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Barbados Rentals
Barbados rental properties are primarily found in the major metropolitan areas of Barbados. Common rental types found in Barbados are apartments, studios, lofts, one bedrooms, two bedrooms, condos, houses for rent, mobile homes, hotel rooms, vacation rental, furnished rentals short term rentals. Cities in Barbados where housing rentals are found are Christ Church, Saint Andrew, Saint George, Saint James, Saint John, Saint Joseph, Saint Lucy, Saint Michael, Saint Peter, Saint Philip, Saint Thomas. Vacation rentals, short term rentals and furnished housing are more common in the metropolitan areas of Barbados.

Barbados Rental Areas
Use the rental links below to find Barbados apartment rentals, Barbados houses for rent, Barbados short term furnished Barbados vacation rentals and more. Landlords post rentals directly. Tenants contact landlords about the houses and apartments and negotiate such rental aspects as rent, lease term, pet policy...

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      Barbados Information
The Barbados is a country originated in Caribbean region occupied an area of 430 sq km nothing but 166 sq miles with the 284,589 population. The Bridgetown is the capital consists of 96,578 populations. The Barbados has a Democratic Parliamentary government ruled based on Monarchy decisions. The African descent is the majority population lived in this country nearly 80%. The English is the official language commonly used by this country people. The Protestant in which especially Anglican is the major religion lived in this country. The Barbadian Dollar is the currency of this country and one US$1 is equal to BDD1.998. The People's Empowerment Party and Democratic Labour Party are the popular political parties placed in this country. The Barbados is a commonwealth independent state consists of bicameral parliamentary system. The Executive rights are in the hands of cabinet administered by the prime minister. The leaders are elected by the voting system and the suffrage system was introduced in 1951. The fiscal calendar year starts from 1 April and ends with 31 March. The local time varies with UTC-4 hours. The +1(246) is the ISD calling code and .bb is the internet domain address. The tourism, sugar and manufacturing are the major industries and U.S.A, UK, Japan and Jamaica are the major trading partners. The Christ Church, Saint Andrew and Saint George are the major cities located in this country.

      Barbados Recreation, Culture and Attractions
The Barbados has various recreational things like water sports, beach areas and adventurous trips in order to provide most entertaining environment to the people who wants to enjoy with the pleasant environment. The shimmering, the clear crystal water explore the great marine life on an exciting snorkeling trip and diving are the other recreational things in Barbados. Some most adventurous games like hidden treasures by horseback, ATV, hiking, Seaway and Zip line are also the part of recreation in this country. The tourist may wants to visit this country in summer season then it hosts to Crop over Festival, the celebrations explore the Barbadian culture through the folk, art and craft, music and dance, masquerading and revelry. The Barbados culture was greatly influenced by the West African slaves but in some issues it adopts the British culture. The cricket adopted from the British people and it is a great passion of this country people played by both younger generation and old people. The festival celebrations, music and dance play a major role in the culture of this country. The music of calypso and reggae instruments providing a fun and festive environment. The Cool Running Cruises is one of the most famous attraction in Barbados provide the great sailing experience. The Mount Gay Rum explains about the history behind the legendary Mount Gay Rum and is the world's oldest rum. The Harrison's Cave is the famous crystallized limestone cavern providing pleasant environment with wonderful water streams. The Barbados Wildlife Reserve is the popular attraction here the visitor may observe various animal species.

      Barbados Demographics
Barbados Total Population - 286,705
Barbados Male Population - 138,703
Barbados Female Population - 148,002
Barbados Black Population - 266,635
Barbados White Population - 9,174
Barbados Mixed Population - 7,454
Barbados East Indian Population - 2,867
Barbados other Population - 573

      Barbados Education
The Barbados has great education system and it was adopted by the British rule. The government develop many things in order to provide quality education for the developments it expend nearly twenty percent of the capital income. The education is free for children who have the ages of 5 to 16. The Barbados education structure is three-tier architecture consists of primary, secondary and tertiary levels. The nursery and junior schooling are the combinational courses in primary education consist of ages up to 3 to 11. The nursery level consists of 4 years education and the remaining 4 years include the junior education. After successful completion of primary education the students may enrolled into secondary education and it has 7 years course structure. The government schools provide free secondary education but so many private schools are running in recent years and the education in private schools is a costly issue. The students who are completed their secondary education entered into tertiary level at that time students have 16 years old. The Barbados has only 3 schools to provide all the degree and vocational courses as well as diploma courses. The three schools providing higher education are named as Community College of Barbados, Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic institute and the University of the West Indies. So Barbados has well developed education system with all concerned facilities.

