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Antigua Barbuda Rentals
Antigua Barbuda rental properties are primarily found in the major metropolitan areas of Antigua Barbuda. Common rental types found in Antigua Barbuda are apartments, studios, lofts, one bedrooms, two bedrooms, condos, houses for rent, mobile homes, hotel rooms, vacation rental, furnished rentals short term rentals. Cities in Antigua Barbuda where housing rentals are found are All Saints, Bethesda, Bolans, Cedar Grove, Codrington, English Harbour, Falmouth, Freemands, Freetown, Jennings, Jolly Harbour, Liberta, Old Road, Pares, Parham, Piggotts, Potters Village, Sawcolts, Sea View Farm, Seatons, St George, St Johns, St Johnston, St Marys, St Paul, St Peter, St Philip, Swetes, Willikies. Vacation rentals, short term rentals and furnished housing are more common in the metropolitan areas of Antigua Barbuda.

Antigua Barbuda Rental Areas
Use the rental links below to find Antigua Barbuda apartment rentals, Antigua Barbuda houses for rent, Antigua Barbuda short term furnished Antigua Barbuda vacation rentals and more. Landlords post rentals directly. Tenants contact landlords about the houses and apartments and negotiate such rental aspects as rent, lease term, pet policy...

Antigua Barbuda Apartments, Houses, Rooms Antigua Barbuda Rentals Codrington Rentals Cedar Grove Rentals St George Rentals Piggotts Rentals St George Rentals Codrington Rentals St Johnston Rentals Parham Rentals St Peter Rentals Sea View Farm Rentals St Johnston Rentals Seatons Rentals Seatons Rentals Pares Rentals Pares Rentals Willikies Rentals Freemands Rentals Swetes Rentals Freetown Rentals St Philip Rentals Bethesda Rentals St Philip Rentals English Harbour Rentals Falmouth Rentals Falmouth Rentals St Paul Rentals Liberta Rentals Sawcolts Rentals Old Road Rentals St Marys Rentals St Marys Rentals Jolly Harbour Rentals Old Road Rentals BolansRentals Jennings Rentals All Saints Rentals All Saints Rentals St Johns Rentals Potters Village Rentals Potters Village Rentals St Johns Rentals St Paul Rentals
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      Antigua Barbuda Information
The Antigua Barbuda is an island combination of large Antigua and two smaller islands named as Barbuda and Redonda originated in between the regions of Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean. The total population of this country is recorded as 86,754 and Saint John's is the capital. The total area occupied by this country is 442 sq km consists of democratic parliament government ruled by the monarch. The Eastern Caribbean Dollar is the usual currency of this country and is equal to 2.67 US dollar. The Christianity is the popular religion located in this country. The Antigua Barbuda is a well developed country by the means of services and the great literacy rate of 90%. This country is now enjoying with a good economy raised from tourism, services and industrial sectors. The English is the commonly used language recognized as official language and Patois is the other language mostly used by the particular religious people. The Antigua is an island with large coast area and Barbuda is the flat coral island governed by a large lagoon located in western side. The Africans are the major ethnic people lived in this country. The most of the region consists of limestone, coral islands and some volcanic areas. The climate is generally hot and consists of cool winds and wetness. The driving is allowed on left side of the road. The information about general communication facilities such as AG is the ISO calling code, the .ag is the internet domain and 268 is the calling code of this country.

      Antigua Barbuda Recreation, Culture and Attractions
The Antigua Barbuda has several recreation activities in order to provide entertaining environment to the visitors. The golf, diving and sailing are the major recreation activities of this country people. The cricket is the popular sport of this country people and some of the famous places visiting are also the part of recreation and such places are Shirley Heights and sea view. The Antigua Barbuda has a great culture of Creole and is the combination of Amerindian, British and West Africa culture. The family relations and religions played a key role in the culture and the Christianity is the major religion. Particularly on Sundays Barbecue and reggae music shows were conducted in afternoon time. The carnival is the famous festival and the celebrations are held in order to hosts the Lenten season. The Antigua Barbuda has several attractions which provide great enjoying and thrilling experience to the visitors. Some of the popular attractions are rainforest on a canopy tour, beach areas and water sports such as kayaking, kite surfing and scuba diving. So many other exciting activities in water are boat trip with family members and friends as well as bird view. The museum is the other popular attraction and it explores the historical events and issues.

