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Anguilla Rentals
Anguilla rental properties are primarily found in the major metropolitan areas of Anguilla. Common rental types found in Anguilla are apartments, studios, lofts, one bedrooms, two bedrooms, condos, houses for rent, mobile homes, hotel rooms, vacation rental, furnished rentals short term rentals. Cities in Anguilla where housing rentals are found are Anguilla, Antigua Barbuda, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Bonaire, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands,Cuba, Curacao, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Jamaica, La Desirade, Les Saintes, Martinique, Montserrat, Anguilla, Puerto Rico, Saba, Saint Barts, Saint Kitts, Saint Lucia, Saint Martin, Saint Vincent Grenadines, Sint Eustatius, Trinidad Tobago, US Virgin Islands, Venezuelan Archipelago. Vacation rentals, short term rentals and furnished housing are more common in the metropolitan areas of Anguilla.

Anguilla Rental Areas
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      Anguilla Information
The Anguilla is originated in Caribbean region of Leeward Islands and the total area occupied by this country is 91 sq km nothing but 35 sq miles. The total population of this country is 15,094 with the 147 per sq km density. The valley is the capital consists of 1,300 populations. This country didn't have specific government and is the UK overseas region from 1980 onwards. The Leeward Islands to the northern most, Sombrero Island, lying with 48km towards north are the land boundaries of this country and it has several islets. The St Maarten Island is located about 8km (5 miles), St Kitts and Anguilla with 113km are the south nearest islands of this country. Most of the region is filled with flat islands and this country hosts some best beaches in the world. The English is the official and commonly used language by this people. So many religions are located here and the local time is varied with GMT - 4 other countries. The beaches and resorts give the most pleasant environment to the visitors. This country is ruled under monarchy act as chief of the state and chief minister act as head of the government. Generally the climate is hot through out the year that's why this country people like to wear Lightweight cotton clothes. The average annual rainfall recorded in this country is 14cm. The connecting calling code of this country telephone lines is +1-264 and driving is allowed on left side.

      Anguilla Recreation, Culture and Attractions
The Anguilla has several recreation things including sports as well as tourist destinations. The Snorkeling is the popular sport most widely played by this country people. The other recreation things include scuba diving, beach areas and some water sports provides relaxation to the visitors who wants to enjoy with the great nature and friendly environment. The sunfish, hobie cats and ocean kayaks are avilable at beaches and the resorts. The Golf is the other recreation things of this country people recently added into the curriculum. The culture of Anguilla is the combination of both British and African countries. The culture of this country explores the great historical events and festivals celebrated by this country people with different ethnic groups. The Carnival is the most prominent festival occurred in August in order to dedicate to the emancipation of African slaves and the celebrations are started with a morning jam followed and continued till fortnight. This country people believe that sailboats racing make this country as peace and indestructible. Anguilla has many tourist spots such as beach areas, large coral reefs, turquoise waters and bays.

      Anguilla Demographics
Anguilla Total Population - 15,094
Anguilla Male Population - 7,293
Anguilla Female Population - 7,801
Anguilla Black Population - 13,599
Anguilla Mulatto Population - 694
Anguilla White Population - 558
Anguilla Other Population - 226

      Anguilla Education
The Anguilla has great education system and the government gives full support in all the views. The education is free and compulsory for children who are in between the ages of 5 to15. The general academic year consists of three terms mentioned from mid-September to mid-July and each term consists of 13 weeks duration. The students have summer holidays of six weeks, four weeks of Christmas holidays and three weeks of Easter holidays and all the suggestions are mentioned in English. This country education is based on the British education structure. Whenever the students finish their high school then the students attend the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) examination. If they are passing in that exam then the student may enroll into advanced education usually referred as 6th form consists of 2 year education. So many advanced resources are used in this country education. In present most of the schools have Internet access, audiovisual materials, copying and facsimile equipment and some schools have individual web sites. The program learning and work shops are conducted in order to utilize technology in various forms by teachers as well as students. The Computer Club in Anguilla is the best technological thing. The weekly meetings are arranged in order to give the instructions in general computer programming and digital cameras and these classes are held after the school hours.

Anguilla Symbols

Image of Anguilla flag

Image of Anguilla song

Image of Anguilla motto
Anguilla Flag
Anguilla Song
God Bless Anguilla
Anguilla Motto
"Strength and Endurance"

Image of Anguilla mammal

Image of Anguilla bird
Anguilla Mammal
Anguilla Bird
Zenaida Dove

      Anguilla History
The Amerindians are the first inhabitants who lived in this country and Malliouhana is the first name. History says that nearly 3300 years back the Amerindians are entered into this region from canoe is the small section in South America mainland. At the time of fourth century A.D. the Saladoid Amerindian religion people are entered into this region and are lived by farming the land. In15th century the Christopher Columbus was sailing the total world at that time the Europeans officially change the name of the island as Anguilla from Malliouhana. In 1650 English people settled in this area and they identified this area is suitable to cultivate tobacco and corn. In 1666 the island was under the control of French but within one year this island is under the English people. At the time of 1800's Anguilla was the top position in the production of exports and the major exporting products are cotton, sugar, fustic and mahogany. Nearly 2000 inhabitants are living on the island during 1854. In 1958 the Anguilla was combined with the Federation of the West Indies. After some time the revolution was raised latter Anguilla was formed as a separate UK dependent territory till now it is continued as a dependent region.