Barbados Symbols

Image of Barbados flag

Image of Barbados bird

Image of Barbados flower
Barbados Flag
Barbados Bird
The brownn pelician
Barbados Flower
Caesalpinia pulcherrima

Image of Barbados motto

Image of Barbados anthem

Image of Barbados tree
Barbados Motto
"Pride and Industry"
Barbados Anthem
"In Plenty and in Time of Need"
Barbados Tree
Beard fig Tree

      Barbados History
The Barbados has a long history of nearly 1200 AD back. The Arawak Indians are the first settlers in this country and are came from Venezuela. In 1536 Pedro the Portuguese explorer invent this island in order to identify the Brazil and named as Los Barbados. The Captain John Powell entered and gives this island for England in 1625 but his brother Henry Powell landed this area after two years with the party of 10 slaves and 80 settlers. In 1628 more settlers followed them and at that time the population was nearly 2000. The colonists cultivate the tobacco and cotton but in 1640 they identified the sugar cane product. The Barbados made a British Crown Possession in 1663 with the combination of merchants and planters in the mid 17th century. Due to the bad living conditions and treatment the slaves declared revolution on 1816 and the slavery was restricted on 1834. The British welfare system was introduced in order to maintain the good living conditions in 1930 because of the economic recession. The Barbados gained its independence on 30 November, 1966 and stands it as a Commonwealth country since that Independence Day is declared as a national holiday. The Barbados entered into the part of United Nations in1967. The sugar cane industry become poor and the tourism gained most popularity after the Second World War. In present Barbados is a self government democratic parliament administered by the Queen.

      Barbados Tourism
The Barbados is a hot and humid island originated in the Caribbean region consists of several tourist spots in order to provide entertaining and enjoyment to the tourists. The several spots may create most exciting environment to the visitors and it facilitate several hotels, resorts and lodging services to the tourists. The Barbados has a pleasant environment throughout the year that allows the growth of tourism sector. Depending upon the budget the tourist may have a chance to choose the accommodation facilities like great luxury hotels, villas, boutique inns and well equipped resorts. The Barbados has most pleasant beach areas here the tourist may enjoy with different sports and other resources. The Crane Beach is the most popular tourist spot attracting people with the beautiful pink colored sand. Here the tourists may enjoy with snorkel and swim Payne's Bay are great entertaining issues. The Barbados has great surfing spots popular among the world named as Bathsheba, so the tourist who wants to enjoy with surfing then it is the best place. In recent years Barbados tourism sector is growing rapidly due to the developments in different sectors like accommodation and hospitality facilities. The several transportation services provide most convenient communication from one place to another. There is no need of visa in order to enter into the Barbados but the business people who want to settle in this country must have a visa. All the well equipped facilities made this Barbados as a great tourist destination.

      Barbados Transportation
The Barbados has several transportation facilities in order to provide communication from one place to another place. So many public and private services are involved in the transportation of this country but the only drawback is till now it doesn't have railway service. The Barbados has total 1,650 km (1,205 mi) of road ways in which 1,628 km have well equipped lines. So many private vehicles like passenger cars and are used in the transportation. This country has one international airport named as Grantley Adams located in Bridgetown city facilitates one local and 14 international airline services. The Bridgetown has a harbor consists of 41 ships with each one having the capacity of 1,000 GRT and total 629,987 GRT. The Barbados occupies second place in the world ship registry got the Lloyd's Registry quality assurance approved by the ISO 9002. The government provides bus services of 304 blue buses from three main cities with B$1.50 fare. Some private agencies provide some minivan and bus services in Barbados. The rental cars are available in major town areas with B$10 fare and the driver must have the license. The taxi services are operated in main cities to popular hotels and the fare rates are set by the government that means there is no meter system. The usual fare rates are US$30 and extra amount is paid based on the extra luggage and waiting time.

