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Curacao Rentals
Curacao rental properties are primarily found in the major metropolitan areas of Curacao. Common rental types found in Curacao are apartments, studios, lofts, one bedrooms, two bedrooms, condos, houses for rent, mobile homes, hotel rooms, vacation rental, furnished rentals short term rentals. Cities in Curacao where housing rentals are found are Barber, Flip, Groot Piscadera, Hato, Labadera, Lagun, Lelienberg, Meiberg, Montana, Abou, Montana Rey, Nieuwpoort, Oostpunt, Pannekoek, Ronde Klip, Seru Grandi, Sint Michiel, Sint Willibrordus, Soto, Souax, Tera Cora, Wacao, Westpunt, Willemstad. Vacation rentals, short term rentals and furnished housing are more common in the metropolitan areas of Curacao.

Curacao Rental Areas
Use the rental links below to find Curacao apartment rentals, Curacao houses for rent, Curacao short term furnished Curacao vacation rentals and more. Landlords post rentals directly. Tenants contact landlords about the houses and apartments and negotiate such rental aspects as rent, lease term, pet policy...

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      Curacao Information
The Curacao is a large island country in Caribbean region originated 35 miles north side of Venezuela. The total area of Curacao is 444 sq km (171 sq miles). The population of this country is 142,180. The Willemstad is the capital consists of 125,000 populations. The Curacao is an individual country with the dependent part of the Netherlands having the parliamentary government administered by the Monarch. The Curacao has flat region and rocks with excellent sandy beaches. The Dutch is the official language of Curacao and other languages like English and Spanish are widely used by this country people. The Roman Catholic is the major religion located in Curacao. In 2007 July the Curacao is established as an autonomous state over the Netherlands but is ruled from 2010 October. The weather is generally hot through out the year but some changes may be held in rainy season from October to December. The average annual temperature is 27.5C and the rainfall is 20 inches. The Curacao is now enjoying with the good economy raised from various sectors. The tourism plays a major role in economy and Curacao has several attractions in order to provide excellent environment to the nature lovers.

      Curacao Recreation, Culture and Attractions
The Curacao has so many recreation things in order to provide enjoyment as well as healthy environment to the visitors. The snorkeling, diving, sea fishing and sailing are the popular recreation things. In recent years the Curacao is famous as a tourist region for the popular things such as fun shines on 38 beaches fond the coastline like pearls, divers and snorkel. The Curacao has 100 dive sites and those are world famous. The Curacao has a beautiful Park located under water with 12.5 mile coral reef and is protected as a national park. The Horse riding and Mountain Bike Riding are the other exciting recreation activities. The Curacao has distinct religious heritages and follows their traditions. The Roman Catholic is the most popular religion of Curacao. The Islam, Hindu and Jewish people cultures are also observed in Curacao. The Curacao culture is dependent on the African religious culture like Santeria and Pentecostalism. The culture is mainly affected on traditional issues like Music and Dance. The Tambu is the music mostly performed on festivals and some special performances. So many musical instruments are used and all those are specially made things. The European culture is adopted in case of music and dance. The beach tour is the famous attraction and it gives a lot of refreshing environment. So many other tours to parks and mountain areas are the other attractions of Curacao.

      Curacao Demographics
Curacao Total Population - 142,180
Curacao Male Population - 65,205
Curacao Female Population - 76,975
Curacao Mixed black Population - 132,227
Curacao Other Population - 21,327

      Curacao Education
The education in Curacao is purely dependent on the Dutch education system. The schools maintain high standards in order to reach the Netherlands education mechanism. The primary education is must and should for children who are having the age of 6 years consists of 6 years course duration as well as secondary education consists of 5 years duration. So many public and private schools fulfill all the education needs of children. The education is free in public schools but the attendance rate is required. The education system in Curacao is categorized into elementary, secondary, technical and higher university education. Some schools offer vocational training for both children's and adults. The Papiamento is the language used in public schools and some schools teach in Dutch language. The most of the private schools use English as the teaching language. The University of the Netherlands Antilles provides some technical, engineering and business administration courses. In previous the university education is in Dutch but now it is totally changed into English. Some schools provide American education starting with kindergarten stage to 12th grade.

