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Bahamas Rentals
Bahamas rental properties are primarily found in the major metropolitan areas of Bahamas. Common rental types found in Bahamas are apartments, studios, lofts, one bedrooms, two bedrooms, condos, houses for rent, mobile homes, hotel rooms, vacation rental, furnished rentals short term rentals. Cities in Bahamas where housing rentals are found are Grand Bahamas Island, Nassau Paradise Island, Out Islands. Vacation rentals, short term rentals and furnished housing are more common in the metropolitan areas of Bahamas.

Bahamas Rental Areas
Use the rental links below to find Bahamas apartment rentals, Bahamas houses for rent, Bahamas short term furnished Bahamas vacation rentals and more. Landlords post rentals directly. Tenants contact landlords about the houses and apartments and negotiate such rental aspects as rent, lease term, pet policy...

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      Bahamas Information
The Bahamas is a chain of islands region consists of nearly 30 small islands originated in the Caribbean region occupies the total area of 13,939 sq km (5,382 sq miles). The Population of this country is recorded as 340,000 and Nassau is the capital city and New Providence, Freeport and Grand Bahama are the major populated areas of this country. The Africans are the major ethnic people lived in this country estimated nearly 85%. The English is the official language most popularly used by this country people along with this Creole is also used by some religious people. The government gives higher priority to education and the education is must and free of cost up to the age of 16 that means the ending of the senior high school education. After that the university level education is based on their wish but at the time of schooling attendance plays a key role and is must for 99%. By observing the literacy rate of this country mentioned as 96.6% everybody declare this country is a well developed country. The Baptism is the popular religion located in this country. The Bahamian Dollar is the currency of Bahamas and BSD is the short form and $1BSD is equal to $1US. The Bahamas has a democratic parliament government and policy decisions are made by the Queen. This country has a great economy raised from several services and industrial areas.

      Bahamas Recreation, Culture and Attractions
The Bahamas has so many recreational activities and sports in order to entertain the people. The jogging, walking and swimming are the physical strengthening things provide health as well as entertainment. The other popular sports most usually played by this country people are football, cricket, baseball, basketball, tennis, volleyball, rugby, and soccer. The other recreational things are squash, fishing and sailing. The famous sports viewed by most of the visitors are swimming, snorkeling, boating, fishing, sailing and scuba diving all these are water sports. So many other things have most popularity in this region such as private piloting, golf, tennis, water skiing, wind surfing, parasailing, jet skiing and casino gambling. The bird view and horseback riding are the other popular things. The culture of Bahamas was mostly influenced by the sea surrounding areas and is true for especially in terms of their food culture. The conch is the famous dish available in sea regions. The Bahamas has great culture in many traditional things such as art, dance and music. The Bahamas people express their love with colorful arts and the music was adopted by the African heritage. Bahamas has so many famous attractions and beach areas are the one of the most popular recreation spot and other famous things are plantations, caves and forts. The youth fountain is the most popular attraction here the visitor may observe parrots and several bird species. The Bahamas museums explain the historical events of this country.

      Bahamas Demographics
Bahamas Total Population - 313,312
Bahamas Male Population - 153,294
Bahamas Female Population - 160,018
Bahamas Black Population - 266,315
Bahamas white Population - 37,597
Bahamas Asian and Hispanic Population - 9,399

      Bahamas Education
The Bahamas has great education system consists of various levels of education and is free of cost up to 16 years old. The education was available to only white families till 19th century but in the 20th century several missionary schools are started to provide public education and is available to all the people. The Bahamas has 200 schools in which most of them are public schools maintained by the ministry of education and some private schools are established based on the religious supporters. The education is compulsory for children who are in between the ages of 5 and 15 and the structure of education is based on the British education system. The Bahamas education system consists of three levels in which the primary education consists of 6 years duration starts from age 5 up to 11 years, the second one is junior high school consists of total 3 years duration from 12 to 15 years age and the final one is senior high school level having total 2 years course duration from 16 to 18 years age. The Bahamas has number of vocational schools for middle age people. The Bahamas University was established in 1974 and it offer bachelor programs. The students can have a chance to study in other affiliated colleges in Britain, US and Canada and this education consists of total 2 years course duration.

