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Dominica Rentals
Dominica rental properties are primarily found in the major metropolitan areas of Dominica. Common rental types found in Dominica are apartments, studios, lofts, one bedrooms, two bedrooms, condos, houses for rent, mobile homes, hotel rooms, vacation rental, furnished rentals short term rentals. Cities in Dominica where housing rentals are found are Saint Andrew, Saint David, Saint George, Saint John, Saint Joseph, Saint Luke, Saint Mark, Saint Patrick, Saint Paul, Saint Peter. Vacation rentals, short term rentals and furnished housing are more common in the metropolitan areas of Dominica.

Dominica Rental Areas
Use the rental links below to find Dominica apartment rentals, Dominica houses for rent, Dominica short term furnished Dominica vacation rentals and more. Landlords post rentals directly. Tenants contact landlords about the houses and apartments and negotiate such rental aspects as rent, lease term, pet policy...

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      Dominica Information
The Dominica is the Eastern Caribbean island country. The Roman Catholic is the major religion lived in this island region. The total area occupied by the Dominica is 754 sq km (290 sq miles). The total population of this country is 72,000. The Roseau is the capital of Dominica. The English is the official and widely used language and French patois and Creole are the other languages mostly used by the religious people. The Eastern Caribbean Dollar is the currency used in this country and one Dominica dollar is equal to 2.7 US dollar. The Dominica Labour Party and Dominica Freedom Party are popular political parties in Dominica. The Dominica has Democratic parliament government administered by the President. The Dominica time varies with UTC-4. Driving is allowed on left side of the road and DM is the ISO code of Dominica. The Dominica has so many communication channels such as internet and telephone. The .dm is the internet domain and 767 is the calling code of Dominica. This island country is enjoying with a good economy received from various sectors. The Dominica has several recreation things like sports, fishing and horse riding and many attracting spots like parks.

      Dominica Recreation, Culture and Attractions
The Dominica has so many recreation things in order to provide most wonderful environment to the visitors. The scuba tours, snorkeling and dive sites are the popular recreation things provides relief as well as entertainment. The Nature Island Dive offers special tourist packages like adventurous trips such as mountain hiking and kayaking. The Dominica is a combination of distinct religious people and is a mixture of various cultures. The Music and dance shows their culture and tradition. The Independence Day celebrations explore the outburst of traditional song and the "Creole in the Park" and the "World Creole Music Festival" explores the major cultural things of music and dance. In 1973 the Dominica got popularity for international music. Dominica has so many attractions include national parks and world's popular boiling lake. The Picard Beach is the famous tourist spot. The Trafalgar Falls is one of the most popular attractions, the visitor wish to swim in hot and cool water under the twin waterfalls. The Valley of Desolation, mini-geyers and wildlife exposure are the other famous attractions in Dominica.

      Dominica Demographics
Dominica Total Population - 72,969
Dominica Male Population - 36,804
Dominica Female Population - 36,165
Dominica Black Population - 63,337
Dominica Mixed Population - 6,494
Dominica Carib Amerindian Population - 2,116
Dominica White Population - 583
Dominica Other Population - 510

      Dominica Education
The Dominica has very good education structure and policies and the government pay more attention and developments on the structure of education and the basic needs of schools. The basic education is free of cost and compulsory for children who are having the ages in between 5 and 16 provided by both public schools as well as religious schools. The attendance is must and should for children who are in between 5 and 15 years. According to the ministry of education the education structure is categorized into 4 levels named as preprimary, primary, secondary and high level education. The education system is based on the combination of British and North American rules. The primary education stars at the age of 5 years consists of 7 years course duration. The secondary education starts from 12 years age and ended with 17 years. So many public and private institutes offer various courses in higher education. The Dominica state college was formed with the combination 4 specialized institutions. The University of West Indies offers various courses and it consists of many branches. The Dominica education offer several diploma courses and teacher training colleges.