Curacao Symbols

Image of Curacao flag

Image of Curacao tree

Image of Curacao anthem
Curacao Flag
Curacao Tree
Curacao Anthem
Himno di Korsou

      Curacao History
The Curacao has a long history of nearly centuries back. The Arawaks was the first people who lived in Curacao till the entrance of Spanish people in 1499. The Spanish cure is the honor of sailors who are cured from illness on the island. In 1634 the Dutch West India Company is established in this island and it results the lot of slavery, commerce and trade. Due to the arriving of this company many slavers from Caribbean region entered into Curacao. The Curacao has several historical places and those are remodeled in recent years such as Landhuis Kenepa explores the great heritage of African people. In the Nineteenth century the slavery system is restricted and colonialism entered in this country due to the reducing economic conditions. The oil refinery factory is established in 20th century and it plays a key role in the excellent economic growth. The tourism is growing rapidly and it raises the major income and so many beautiful things like beaches and park areas are the major attractions of tourism sector.

      Curacao Tourism
The Curacao is one of the most famous tourist spot among the Caribbean islands. This is the first motive place for three dimension effective things. The Curacao people were suffered from one major problem that is cancer attacks due to the construction of illegal buildings, destruction of trees and giant oil refinery. The burning and an extent of goats also cause the lot of diseases. The Curacao has almost dry climate and is suitable for the tourism and many other recreation things. The Curacao has crystal clear water with excellent temperatures for the great experience of Swimming. The clear water facility is raised from the neighborhood Gulf. The skin divers like to visit Bonaire after completion of this country trip. The Curacao has lot of ancient architecture and art they seems to be very exciting. Another popular attraction in tourism is music and it provides most relaxation and enjoying environment to the tourists.

      Curacao Transportation
The Curacao has several transportation services of both public and private but the only drawback is this country doesn't have any railway lines. The Curacao has 550 km of road ways and the bus services are available to only major towns. The Bullen Baai, Fuik Bay and Willemstad are the ports used to carry the goods through water ways. The Curacao has one and only airport and it consists of 3,047 m of paved lines. The yellow and blue buses are the part of public transportation but these facilities are only for long distance wide routes. The large buses are also used for some special trips to attracting areas like beaches and parks. The car and van facilities are available in smaller town areas and are the part of private transportation. The ABC is the name of Bus Company that takes care of public transportation in Curacao. The most widely used service is Taxi and Curacao has lot of licensed taxis. The taxis with out having license are avoided. If the Taxi is a licensed one then the driver must wear the badge and the rates are fixed. In between 11 PM to 6 AM the rates are raised to 25%.

      Curacao Taxes
Curacao Country Income Tax - 49.4%
Curacao Country Corporate Tax - 34.5%
Curacao Country VAT - 5%
Curacao Country Turnover Tax - 5%
Curacao Country Excise Tax - 22%
Curacao Country Property Transfer Tax - 4%

      Curacao Universities
University of Curacao, Piscadera, Curacao - 2,070 Students
Xavier University School of Medicine, Willemstad, Curacao - 160 Students

      Curacao Religions
Curacao Roman Catholic Population is 113,886 Curacao Protestant Population is 7,819
Curacao None Population is 6,540
Curacao Pentecostal Population is 4,976
Curacao Seventh Day Adventist Population is 3,127
Curacao Jehovah's Witnesses Population is 2,417
Curacao Jewish Population is 1,137
Curacao other Population is 1,848
Curacao Unspecified Population is 426

      Curacao Major Cities
Willemstad, Curacao - Population 125,000
Sint Michiel Liber, Curacao - Population 5,138
Barber, Curacao - Population 2,424
Dorp Soto, Curacao - Population 1,987
Newport, Curacao - Population 1,937
Sabana Westpunt, Curacao - Population 783
Dorp Sint Willebrordus, Curacao - Population 465
Lagún, Curacao - Population 289