Bahamas Symbols

Image of Bahamas flag

Image of Bahamas animal

Image of Bahamas motto
Bahamas Flag
Bahamas Animal
Blue Marlin
Bahamas Motto
"Forward, Upward, Onward, Together"

Image of Bahamas anthem

Image of Bahamas bird

Image of Bahamas tree
Bahamas Anthem
"March On, Bahamaland"
Bahamas Bird
Bahamas Tree
Lignum Vitae

Image of Bahamas flower
Bahamas Flower
Yellow Elder

      Bahamas History
The Bahamas was invented by the Columbus in 1492 and is a group of several small islands. In 1647 the English religious people establish the European and some Spanish settlement in this island. All these islands were made a colony of British at the time of 1717 but at the time of 1782 most of the island region were filled with Spanish people but they were leaved this region and enter into the Britain by the act of treaty of Paris. After some time Bahamas was established as a great country for freed slaves and favorite holiday recreation spot. According to these great issues the economic structure is gradually raised and made this country as an excellent tourist destination. In 1936 the Duke of Windsor claim the British crown. At the time of II world war the Windsor dispatch this region in 1940. The Bahamas was represented as an internal self government region in 1964. In 1973 the Bahamas got independence from UK. After getting independence the Bahamas has great changes in the politics and is got popularity in tourism sector. The violent storm was occurred in 2004 and it results widespread damage of many things. After getting independence Bahamas was in a great position in all the issues like education, recreation spots and economy.

      Bahamas Tourism
The Bahamas is the most popular tourist spot in the world originated Caribbean region with 50 miles southeast of Florida in the Atlantic Ocean. The Bahamas is popular for its sandy beaches and beauty of the nature and most of the tourists are arrived from America. It is a wonderful tourist spot consists of 700 small islands and cays. Here the tourist may enjoy with the wonderful recreation things like golf, shopping, fishing, snorkeling and diving. The casino gambling, cruises, scuba diving, dolphin encounters and national parks are the other things which provide most exciting environment to the visitors. The Bahamas has an excellent climate through out the year and in summer season the temperature is held in between 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The rainy season is in between May and November and is the time for most violent storms so many tourists doesn't want to go to this place at rainy season. The tourism sector reduces popularity in the rainy season because of the storms and many hotels offer low charges. The Bahamas has several attractions in order to provide entertainment to the tourists. The most popular attractions of this country have Botanical Gardens, zoo, cruises, Straw Market and Deep-Sea Fishing in New Province area. The other famous beautiful things are Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, golfing, tours, horseback riding and beautiful beaches provide great excitement to the visitors. The Bahamas has a great historical significance of the Victoria Staircase.

      Bahamas Transportation
The Bahamas has several transportation services in order to provide communication from major cities to several small remote areas. The only disadvantage of this country transportation is it doesn't have any rail way lines. The Bahamas has total 2,717 km of road ways in which only half of the part 1,560 km ways consists of paved lines and the remaining 1,157 km doesn't have well equipped ways for the proper transportation. This country has total 62 airports in which only 23 of them consists of proper lines and remaining 39 airports are unpaved lines. The Bahamas has only one Heliport and is sufficient for the helicopters. This country has total 1,170 ships of different categories in which 229 ships are used to transfer the bulk goods, 106 are used as refrigerated cargos, 80 of them are used as tankers for chemicals, 222 are used as petroleum tankers and 191 are used as cargos. The remaining ships are used for various purposes based on the needs. In total ships 1,080 are the foreign owned ships and 10 of ships are registered in various countries. The sea level transportation is done through the ports located in Freeport, Nassau and South Riding Point. So many other private transportation services like rental cars, taxis and horse riding are the most popular services.

      Bahamas Taxes
Bahamas Country Imports Tax - 32%
Bahamas Country Stamp Tax - 8%
Bahamas Country Property Tax - 1.5%

      Bahamas Universities
College of The Bahamas, Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas - 5409 students

      Bahamas Religions
Bahamas Baptist Population is 110,912
Bahamas Anglican Population is 47,310
Bahamas Roman Catholic Population is 42,297
Bahamas Pentecostal Population is 25,378
Bahamas Church of God Population is 15,038
Bahamas Methodist Population is 13,159
Bahamas other Christian Population is 47,623
Bahamas unspecified Population is 9,086
Bahamas other Population is 2,506

      Bahamas Districts
Abaco, Bahamas - Population 10,061
Acklins, Bahamas - Population 459
Andros, Bahamas - Population 8,155
Berry Islands, Bahamas - Population 634
Biminis, Bahamas - Population 1,638
Cat Island, Bahamas - Population 1,678
Cay Lobos, Bahamas - Population 25
Crooked Island, Bahamas - Population 423
Eleuthera, Bahamas - Population 9,300
Exuma, Bahamas - Population 3,539
Freeport, Bahamas - Population 26,910
Grand Bahama, Bahamas - Population 41,035
Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas - Population 450
Hope Town, Bahamas - Population 300
Inagua, Bahamas - Population 985
Long Island, Bahamas - Population 3,107
Mayaguana, Bahamas - Population 308
New Providence, Bahamas - Population 171,542
Ragged Island, Bahamas - Population 89
Rum Cay, Bahamas - Population 53
San Salvador, Bahamas - Population 1,000
Spanish Wells, Bahamas - Population 1,500

