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Turks and Caicos Rentals
Turks and Caicos rental properties are primarily found in the major metropolitan areas of Turks and Caicos. Common rental types found in Turks and Caicos are apartments, studios, lofts, one bedrooms, two bedrooms, condos, houses for rent, mobile homes, hotel rooms, vacation rental, furnished rentals short term rentals. Cities in Turks and Caicos where housing rentals are found are Anguilla, Antigua Barbuda, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Bonaire, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands,Cuba, Curacao, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Jamaica, La Desirade, Les Saintes, Martinique, Turks and Caicos, Nevis, Puerto Rico, Saba, Saint Barts, Turks and Caicos, Saint Lucia, Saint Martin, Saint Vincent Grenadines, Sint Eustatius, Trinidad Tobago, US Virgin Islands, Venezuelan Archipelago. Vacation rentals, short term rentals and furnished housing are more common in the metropolitan areas of Turks and Caicos.

Turks and Caicos Rental Areas
Use the rental links below to find Turks and Caicos apartment rentals, Turks and Caicos houses for rent, Turks and Caicos short term furnished Turks and Caicos vacation rentals and more. Landlords post rentals directly. Tenants contact landlords about the houses and apartments and negotiate such rental aspects as rent, lease term, pet policy...

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      Turks and Caicos Information
Turks and Caicos Islands situated at near the Bahamas in the Caribbean. The first of these islands is under the Bahamian government, but in 1874 it has become dependencies of the colony of Jamaica. Jamaica's independence, it became a British Crown Colony. There are 40 islands and cays, eight of which are inhabited. Turks and Caicos Islands national language is English. In the subsequent centuries, the islands were controlled by the British Empire, claimed by the European powers. Turks and Caicos Islands has world's most beautiful beaches, natural coral reefs, diving, fishing, offshore investments, luxury apartments and villa vacation rentals. Cockburn Town is the capital for more than 400 years of this island and currently it is a business and financial center.

      Turks and Caicos Recreation, Culture and Attractions
The Turks and Caicos Islands has more famous sports, like: Snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, boating, and swimming. Motorized sports such as waterskiing, jet skiing, boating adventures, and parasailing. And land activities are tennis, cycling, horseback riding and whale watching. There are number of natural attractions, beautiful beaches, and parks and fishing. Turks & Caicos Islands are very well known for ripsaw music. It is a traditional music for Turks and Caicos Island. The Island has many local talents and other dynamic performances celebrities' music performance annual music and cultural festivals around the Caribbean and the United States. There are number of dance types but "winin" is the most popular youthful dance. Turks & Caicos Islands has Christian religions, but it shown by several communions like Roman Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, Baptist, Seventh - day Adventist and Pentecostal. Turks and Caicos culture may not be the most popular among the Caribbean, but it is the islands' history it's easy to see how in order to develop something entirely personal.

      Turks and Caicos Demographics
Turks and Caicos Islands Total POpulation is 31,500
Turks and Caicos Islands Black POpulation is 88%
Turks and Caicos Islands White POpulation is 8%
Turks and Caicos Islands Mixed and East Indian POpulation is 4%

      Turks and Caicos Education
The Turks and Caicos Islands education system is all based on British territory. And the primary language is English of instruction at all levels in English. The distribution of this small Caribbean islands, the population of children in the school system for the development of a balanced never going to be an easy thing, and this day do not have to be adequately trained in primary school confidence. Free and compulsory education from the age of 5 to 15 years cannot to target of the country prepared for the call stepped space so there will be 6 years of primary education. There are 4 state secondary schools are sustained by 3 private institutions. Community College is also the nation's only post-secondary education. Its provide A-Level education for general subjects.

Turks and Caicos Symbols

Image of Turks and Caicos flag

Image of Turks and Caicos anthem

Image of Turks and Caicos song
Turks and Caicos Flag
Turks and Caicos Anthem
God Save the Queen
Turks and Caicos Song
This Land of Ours

Image of Turks and Caicos motto
Turks and Caicos Motto
Beautiful By Nature

      Turks and Caicos History
Columbus is said to have discovered the islands in the year of 1492, but some are still attributed to the Ponce de Leon. What is it, really Taino Indians were the first to the islands, but unfortunately they were not able to go in here a little early. South Bahama Islands and Turks & Caicos Islands through 1513, about the destruction and it were continued until the 17th century. In the 17th century, Grand Turk, Salt Cay and South Caicos have established themselves witnessed the arrival of settlers from Bermuda. They are slaves to rake salt to the British colonies in America, and later the British Loyalists depart the American Revolution. Finally, as part of the Treaty of Versailles, Britain retained the end of the century the island nation. The island's economy is sold the great cotton and sisal plantations in London and New York, around their cultivation. In the year of 1776, the Spanish, French and the British controlled the Bahamas, the Turks and Caicos became a part of the colony, but failed and were abandoned in 1848 seeks to integrate. Turks and Caicos become a British Crown Colony in 1962 and the links to the Bahamas followed by the Anglican Church. Today, the Turks and Caicos to enjoy for the next thousand years, an ancient sanctuary for both local residents and tourists together to develop strictly controlled in order to protect the heritage of the islands in the Caribbean, boasting the fastest growing economy stands on the threshold of an exciting future.

