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Bermuda rental properties are primarily found in the major metropolitan areas of Bermuda. Common rental types found in Bermuda are apartments, studios, lofts, one bedrooms, two bedrooms, condos, houses for rent, mobile homes, hotel rooms, vacation rental, furnished rentals short term rentals. Cities in Bermuda where housing rentals are found are Devonshire, Hamilton, Hamilton City, Paget, Pembroke, Sandys, Smiths, Southampton, St Georges, Warwick. Vacation rentals, short term rentals and furnished housing are more common in the metropolitan areas of Bermuda.

Bermuda Rental Areas
Use the rental links below to find Bermuda apartment rentals, Bermuda houses for rent, Bermuda short term furnished Bermuda vacation rentals and more. Landlords post rentals directly. Tenants contact landlords about the houses and apartments and negotiate such rental aspects as rent, lease term, pet policy...

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      Bermuda Information
The Bermuda is an island region regulated by the British overseas region occupied a total area of 53.3 sq km (21 sq miles). The total population of this country is 67,837. The Hamilton is the capital city of Bermuda. English is the official language of this country and Portuguese is the other language most frequently used by this country people. The African and Caribbean are the popular ethnic groups settled in this country and Christian is the popular religion lived in this country. The Bermuda Dollar is the currency used by this country people. The Progressive Labour Party and United Bermuda Party are the major political parties located in this country. The Soccer and cricket are the most popular spots usually played by this country people. In Bermuda sailing is the most popular water sport and it produce world class sailors. Bermuda is greatly involved in case of sport activities and it is regularly attend the Olympics and commonwealth games. This country time is varied with UTC-4. The BM is the ISO code of this country. In order to know the general issues of this country through email service then the observer may use .bm as the internet TLD. The telephone is another communication service and +1-441 is the calling code of this country.

      Bermuda Recreation, Culture and Attractions
Bermuda has several recreation things in order to provide entertainment to the visitors. The recreation of Bermuda includes several water sports like boating and sailing as well as restaurants and pubs provide other modes of recreation. The Bermuda coastal region provides great enjoyment by the kayaking, yachting, windsurfing and water skiing sports. The culture of Bermuda is a great combination of neighborhood countries. In case of dressing, the Bermudian men wear sport jackets and tie and women like to wear heels and stocking without considering climate. Bermuda has a great culture in traditional things like music and dance. Gombey is the traditional dance of this country people. The cricket is the country national sport and other sports frequently played by this country people are football, boxing, tennis and pony cart racing. The beach areas are the most popular attractions for the tourists who want to enjoy with nature. The beaches provide most exciting experience with the turquoise water and pink sand. The Bermuda has several parks and trails through out the country and those are the part of recreation things. The Railway Trail is a famous park and nature reserve area used for walking and cycling. The culture of Bermuda is explored by the museums located in St. George's.

      Bermuda Demographics
Bermuda Total Population - 68,679
Bermuda Male Population - 33,217
Bermuda Female Population - 35,462
Bermuda Black Population - 37,636
Bermuda White Population - 23,419
Bermuda Mixed Population - 4,395
Bermuda other races Population - 2,953
Bermuda unspecified Population - 274

      Bermuda Education
The Bermuda has good educational system. The education is must and should for children who are in between the ages of five to sixteen years. The education system covers all parts of the primary and higher level education. The ministry of education makes so many prominent developments in both primary and secondary education in order to provide education available to all the families. The public schools provide high quality of education with minimum cost. The government provides professors to the public schools after finishing their training period and is capable of dealing any issue regarding to the curriculum as well as students. The numbers of private schools are located all over the country and the fesses are very high compared to public education. The private study curriculum is equal to the world-class standards means provide high quality of education and standards. Both public and private schools consists of particular dress code, students must wear this uniform in order to enter in to the school. In 1974 the Bermuda College was started and is originated in Paget Parish. This is the community college and is the one and only post secondary institution in Bermuda country. This college provides several technical and professional courses based on the student wish and it provide certificates nothing but degrees to the degree and diploma holders who are completed their study in this college.

