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Gabon Information
Gabon is also known as Gabonese Republic. It is situated in west central Africa. Its boundaries share the northwest by Equatorial Guinea, on the north by Cameroon, on the east and south by the Republic of the Congo, and on the west by the Atlantic Ocean. Libreville city is the capital of the Gabon. It has beaches, natural rain forests, oil and other natural resources. The per capita income than many sub-Saharan African countries, Gabon has a higher percentage. On August 17th 1960, Gabon gained their independence from France. Therefore, the Gabon focus of mineral production rather than its sufficient forest cover revenue.
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Gabon Recreation, Culture and Attractions
The Gabon has excellent music, as well as it is a different species of the same fascinating cultural center. Gabon is a country of the oral tradition, in the 21st century developed in literacy and rich in folklore and mythology. Gabon tribal masks are very important in their life. Each mask is associated with the life of the village and the people who supported and represented the spirit of the rules offered. Gabonese folk culture is an important part of Gabon. Its modern classical music developed separately. However, touched by outside influences can not affect it. There are number of attraction in Gabon. In fact, many of the national parks in the interior of the gorillas, forest elephants, chimpanzees, and unique wildlife, including Hippos as home to a wide range of natural rain forests to more logging, which was set up to protect. There are popular waterfalls and beautiful beaches in Gabon. Gabon's national sport is Football and also basketball is popular in Gabon.

Gabon Demographics
Gabon Total Population is 1,475,000

Gabon Symbols
Goban Motto - "Union, Travail, Justice" (French) "Union, Work, Justice"

Image of Gabon flag

Image of Gabon Anthom
Gabon Flag
Gabon Anthom
La Concorde (The Concord)

Gabon Education
Gabon's education system is very much similar to France. Education is compulsory for 10 years in Gabon till today from 6 years old to 16 years. Between 12 to 18 years of secondary education is 7 years. Gabon has general and technical organizations and different types of high schools. Omar Bongo University and University of Sciences and Technologies of Masuku are higher educational universities in Gabon; Omar Bongo University was founded on 1970. Vocational and technical education and vocational training, adult education continues under the control of the Ministry. Its primary role in the economy is the most important sections describe the strategies to re-integrate people.

Gabon History
In Gabon, circa 7000 BC has been found in ancient human artifacts. It is a stone spearheads, but a little more about the Gabonese prehistory. Pygmies are currently in the early inhabitants; AD 1100 from the various Bantu tribes in the area starts migrating. Gabon first inspect in the 15th century Portuguese navigator Diego Cam. In 1472, Portuguese explorers concurrence Como River, and later became the name of the country of Gabon, "Rio de Gabao," is the river name. Between the 16th and 18th centuries, the area was part of the Kingdom of Loango, at the time they were the main inhabitants Omiene and Fang tribes. In the year of 1839, the first settlement was established on the left bank of the Gabon estuary and constantly hinterland occupies the second half of the 19th century. Since the 1990s, the most common in the rest of Africa government of Omar Bongo from one party state to a multi-political system has been modified.

Gabon Tourism
Gabon's tourism industry is very developed. Gabon has despite attracted the beaches, ocean and sea fishing facilities, Ogooue river falls, and Crystal Mountains. Until recently, tourism in the export of raw materials such as oil and timber has been neglected. The country has thirteen national parks. In 2000, Gabonese government and the Bush attacks on luxury safari trips or as niche tourism.

Gabon Transportation
Gabon had no railroad system until 1970s. Railroad project was started on October 1974. Almost all of the communities will be connected to the main roads, but the work has become more difficult due to the heavy rainfall. This is the main link to the North and the South in the south of Cameroon in Congo continues. Gabon has 59 airports including three international airports; they are Libreville Airport, Port-Gentil Airport and Franceville Airport.

Gabon Universities and higher institutions
Omar Bongo University
University of Sciences and Technologies of Masuku
Health Sciences Medical School
International Centre of Medical Research of Franceville
Forestry National School, Libreville
National School of Law
Higher School of Education
Secretary Learning National School
Polytechnic Engineering School of Masuku
African Institute of Computer Science
Business National Institute
Institute of Economics and Finance
National Administration School

Gabon Tourist Attractions
Point St. Catherine
Evengue Island

Gabon Museums
National Museum of Gabon
The Museum of Arts and Traditions

Gabon Parks
Ivindo National Park
Loango National Park

Gabon Religious
Gabon Christian Population is 55%-75%
Gabon other population is 25%

Gabon Government
The Constitution of 1961 the Gabon's government is a democracy with a presidential form. The country President is elected by universal suffrage for a 7-year period. President to appoint the prime minister, the cabinet, and judges of the independent Supreme Court can be dismissed and also have strong powers. The country has a bicameral legislature with a National Assembly and the Senate. Gabon is divided into international and national affairs, advocating dialogue to identify each side. The country followed by a nonaligned system.

Gabon Geography
Gabon is a West African country, its boundaries shares on the northwest by Equatorial Guinea, on the north by Cameroon, on the east and south by the Republic of the Congo, and on the west by the Atlantic Ocean. Gabon's total land area was 2,551 kms. Due to the small population and oil and mineral reserves, Gabon became one of Africa's wealthier countries. Most of the country is covered by dense tropical forest. The Gabon has tropical; wet, always have a warm climate.

Gabon Economy
Gabonese economy carried toward economic freedom in the past five years, but progress is slow and uneven. Gabon is rich in natural resources, despite improvements in practice due to poor financial management. Oil industry and manganese mining are major economic sectors in Gabon. However, most of the population depends on subsistence agriculture. Gabon's main industrial sectors are petroleum cleaning, chemicals, food and beverages, clothing and wood products. Gabon major exports are Crude oil, forest products, manganese and uranium ore and cocoa. Imports are machinery and equipment, food products, chemicals and construction materials. That does not exist in the small proceeding and service sectors influence by a few prominent local investors.

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