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Chad Information
The Chad nation is formally known as the Republic of Chad. The nation is closed in by land located in Central Africa. The Chad country has its boundaries with the nations on the north there is Libya, on the east there is Sudan, on the south there is the Central African Republic, on the southwest there are Cameroon and Nigeria, and on the west there is Niger. The nation of Chad is occasionally known as "Dead Heart of Africa" owing to deserting climate. The country is separated into many areas. They are in the north there is an arid region, in the centre there is an arid Sahelian belt and in the south there is an extra productive Sudanese savanna sector. The country got its name after the Lake Chad which is the major water body of the nation Chad and the second biggest in Africa. Emi Koussi located in the Sahara is the peak point of Chad country. The capital city of the nation is N'Djamena. The languages which are used formally are Arabic and French are. The leading religions of the nation are Islam and Christianity. There are nearly 200 various linguistic groups present in Chad. By the year 1920 the nation of Chad was occupied by France and it later developed it as French Equatorial Africa. The nation got its liberty in the year 1960. The nation was damaged by the Darfur crisis in Sudan. The standard of living in Chad is very low. The major export product is crude oil.
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Chad Recreation, Culture and Attractions
The country of Chad has prosperous enriching tradition. The culture is diverse. The Chad National Museum and the Chad Cultural Centre reflects and encourages the culture of Chad nation. kinde a bow harp, the kakaki a lengthy tin horn and the hu hu, a stringed device which make use of calabashes as loudspeakers are some of the musical instruments majorly used in the country of Chad. The music in the Chad country differs with the ethnic groups. The whistles, balafones, harps and kodjo drums are liked by the Sara group. The drums and flutes attract the Kanembu group. In the country of Chad the staple food is Millet. Fish is well liked here. A sugary drink made with the Hibiscus leaves known as Carcaje is very famous in Chad. Billi-billi a beer is well loved by the people of Chad. The Chad Avenue Charles de Gaulle in N'Djamena, Musee National N'Djamena (National Museum), Grand Marche or Central Market, Gala Brewery in Moundou, Guelta d'Archei in Fada, Lake Chad, Lake Fianga, Mountains Emi Koussi, Tibesti Mountains, Tarso Toh, Tousside and Tarso Voon are some of the popular tourists attractions of the country of Chad. Football or Soccer is very famous sport of the Chad country. Basketball athletics, boxing, martial arts, fishing and freestyle wrestling are other attractive sports of Chad. Rugby is played here. The rugby team is managed by the rugby union.

Chad Demographics
Chad Total Population - 10,758,945
Chad Male Population - 5,174,357
Chad Female Population - 5,584,588
Chad Sara Population - 2,980,227
Chad Arab Population - 1,323,350
Chad Mayo-Kebbi Population - 1,237,278
Chad Kanem-Bornou Population - 968,305
Chad Ouaddai Population - 936,028
Chad Hadjarai Population - 720,849
Chad Tandjile Population - 699,331
Chad Gorane Population - 677,813
Chad Fitri-Batha Population - 505,670
Chad Other Population - 688,572
Chad Unknown Population - 32,276

Chad Education
Due to the isolated population of the nation, education in Chad is challenging because to a certain extent of unwillingness is on the part of parents to send their children to school. The population is illiterate more than a half because only 68% of boys continue to go to primary school, even though attendance is compulsory. At the University of N'Djamena education is provided in higher. In shaping up the future of the Chad people, an integral role is played by the education system of Chad; it is all about the process of educating the people of Chad. To the children of Chad, education has been designed in a manner that it would not only educate but moral education is also provided. An enormous impact on the Chad education was created by the French, who were the earliest settlers of Chad. By the government of Chad the schools and colleges have been highly funded and an infrastructure that provides an excellent education. Chad education system has improved greatly in the recent years. For their educational endeavors bona fide scholars are being recognized. The primary education to the children in Chad is for 6 years by which the basic literacy is given to the children in Chad. After that for 7 years the secondary education continues. One of the most reputed universities is the Chad University; it is located in the capital of Chad where they are equipped with various departments and with proficient teachers. In Farcha an institute is situated for the Zoological sciences and for their teachings staff it is also well known.

image of Chad flag

Chad Symbols
Chad Country Animal - Hippo
Chad Country Motto - "Unity, Work, Progress"
Chad Country National Anthem - "La Tchadienne"