Bermuda Symbols

Image of Bermuda flag

Image of Bermuda bird

Image of Bermuda flower
Bermuda Flag
Bermuda Bird
White-tailed Tropicbird
Bermuda Flower
Blue-eyed grass

Image of Bermuda motto

Image of Bermuda anthem

Image of Bermuda animal
Bermuda Motto
"Quo Fata Ferunt"
Bermuda Anthem
"God Save the Queen"
Bermuda Animal
Humpback Whale

Image of Bermuda game
Bermuda Game

      Bermuda History
The Bermuda is a group of islands consists of seven major islands and so many smaller islands along 1,050 kilometers (650 mi.) towards east side of North Carolina. The major islands with hilly region and the hot climate are combined with bridges and are usually referred as Bermuda. In 1503 the Spanish explorer named as Juan de Bermudez invents this island. In 1609 the British colonists entered into this region and are stared10 months in this place. At the time of 1613 nearly 60 British colonists were entered and found St. George town. In 1620 the representative government was established in this region that results the formation of self governing region. In 17th century because of the combination of islands Bermuda is out stand of British colonists based on the economy gained from cedar trees and salt trading. The Hamilton port was discovered in 1790 and is the part of government in 1815. In 1834 the servant system was prohibited in Bermuda. The maximum 60% of the people in Bermuda are Africans. The tourism development sector was introduced in the 20th century and Bermuda is enjoying with the great economy from different sectors. The self governing rights were ruled after the establishment of constitution in 1968.

      Bermuda Tourism
The Bermuda tourism grows rapidly in order to explore the beauty of great sandy beaches. The Beaches plays an important role in the country recreation activity because the sand in beach area seems to be rosy color and it looks most beautiful in evening times. The Bermuda beach areas are popular for crystal clear water. Most of the tourists may enjoy with the sports conducted in beach side like surfing, sunbathing, swimming and snorkeling. Some tourists may reserve the umbrellas and chairs to entertain in the beach side areas. The Bermuda maintain visitor information center in order to provide full information about the tourist spots, transportation facilities and other services. The staff provides full information about all these things and the tourist may get passes or tokens for bus and ferry reservation services. The Hamilton is the most popular tourist spot consists of many restaurants, pubs and shopping malls. In Bermuda the tourist may enjoy with the great art galleries and museums. In order to observe the all popular things then taxi service is the best thing to explore all beautiful spots. Some tourists may enjoy the trip by scooter but it is the most adventurous trip. The Bermuda gains a lot of income through tourism sector.

      Bermuda Transportation
The Bermuda has so many transportation services in order to provide communication from one place to another. Bermuda has total 447 km of road ways with proper lines but in which 225 km are public lines and the remaining 227 km are private roads. The airline services of this country are very rare and it has only one airport consists of nearly 2,438 to 3,047 m of paved lines. This country has total 137 ships of various kinds provides all means of transportation. The Hamilton and Saint George are the ports support large amounts of weight. The public transportation includes bus and ferry services provide most convenient and inexpensive trip and are run frequently. The ferry service operated on water surface and it provides communication to all the major cities as well as neighborhood islands. The public transportation provides tokens and passes facility to the travelers. The one day, two day and weekly passes are available at any time and the children up to 5 years age is free. The paper currency is not accepted in bus and also change is required. Some private transportation services like taxis, scooter rentals and pedal cycles are the popular modes and boat rentals for water exploration are the other transportation service. The horse-drawn service is another mode of transportation service especially used in wedding.

      Bermuda Taxes
Bermuda Country Land Tax - 19.2%
Bermuda Country Betting Tax - 20%
Bermuda Country Service Tax - 4%
Bermuda Country Foreign Currency Tax - 1%

      Bermuda Universities
Bermuda College, Paget Parish, Bermuda - 1,366 students

      Bermuda Religions
Bermuda Anglican Population is 15,796
Bermuda Roman Catholic Population is 10,301
Bermuda African Methodist Episcopal Population is 7,554
Bermuda other Protestant Population is 12,362
Bermuda other Population is 8,241
Bermuda unaffiliated Population is 4,120
Bermuda unspecified Population is 686
Bermuda none Population is 9,615

      Bermuda Parishes
Devonshire, Bermuda - Population 7,307
Hamilton, Bermuda - Population 6,239
Paget, Bermuda - Population 5,088
Pembroke, Bermuda - Population 11,306
Saint George, Bermuda - Population 7,203
Sandys, Bermuda - Population 7,275
Smiths, Bermuda - Population 5,658
Southampton, Bermuda - Population 6,117
Warwick, Bermuda - Population 8,587