      Antigua Barbuda Demographics
Antigua Barbuda Total Population - 87,884
Antigua Barbuda Male Population - 41,721
Antigua Barbuda Female Population - 46,163
Antigua Barbuda Black Population - 79,974
Antigua Barbuda Mixed Population - 3,866
Antigua Barbuda White Population - 1,494
Antigua Barbuda other Population - 2,548

      Antigua Barbuda Education
The Antigua Barbuda has great education system and comprises the majority literacy people. The education is must for children who are having the ages in between 5 and 16. The structure of education comprises of three various levels named as primary and secondary as well as higher education. The primary education starts from 5 years age and ended with 2 years course. The secondary education consists of total 5 years duration in which three years consists of lower level and two years of higher secondary education. This country has total 72 primary and secondary schools in which most of the schools are regulated by the ministry of education. After completion of this secondary education students may have several choices to choose the department based on their wish. This country has three famous colleges which provide higher studies. The University of Health Sciences originated in Antigua established in 1982. The University of West Indies was established in 1949 provide several courses for adults and the offered courses are skills training programs, summer training for children and some particular programs for women. The technical courses and teacher training colleges are combined and often formed as the Antigua State College. All these three higher level educational colleges provide various courses.

Antigua Barbuda Symbols

Image of Antigua Barbuda flag

Image of Antigua Barbuda animal

Image of Antigua Barbuda motto
Antigua Barbuda Flag
Antigua Barbuda Animal
Blue Whale
Antigua Barbuda Motto
Each Endeavouring, All Achieving

Image of Antigua Barbuda flower

Image of Antigua Barbuda bird

Image of Antigua Barbuda fruit
Antigua Barbuda Flower
Dagger's Log
Antigua Barbuda Bird
Magnificent Frigatebird
Antigua Barbuda Fruit
Black Pineapple

Image of Antigua Barbuda tree
Antigua Barbuda Tree

      Antigua Barbuda History
The Antigua Barbuda has great ancient history of about 2400 BC. The Siboney was the first people who lived in this country in ancient years. In 1493 the Christopher Columbus entered into this region and named as "Santa Maria de la Antigua". In 1632 the English people make colonies in this island region. In 1674 Sir Christopher Codrington founded the sugar estate in Antigua. It was rented Barbuda to grow the provisions for his plantations. In 1834 the slavery system was restricted in Antigua but maintain the economic dependent on the land owners. The economic opportunities are reduced due to the lack of land formation and there are no sufficient resources to get the credit. During 1939 this country is suffered from lack of labor resources which results the invention of trade union movement. The first general elections are held on 1971 in that the progressive labor movement party is gained popularity and has taken a power. The Vere Bird's leadership is continued till 1994 and the leadership of his son named as Lester Bird continues his ruling till 2004. During the continuous elections held on 2004 march and 2009 the ALP fails and the United Progressive Party got the popularity and forms the government.

      Antigua Barbuda Tourism
The Antigua Barbuda is originated in the central point of Leeward Islands be a part of Eastern Caribbean. The Montserrat and Guadeloupe towards south and Nevis towards west and north are the boundary extremes of this country. The Antigua is the biggest British Leeward Islands consists of 14 miles length and 11 miles breadth stretched over 108 sq mi. The Boggy Peak with 1319 ft is the peak point placed in the southwest region of this island. The Barbuda is a coral island occupies an area of 68 sq mi. This island hosts the popular nature preserve named as Redonda. The great British Leeward Islands consists of warm weather, great winds and the coastline of safe harbors as well as unbroken wall of coral reef. The tourism in this country offers various exciting issues like Sailing, snorkeling and scuba diving. The other important things including the entertaining activities are boating, cricket, tennis, windsurfing and hiking. The other popular recreation things of this country consist of bird view, golfing, fishing and horseback riding. Generally the weather is hot and various changes have been occurred based on the seasonal variations. The temperatures are recorded as 70 in winter and 80 in summer season. The annual rainfall mentioned in this country is 45 inches and most of the rain fall is observed in September month. Because of the popular attractions, recreation services and proper weather the Antigua Barbuda is a popular tourist spot.