      Turks and Caicos Tourism
Turks and Caicos Island is home for world class hotels, spas, and restaurants as do our famous stretches of uncrowned beaches and vibrant coral reefs. The government is pursuing a two-pointed strategy to increase tourism. Turks and Caicos brand, once on a visit to the country, time and time again that the pressure is a magnet for guests. They travel to the Turks and Caicos is easy and efficient. These island main attractions are music events and cultural festivals.

      Turks and Caicos Transportation
The chart for the Turks & Caicos Islands is Providenciales International Airport. Flights from Turks and Caicos are limited to within the Caribbean. Each inhabited island has the seven airports. Paved five runways and the remaining two have unpaved runways. There are 121 kilometers of highway in Turks and Caicos Islands. In the early 20th century there are no significant railways and there is no public transportation in Turks and Caicos Island.

      Turks and Caicos Collegs and Universities
Charisma University, Turks and Caicos Islands
Burkes University, Turks and Caicos Islands
Global University of Management and Technology, Turks and Caicos Islands
St Clements University, Turks and Caicos Islands
University College of the Caribbean, Turks and Caicos Islands
Turks and Caicos Islands Community College, Turks and Caicos Islands

      Turks and Caicos Tourist Attractions
Caicos Conch Farm
Cheshire Hall
Clear Kayaking & Eco Safari
Grand Turk Cruise Center
Grand Turk Lighthouse
Humpback Whales
Island Adventure
Island Trams
John Glenn Exhibit
JoJo the Dolphin
Middle Caicos Caves
Power Snorkel
The Flow Rider
The Rock Iguana
Wades Green Plantation
Whale Watching

      Turks and Caicos Museums
Turks and Caicos National Museum

      Turks and Caicos Parks
Chalk Sound National Park
North West Point Marine National Park
Princess Alexandra Land and Sea National Park
North West Point Pond Nature Reserve
Pigeon Pond and Frenchman's Creek Nature Reserve
Princess Alexandra Nature Reserve
Cheshire Hall Area of Historical Interest
Sapodilla Hill Area of Historical Interest
Columbus Landfall Marine National Park
Conch Bar Caves National Park
East Bay Islands National Park
Fort George Land and Sea National Park
Cottage Pond Nature Reserve
Dick Hill Creek and Bellefield Landing Pond Nature Reserve
Pumpkin Bluff Pond Nature Reserve
Three Mary Cays Sanctuary
Fort George Area of Historical Interest
Wades Green Proposed Area of Historical Interest
Admiral Cockburn Land and Sea National Park
West Caicos Marine National Park
Lake Catherine Nature Reserve

      Turks and Caicos Religious
Turks and Caicos Islands Protestant Religious 72.8%
Turks and Caicos Islands Roman Catholic Religious 11.4%
Turks and Caicos Islands Jehovah's Witnesses Religious 1.8%
Turks and Caicos Islands Other Religious 14%

      Turks and Caicos Government
Turks & Caicos Islands are a British overseas territory. A British territory, on the advice of the Foreign Office and its sovereign, represented by a governor appointed by the monarch of the United Kingdom, is Queen Elizabeth II. Status as a British overseas territory, we have a seat in the United Nations, the Olympic team of our own or do not have the ability to understand our own passports. Grand Turk is the administrative and political capital of the Turks & Caicos Islands and Cockburn Town has been the seat of government since 1766.

      Turks and Caicos Geography
Turks & Caicos Islands is a part of the chain in Bahamian. These two groups constitute the Lucayan Archipelago, but is politically a separate entity. Turks and Caicos banks, such as the Bahamas, North America separated from West Africa, built on the pieces are the continents broke apart. Turks and Caicos Islands climate is dry and sunny tropical climate.

      Turks and Caicos Economy
Mostly the islands economy is depended on tourism, fishing and financial services. Turks and Caicos Islands economy is developed by 3.4% in 2013. This islands major import products are food and beverages, tobacco, clothing, manufactures and construction materials and imports are lobster, dried and fresh conch and conch shells. Agriculture is also play a major role for the economy, Turks and Caicos main agriculture products are maize, beans, cassava and citrus fruits.

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