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Aruba Rentals
Aruba rental properties are primarily found in the major metropolitan areas of Aruba. Common rental types found in Aruba are apartments, studios, lofts, one bedrooms, two bedrooms, condos, houses for rent, mobile homes, hotel rooms, vacation rental, furnished rentals short term rentals. Cities in Aruba where housing rentals are found are Brasil, Bubali, Ceru Colorado, Cura Cabai, Madiki, Malmok, Noord, Oranjestad, Piedra Plat, Ponton, Pos Chikitu, San Nicolas, Santa Cruz, Savaneta, Wayaca. Vacation rentals, short term rentals and furnished housing are more common in the metropolitan areas of Aruba.

Aruba Rental Areas
Use the rental links below to find Aruba apartment rentals, Aruba houses for rent, Aruba short term furnished Aruba vacation rentals and more. Landlords post rentals directly. Tenants contact landlords about the houses and apartments and negotiate such rental aspects as rent, lease term, pet policy...

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      Aruba Information
The Aruba is a chain of small islands separating from the Atlantic Ocean originated in the Caribbean Sea near South America coast line. The total area occupied by this country is 193 sq km (75 sq mi). The region coordinates of this country are recorded as 12 37' N in North side, 12 24' N of South, 69 53' W East and 70 04' W West. The Aruba has a land boundary of Venezuela with 25 km (10 miles) away. Generally the weather is hot and some modulations are held due to seasonal variations. The Oranjestad is the capital and biggest city in Aruba. The Dutch is the official language used widely used language and Papiamento is the other language mostly used by some religious people. The Aruba has democratic parliamentary government administered by the monarchy. It is formed as an individual regulated country on 1 January 1986 from Netherlands. The total population of this country is 103,065. The density of Aruba is recorded as 534 sq km (1,383 sq mi). The annual income rose from different sectors is expected as $2.400 billion. The Aruban florin is the official currency used in this country. The driving is allowed on right side of the road. The AW is the ISO code of Aruba and .aw is the top level domain and 297 is the general calling code of Aruba.

      Aruba Recreation, Culture and Attractions
Aruba has so many recreation things and attractions provide entertainment to the visitors. The Dune Sliding and Land Sailing are the popular outdoor recreation things and ATV Rides is other outdoor recreation. Bicycling is one of the recreation activities and the Arikok national park is popular for cycling. The Horse riding and birds view are other popular activities. The Kayaking, Windsurfing, Kite Surfing and Scuba Diving are the water sports give most entertainment to the visitors. The Aruba has a great combination of ancient and new culture of people who lived in surrounding areas. The celebration of festivals such as the carnival explores the culture of Aruba people. In present Aruba is the mixed with the combination of South America, China and Netherlands people. So the combined formation brings the own culture and heritage to Aruba. The Aruba has so many wonderful attractions like most exciting beach areas and the trade winds along the coast line. The Arikok national park is a wonderful spot consists of several animal and bird species and Casibari and Ayo rock formations and Indian caves are other popular attractions. The Bushiribana gold mill, Aruba Aloe Company and Alto Vista Chapel are the major things explain about the historical and economic events. The Museums are the other attractions give thrilling experience to the visitors. The Butterfly Farm, Ostrich Farm and Donkey Sanctuary give most enjoyment environment to the kids.

      Aruba Demographics
Aruba Total Population - 106,113
Aruba Male Population - 50,354
Aruba Female Population - 55,759
Aruba mixed white/Caribbean Amerindian Population - 84,890
Aruba Other Population - 21,222

      Aruba Education
The Aruba has excellent education system and education plays an important role in this country. The structure of education policy is categorized into three sections and those are primary, secondary and higher level education. The primary education consists of two levels in which the first level is kindergarten range from 4 to 6 years and the basic education consists of 6 years duration range from 6 to 12 years. The secondary level education involves three divisions they are general secondary education with 4 years duration, higher general secondary education with 5 years course duration and 6 years of pre university education. The Aruba education system offers some vocational courses after completion of the primary education started at the age of 12 years. The Aruba offers two distinct vocational courses named as lower vocational education with minimum 3 and maximum 4 years duration and secondary vocational education with 4 years duration. The University of Aruba offers both the first and second degree courses. The IPA is an institute that provides training on teaching in order to teach primary and secondary education.