      Antigua Barbuda Transportation
The Antigua Barbuda has several public and private transportation facilities in order to provide communication to the remote areas. This country has total 250 km of highways and the total length consists of paved lines. The Antigua Barbuda has 77 km of rail lines in which 64 km consists of 0.760-m gauge lines and the remaining 13 km consists of 0.610-m gauge lines and are established particularly for the sugarcane export. This country doesn't have any water way services. The Saint John's is the only port contributes transportation through this sea region. The Antigua Barbuda has total 816 ships having the total capacity of 5,135,866 GRT/6,648,143 DWT. The some of the ships are belonging to the foreign countries. The ships are used for various purposes and are categorized in order to transmit the goods such as 474 are used for cargo, 255 are container ships, in order to carry bulk goods 16 ships are used and 35 are used for roll on or roll off. The Antigua Barbuda has 3 airports in which 2 are having paved run ways with maximum 2,438 to 3,047 m lines and the remaining 1 consists of unpaved lines with 914 m length ways. So many private transportation facilities are available in which rental cars and taxis are the popular modes of services depending upon the need and cost. Some of the transportation is done through the commercial vehicles like motor vehicles and rental cars.

      Antigua Barbuda Taxes
Antigua Barbuda Country Income Tax - 25%
Antigua Barbuda Country Corporate Tax - 25%
Antigua Barbuda Country Sales Tax - 15%
Antigua Barbuda Country Property Tax - 0.5%
Antigua Barbuda Country Fuel Tax - 0.7%
Antigua Barbuda Country Medical Tax - 3.9%
Antigua Barbuda Country Stampduties Tax - 4.5%

      Antigua Barbuda Universities
American University of Antigua, Antigua, Caribbean - 1,700 Students
University of Health Sciences Antigua, Antigua - 1,000 Students

      Antigua Barbuda Religions
Antigua Barbuda Anglican Population is 22,586
Antigua Barbuda Adventist Population is 10,809
Antigua Barbuda Pentecostal Population is 9,315
Antigua Barbuda Moravian Population is 9,227
Antigua Barbuda Roman Catholic Population is 9,139
Antigua Barbuda Methodist Population is 6,942
Antigua Barbuda Baptist Population is 4,306
Antigua Barbuda Church of God Population is 3,954
Antigua Barbuda other Christian Population is 4,745
Antigua Barbuda other Population is 1,757
Antigua Barbuda unspecified Population is 5,097

      Antigua Barbuda Parishes and Dependencies
Saint George, Antigua Barbuda - Population 6,673
Saint John, Antigua Barbuda - Population 45,346
Saint Mary, Antigua Barbuda - Population 6,793
Saint Paul, Antigua Barbuda - Population 7,848
Saint Peter, Antigua Barbuda - Population 5,439
Saint Philip, Antigua Barbuda - Population 3,462
Barbuda, Antigua Barbuda - Population 1,325

