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Cameroon Information
Cameroon a nation located in Central Africa. Formally it is called as the Republic of Cameroon. The country shares its boundaries with the nations to the west it has Nigeria, to the northeast it has Chad, to the east it has the Central African Republic, and to the south it has Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and the Republic of the Congo. The country's sea shore is located on the Bight of Bonny, a branch of the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean. Based on the ecological and civilizing range the nation of Cameroon is known as "Africa in miniature". The peak point of the nation is Mount Cameroon located in the southwest. There are nearly 200 various linguistic groups present in Cameroon. The official languages of the nation are English and French. Makossa and bikutsi are popular local styles of music. In the year 1884 Cameroon turned into a German colony. In the period of President Ahmadou Ahidjo, the French governed portion of Cameroon achieved its freedom as the Republic of Cameroun in 1960. The nation was developed as the Federal Republic of Cameroon in 1961. In 1972 the nation was called as the United Republic of Cameroon and later in 1984 it was named as the Republic of Cameroon. The political and communal steadiness of Cameroon nation allowed the growth of cultivation, roads, railways, and huge petroleum and timber industries.
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Cameroon Recreation, Culture and Attractions
The country of Cameroon has many ethnic groups each with exclusive culture. An unstipulated Southern Bantoid language called Busuu language is known worldwide. People of Cameroon love music and dance. Traditional dancing is very popular. Bells, clappers, drums and talking drums, flutes, horns, rattles, scrapers, stringed instruments, whistles, and xylophones are traditionally used musical instruments. Ambasse bey of the coast, assiko of the Bassa, mangambeu of the Bangangte, and tsamassi of the Bamileke are famous music varieties performed and liked in Cameroon. The cuisine of Cameroon differs according to the area. An evening meal is same in the country. A classic dish made using the ingredients cocoyams, maize, cassava (manioc), millet, plantains, potatoes, rice, or yams is very popular and is served with sauces, soup or stew. Meat and fish are well liked here. Palm wine, and millet beer are mostly taken drinks in Cameroon. The people work best on arts and crafts. Some of the popular tourist destinations in the country of Cameroon are Dja Faunal Reserve, Korup National Park, Mt. Cameroon, Ngoketunjia, the 360-km Ring Road, Lake Oku, oku Village, Kumbo, Tado Dairy Co-op and National parks. Few of the majorly liked sports of Cameroon nation are canoe racing, wrestling, Mount and Cameroon Race football or soccer. Football is a triumphant game of Cameroon.

Cameroon Demographics
Cameroon Total Population - 19,711,291
Cameroon Male Population - 9,892,880
Cameroon Female Population - 9,818,411
Cameroon Cameroon Highlanders Population - 6,110,500
Cameroon Equatorial Bantu Population - 3,745,145
Cameroon Kirdi Population - 2,168,242
Cameroon Fulani Population - 1,971,129
Cameroon Northwestern Bantu Population - 1,576,903
Cameroon Eastern Nigritic Population - 1,379,790
Cameroon other African Population - 2,562,467
Cameroon non-African Population - 197,112

Cameroon Education
The Education in the country of Cameroon for the children is mandatory. The Education system comprises of primary education, secondary education and higher education. The regime offers primary education for no charge. The troubles causing the education system of Cameroon were recognized by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child. Several students stop their learning after the primary education. There is escalating drift of the elegant students parting the nation to learning overseas and migrate there and are known as "brain drain". The education system in the country of Cameroon when it achieved its liberty was French model in east and British in the west part. In 1976 this came to an end by combining the two models. The teachers are provided with technical training. The University of Yaounde is the top university of the nation. To obtain an admission in the high school after the secondary education an entrance exam is obligatory. It is the Government Common Entrance Examinations. The most significant examinations in Cameroon are the General Certificate of Education (GCE) mutually Ordinary and Advanced levels. The General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level is compulsory for the students who opt for a five year secondary school program. The General Certificate of Education Advanced Level is mandatory for the students from graduate from a two year high school program. The top entrance examinations of the country of Cameroon are the GCE advanced level and the Baccalaureate.

image of Cameroon flag

Cameroon Symbols
Cameroon Country Motto - "Peace - Work - Fatherland"
Cameroon Country National Anthem - O Cameroon, Cradle of our Forefathers