Aruba Symbols

Image of Aruba flag

Image of Aruba anthem

Image of Aruba flower
Aruba Flag
Aruba Anthem
"Aruba Dushi Tera"
Aruba Flower

Image of Aruba tree
Aruba Tree
Divi Tree

      Aruba History
The Aruba has a great ancient history of about 1000 A.D. The Caquetios Indians are the people lived in this Aruba in earlier days of formation. In 1499 the Alonso de Ojeda is a Spanish explorer entered in Aruba and is popular as First European settler. At the time of 1634 the Spanish permanent military installation on Aruba and is gradually decreasing by the neared people in Bonaire and Curacao. The Dutch occupied the Aruba in fewer days and is ruled the long period of nearly two centuries. During the Napoleonic war in 1805 the British people ruled this region but after completion of war the region is again returned back to the Dutch control in 1816. At the time of 19th century the gold gains popularity and the country stands as a prosperous country after the invention of refinery oil in 1924. The tourism got a lot of popularity and so many changes were held on 20th century. The Aruba is under the government of Netherlands till 1985 but in 1986 it was declared as an autonomous country and maintains as a self governing region. The full administrative rights were maintained since 1990. The Aruba is a combination of South America, remaining several small islands in Caribbean and Europe people and their cultures.

      Aruba Tourism
The Aruba has excellent tourism authority and it try to provide all the facilities like transportation, accommodation and many other things. The birdsong swell in the morning hours gives more refreshing environment. The Aruba has a magical and flat playground and any body never seen this type of ground. The Aruba tourism offers excellent interesting things like paradise. The Palm-shaded environment and powdery white sandy beaches are the major attractions as the part of tourism activity. The tourist may observe various lush sceneries and the stylish towns and some great world famous enclaves. The tourism plays prominent role in the economy of Aruba. The ministry of Aruba tourism establishes a website especially for the tourism in order to provide all the information regarding to the needs of visitors and clarify the doubts and other major issues like accommodation and other issues. The tourism also includes various interesting and exciting activities like festival celebrations, site seeing like nature reserve areas of parks and museums. The tourism in Aruba provides thrilling experience of great destinations and historical events.

      Aruba Transportation
Aruba has well developed transportation facilities and the transportation include both public and private services. The public transportation means bus, ports and airline services. The Aruba provides several luxuries and comfortable bus services and those services are available from daily 5:30 to 1:30 AM. The public transportation provides various facilities to the travelers like pass for two or more rides per day. The Aruba has only one airport with 2,438 to 3,047 m paved lines. The Barcadera, Oranjestad and Saint Nicolaas are the major ports of Aruba. The De Palm Tours provides various air-conditioned and luxury coach reserves based on the need and the budget of the travelers and these services are also extendable to some tourist trips. The car rentals is the other mode of private transportation and it consists of some restrictions like in order to drive in Aruba the travelers must have any special or international license and that is at least two years old. Another important transportation is taxis. So many rental taxis are available but it does not have meters the charges are already fixed by the government.

      Aruba Taxes
Aruba Country Income Tax - 58.95%
Aruba Country Corporate Tax - 28%
Aruba Country Sales Tax - 3%
Aruba Country Owner Realestate Tax - 0.4%
Aruba Country buyer Realestate Tax - 3%
Aruba Country Imported food stuff Tax - 12%

      Aruba Universities
The University of Aruba, Oranjestad, Aruba - 600 Students
The Xavier University School Of Medicine, Oranjestad, Aruba - 18,330 Students
All Saints University of Medicine, Oranjestad, Aruba - 344 Students

      Aruba Religions
Aruba Roman Catholic Population is 85,739
Aruba Evangelist Population is 4,350
Aruba Protestant Population is 2,652
Aruba Jehovah's Witnesses Population is 1,591
Aruba Methodist Population is 1,273
Aruba Jewish Population is 212
Aruba other Population is 5,411
Aruba unspecified Population is 4,881

      Aruba Cities
Noord, Aruba - Population 16,944
Oranjestad, Aruba - Population 33,000
Pavia, Aruba - Population 70,294
San Nicolaas, Aruba - Population 18,126

