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Copenhagen Information
Copenhagen is the foremost capital of Denmark. Copenhagen is Northern Europe's most exciting city and it is one of the most dynamic centers of the Europe. This region, Copenhagen and the Swedish city of Malmo are flourishing rapidly in a U.S. metropolitan area. Denmark is the oldest monarchy in the world - the city with a royal touch to one of Europe's oldest capitals. As determined by number of international surveys and rankings at the center of a major regional center for culture, business, media, and science. Copenhagen has frequently recognized as one of the cities with the best constitution of life. It is intentionally one of the world's most neighborhood friendly cities. The famous Shakespearian quote Interpretation for Copenhagen, "There's something modern in the state of Denmark", something of Copenhagen adolescent self-consciousness now encapsulates.
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Copenhagen Recreation, Culture and Attractions
The Copenhagen is a major cultural center of Denmark. There attractions and shows are New Carlsberg Glyptotek, Fine Art, Danish Design Center, Arken and the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, the National Museum. The city of art, music, theater or design experiences for every taste and for a wide range of cultural activities submitted around the year. City of art in the galleries, as well as new up-and-coming venues filled with classic settings. Copenhagen's simultaneous art galleries are all over the world with a total area of an art-lovers paradise. Uniquely attractive Tivoli Gardens; dozens of world-class museums and galleries, historic buildings and ancient streets that have a great history and the world's oldest monarchy with a residence host of attractions in the Danish capital. There are various places in Copenhagen to provide a very good night. Especially in the inner city, Istedgade and in Vesterbro Enghave Plads, Sankt Hans Torv in Norrebro and Frederiksberg in some areas during the last hours of the most powerful and full of life. Another extraordinary venue for classical music is the Tivoli Concert Hall is in the historical Tivoli Gardens. Opened in 2005 configuration by Henning Larsen, the Copenhagen Opera House, Denmark and among the most modern opera houses in the world, is the national opera house. The old Royal Danish Theatre founded in 1748 still works as an auxiliary opera scene. Copenhagen has number of variation of sports teams. Three of the top league, AL-Bank Ligaen play, Herlev Eagles are the Copenhagen Rodovre Mighty Bulls and Hvidovre Ligahockey also several ice hockey teams. Copenhagen-based Danish Australian Football League, the largest Australian Rules football controversy outside of the English-speaking world.

Copenhagen Demographics
Copenhagen City Total Population is 557,920

Copenhagen Education
The majority of children in Copenhagen, the school effectively begin at the age of 6 years. After a year of pre-school and primary school children and socializes prepare for their arrival. Though not mandatory, many children attend preschool class. Primary education is compulsory in Denmark. Children education starts from 7th birthday and lasts for 9 years of compulsory education. After completing primary school education, adult education or upper secondary education most young people go to attend in Denmark. Apart from higher secondary education, students in vocational higher education begin. Parties are funded by the state of higher education in Denmark. Tuition is free; students only need to purchase books and teaching material themselves.

Copenhagen History
The village is a small and previously insecure port blocking Copenhagen, it was established a fort on the island Slotsholmen tough- as- nails Bishop absalon was founded in 1167. Recent archaeological finds of the 11th century, Copenhagen and extends to a wider area with a large estate, a church, a market, at least two wells and many smaller habitations, which refers to the growth of a small town. Many historians town dates back to the late Viking age, which is believed to have been founded by Sweyn I Forkbeard. It was in the year of 1167 to the middle of the 12th century, in the possession of absalon strengthens Copenhagen traditionally marking the foundation of the next year, and has increased in importance. It was destroyed in the attack on the powerful Hanseatic States absalon's castle town, until 1369. It became an important trading center to excellent harbor enthusiastic Copenhagen's growth. However, the country's capital was not until the mid-15th century, and the Archbishop are still living in Roskilde. Still it was donated to the city by its high brightness the first half of the 17th century, not until the reign of Christian IV. A harbor and a place of business are reflected in the city's source of its name. To the original status of the contemporary Danish name is Kopmannæhafn its mean "merchants' harbor". However, the curse of the city's history, usually during the Napoleonic wars in 1807, the British bombardment of Copenhagen is considered to be unprovoked. Copenhagen is expanding besides its old city walls and culture establish a reputation as a center of modern politics and the arts flourished in the 19th and 20th centuries. During the war and before the financial crisis, many in the Copenhagen neighborhood deteriorated into slums. Growing materialism, the nuclear arms race and the education system in the illusions of youth rebellion and took silk in 1960 in Copenhagen. When the Normans after the invasion the Germans feared that the Danish police as a problem and in September 1944 the entire Danish police arrest was meant. In 1948, an ambitious urban renewal policy 'Finger Plan' has been adopted the city of the redevelopment of many parks and recreational facilities that extends from the city center such as roots, interspaced with green areas and creating new housing projects. The new millennium, riot police patrol of the future, such as Christiania and uncertainties discussed Squatters, taking back the land from the city.