Chad History
The human race in the northern half of Chad region commenced in the 7th millennium BC, and the inhabitants strongly expanded in to the area and further practiced. The African archaeological sites are an amount of the majority significant sites that are set up in Chad; In Borkou-Ennedi-Tibesti Region they are generally situated. For agricultural and deskbound peoples the Chadian Basin has been settled for more than 2000 years. The civilizations became a turning point by the area. By the closing of the 1st millennium AD the Chad's Sahelian band was the earliest as well as the biggest of the empires. The tacitly Muslims in these states not at all extended their power apart from the attack for slaves in the southern grasslands. As a division of French Equatorial Africa the dependency was protected by France as it is a portion and integrated it by 1920. By a deficiency of policies in Chad, French laws were characterized to slothful rejuvenation and merge the province. On the sediment of the French universal examination the colonial association was undermanned significantly and had to rely in Chad. In the southern half of the dependency the Chadian Progressive festivity (PPT), was based and it was the major supporting festivity. On August 11 sovereignty was approved in Chad, as its former president Francois Tombalbaye was nominated, through the PPT's organizer in 1960. The capital was occupied by the rebal factions in 1979, and all critical influence was shrunken in the monarchy. Within the kingdom disintegrate of France's location was caused by the crumbling of Chad. In Chad's public battle headed for the close influence space by Libya that motivated and was concerned. In 2003 Chad began the Oil utilization hoping that it would create several changes after everything else to convey harmony and wealth in Chad. The elevated Commissioner of the United Nations has warned for Refugees a genocide like that in Darfur may possibly occur yet in Chad. To obtain the assets by power the revolutionary services have attempted in 2006 and in 2008, however on both the incidents, they failed.

Chad Tourism
Tourism in Chad is a moderately trivial industry. The nation of Chad has bleak area of savanna scattered with usual villages. The major natural landscapes of the Chad nation are the elegant Tibesti Mountains and Lake Chad. Few of the major attractions of the Chad Avenue Charles de Gaulle in N'Djamena, Musee National N'Djamena (National Museum), Grand Marche or Central Market, Gala Brewery in Moundou, Guelta d'Archei in Fada, Lake Chad, Lake Fianga, Mountains Emi Koussi, Tibesti Mountains, Tarso Toh, Tousside and Tarso Voon. Lake Chad is one of the largest lakes of the world. Avenue Charles de Gaulle is inhabited by embassies and majestic homes. It is the proof of eternal European power in Africa. The Gala Brewery has the largest part of famous drafts. It is accountable for Moundou's outstanding nightlife status. Guelta d'Archei has extensive appealing ecological structures out of which the Guelta d'Archei is the excellent one. Zakouma National Park is a popular National Park of the country of Chad. It comprises of flocks of elephants in counting with wildebeests, antelopes, and lions.

Chad Transportation
Within Chad, especially the infrastructure of transport is very poor in the north and east of the country. To the south-west corner of Chad river transport is limited and there are no railways in Chad. During the wet season roads are likely to be blocked and are mostly un-surfaced in the southern half of the country especially. Across the desert in the north, roads are merely tracks and continue to present the land mines that seem to be danger. To a great extent the countries draft animals like (horses, donkeys and camels) remain important. Even in the south-west of the country the supply of fuel can be erratic and are expensive. They are practically non-existent anywhere else. Though transport is available in a number of ways, in Chad transportation is yet to be developed to its best, and to bring up the standard of transportation the government is yet trying hard to develop. Buses and taxis are the main modes of conveyance in the cities of Chad. To travel only few roadways are comfortable, they are paved even in the cities. In Chad Buses and bush taxis are the cheapest means of transport and they are operational between the Chad cities. Private transportation is allowed between the cities for traveling but it is restricted due to high price of petrol and certain genuine problems. In Chad more than enough reserves of fuel and to drive safely is advised for all private vehicle drivers because acute deficiency is there for petrol pumps and medical aids. Chad has the roadways that connect to Central African Republic, Niger, Nigeria and Cameroon, though the internal roadways might not be well paved. With a little patience transportation in Chad is obtainable, though it is inadequate.