      Barbados Taxes
Barbados Country Income Tax - 35%
Barbados Country Corporate Tax - 25%
Barbados Country Sales Tax - 15%
Barbados Country Withholding Tax - 12.5%
Barbados Country Land Tax - 2%

      Barbados Universities
The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, Saint Michael, Barbados - 17,500 students

      Barbados Religions
Barbados Protestant Population is 181,770
Barbados Roman Catholic Population is 12,041
Barbados other Christian Population is 20,069
Barbados other Population is 13,761
Barbados unspecified Population is 59,061

      Barbados Parishes
Christ Church, Barbados - Population 55,800
Saint Andrew, Barbados - Population 5,580
Saint George, Barbados - Population 19,530
Saint James, Barbados - Population 25,110
Saint John, Barbados - Population 9,765
Saint Joseph, Barbados - Population 8,370
Saint Lucy, Barbados - Population 10,323
Saint Michael, Barbados - Population 94,860
Saint Peter, Barbados - Population 11,160
Saint Philip, Barbados - Population 25,110
Saint Thomas, Barbados - Population 13,950

      Barbados Government
The Barbados consists of democratic parliament government ruled by the Queen. The Bridgetown is the capital and BB is the data code of this country. Barbados has 11 parishes as administrative sectors. This country got independence on 30 November 1966 from UK and that Independence Day is declared as a national holiday and the constitution was established at the same date. The legal system is purely based on the British law. The people with 18 and beyond that age had a right to participate in voting system. There are three individual sectors working as a part of government authority and are named as Executive, Legislative and Judiciary branches. The Executive branch consists of Queen Act as head of the state and is hereditary, governor general selected by the queen, Prime Minister Act as head of the government elected by the governor general, deputy prime minister and cabinet members are selected based on Prime Minister Advice. The Legislative branch consists of two sections named as senate and House of Assembly. The senate consists of 21 seats in which leaders are selected by the governor general and House of Assembly consists of 28 seats leaders are selected by the voting mechanism to serve five years period. The Supreme Court is working under Judicial branch in which judges are selected by the judicial and legal commissions. The Democratic Labor Party and National Democratic Party are the major political parties originated in this country.

      Barbados Geography
The Barbados is an island country originated in the east Caribbean region placed in North Atlantic Ocean having Venezuela towards northeast side. The region coordinates of this country are 13 10 N and 59 32 W. The total area occupied by this country is 431 sq km of total land area that means there is no water sector. The length of the coast is represented as 97 km long. The Bermuda has 12 nm of sea region and 200 nm of particular economic zone. Generally the weather is hot and rainy season started with June and ended with October. The region consists of flat surface and formerly raises the central highland region. The elevation boundaries of this country are referred as Atlantic Ocean with 0 m low and Mount Hillaby with 336 m height. The gas, petroleum and fish are the general resources frequently available here. The total cultivated land of this country is recorded as 10 sq km. The soil erosion and the pollution of water raised by the waste disposal rose from ships are the present problems faced by this country people results a lot of health problems. The violent storms and periodic landslides are the natural disasters frequently happened in Bermuda.

      Barbados Parks
The Barbados has various parks in order to provide entertaining environment and recreation facilities to the visitors. The Farley Hill is the national park is originated in St. Andrew on the Barbados eastern coast. This park is popular for its forest area consisting of Mahogany Trees and the hill area seems to be most exciting spot. In 1965 the film 'Island in the Sun' was shooting in this place. After the 1966 independence this park is declared as a national park. This park hosts to several issues and is act as a venue for the Barbados Jazz Festival and the Annual Barbados Reggae Festival. The Folkestone Park is the famous park with the great combination of reserve named as Marine and is regulated by the National Conservation Commission. The reserve occupies of 2.2 km area and stretches it over an offshore distance of 900m. The several motorized watercrafts are used but there is a restriction on the speed of the vehicles usually less than 5 knots. So many boats with higher speeds are used and the speeds are limited to maximum 200m from shore region. The jet skis with higher speeds are used and the speed never beyond 200 m from shore. This park and reserve provide many recreational things such as swimming, snorkeling and fishing. There is no restriction on the other issues but the only and only thing is speed on vehicles traveling on water.

      Barbados Economy
The Barbados is enjoying with a great economy having highest capita among the region. In olden days the economy is largely based on the cultivation of sugarcane but in present the Bermuda economy is dependent on the trading, services and industrial areas as well as tourism. The offshore financial sector and information service plays a major role in the country economy. By observing the economic structure the major income is gained through services nearly 78%, the second major one is industrial sector gained 16% capita and the remaining 6% of the income is raised from agriculture. The government tries to reduce the unemployment rate and is succeeded why because the unemployment rate of this country is recorded as 10.7% and consists of 175,000 labor source. The annual income of this country is estimated as $847 million and the total expenses are $886 million. The Tourism, sugar and manufacturing are the major industries placed this country. The Sugarcane, vegetables and cotton are the general cultivated products in Barbados. Barbados exports some of the products like sugar, chemicals, manufactured products and electrical components to Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica and other neighborhood islands. The machinery, fuel and consumer goods are imported from US, Colombia and china. The total external debt of this country is recorded as $668 million. User Barbados Comments

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