      Curacao Government
The Land Curacao is the name of Curacao regarding to Dutch people. The Curacao is one division in the Kingdom of Netherlands. The Curacao has a parliamentary government with the capital of Willemstad. Still now it is the part of Netherlands and the April 30th is declared as a national holiday regarding to Queen-Mother JULIANA birthday. The constitution was ruled from 10 October 2010 and the legal issues are solved based on the Dutch civil law. The people with 18 and beyond that age have a right to participate in voting system. As usually the government sector is divided into 3 distinct categories and they are Executive, Legislative branch and Judiciary sections. The Queen act as chief of the state and the post is hereditary, Governor General, Prime Minister acts as head of the government sector and Cabinet. The Governor General is elected by the Monarch. The Prime Minister is appointed by the majority party leader by parliament. The Staten is working under Legislative branch consists of 21 seats in which leaders are elected through voting in order to serve 4 years period. The Joint High court and common court are the part of Judiciary section and judges are selected by the Monarch. The Frente Obrero Liberashon and Movementu Futuro Korsou are the major political parties located in Curacao.

      Curacao Geography
The Curacao is an island country originated in Caribbean region 56.35 km towards the Venezuela coast. The Curacao is the part of southern islands group. The region coordinated of this country are recorded as 12 10 N and 69 00 W. The total population of this country is 142,180. The total area occupied by the Curacao is 444 sq km and the total area consists of land that means there is no water region. The coast line length of this country is 364 km long. The Curacao has 12 nm of sea region and 12 nm of particular fishing zone. The general climate is tropical marine and that becomes better by northeast winds and it causes the low temperatures. The average annual rainfall recorded in this country is 600 mm. The Caribbean Sea of 0 m low and Mt. Christoffel of 372m height are the elevation boundaries of Curacao. The aloes, sorghum and peanuts are the most frequently cultivated products in Curacao. The calcium, phosphates, vegetables and tropical fruits are the other frequently available products of Curacao. Due to the sandy areas some storms are rarely happened near by the Caribbean Sea and Gulf region of Mexico.

      Curacao Parks
The Curacao has two national parks in order to provide enjoying nature to the visitors. The Christoffel is the largest park and it is famous for the wide verities of plants. The various birds and plants give most wonderful nature to the viewers. Here the tourist may observe the wild exotic things like Palabrua, native barn owl and the White Tailed deer. This is the popular hiking spot and it consists of eight hiking trails and is allowed mostly in the morning time. The car tour provides the viewing of hill areas and sea bluffs. The deer watching, animal exhibitions and cave excursions are the major attracting things. This park hosts to special trips like moon walks and sunrise safaris. It is opened from 7.30 AM to 4 PM in total week excluding Sunday and the Sunday timings are 6 AM to 3 PM. The Shete Boka is a national park originated at the northeast coast of Curacao. This park is filled with a rock and it is also hosts to caves, caverns and natural bridges. The large cave has observed at Boka Tabla which is just beside the entrance. The forceful waves break the cave walls and produce a deep thunder like roaring.

      Curacao Economy
The Curacao is an island country even though it is enjoying with the good economy raised from various sectors. The major capital income is raised through tourism sector, refining factory and offshore finance. The Curacao has great harbor that hosts large amounts of oil tankers. By observing the GDP capital the greater amounts of income nearly 84% is raised from services, the 15% of income is gained through industrial areas and the remaining 1% is attained from agriculture sector. The Curacao has 63,000 labor forces in various sectors. The Curacao unemployment percentage is 10.3. The petroleum refining and transshipment, tourism and light manufacturing are the major industrial sectors located in this country. The Aloe, sorghum, peanuts and tropical fruits are the popular cultivated products in Curacao. The petrol products are exported from this country to US, Guatemala, Singapore and Dominica. The food, manufactured products and crude petroleum are the products imported to this country from US, Brazil and Venezuela. The Netherlands Antillean guilder (ANG) is the currency used in Curacao and one ANG is equal to 1.79 US dollar. User Curacao Comments

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