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Saint Kitts Rentals
Saint Kitts rental properties are primarily found in the major metropolitan areas of Saint Kitts. Common rental types found in Saint Kitts are apartments, studios, lofts, one bedrooms, two bedrooms, condos, houses for rent, mobile homes, hotel rooms, vacation rental, furnished rentals short term rentals. Cities in Saint Kitts where housing rentals are found are Anguilla, Antigua Barbuda, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Bonaire, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands,Cuba, Curacao, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Jamaica, La Desirade, Les Saintes, Martinique, Saint Kitts, Nevis, Puerto Rico, Saba, Saint Barts, Saint Kitts, Saint Lucia, Saint Martin, Saint Vincent Grenadines, Sint Eustatius, Trinidad Tobago, US Virgin Islands, Venezuelan Archipelago. Vacation rentals, short term rentals and furnished housing are more common in the metropolitan areas of Saint Kitts.

Saint Kitts Rental Areas
Use the rental links below to find Saint Kitts apartment rentals, Saint Kitts houses for rent, Saint Kitts short term furnished Saint Kitts vacation rentals and more. Landlords post rentals directly. Tenants contact landlords about the houses and apartments and negotiate such rental aspects as rent, lease term, pet policy...

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      Saint Kitts Information
The island situated to the west of Caribbean Sea in the West Indies is Saint Kitts. The island was officially recognized as Saint Christopher Island. To the east of the island is the Atlantic Ocean. The island of Saint Kitts and the island of Nevis together comprise as a single nation called the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis. The total land area of Saint Kitts is nearly 168 km2 or 65 sq mi. The larger part of people on the island belongs to African Descent. The population of the island is about 35,000. English is formally used. The people of the island self entitled them as Kittitians or Kittians. The island of Saint Kitts consists of a biggest citadel of Eastern Caribbean known as Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park. It is a UNESCO rated World Heritage site.

      Saint Kitts Recreation, Culture and Attractions
The culture of the island of Saint Kitts reflects their way of living. A Carnival held at Christmas time is very famous on the island of Saint Kitts. The opening ceremony of the festival is mid December. Few of the main activities of the carnival are the Miss Caribbean Talented Teen Pageant, the Junior Calypso Show, and the National Carnival Queen Pageant. The parade including public wearing colorful, glittery dresses attracts the crowd. Masquerade or Mas advanced from three centuries for the blend of African and European customs is very significant. Dances mingle rudiments of waltzes, jigs, wild mas, fertility dances, quadrilles, and different conventional African and European dances are done at Mas. Moko-Jumbies hops to amuse the public are held. Clown troupes also present their live band dance with pink masks to cover their faces. Cricket is the main liked game in Saint Kitts. Horse racing, Mountain biking, golf, and soccer are also well played in Saint Kitts. A triathlon is held every year.

      Saint Kitts Demographics
Saint Kitts Total Population - 35,000
Saint Kitts Predominantly Black(African) Population - 31,500
Saint Kitts White (British, Portuguese, Lebanese) Population - 350
Saint Kitts Mulatto Population - 1,750
Saint Kitts East Indian Population - 1,050
Saint Kitts Other Population - 210

      Saint Kitts Education
The system of education on the island of Saint Kitts is included with preschool, primary, secondary and postsecondary learning. The education in the island of Saint Kitts is obligatory for the ages 5 to 16. The Elementary learning is of seven years. Secondary learning is of four years education. In the year 1991 a National Committee was formed to promote the education. The education here is offered for free. The higher educational college, St. Kitts Technical College is very popular among the Caribbean people. Trainings for the teachers were offered to develop the standard of education. The Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) Secondary School Examination was initiated in 1983. Till then the procedure of the United Kingdom was followed. Later in 2000, Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) was started. The litracy rate of the island of Saint Kitts is nearly about 98%.

Saint Kitts Symbols
Saint Kitts nickname - Saint Kitts

Image of Saint Kitts flag

Image of Saint Kitts flower

Image of Saint Kitts bird
Saint Kitts Flag
Saint Kitts Flower
Saint Kitts Bird
Brown Pelican

Image of Saint Kitts anthem

Image of Saint Kitts motto

Image of Saint Kitts animal
Saint Kitts Anthem
O Land of Beauty!
Saint Kitts Motto
Country Above Self
Saint Kitts Animal
Vervet Monkey

      Saint Kitts History
The island of Saint Kitts primarily was occupied by the archaic people who moved from Florida. The Saladoid people substituted the archaic people. In 100 BC the Igneri an Arawak group populace replaced the Saladoid people. The people belonging to Kalinago or Carib entered the island of Saint Kitts in 1300. The island was known by them as Liamuiga which mean the fertile island. Christopher Columbus in 1493 on his journey noticed and alleged the island for Spain. In 1538 a French Huguenot resolution was initiated at Dieppe. In 1623 the initial English settlement was initiated. The island was divided by the British and French. The Spanish force removed the English people in 1629 and the English people were back in 1630. The 17th and 18th centuries were of the switching powers between the English and French. In the year 1783 the island completely belonged to the British. In September 1983 the British Commonwealth developed the Federation of St. Kitts & Nevis as a self-governing nation.

