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Attica Information
Attica is a area of Athens and it is most lively place of Greece and linked to the great history of the country. The city placed at the southernmost point of central Greece. Its population is about 4 millions. It's native land of Democracy, with the Acropolis, the close to temple of Sounion, and the popular of museums that the visitor can visit are the landmarks of Greece. The city total area is 3,808 and it's population is 3.756.607 in 2001 estimation. The city of Attica offers several luxurious hotels, impressive villas or apartments or even economy places that can treat everybody's taste. The tourist attractions of Attica are in fact a great experience to live as you can visit the archaeological sites of Acropolis and lots of other museums. The city's business and pleasure can completely blend in Attica with the close beautiful shoreline of Attica and the Saronic Gulf islands: Hydra, Poros, Aigina and Spetses. The city's current organization of 2004 Olympics Games and the victory of European Football Cup by the national team attracted many people that came to discover this mixed city and experience various adventures.
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Attica culture
The city of Attica has number of beach resorts proffer endless summertime activities as well as hiking, biking, swimming and other watersports; while the various villages seem to be as if they survive in another time completely. Attica's major population actually live in Athens and the nearby border, but travelers who take the to venture around Attica will discover numerous sides to Greece. The city's churches were built in the 11th and 12th century throughout the final golden age of the Byzantine Empire, and the numerous museums, and archeological sites approximately the peninsula let visitors appreciate how much history has transpire in this small region of the world. Attica is obvious in the food, customs and art of the region.

Attica Demographics
Attica total population - 3.756.607

Attica Flag

image of Attica flag

Attica History
Throughout the Mycenaean age, the Atticans lived in self-governing agricultural societies in Attica. The main settlers places where ancient remains were establish are Marathon, Rafina, Nea Makri, Brauron, Thorikos, Agios Kosmas, Eleusis, Menidi, Markopoulo, Sparta, Aphidnae and Athens. Modern historians believe it more likely that the communities were increasingly included into a single Athenian state probably during the 8th and 7th century BC. For the duration of the Classical age, Athens was equipped to the north by the fortress of Eleutherae, which is sealed in an almost perfect condition. Following the period of antiquity, Attica came under Roman, Byzantine, Venetian and Ottoman rule. All through the Byzantine age, Athens was invaded by the Goths under the commands of Alaric in 396 AD. Attica's population diminished in contrast to the neighboring area of Boeotia. Through the Greek War of Independence, the peasants of Attica were the first to rebellion in the year of April 1821 and they engaged Athens and detained the Acropolis, that was handed over to the Greeks in June, 1822. Where the War of Independence was masterminded by Capodistrias and where the first Greek National Assembly met in the year of 1828. In the year of 1986 the firstmodern Olympics were whispered in Athens.

Attica Tourism
The city of Attica is really something for everyone, and it is in the heart of Greece. The Greek National Tourism Organization offers in order on visiting the Aegean nation, with links to tour groups, suggested vacation itineraries and other information to help you plan the ideal trip. There are also offices of tourism organisations world-wide, including those in the UK, Germany, Japan, Canada and France among other places.

Attica Universities
Athens University of Economics and Business, Athens, Greece - 3000 Students
Harokopio University, Athens, Greece - 700 Students
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Athens, Greece - >50,000 Students
National Technical University of Athens, Athens, Greece - 10,000 Students
Panteion University, Athens, Greece - 16,500 Students

Attica Parks
Sounio National Park
Samaria National Park

Attica Geography
Attica is land of Athens and it is placed at the southernmost point of central Greece. The city shars it border to the west it is the sea and canal of Corinth to the south Saronic Gulf lies to the island of Euboea lies off the north and eastern coasts. The city's longest river is the Cephisus River and Parnetha or Parnitha is the highest mountain in Attica. The city has long dry period in the summer and a short wet period in the winter.

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