Cameroon History
The Neolithic were the initial to inhabit in region of Cameroon. The Baka group had a long stay in the nation of Cameroon. In the year 1472 the sailors from Portuguese arrived in the coast of the country of Cameroon. They called the nation as Rio dos Camaroes as the nation was full of the mud lobster Lepidophthalmus turneranus in the Wouri River. Adamawa Emirate was initiated in the beginning of 19th century. In the end of World War I French got control over 80% of the region by the League of the nations. Remaining 205 of the area was powered by BritishFrom 1955 to 1958 a movement of radical fright was initiated owing to the end the Communist power. In the year 1960 the nation obtained its complete independence from France. The regime of the country was completely developed by the year 1960. In the year 1957 the nation obtained its independence from France. The new Federal Republic of Cameroon included the southern part in the year 1961. The northern region was merged with Nigeria. The economy was upgraded with the growth of oil, timber, and coffee exports.

Cameroon Tourism
The tourism industry in the country of Cameroon is developing steadily. The country has many popular visitors destination in it. To the west of the capital city there is stratovolcano. Racing in Cameroon is very popular as the nation is located at the uppermost point of the Central Africa. Few of the most visited sites are Benedictine Museum of Mont-Febe, Waza National Park, Cameroon Art Museum, Place du Gouvernement, La Pagode, Doual'art, Afhemi Museum, Hotel Akwa Palace, Joseph-Francis Sumegne and La Nouvelle Liberte. The country is known for its stunning beaches and mountain regions. The peak point of the nation located at 13,353 feet or 4,070 meters is Mount Cameroon. There are intriguing holy places and place of with its prosperous antique tradition. Musee de Douala a popular art museum situated in the Douala City Hall. It can also be named as the Hotel de Ville de Douala. In the year 1892 Germans established Limbe Botanical Garden. Mile Six Beach is well attracted for its wonderful surfing waves. Ring Road is a road which links all the famous attractions of the country of Cameroon. It is situated in Bamenda in the Northwest province of country. Kribi situated close to Kienke River is a beach resort and seaport. There are Lobe Waterfalls near to Kribi. Dja Faunal Reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It presents a wide range of flora and fauna.

Cameroon Transportation
The transportation system of the nation of Cameroon consists of road ways, railways, airways and waterways. The roads in the nation cover a total area of around 34,300 km or 21,314 mi. Only 13% of the total roads are paved. Camrail is the train service used within the nation. The rail tracks in the country cover about 987 km in the nation. The chief port of the Cameroon nation is Douala. Kribi, Bonaberi, Tiko, Limbe and Garoua are the other ports of Cameroon. The country has nearly 49 airports in it. The main airport of Cameroon country is at Douala. Yaounde and Garoua are the other major airports of Cameroon. There are up to date, ease buses available in the nation. Travelling by bus is time consuming. Buses are not very reliable to travel in the nation of Cameroon. Bush Taxis are available in Cameroon. Hiring cars is another option in the country of Cameroon. It is very pricey.

Cameroon Taxes
Cameroon Country Corporate Tax - 38.5%
Cameroon Country Income Tax - 38.5%
Cameroon Country VAT Tax - 19.25%
Cameroon Country Social security Tax - 11.2%
Cameroon Country Capital Gains Tax - 11%
Cameroon Country Transfer Tax - 15%
Cameroon Country Apprenticeship Tax - %

Cameroon Universities
Universite des Montagnes, Bangangte, Cameroon - 970 Students

Cameroon Religions
Cameroon indigenous beliefs Population is 40%
Cameroon Christian Population is 40%
Cameroon Muslim Population is 20%

Cameroon Regions
Adamawa, Cameroon - Population 495,185
Centre, Cameroon - Population 1,651,600
East, Cameroon - Population 517,198
Far North, Cameroon - Population 1,855,695
Littoral, Cameroon - Population 1,352,833
North, Cameroon - Population 832,165
Northwest, Cameroon - Population 1,237,348
South, Cameroon - Population 373,798
Southwest, Cameroon - Population 838,042
West, Cameroon - Population 1,339,791