Chad Taxes
Chad Country Corporate Tax - 40%
Chad Country Income Tax - 60%
Chad Country VAT Tax - 18%
Chad Country Social security contributions Tax - 12.5%

Chad Universities
Universite de N'Djamena, N'Djamena, Chad
Universite Roi Faycal, N'Djamena, Chad

Chad Religions
Chad Muslim Population is 53.1%
Chad Catholic Population is 20.1%
Chad Protestant Population is 14.2%
Chad Animist Population is 7.3%
Chad Other Population is 0.5%
Chad Unknown Population is 1.7%
Chad Atheist Population is 3.1%

Chad Regions
Bahr el Gazel, Chad - Population 260,865
Batha, Chad - Population 527,031
Borkou, Chad - Population 97,251
Chari-Baguirmi, Chad - Population 621,785
Ennedi, Chad - Population 173,606
Guera, Chad - Population 553,795
Hadjer-Lamis, Chad - Population 562,957
Kanem, Chad - Population 354,603
Lac, Chad - Population 451,369
Logone Occidental, Chad - Population 683,293
Logone Oriental, Chad - Population 796,453
Mandoul, Chad - Population 637,086
Mayo-Kebbi Est, Chad - Population 769,178
Mayo-Kebbi Ouest, Chad - Population 565,087
Moyen-Chari, Chad - Population 598,284
Ouaddai, Chad - Population 731,679
Salamat, Chad - Population 308,605
Sila, Chad - Population 289,776
Tandjile, Chad - Population 682,817
Tibesti, Chad - Population 21,970
Wadi Fira, Chad - Population 494,933
N'Djamena, Chad - Population 993,492

Chad Government
The government of the country of Chad is Republic. The president directs the executive branch. The prime minister, cabinet, judges, generals, provincial officials and leaders of Chad's para-statal firms are selected and controlled by the president. The elections to choose the president are held for every five years. This term of elections of the president was demolished in the year 2006. Corruption is very common in the nation of Chad. In the year 2005 the Chad country was rated as top corrupted country in the world. The government of Chad is majorly influenced by that of French civil law and Chadian customary law. The Supreme Court is incorporated with a chief justice and 15 councilors who are nominated till they exist by the president and the National Assembly. The nine judges which lead the Constitutional Court have a term of nine years. They have the rights to analyze the legislation, pacts and global concords before their implementation. The National Assembly builds the legislation. It includes 155 members who have powers for the period of four years. A president for National Assembly is selected for every two years by the deputies. The president has substantial pressure over the National Assembly all the way through his party, the Patriotic Salvation Movement (MPS), which embraces a great mainstream.

Chad Geography
The nation of Chad is the 21st biggest nation of the world. The total area of the country of Chad is 1,284,000 square kilometers or 496,000 sq mi. The nation is situated in north central of Africa. The nation of Chad is positioned on the latitudes of 7 and 24N, and 13 and 24E. The country shares its borders with Libya lies in the north, Sudan lies in the east, Niger, Nigeria and Cameroon are located in the west and the Central African Republic lies in the south. N'Djamena is the biggest and the capital city of Chad nation. The country is occasionally mentioned as "Dead Heart of Africa". Ennedi Plateau is situated in the north-east of the nation. The total area encompassed by the Lake Chad is 330,000 square kilometers or 130,000 sq mi of the Chad Basin. The country got its name from the popular lake of the country Lake Chad. The lake is second biggest in the region of Africa. The peak point of the country of Chad and also in Sahara is the Emi Koussi, an inactive volcano in the Tibesti Mountains located at 3,414 meters or 11,201 ft above sea level. The Chari, Logone and their streams are main rivers in the nation of Chad.

Chad Parks
The country of Chad is incorporated with four National Parks and a Reserve in it. The four National Parks are Aouk National Park, Goz Beida National Park, Manda National Park and Zakouma National Park. The one Reserve of the Chad nation is Bahr Salamat Faunal Reserve. The Zakouma National Park is situated in the Southern Chad among Sarh and Am Timan. The primary park of Zakouma was initiated in 1963. The total area of the Zakouma National Park is about 3000 square kilometers or 1200 square miles. The park is completely enclosed by the Bahr Salamat Faunal Reserve. The European Union in the year 1989 started a renovation program for the betterment of the park. The African elephants are guarded by the regime of Chad. The park has around 44 species of big mammals, and numerous varieties of birds. The Zakouma National Park was selected by the regime of Chad to develop it into a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Chad Economy
Landlocked Chad's economic growth suffers from its geographic diffidence, drought, lack of substructure, and political turmoil. The transportation network is very poor in Chad. Chad economy is mainly based on sedentary survival agriculture and travelling pastoralism, employing 80% of the workforce but paying only about 32% of the GDP. Important craft with nearby countries, for example, exports of camels and further livestock to near states. Chad's some export are sorghum, millet, rice, potatoes, and manioc. Cattle, sheep, goats, and camels are raised, and there is fishing in Lake Chad. Chad economy statistics for Chad must be preserved with caution. The major minerals of the nation of Chad are Natron and uranium. Basically industrial apparatus, shipping tools, industrial goods, foodstuffs, and textiles are the primary imports of the Chad country. User Comments

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