Copenhagen Tourism
There are ramble along the streets and canals in the 17th century through to royal capital of Copenhagen. Visit one of the many museums in the international or local shows. What things are there, and Copenhagen and Malmo, Sweden, at the end of public transport, including the fixed link, it is easy to find round and about the journey to Copenhagen and its surroundings. Copenhagen has large number of great shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, theaters, museums, art galleries and musical entertainment. Copenhagen's most impressive peaks growing number of absences due to the very low growth in the church. Copenhagen is the city's most important historic buildings, several parks, public squares and green spaces with the network and its historic center group is expanding from year has steadily increased. The main feature of the card is a coastal city and a long-term view of the Copenhagen harbor in the award-winning regularly in Europe's premier port rate, Copenhagen is one of the world's most important tourist destinations.

Copenhagen Transportation
Greater Copenhagen is a good transportation infrastructure became a center of northern Europe. Copenhagen is linked to the municipalities of the city combined to Northern Europe, roads and a major network of toll-free motorways. Copenhagen Airport is the main airport serving the city. Copenhagen has an accomplished public transportation and the city on foot or by moving an easy way to either drop you outside the Central Station or points of several other hired the bike for DKK10/20. Buses, local trains, S-tog (a subway), and the new Metro are Copenhagen's public transports. The entire city is used in the same zone. Get directions to a specific public transport timetable of public transport across the country.

Copenhagen Universities
University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark - 37,000 Students
Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, Copenhagen, Denmark - 7,000 Students
IT University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark - 2,000 Students

Copenhagen Tourist Attractions
Christiansborg Palace
National Museum
Round Tower
Amalienborg Palace
New Harbor
The Little Mermaid
Rosenborg Palace
Copenhagen Town Hall
Grundtvig Church
Thorvaldsens Museum
Stock Exchange
Stroget Pedestrian Zone
Zoological Garden
Church of our Savior, Christianshavn
Dragor, Denmark

Copenhagen Tourist Museums
Amalienborg Museum
Assistens Cemetery
Carlsberg Visitor Centre
Church of Our Saviour
Copenhagen City Museum
Customs and Tax Museum
Danish Architecture Centre
Danish Design Centre
Danish Jewish Museum
Danish National Gallery
David Collection
Den Frie Udstillingsbygning
Design Museum Denmark
Fotografisk Center
Hirschsprung Collection
HDMS Peder Skram
HDMS Sehested
HDMS Sælen
Lightvessel Gedser Rev
Little Mill
Medical Museion
Museum of Music
National Museum of Denmark
National Museum of Photography
Natural History Museum of Denmark
North Atlantic House
Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek
Nyboder Memorial Rooms
Post & Tele Museum
Resistance Museum
Rosenborg Museum
Round Tower
Royal Cast Collection
Royal Danish Naval Museum
Royal Life Guards Museum
Royal Stables and Carriage Museum
St. Ansgar's Museum
Theatre Museum in the Court Theatre
Thorvaldsens Museum
Tycho Brahe Planetarium
Tojhus Museum
University Botanical Garden
V1 Gallery
Worker's Museum

Copenhagen Parks
Frederiksberg Have
Ostre Anlaeg

Copenhagen Tax
Copenhagen City Municipal Real Estate Tax - 1.6-3.4%
Copenhagen City Health Contribution Tax - 8%

Copenhagen Government
Copenhagen City Council are elected to four-year period, there were 55 members. Political organization is the Supreme Council of the city. Libraries - Sport, Education - Youth, Health - Care, Family - Labour market, and Building Construction, Energy - Water - Environmental finance and culture; can be divided into the above groups and is responsible for seven committees.

Copenhagen Geography
Copenhagen is the largest city and also main seaport and the national capital of Denmark. Amager Copenhagen partly on the island and two between the natural and artificial islands are on the east coast of the island of Zealand. The city is divided into 15 administrative and tax districts. Copenhagen East and it faces the Oresund strait of water that separates the North Sea with the Baltic Sea. Copenhagen has climate of the North Atlantic Sea surrounding, due to the effects of the warming. The city has a great maritime power and trade in the cities of the Hanseatic League.

Copenhagen Economy
The city of Copenhagen is one of the major economic and financial centers of Denmark; it is also a strong business and Scandinavian economic center. Copenhagen is attracting most regional headquarters and administration centers; it is one of Western Europe's major cities. Copenhagen has a service to ensure that the financial system. The main field of life science and research & development plays a major role in the economy of Copenhagen. A number of international organizations, Microsoft set up their regional headquarters in Copenhagen. Here, the world's largest container shipping company in Copenhagen. Copenhagen has some of the major gross wages in the world. Copenhagen is one of the most expensive cities in continental Europe

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