Cameroon Government
The structure of the regime of Cameroon is unitary presidential republic. The nation's president leads the state and the regime and of a multi-party system. The regime of the country of Cameroon implements the executive power. The regime and the National Assembly of Cameroon vest the legislative power. The National Assembly comprises of 180 members. There are unilateral powers to the President of Cameroon. By which the president can form policy, govern regime agencies, control the armed services, consult and sanction pacts, and proclaim a state of emergency. The selection of the authorities of the country of Cameroon is done by the Cameroon's President. The term of President is for seven years. The nation of Cameroon is associated with ACCT, ACP, AfDB, BDEAC, C, CEEAC, ECA, FAO, FZ, G-19, G-77, IAEA, IBRD, ICAO, ICC, ICRM, IDA, IDB, IFAD, IFC, IFRCS, ILO, IMF, IMO, Inmarsat, Intelsat, Interpol, IOC, ITU, ITUC, NAM, OAU, OIC, OPCW, PCA, UDEAC, UN, UNCTAD, UNESCO, UNIDO, UNITAR, UPU, WCO, WFTU, WHO, WIPO, WMO, WToO, WTrO. The Commonwealth of Nations and La Francophonie have Cameroon country as its element.

Cameroon Geography
In the world the 53rd-largest country is Cameroon at 475,442 square kilometers (183,569 sq mi). Than the U.S. state of California to Papua latest Guinea, it is equivalent in dimension and to some extent superior. On top of the Bight of Bonny in Central and West Africa the country is situated; it's a division of the Atlantic Ocean and the bay of Guinea. As "Africa in miniature" Cameroon describes literature of tourists since the continent exhibits each one as major climates and vegetation. The countries neighbors are bounded by Chad to the northeast; Nigeria to the west; the Central African Republic to the east; and the Republic of the Congo and Equatorial Guinea, Gabon to the south. Into five foremost geographic zones Cameroon is alienated and through vegetative features, climatic and by physical leading it is renowned. This region is conquered by Equatorial rainforest, than the coastline it is not as much of moist though its fluctuation among damp and arid seasons. Extending from Mount Cameroon on the shore identified as the Cameroon range has an uneven sequence of mountains, hills, and plateaus. On top of the Western High plateau a moderate type of environment mainly this area has, even though precipitation is elevated, its soils are amongst Cameroon's a large amount is abundant, around the volcanic Mount Cameroon particularly. Solitary of these Lake Nyos, on 21 August 1986 carbon dioxide belched and involving 1,700 and 2,000 citizens were killed. Through the World Wildlife endowment this region has been delineated as the Cameroonian Highlands forests ecoregion. Connecting the country's north and south from the western mountain region, this aspect stretches moreover and forms a barricade.

Cameroon Parks
There are about eleven National Parks in the country of Cameroon. They are Benoue National Park, Bouba Njida National Park, Boumba Bek National Park, Campo Ma'an National Park, Faro National Park, Korup National Park, Lobeke National Park, Mbam Djerem National Park, Nki National Park, Takamanda National Park and Waza National Park. Cameroon nation also consists of a Dja Faunal Reserve. A UNESCO chosen heritage park of Cameroon is Benoue National Park. It covers an area of about 180,000 ha 444,790 acres. The Bouba Njida National Park has around 23 antelope species. The Park Campo Ma'an National Park covers an area of around 264,064 hectare. The park in counting with buffer zone covers nearly 700,000 hectares. Faro National Park encompasses an area of 3,300 kmē or 1287 square miles. The Faro National park comprises cheetahs, black rhinoceros, elephants, and very famous for the settlement of hippopotamuses. Waza National was created in 1934 and later rated as a UNESCO biosphere reserve in 1979. Initiated in the year 2008 the Takamanda National Park is a conserved region of the country. Korup National Park is situated in the Southwest Province of Cameroon. The region has an area of 1,260 km2. It is an ancient park of Africa. Lobeke National Park is positioned in the Congo Basin and to its northwest lias a Boumba Bek National Park. Nki National Park has around 265 varieties of birds.

Cameroon Economy
In Central Africa a country named Cameroon is prosperous in environmental diversity, and natural resources. Financial system and production of Cameroon represent momentous features of the country. Within the sub-Saharan province, an emergent country named Cameroon has a financial system based on its oil possessions and cultivation. Amid the circumstances reasonably encouraging, on behalf of the growth and expansion of Cameroon's financial system and commerce. Through different global organizations the country is being aided similar to the IMF World Bank. To achieve the advanced steps of expansion the financial system of Cameroon is stressed. For the enlargement and increase of various kinds of businesses, a proposal is shaped by the Cameroon's economic system in the country. Cameroon production includes monetary, profitable, educative, organizational and technological field, at the same time the weather of Cameroon is moderately favorable for its development. User Comments

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