      Dominica Symbols

Image of Dominica flag

Image of Dominica anthem

Image of Dominica motto
Dominica Flag
Dominica anthem
Isle of Beauty, Isle of Splendour
Dominica Motto
Apres Bondie, C'est La Ter

Image of Dominica bird

Image of Dominica Flower
Dominica Bird
Imperial Parrot
Dominica Flower
The bwa kwaib or Carib tree

      Dominica History
The Dominica has a great history of about 1400 years back. The Arawaks were the first people who settled in this island country. In 1493 the Christopher Columbus the researcher was entered into this island. The Dominica was ruled by the British and French people till the entrance of Great Britain in 1805. After that Britain formed this as a British colony. The Dominica was joined as the member in Federation of the West Indies in 1958. At the same time it was formed league and made 12 British colonies. The Dominica became a self governing region in 1968 after the retention of Britain due to some external reasons and defense. This country got independence on November 3rd 1978 and also the constitution was ruled from the same date. The Mary Eugenia Charles charged as a Prime Minister in 1980 and she was the first woman working as head of the government in total Caribbean region. During 1979 and 1980 the Dominica face three violent storms and it results many losses the military force tried but failed to reduce the losses. In 1990's the Dominica agreed to work in order to increase the political and economic integration.

      Dominica Tourism
The Dominica is an exciting tourist spot and it attracts tourists with most entertaining activities like hiking in rainy forest areas and cruise ships. In earlier days Dominica is a covered region without any white sandy beach areas that's why the tourism sector was not so popular. In recent years it is popular as the nature island in Caribbean region with natural beauty and wildlife. The Dominica government pays more attention in order to increase the tourism by the construction of many hotels and increasing cruise ships for the better transposition. Most of the cruise ship visitors spend more time and amount on the island. The tourism sector in Dominica is in lower position compared with other Caribbean islands why because it doesn't have popular hotels. The Indian River in Portsmouth, Emerald Pool and Trafalgar Falls are the most popular tourist spots in Dominica. The boiling lake is popular as second largest boiling lake situated in Morne Trois Pitons National Park is the other famous tourist spot. The Morne Trois Pitons National Park is recognized as world heritage site with its natural beauty. Because of the steep drop offs reefs and great marine environment the Dominica has many wonderful diving spots.

      Dominica Transportation
The Dominica has so many transportation services facilitated by the public and private sectors. The Dominica has total 780 km of road ways in which only 393 km have proper road lines remaining 387 km are unpaved ways. This country doesn't have any railway facilities because of the mountainous regions. The Dominica doesn't have any water ways in order to facilitate transportation through water lines. The Portsmouth and Roseau are the major ports of Dominica in order to transmit bulk amounts of goods through harbor. The Dominica has total six ships with the over all capacity of 13,771 GRT/19,736 DWT and all these ships are foreign owned ones. In total six ships three are cargo, two are container ships and remaining one is used as petroleum tanker. The Dominica has two airports and these two have 914 to 1,523 m air lines. The rental cars and taxies are the popular private transposition services routed in between major towns.

      Dominica Taxes
Dominica Country Income Tax - 36%
Dominica Country Corporate Tax - 30%
Dominica Country Sales Tax - 15%
Dominica Country Environment Levy Tax - 1.5%
Dominica Country Alien Land Holding Tax - 10%
Dominica Country Customs Service Tax - 3%
Dominica Country Motor Vehicles Excise Tax - 28%

      Dominica Universities
Ross University Caribbean School of Medicine, Picard, Dominica - 7,500 Students

      Dominica Religions
Dominica Roman Catholic Population is 44,802
Dominica Seventh Day Adventist Population is 4,378
Dominica Pentecostal Population is 4,086
Dominica Baptist Population is 2,991
Dominica Methodist Population is 2,699
Dominica Church of God Population is 875
Dominica Jehovah's Witnesses Population is 875
Dominica Other Christian Population is 5,618
Dominica Rastafarian Population is 948
Dominica unspecified Population is 1,167
Dominica None Population is 4,451

      Dominica Parishes
St. Andrew, Dominica - Population 11,106
St. David, Dominica - Population 7,337
St. George, Dominica - Population 20,501
St. John, Dominica - Population 4,990
St. Joseph, Dominica - Population 6,606
St. Luke, Dominica - Population 1,503
St. Mark, Dominica - Population 1,921
St. Patrick, Dominica - Population 9,780
St. Paul, Dominica - Population 6,386
St. Peter, Dominica - Population 1,601

