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Saint Martin Rentals
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      Saint Martin Information
Saint Martin Island is located in north eastern region of Caribbean. The Island covers an area of about 87 km2. This Island is not much populated. The region separates the two nations. Sint Maarten the empire of the Netherlands is located on the southern Dutch. Collectivity of St. Martin is in the northern French. Approximately the population of the Island is 82,892. The total Dutch people are around 46,500 and French people are 36,392. Communally "St-Martin / St Maarten" is the name known for the two regions. They are also known as SXM.

      Saint Martin Recreation, Culture and Attractions
St. Martin's culture to a great extent is influenced by African, French, British, and Dutch tradition. St. Martin Island is divided into Saint Martin, a French abroad collectivity; and Sint Maarten, branch of the empire of the Netherlands. The culture in both divisions to some extent is same. Roman Catholicism is followed in French Saint Martin. Methodism is mainly followed by the people of Dutch Sint Maarten. Few citizens on the Island even follow Jewish and Seventh-day Adventist communities. The Island of St. Martin is identified for its outstanding cuisine mainly the Creole, French, and West Indian cooking. The Caribbean Calypso, merengue, soca, zouk, and reggae are different kinds of music known in the island. Cheerful nightlife, beaches, jewelry, exotic drinks made with local rum-based guavaberry liquors, and abundant casinos are famous in St. Martin's Dutch side. The other division is popular for nude beaches, clothes, shopping, and rich French and Indian Caribbean cuisine. French is the official language for Saint Martin whereas Dutch and English are the official languages for Sint Maarten. Due to the position of island next to the intertropical convergence zone storms occur. Hundreds of gourmet restaurants are available in the Island.

      Saint Martin Demographics
Saint Martin Total Population - 82,892
Saint Martin Dutch side-Sint Maarten Population - 38,927
Saint Martin French side-Collectivity of Saint Martin Population - 35,925
Saint Martin Dutch side-Sint Maarten Total Male Population - 17,960
Saint Martin Dutch side-Sint Maarten Total Female Population - 19,469

      Saint Martin Education
The school Education of the Saint Martin Island comprises of different medium of teaching. The institutions are made at high level to progress to the finest level. The school system is classified as public schools, private schools. The public schools receive financial support from the regime of the Island. The Education system is pressurized by that of the Netherlands. Later it was influenced by Dutch, Caribbean and American systems of education. American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine (AUC), initiated in the year 1978 is the earliest university.

Saint Martin Symbols

Image of Saint Martin flag

Image of Saint Martin flower

Image of Saint Martin bird
Saint Martin Flag
Saint Martin Flower
Saint Martin Bird
Brown Pelican

Image of Saint Martin anthem

Image of Saint Martin motto
Saint Martin Anthem
O Sweet Saint Martin's Land
Saint Martin Motto
Semper pro grediens

      Saint Martin History
The history of Saint Martin Island starts long back in 13th century. The Arawak Indian tribes were the initial settlers in this island. They named the island as the Land of Salt. The island comprised of the salt-pans and the brackish water. Saint Martin Museum contains artifacts from this period. The Caribs were the next people to settle in the island of St. Martin. The Island came into light on November 11, 1493. It was feast of St. Martin and thus the island was named after it. The island was captured by Nieue Amsterdam in 1631. By 1633 Spain took back the powers on the island. They drove out the Dutch from the island. In 1647 the King of Spain gave the right to power to Dutch. Finally the island was separated by the Dutch and French. The partition was done by competing. The two initiated from Oysterpond on the east coast and proceeded towards west and the French next to the northern rim, the Dutch down the southern and the point they came together was the line of separation across the island.

      Saint Martin Tourism
The Island separated into Saint Martin and Sint Maarten is known for a surfeit of implausible tourist's destinations. The Arawak Museum of early Columbian period and Sint Maarten Museum new history are popular among the visitors. Orient Beach and Quartier d'Orleans is The Old House a momentous sugar plantation famous in the island. Fort Amsterdam and Concordia Hill are worth watching sites. The Island is well known for beaches. There are nearly 30 beaches around the island. Wind surfing, parasail, and scuba diving are some of popular water sports. The tourists of the Dutch side island are mainly attracted by the Casinos, discos and music.

      Saint Martin Transportation
The typical means of transport for the people of island is to travel by the tiny vans which are known as "Jitneys". Public transportation is restricted to small busses that function among the chief regions. Travelling by bus is inexpensive in Saint-Martin. Hiring a car is most convenient option to travel around the Island. The roads in the Saint-Martin are maintained in good condition. The Island can be connected by Airways to the world. Large jet aircraft in addition with Boeing 747s, Airbus A340s, and McDonnell Douglas MD-11s are mainly used. Princess Juliana International Airport is the major airport of Saint-Martin's Island. LEsperance Airport at Grand Case is a tiny airport on the French side.

      Sint Maarten Religions
Sint Maarten Roman Catholic Population is 39%
Sint Maarten Protestant Population is 27%
Sint Maarten Pentecostal Population is 11.6%
Sint Maarten Seventh Day Adventist Population is 6.2%
Sint Maarten None Population is 6.7%
Sint Maarten Jewish Population is 3.4%
Sint Maarten Not Reported Population is 0.7%
Sint Maarten Others Population is 5.4%

      Saint Martin Government
The nation Netherlands realm's politics is structured as a parliamentary representative democratic. It has a multi-party system in which the regime is created by the monarch and the ministers. The prime minister holds the authority of the council of ministers. The regime exercises the Executive power. The regime and parliament vests the Legislative power. The judiciary is independent of the executive and the legislature. The Constitution of Sint Maarten was approved in September 2010, and came into action on 10 October 2010. Saint Martin was a French community structuring as a branch of Guadeloupe. Guadeloupe is now an out of the country area and department of France. It is also a member of the European Union. The initial meeting of the Territorial Council took place on 15 July 2007.

      Saint Martin Geography
Saint Martin Island is located in north eastern region of Caribbean. The Island is situated around 250km north from Continental-Guadeloupe which is further recognized as Northern Archipelago. Christopher Columbus found this Island on November 11th, 1493. This day is celebrated as Saint Martin's day. The Island is divided into Dutch and French. They are separated by an about unnoticeable boundary. The Island covers an area of about only thirty-seven square miles. Among Grande-Terre and Terres-Basses is classified the Island geographically. Pic du Paradis at 1,400 feet is the peak point. This peak point illuminates a magnificent view of the surroundings and the tropical rain forest underneath. Philipsburg and Marigot are the major cities of Dutch and French side respectively. The weather on the Island ranges between 17 C to 35 C. The annual average rainfall of the Island is 995 mm.

      Saint Martin Economy
Saint Martin in the year 1650 started to expand the sugarcane plantations. Initially labors from Europe were transported but later African slave trade was set. In 1848 slavery was eliminated from the Island. The outcome was the Economic depression for next 100 years in the island of Saint Martin. This continued till mid 1950's. Now the economy to a larger extent is influenced by tourism industry, petroleum refining, offshore finances, and trade. The regime of the island has initiated preventive measures to develop the economy by enterprising of services for light industry and built-up and some heavy industry. The creation of airport augmented the tourists of the Island. Saint Martin Island's economy is well maintained in the Caribbean region. User Saint Martin Comments

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