      Bahamas Government
The Bahamas is a commonwealth country originated in the Caribbean region with Nassau as a capital. The Bahamas has constitutional democratic parliament government consists of 31 districts as an administrative sections. This island country got independence on 10 July 1973 from UK territory and then July 10th is declared as a national holiday as well as constitution was also ruled from the same date. The legal system is generally based on the English law procedure. According to the constitution each and every one with 18 and beyond that had a right to participate in voting system in order to elect their leaders. In general way the government specifications are classified into three different sections such as Executive, Legislative branch and Judiciary. The queen act as head of the state is a hereditary, governor general appointed by the monarch and Prime Minister act as chief of the government elected by the majority leaders of legislative section are the part of Executive branch makes the important decisions regarding to state development. The Legislative branch is a two house parliament system named as senate and the Assembly. The senate consists of 16 seats in which leaders are selected by the government general based on the advise of prime minister to serve 5 years period. The Assembly consists of 41 seats and the leaders are elected by the majority voting to serve 5 years period. The parliament plays a prominent role because it has a right to dissolve the government. Some major courts are the part of Judiciary branch. The Free National Movement party and Progressive Liberal Party are the famous political parties placed in Bahamas.

      Bahamas Geography
The Bahamas is a group of islands originated in the North Atlantic Ocean with the boundary specifications of Florida towards south east and Cuba in northeast side. The region extremes of this country are 24 15 N and 76 00 W. The Bahamas is a strategic chain of 30 islands consists of US and Cuba as the bordered countries. The total area occupied by this country is 13,940 sq km in which 10,070 sq km belongs to land area and remaining 3,870 sq km consists of water section. The total population of this country is recorded as 313,312. The coast line length of Bahamas is 3,542 km long. This country has 12 nm of sea region and 200 nm of particular economic zone. The weather is generally hot but is changed with warm waters of Gulf Stream. The Bahamas is long region consists of flat coral reefs consists of some rounded hills. The Mount Alvernia with 63 m height and Atlantic Ocean with 0 m low are the elevation boundaries of this country. The Salt, aragonite and timber are the general available resources of this country. This country has arable land and is the major advantage of this country people. The violent storms raised by the sudden changes of wind and some hot storms are the natural disasters frequently happened in this country raised due to the flood and wind. The solid waste disposal and Coral reef decay are the current issues in front of the government and is try to solve these problems by taking some major decisions.

      Bahamas Parks
The Bahamas has many national parks and reserves in order to provide entertainment and enjoying the beauty of nature. The Abaco National Park is the large park occupied an area of 20,500 acres introduced in 1994. Here the visitor may observe various wildlife animals, parrots and some pine forest area provide most thrilling experience to the visitors. The Conception Island National Park occupies an area of 2,100 acres located in southern region of Bahamas and is popular and hosts the various migrating birds and the great breeding site for the Green Turtle. This park has great historical importance and is the first landfalls of Columbus. The Inagua National Park is also a large park occupied an area of 183,740 acres and is famous for its breeding colony of Flamingoes as well as many other water birds, freshwater turtles and parrots. This park was always observed by two Trust wardens. The Lucayan National Park is located in Freeport occupied 40 acres area. The Peterson Cay National Park is the one only cay on leeward shore occupied an area of one and half acre popular for its natural beauty with wonderful coral gardens provides an excellent opportunity to observe the marine life. The Tilloo Cay National Park occupied 11 acres area explains about the great sea nesting site.

      Bahamas Economy
The Bahamas is now enjoying with great income raised mainly from tourism sector and offshore banking. The second most income is gained through some financial services like business and industrial sectors nearly 36%. By observing the economic structure the major income is gained from services nearly 90%, the industrial areas contribute 7% of the income and only 3% of the capita is gained through agricultural sector. This country has 175,500 labor services in various sectors. The Bahamas is a well developed country because it has only 7.6% of unemployment and 9.3% of the people who lived below the poverty line. The annual income of this country is $1.03 billion and the total expenses are also equal to the income. The citrus and vegetables are the general cultivated products and poultry is one of the natural resource. The tourism, banking, cement and oil transshipment are the popular industries located in this country. The products like salt, animal products, rum and chemicals are exported from this country to US, Singapore and Poland. Some products like transport equipment, manufactures and mineral fuels are imported in this country from US, South Korea and Japan. The Bahamas has $342.6 million debt and Bahamian dollar is the currency of this country and one Bahamian dollar is equal to one US dollar. The financial starts with July 1st and ends with June 30th. User Bahamas Comments

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