      Dominica Government
The commonwealth of Dominica has democratic parliament government ruled by the President. The Roseau is the capital and this country has 10 parishes as an administrative sections. The Dominica got independence on 3 November 1978 from UK and then onwards November 3rd is declared as a national holiday and the constitution was also ruled from that date. The Dominica legal system is dependent on the English law. According the constitutional rule, the person who has 18 and beyond that had a right to participate in voting system. The Dominica government sector is divided into 3 distinct sectors named as Executive, Legislative and Judiciary branches. The President acts as head of the state, Prime Minister Acts as head of the government and cabinet are working under the Executive branch. The President is elected by the Assembly in order to serve 5 years period. The cabinet leaders are elected by the president based on the advice of Prime minister. The Legislative branch has a House of Assembly with 30 seats in which leaders are elected through voting system to serve 5 years period. The Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court is working under the Judiciary and it consists of several small courts located in Saint Lucia consists of 6 judges. The Dominica Freedom Party, Dominica Labor Party and Dominica United Workers Party are major political parties in Dominica.

      Dominica Geography
The Dominica is an island country originated in between the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean. The Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago are the neighborhood countries of Dominica. The region coordinates of Dominica are recorded as15 25 N and 61 20 W. The Dominica has 751 sq km area total area is land, there is no water section. The length of the coast line is 148 km. The Dominica has 12 nm of sea region, 24 nm surrounding area and 200 nm of especial economic zone. The weather is generally hot but some changes are occurred due to the trade winds and consisting heavy amounts of rainfall. The region is mostly filled with the mountains of volcanic origin. The Caribbean Sea with 0 m low and Morne Diablotins with 1,447 m height are the elevation boundaries of Dominica. The hydropower and timber are the natural products frequently available in this country. The sudden floods and some sudden changes of the wind usually occurred in summer season and it results some destructions of animals and resources. The Boiling Lake located in this country is popular as second largest quality lake in the world.

      Dominica Parks
The Dominica has three popular national parks and it provides great entertainment and enjoyment to the visitors who want to enjoy with the great nature. The Cabrits National Park is the popular one placed in both land and some water area located towards north of Portsmouth. This park is used to protect several natural reserves such as tropical forest area, coral reefs and wetlands. This park consists of many hiking trails which provide thrilling experience to the visitors. This park is placed in 1,313 acres (531 ha) area and was established in 1986. The Morne Diablo tin National Park is the other one located in northern mountain ranges of Dominica. This park occupies an area of 8,242 acres and was established in 2000. This park protects bird species especially Sisserou Parrot the national symbol of Dominica. This park consists of one of the largest mountain in islands and it consists of 1,447 meter height named as Morne Diablo tin. The Morne Trois Pitons National Park is the park popular as world heritage site. The name of this park is mentioned based on the highest mountain represent the mountain of three peak levels. This park is a significant area of volcanic threads. The Valley of Desolation, the Boiling Lake, Titou Gorge and Emerald Pool are the other famous activities located in this park.

      Dominica Economy
The Dominica is now enjoying with a great economy raised from agricultural and tourism sectors. The bananas production is the major source of economy in earlier days but now the Dominica is popular for tourism and it plays a prominent role in the country economy due to the developments in tourism sector. The government also tries to improve offshore financing for better economy. The capital income is raised from various sectors such as main income is raised through services nearly 49%, the industrial areas contribute 33% and the remaining 18% is raised from agricultural sector. The population below the poverty line in Dominica is 30%. The Dominica has 25,000 of labor and 23% of the unemployment. The Dominica average annual income is $343 million and all the expenses are estimated as $277 million. The soap, oil, furniture, tourism, cement and shoes are the industrial areas located in Dominica. The bananas, mangoes, coconut and cocoa are the popular growing agriculture products. The oil, bananas, soap and vegetables are the exported products of this country to Japan, UK and Antigua Barbuda. The food products, chemicals machinery and manufactured goods are the imported products and are imported from Japan, US and China. The Dominica has $213 million debt from neighborhood countries. The East Caribbean dollar (XCD) is the currency of Dominica and one XCD is equal to 2.7 US dollar. User Dominica Comments

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