      Aruba Government
The Aruba is a serving part Netherlands kingdom. Aruba is an individual country taking decisions in its own since 1986 separation. The Dutch Government deals important issues like defense and foreign affairs. Aruba has a government of democratic parliamentary with Oranjestad as the capital. Still it is continued as the part of Netherlands but 18 March is declared as national holiday on behalf of Flag Day. The constitution was ruled from 1 January 1986 and the legal system is working based on the civil law of Dutch. The person with 18 and beyond that age has a right to participate in voting. The government system is categorized into three distinct sections named as Executive, Legislative section and Judiciary branches. The Executive branch consists of Monarch act as head of the state, the governor general, the Prime Minister act as head of the government, deputy prime minister and the cabinet. The monarch is hereditary and Governor General is selected by the Monarch. The Prime Minister and deputy Prime Ministers are elected through Staten for serve 4 years period and cabinet members are selected by the Staten. The Staten is the part of Legislative section consists of 21 seats and the leaders are elected through voting and to serve 4 years period. The common court and High court are working under the Judiciary branch and magistrates are selected by the Monarch. The Aliansa Social Movement, Aruban Patriotic Movement and Aruban People's Party are the major political parties located in Aruba.

      Aruba Geography
The Aruba is an island country originated in the Caribbean Sea with Venezuela is located in the south of this country. The region extremes of this country are recorded as 12 30 N and 69 58 W. The Aruba is a flat island country popular for its white sandy beach areas but it does not have any river ways. The weather is generally hot and is modulated based on the winds coming from Atlantic Ocean. The temperature is generally ranged as 27 degrees Celsius. The total area occupied by this country is 193 sq km and the total area consists of land that means there is no water region. The coast line length of this country is recorded as 68.5 km. The Aruba consists of 12 nm sea region. The climate is hot and some temperature variations are observed based on various seasons. The most of the region consists of flat surface with some hill areas and very lesser part of the land is useful for the cultivation of vegetables. The Caribbean Sea with 0 m low and Mount Jamanota of 188 m height are the elevation boundaries of this country. The vegetables and beach areas are the natural resources of this country people. Very few land area is useful for the cultivation estimated as 0.01 sq km. The violent storms are the natural disasters happened in this country usually occurred outside the Caribbean region.

      Aruba Parks
The Aruba is an island country consists of only one national park named as Arikok. The Arikok is the famous and large park occupying the area of twenty percent of the land. This park is located around the chunk and stretches over the northern windward coast. The surrounding area of this park is used to protect the wild animals and it consists of 21 miles of hiking stream that explore island's native plants and animals. Some of the park area is filled with trees like forest here the visitor may observe divi-divi trees, cacti and aloe plants with exciting colorful flowers. The conejo rabbit, growing Kododo Blauw lizards and the natural Cascabel rattlesnake are some of the domestic animals lived in this park area. The Arikok Park is stretched over 620ft (188m) of the largest hill area of Mount Jamanota. So Arikok National Park is a wonderful recreation spot in order to observe all the issues like birds, wild animals, various tree species and beautiful flowers as well as some domestic animals. So this park provides most exciting and entertaining environment to the visitors with the natural beauty and exciting surrounding areas.

      Aruba Economy
The Aruba is enjoying with a good economy and the major income is raised from offshore banking, construction and tourism. The individual sectors involved in the annual income and the major income is raised from distinct services nearly 66% and the second place goes to industries with 33% and very lesser amounts like 1% are raised through agriculture sector. The annual income of this country is $507.9 million and the total expenses are estimated as $577.9 million. The aloes are the only cultivated product and fish is the natural available product. The Aruba has 41,500 labor forces. The tourism and transportation materials are the industries located in this country. The Aruba has 6.9% of unemployment. Aruba exports animals, machinery, transport and electrical materials to Panama, Netherlands, Colombia, US and Venezuela. The crude oil for filtering, foodstuff and chemicals are the products imported in this country to UK, US and Netherlands. Aruba has $478.6 million debt from other countries. Due to the recent modulations and developments in the tourism and construction sectors that plays an important role in the economic structure of Aruba. User Aruba Comments

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