      Bermuda Government
The Bermuda is formerly known as Somers Islands and is a UK dependency country with self governing parliamentary. The Hamilton is the capital city and this country time is varied with UTC-4. The Bermuda has 9 parishes and 2 municipalities as administrative divisions. This is the overseas country doesn't have any separate independence and May 24th is declared as a national holiday. The constitution is ruled from 8 June 1968 and till now it was amended two times. The legal system is mainly based on English law. This country has a regulation of every person with 18 and beyond that age had a chance to vote their leaders. The three distinct sectors such as Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches are the part of government. The Monarchy, governor, premier and cabinet are the sections under the Executive branch in which monarchy is selected based on hereditary, governor is elected by the monarch and premier is elected by the voting mechanism and then declared by the governor. Generally the cabinet is selected by the premier and appointed by the governor. The Senate and House of Assembly are two sections working under the Legislative branch. The Senate consists of 11 seats in which members are elected by the higher authority and House of Assembly consists of 36 seats and the members are elected by the direct voting system to serve 5 years period. The Supreme Court and some Magistrate Courts are working under the judiciary branch. The Progressive Labor Party is the major political party of this country.

      Bermuda Geography
The Bermuda is formed with a group of small islands originated in the North America region consists of the bordered sections of North Atlantic Ocean and South Carolina towards east side of this country. The boundary coordinates of this country are 32 20 N and 64 45 W. The total area occupied by this country is 54 sq km represents the land area that means there is no water region. This coast line length of this country is mentioned as 103 long. The Bermuda has 12 nm of sea region and 200 nm of particular fishing zone. The limestone and tourism sector are the major resources of this country. The Violent storms are the natural disasters frequently happened in this country because of the island region generally occurred in between June and November it results the large amounts of population, houses and wealth loss. The Bermuda country has total 138 coral islands in which most of the islands having large rainfall usually recorded in this region. Even though the islands consist of great rainfall this country doesn't have any water lakes and rivers. The Bermuda has a wonderful and peaceful environment usually attracting people from other countries with their natural landscapes often this country is famous as a tourist spot and the tourism plays a major role in country economy.

      Bermuda Parks
The Bermuda has various entertaining parks in order to provide enjoyment and explore the beauty of this island to the visitors. The Bermuda Railway Trail National Park is one of the oldest parks occupied an area of 100 acres along the 21 miles of the track. In this park the visitor may enjoy with the beautiful rock coastlines and inland woods. This park provides healthy and beautiful environment and is always enjoying with walkers, joggers and pedal bike persons. The Astwood Cove and Park are popular as picnic spot as well as great nature walk. The Blue Hole Park occupies 12 acre area and is popular as nature reserve placed opposite to the Grotto Bay Beach Resort popular as a spectacular bird view. The Clearwater Beach and Park provides great environment for cycling, roller blading and many other sports. This park hosts to several church picnics and music festivals. The Par-La-Ville Park is popular as a great tourist destination. The Victoria Park is another park located behind the City Hall and Arts Center and is used as free summer concerts and holiday spots and is always opened from 6 to 9 pm.

      Bermuda Economy
The Bermuda is enjoying with a great economy recorded as third highest income of the world usually higher than US. The major economy is gained through the financial services supplying to the international business and provide well advanced facilities to the tourists. Bermuda is an advanced country in all the ways why because of the less unemployment nearly 2% and only 19% of people are lived below the poverty line. The average annual income of this country is $738 million and the total expenditures are expected as $665 million. The bananas, citrus fruits, flowers are the major agricultural products usually cultivated in this country and some dairy products are also available. Bermuda has some small scale industries like manufacturing products and tourism. Bermuda re exports the pharmaceuticals products to Spain, India, Brazil and Germany. Some major products like clothing, fuels, construction material and chemicals are imported from US, South Korea and Brazil. The Bermuda has total $160 million of external debt. The Bermudian dollar is the currency of this country and one Bermudian dollar is equal to 1.0000 US dollar. User Bermuda Comments

9/28/2017 Tracy Loignon
Student housing for school year 2018-2021
Hi, I am writing from US New Hampshire. My daughter would very much like to attend Bermuda College next fall next year. It seems housing is the largest hurdle. Not sure is this is anything you could help with. Thanks in advance Tracy
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