      Antigua Barbuda Government
The Antigua Barbuda is a commonwealth country consists of democratic parliamentary government. The Saint John's is the capital and the government is categorized into six parishes and two dependencies as an administrative sectors. This country got independence on 1 November 1981, since then the November 1st is declared as a national holiday. The constitution of this country was also establishes in the Independence Day and the legal system of this country is dependent on the English law. According to the constitution each person with 18 and beyond that had a chance to participate in voting system. In general way the government is categorized into 3 individual sectors like Executive, Legislative branch and Judiciary sections. The queen act as head of the state, governor general, Prime Minister Act as chief of the government and cabinet are lies under the Executive section. The queen is hereditary and governor general is selected by the monarchy, the Prime Minister is selected based on the majority party by the decision of governor general. The cabinet members are elected based on the decision of governor general with Prime Minister Advice. The Legislative branch consists of two sectors such as Senate and House of Representatives and each one consists of 17 seats and the members are elected by the majority voting to serve 5 years period. The Judicial branch consists of Supreme Court with the combination of High court and court of appeal. The Antigua Labor Party, United Progressive Party and Barbuda People's Movement are the major political parties located in this country.

      Antigua Barbuda Geography
The Antigua Barbuda is an island country originated in between the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean with Puerto Rico is the bordered country towards south east side. The total area occupied by this country is 443 sq km in which 280 sq km belongs to Antigua and 161 sq km consists of Barbuda. The total area consists of only land area that means there is no water region. The region boundaries of this country are specified as 17 03 N and 61 48 W. This coast line length of this country is estimated as 153 km long. This country has 12 nm sea regions, 200 nm of continental shelf and 200 nm of especial economic zone. Generally the weather is hot and varies with seasonal based. The most of the region consists of limestone and coral islands as well as high volcanic areas. The Caribbean Sea with 0 m low and Boggy Peak with 402 m high are the elevation coordinates of this country region. The pleasant environment and tourism are the major resources of this country. The violent storms and hot storms are the natural disasters frequently occurred here mainly happened on July to October. The water usage and crop production are the current issues faced by this country government. The Antigua is a deep shoreline area consists of several beaches and harbors and Barbuda consists of large western harbor.

      Antigua Barbuda Parks
The Antigua Barbuda has several national parks in order to provide history of the ancient islands as well as recreation facilities to the visitors. The Nelson's Dockyard National Park is a famous historical park explores the ancient people who lived in this country about 500 BC. This park is the one and only Georgian dockyard established for the sake of British Navy in 1725. This park is established on behalf of the service of the British Navy commander Horatio Nelson during the Napoleonic Wars. The dockyard consists of so many ancient navy ships and several historical artifacts. The Dockyard Museum is the famous one it explains about the English harbor and people who lived in this country in ancient years. This park consists of restored colonial buildings of the sailors and officers who lived in the Harbour. The Devil's Bridge National Park is a popular park consists of many wonderful natural sites and it attracts people with its natural beauty. This park is the natural arch divided by the sea region with the limestone pieces of the cliffs. In present this park is a beautiful place home to several wild life shrubbery and large howling waves and the great rugged areas. The Mount Obama is a national park consists of many things like the beautiful areas of Christian Valley and Cades Bay. This park provides well developed facilities to the visitors like picnicking, camping and parking.

      Antigua Barbuda Economy
The Antigua Barbuda is enjoying with a great economy raised from different sectors but mostly half of the income is gained through tourism sector. Based on the composition structure the major economy is raised from various services estimated as 77%, the second place goes to industrial areas submit 19% of income and the remaining 4% is gained from agriculture sector. The Antigua Barbuda is a well developed country because it consists of total 30,000 labor force and 11% of unemployment rate. The average annual income of this country is recorded as $123.7 million and the total expenses are estimated as $145.9 million. The sugarcane, cotton, vegetables, mangoes, bananas and coconuts are the usual cultivated products of this country. The major industrial areas located in this country are mentioned as tourism, manufacturing and construction. The petroleum, food products, machinery and live animals are the usual avilable products of this country and are exported to Germany, US and UK. The Antigua Barbuda imports some products like chemicals and oil from US, South Korea and Singapore. This country has total $231 million debt and East Caribbean dollar is the usual currency and one East Caribbean dollar is equal to 2.7 US dollar. The financial year starts with April 1st and ends with 31st March. User Antigua Barbuda Comments

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