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Lanai Information

Lanai is Hawaiian's 6th largest Island and 42nd largest island in the United States, it is the least populated Island in Hawaii. It is being past as during wide pineapple plantation because of this island is also called as Pineapple Island. Molokai and Maui is only a few miles to the south in the east of Lanai. The island's population is less than 4000, and has lack of traffic lights. The entire island of Lanai is relatively underdeveloped in a quiet tropical paradise and it is a great place to get re-fetching. The Lanai Manele Bay's property is one of the most frequently seen frolicking in front at the Four Seasons Resort. Its bordered shared from Kalohi Channel to be north and east by Maui by the Auau Channel. From kindergarten throughout 12th category in a school serving the thorough island, there are only one school in the island that is Lanai High and Elementary School.

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      Lanai Demographics
Lanai Total Population is 3,500
Lanai Male Population is 1,700
Lanai Female Population is 1,700
Lanai Asian alone Population is 1,700
Lanai Two or more races Population is 500
Lanai White alone Population is 400
Lanai Hispanic Population is 240
Lanai Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone Population is 200
Lanai American Indian alone Population is 10
Lanai Black alone Population is 4
Lanai Other race alone Population is 1

Lanai symbols

Image of Lanai National Flower

Image of Lanai National Color
Lanai National Flower
Native Dodder
Lanai National Color

      Lanai History
In the period of 1500's Lanai has never been to the secret place of the native Hawaiians. It's name called of the first person was Kaululaau, who was found by the son of an important history of the Lanai. He managed to destroy the population of the breadfruit crop has been banned by his father after the Kaululaau. By 1870 Walter M. Gibson had collected the most popular island for ranching. In the year of 1899, his daughter and son-in-law Maunalei valley below from the Windward Coast Maunalei Sugar Company was established Keomuku main office. James Dole came and purchased the pineapple breeders in 1922, when the island of Lanai finally it is turning point in history. James Dole was president of Hawaiian Pineapple Company the world's largest pineapple plantation in the entire island of Lanai is a large part of the purchase and development of the island. Today the historic city was home to the old world bucolic and rural properties.

Lanai Tourism
Tourism was developed with Lanai pineapple and sugar cane industries islands they were influential in recent history. There is only one pineapple patch, Lanai provides quiet oasis in the red dust of the island. There is Four Seasons Resort Lodge at Koele Lanai and Lanai Four Seasons Hotels in the resort. Hotel Lanai officials overseeing the production of the island of Lanai pineapple Hawaiian Pineapple Company Lodge building built in 1923 by James Dole. It is one of the most attractions in the island. There are number of attractions with an ideal scenery for snorkeling and scuba diving, swimming in Hulopoe Bay, whale-watching, horse-riding, golfing, hiking, four- wheeling and scrutinize the red spires of the Garden of the Gods in Lanai Island.

      Lanai Transportation
The island has it's really the only kind of public transport on the island of Maui and Lanai that the ferry service in the island undertaking. The docks at some buses and shuttle service options can expect to see in a big city that has a uniform and a complex bus system.

      Lanai Parks
Dole Park
Hulopo'e Beach Park
Manele Hulopoe Marine Life Conservation
Lahaina Jodo Mission Buddhist Cultural Park
Waikuli Terrace Park
Lahaina Banyon Court
Hanakaoo Beach Park
James Campbell Park

      Lanai Attractions
Lanai Pine Sporting Clays
The Spa at Manele Bay
Trilogy Ocean Sports
Spinning Dolphin Charters of Lanai
Lanai Equestrian Center
Interisland Airways
Lanai Animal Rescue Center
Lana'i Culture & Heritage Center

      Lanai Tourist Museums
Lahaina Whaling Museum
Baldwin Home Museum
Maui Ocean Center
Bailey House Museum
Damien Museum
Lucoral Museum
United States Army Museum of Hawaii
The Contemporary Museum

      Lanai Political subdivisions
Kaa Population is 207
Paomai Population is 147
Mahana Population is 1
Maunalei Population is 0
Kalulu Population is 1
Kaunolu Population is 3
Palawai Population is 1
Pawili Population is 0
Kaohai Population is 1
Kamao Population is 2
Kealia Aupuni Population is 2
Kealia Kapu Population is 1
Kamoku Population is 2804

      Lanai Religious
Lanai Catholic Population is 22.73%
Lanai LDS Population is 4.66%
Lanai Baptist Population is 0.94%
Lanai Episcopalian Population is 0.66%
Lanai Pentecostal Population is 4.66%
Lanai Lutheran Population is 0.28%
Lanai Methodist Population is 0.38%
Lanai Presbyterian Population is 1.34%
Lanai Other Christian Population is 4.67%
Lanai Eastern Population is 4.29%
Lanai Islam Population is 0.20%

      Lanai Theatres
Kennedy Theatre
Manoa Valley Theatre
ulalena - Reservation
Lahaina Center - Warren & Annabell's
Maui Community Theater
Maui Arts & Cultural Center - Box Office
Seabury Hall - Middle School- Seabury Ha
Andrews Outdoor Theatre

      Lanai Geography
Lanai Island is 8th main and 6th largest Hawaiian’s Island. Lanai's highest exaltation is above sea level at 3,370 feet. It is 13 miles width and 18 miles long with 30 miles of paved road size. Lanai plants and endangered animals including the hawksbill sea turtle is a rare species. This is below the Tropic of Cancer Lanai Molokai is separated from it by Kalohi channel is near the center of the Pacific Ocean.

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