      Saint Kitts Tourism
Saint Kitts Island is famous for its charming natural charisma, vibrant skies, warm waters, and white sandy beaches. Past monuments are very popular in the island of Saint Kitts. The island comprises of about 200 historical locations. The island is known for its beaches. The beaches vary on the north it has radiant black sands all the way with the grey sands and the golden sands which offers means to a whiter hue as one travels in the direction of the end of the southeast peninsula. The beaches are known for their isolated location, exploratory and the probing. The capital city is Basseterre. It is very appealing with emerald green hills and pleasing Georgian architecture. The synonym to the name of the capital city is lowland. The Treasury Building, the Circus, St. George's Anglican Church, Independence Square, Old Road Bay, Sandy Point, Frigate Bay Peninsula, Wingfield Estate and Petroglyphs, Southeast Peninsula, St. Thomas Church are some of the well liked tourists destinations of Basseterre.

      Saint Kitts Transportation
The finest way of transport in the island of Saint Kitts is the road ways. Travelling the island by two wheelers or by taxi is the best option. Scooters can also be hired. Public transport like public bus is also an alternative. But one cannot totally rely on buses. The buses are not much expensive when compared to taxis. Taxis here are readily available. Mini-vans are also a preference. The bus services are irregular. Saint Kitts has one international airport. It is Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport. Travelling from Saint Kitts to the Nevis Island is eased out by the Basseterre Ferry Terminal. Sea transport is also an easy transporting way in Saint Kitts.

      Saint Kitts Taxes
Saint Kitts Country Corporate Tax - 35%
Saint Kitts Country VAT Tax - 10%
Saint Kitts Country Property Tax Rate - 5%

      Saint Kitts Universities
International University for Graduate Studies, Saint George Basseterre, Saint Kitts - Students 250
The University of Medicine and Health Sciences, Basseterre, St.Kitts - Students 150

      Saint Kitts Religions
Saint Kitts Anglican 98% Saint Kitts other Protestant, 1%
Saint Kitts Roman Catholic 1%

      Saint Kitts Parishes
Christ Church Nichola Town, Saint Kitts, Population - 2,059
Saint Anne Sandy Point, Saint Kitts, Population - 3,140
Saint George Basseterre, Saint Kitts, Population - 13,220
Saint John Capisterre, Saint Kitts, Population - 3,181
Saint Mary Cayon, Saint Kitts, Population - 3,374
Saint Paul Capisterre, Saint Kitts, Population -
Saint Peter Basseterre, Saint Kitts, Population - 3,472
Saint Thomas Middle Island, Saint Kitts, Population - 2,332
Trinity Palmetto Point, Saint Kitts, Population - 1,692

      Saint Kitts Government
Officially in the island of Saint Kitts her dignity Queen Elizabeth II directs the state. The emblematic regime includes St. Kitts & Nevis and fifty-three additional earlier British colonies. The bills are passed here. The Prime Minister suggests the Governor-General to her majesty. The Governor-General is the special spokesperson to the Queen. The prime minister organizes the political party. The Cabinet in the island of Saint Kitts consists of the Prime Minister, other ministers and the Attorney-General. The prime minister guides the Governor-General to choose the Cabinet ministers. The island's parliament is incorporated with the Speaker, nominated members of the regime and opponent communal group (11), three allotted Senators and the Attorney-General when not a chosen member. In the island of Saint Kitts the parliament looks after the laws and taxes. The prime minister selects the Chief Secretary. He is the leader of the Civil Service and Secretary to the Cabinet. He makes certain that the resolutions are done appropriately.

      Saint Kitts Geography
Saint Kitts is an island situated in the Caribbean region. The Geographic coordinates of the island of Saint Kitts are 17 20 N, 62 45 W. The total land area of the island of Saint Kitts is about 176 square kilometers or 68 square miles. It is nearly 23 miles long and 5 miles transversely at its broadest points. To the north of the island 10 km or 6.2 mi away is the island of Sint Eustatius, to the south of the island 3 km or 1.9 mi away is the island of Nevis, It is nearly 113 kilometers to the south of Anguilla and about 300 kilometers to the southeast of Puerto Rico. The climate is tropical. The average temperature of the island is 26C. About 55 inches or 1.397 millimeters is the yearly rainfall. The island of Saint Kitts is guitar shaped. It has an elongated neck and a tiny cape at its end of southeast.

      Saint Kitts Parks
Brimstone Hill and its Fortress is a National Park sited on the island of Saint Kitts. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park was planned and structured by British military engineers and African slaves respectively. The park is one of the confined historic parks. In the year 1690 Cannon was raised up to the Brimstone Hill. Britain's Queen Elizabeth II announced a sign designating Brimstone Hill as a National Park in the year 1985. In the year 1999 the Brimstone Hill was acknowledged a World Heritage Site. The National Conservation and Environment Protect Act of 1987 guards the Brimstone Hill National Park. They have the authority to formulate and implement Regulations for the organization and supervision.

      Saint Kitts Economy
Saint Kitts was a major producer of sugar. The sugar industry ended in 2005 due to heavy losses. The developing tourism sector is enhancing the economic condition of the island of Saint Kitts since 1990s. Some of the different factors on which the economy of the islands depends are transportation, non-sugar agriculture, manufacturing and construction. The Music Festival held annually in the island of Saint Kitts is very popular. Saint Kitts along with the island of Nevis is connected with the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU). A common currency for all the associated members of ECCU was developed by ECCB (Eastern Caribbean Central Bank). The ECCB supervises the monetary policy, and normalize and directs marketable banking services in its member nations. In 2004 emerging the policies to ease up the telecommunications sector in the area. User Saint Kitts Comments

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