population. Its northwestern and southeastern volcanoes and mountains on the island of Maui in several large valleys carved by a strait between the "Valley Man" are called as nickname. Conde Nast Traveler readers' poll twice voted the world's best island offers 120 miles of shoreline with sandy beaches on Maui. The island has different geographical ranchlands, dense sugar cane and pineapple fields, hidden waterfalls lava fields stretches of barren forested valleys and nowhere else on earth the rare and endangered plants and animals are found in tropical rainforests.

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      Maui Recreation, Culture and Attractions
Although dominated by the ethnic diversity of the native inhabitants of the island of Maui, with a sense of kinship and cooperation, they are warm and friendly. Maui, Hawaii-made as well as all of the islands a place filled with historical traditions and cultural unity. One of the most unparalleled in the islands of Hawaii, Maui is the case with all of its cultural makeup. Maui various species of their own, these people brought with them along with a variety of religious backgrounds. The island has Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism, the island practiced by the traditional Hawaiian religion. Hula dance and Taiko drumming are island's popular in Maui. Music is an integral part of the culture of ancient times, Maui Island living from the sea they are used drums and the shell create unique sounds. Today, music is still the same sounds that are played in all of the Hawaiian Islands. Maui has number of museums, cultural centers, parks, and national parks in the option. Maui has Arts and Cultural Center, foreign tourists, and visual art, education, music, and dance in terms of passengers and is an excellent platform to learn more about the Maui culture. Maui prevailing cultural scene or tourist any visitor to leave a lasting impression Hawaiian core values are without doubt is an effect. It is an ideal equipment to test the popularity of the sport of windsurfing and Maui from the location identified by the beginning of 1980. Windsurfing and Surfing are most popular sports in Hawaii.

      Maui Demographics
Maui Total Population is 155,000
Maui Male Population is 64,300
Maui Female Population is 63,700
Maui White Non-Hispanic Alone Population is 34.4%
Maui Asian alone Population is 26.5%
Maui Two or more races Population is 18.9%
Maui Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone Population is 9.7%
Maui Hispanic or Latino Population is 9.7
Maui Black Non-Hispanic Alone Population is 0.5%

Maui symbols

Image of Maui National Flower

Image of Maui National Color
Maui Flower
Maui Color

      Maui History
Maui Polynesians were the first settlers of the island in expected to 450 AD. This group of people is responsible for Maui's traditional culture - language, land tenure, religion, the Kapu system, the financial system, and the hereditary class system. Maui is divided into three areas with different rulers in 1400; they are Wailuku (West Maui), Lele(East Maui), and Hana (East Maui). Captain James Cook was the first European explorer in Maui. May 29, 1786, the first La Perouse Bay Maui by landing on the shores of the French admiral Jean-Francois de Galaup is the queen. In 1790, King Kamehameha I tried Kepaniwai violence to circumvent the Hawaiian Islands. At the time it was the capital of Lahaina settled in 1823 came from New England. They have been banned from the locals dance costumes greatly altered the culture. Literacy efforts sustain native history and language but the religious work altered the culture. Lahainaluna Mission School, which opened in 1831, the Missionaries still exist Lahaina, opened the first school. More Hawaii is changing however, experimenting with more differences. Now the island has attracted many retired and many other services they provide and the fast increasing number of tourists.

Maui Tourism
There are number of tourist attracting spots including Hana Highway, Haleakala National Park, and Lahaina. Hana Highway rotates around many mountains and black sand beaches and waterfalls along the east coast of Maui. Lahaina sunset cruise or whale watching journey set out a number of shops and located on the island's main attractions with a wharf street leading to one of the restaurants. In recent years many travel industry awards as the world's best island however environmentalists have raised consideration about overdevelopment the island of Maui.

      Maui Transportation
State Department of Transportation planning and design modes of transport including all air, water and land facilities construct operate and maintained. This is maintained the other federal programs to achieve the goal. The island of Maui is the most popular parts of the public transport services. Central, South, West, Haiku and the traveling upcountry Maui's the ten main ways. Busses run for seven days including holidays. Currently the public bus system in Maui upcountry towards a haiku or two ways to run them at the airport pick up or drop off passengers. Kahului Airport is major airport in Maui and it has two smaller commuter airports, one is Kapalua Airport located in West Maui and another is Hana Airport located in East Maui.

      Maui Attractions
Haleakala Crater
Haleakala National Park
Road to Hana
Maui Tropical Plantation
Molokini Crater
Molokai Island
Lanai Island
Iao Valley
Save in Hawaii

      Maui Museums
Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum
Bailey House Museum
Baldwin Home Museum
Hale Pa'ahao
Hale Pa'i
Hana Cultural Center & Museum
Hawaii Nature Center
Hui Noeau Visual Arts Center
Lahaina Heritage Museum
Maui Arts & Cultural Center
Whaler's Village Museum
Wo Hing Museum

      Maui Parks
Haleki'i-Pihana Heiau State Monument
Iao Valley State Monument
Kaumahina State Wayside Park
Makena State Park
Polipoli Spring State Recreation Area
Pua'a Ka'a State Wayside Park
Wai'anapanapa State Park
Wailua Valley State Wayside Park

      Maui Religious
Maui Percent Religious 44.81%
Maui Catholic Population is 22.73%
Maui LDS Population is 4.66%
Maui Baptist Population is 0.94%
Maui Episcopalian Population is 0.66%
Maui Pentecostal Population is 4.66%
Maui Lutheran Population is 0.28%
Maui Methodist Population is 0.38%
Maui Presbyterian Population is 1.34%
Maui Other Christian Population is 4.67%
Maui Eastern Population is 4.29%
Maui Islam Population is 0.20%

      Maui Geography
Maui's diverse landscapes, geology, topography, and climate are the result of the combination and this is near the center of the Pacific Ocean. Lava flows on the flanks of volcanoes are very close to the island. Maui is one of the nicknames "Valley Isle", because of the two mountains that connect the Valley. Maui has 727.3 square miles of area and 120 miles of coastline. Maui Lanai, Kahoolawe, Molokai, and the islands are now submerged in the Penguin Bank. Hawaiian Islands weather has a two-season year, mild and uniform temperatures everywhere and geographic differences in rainfall, high relative humidity extensive cloud formations and the prevailing trade wind Mark. Loosely distinguish sub-region of the island of Maui specific to each of the climatic conditions and displays are unique and diverse set.

      Maui Economy
There are two major industries are play a major role for Maui economy, they are tourism and agriculture. Government research groups and high technology companies for business environment for the development of Maui as well as the fields has been identified. Agriculture value-added enterprises are growing rapidly in Maui. Some of the major agricultural exports are coffee, macadamia nuts, papaya, tropical flowers, sugar and fresh pineapple and its diverse agriculture prime. Another organizer of high technology on Maui is the Maui Research and Technology Center in Kihei. Maui is also a significant center for advanced astronomical research. According to the First Hawaiian Bank economist Leroy Laney Maui economic recovery, job creation and continued strong growth in the construction industry in terms of your number of industry leading to other neighboring islands. To see the most recent development in construction is only one of the four districts in Maui.

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