      Anguilla Tourism
The Anguilla is a small country having some strong features marked with furrows. This region consists of so many tourist spots and this region is suitable for hiking as well as biking. This country tourism is most exciting trip offers several water sports and so many adventurous trips. This country has so many campgrounds and rainforest area that explore the beauty of this region. This country beaches and interior parks don't have any campground facilities. Anguilla tourism includes hiking, horse riding along the beach areas and biking. Here the tourist may observe nearly 100 bird species gives thrilling experience to the visitors. At the time of 1993 Anguilla established National Trust in order to protect the land areas, beaches and some other natural resources. The beach areas consist of several interesting facts like snorkeling on one of the island's 33 beaches. The Scuba dive places provide most enjoying environment to the visitors. The Shoal Bay is the most popular relaxation spot gives pleasant environment to the tourists as well as local people of Anguilla. So Anguilla hosts several adventurous sports, excellent beach areas and some nature reserve areas like parks.

      Anguilla Transportation
The Anguilla is a small country consists of several transportation services excluding rail ways. This country consists of total 175 km road ways in which 82 km having paved run ways and remaining 93 km are unpaved ways. The Blowing Point and Road Bay are the ports used for the transportation of goods through water terminal. This country has total 3 airports in which 1 consists of paved lines with 524 to 2,437 m length and remaining 2 are unpaved with 914 m length. In case of private services cars are the frequently used transportation facility and driving is allowed on left hand side. The taxi service is available but it is too costly. This country doesn't have many public transportation services so taxi services are needed for tourists for some hours of tourism destinations. The Ferries are the other most prominent service which offers the transportation from Anguilla to other neighborhood islands. The Ferries from Blowing Point to Marigot is a local service provide the transportation of Haddad Express ways runs with every half an hour difference in whole the day including night hours. If the tourist wants to travel from Anguilla to other islands by the ferry then the passport must be taken with them then only the tourist able to enter into that island. The bikes and mopeds are the other transportation services.

      Anguilla Taxes
Anguilla Country Accomdation Tax - 10%
Anguilla Country Transfer Duty on Real Property Tax - 5%
Anguilla Country Property Tax - 0.0175%

      Anguilla Universities
The open university of the west indies, Anguilla - 19,886 students

      Anguilla Religions
Anguilla Anglican Population is 4,377
Anguilla Methodist Population is 3,607
Anguilla other Protestant Population is 4,558
Anguilla Roman Catholic Population is 860
Anguilla other Christian Population is 256
Anguilla other Population is 784
Anguilla unspecified Population is 649

      Anguilla Districts
Blowing Point, Anguilla - Population 779 East End, Anguilla - Population 614
George Hill, Anguilla - Population 791
Island Harbour, Anguilla - Population 855
North Hill, Anguilla - Population 439
North Side, Anguilla - Population 1,195
Sandy Ground, Anguilla - Population 274
Sandy Hill, Anguilla - Population 557
South Hill, Anguilla - Population 1,495
Stoney Ground, Anguilla - Population 1,133
The Farrington, Anguilla - Population 546
The Quarter, Anguilla - Population 978
The Valley, Anguilla - Population 1,169
West End, Anguilla - Population 736

      Anguilla Government
The Anguilla does not have any separate government still it is based on the UK. The valley is the capital city of this country. It doesn't have any separate administrative sectors. The general time shows 1 hour ahead of the Washington DC city. The 30 May is the national holiday of this country people and the constitution was ruled from 1 April 1982 but some amendments are take place in 1990. The legal system of Anguilla is purely dependent on the English common law. The person with 18 and beyond that age has a chance to vote in order to elect their leaders. The government spectrum consists of 3 individual sectors named as Executive, Legislative and Judiciary. The Executive branch consists of Queen Acts as head of the state, governor, Chief Minister Act as head of the government and cabinet and the leaders are selected by the governor from the elected members. The monarch is selected on hereditary and the governor selected by the monarch and chief minister is elected by the governor. The unicameral is working under the Legislative branch usually referred as House of Assembly consists of 11 seats and the leaders are appointed on the basis of popular voting mechanism in order to serve 5 years term. The High Court is working under the Judiciary branch and judges are selected by Supreme Court of Eastern Caribbean. The Anguilla United Front, Anguilla United Movement and Anguilla Progressive Party are the political parties located in this country.

      Anguilla Geography
The Anguilla is a country originated in the Caribbean region with in the borders of Caribbean Sea, North Atlantic Ocean and Puerto Rico at the east of this country. The geographical boundaries of this country are mentioned as 18 15 N to the north side and 63 10 W to the west of this region. The map represents the Caribbean region in order to identify the country location. The total area occupied by this country is 102 sq km of land area because there is no water sector. This country has the 3 nm of sea area and 200 nm of special fishing zone. Generally the weather is hot and most of the region is filled with the Flat Island sectors of coral and limestone areas. The Crocus Hill with 65 m high is one of the elevation boundary and the other one is Caribbean Sea with 0 m low. The Salt, fish and lobster are the natural resources frequently available in this country. The hurricanes and hot storms are the natural disasters frequently happened in this country and mostly occurred in between July and October. In present this country suffering from one major problem that is potable water supplies.

      Anguilla Parks
The Anguilla hosts to several interesting things and parks in order to attract the visitors with their natural beauty. The Fountain Cavern is a natural national park and often it is recognized as top archaeological site in Anguilla. This park has two fresh water pools in the 50ft nothing but15m depth, here the tourist may observe rock carvings. The stalagmite is the most prominent thing in this park consists of 16ft (4.8m) and it has been seemed as "Jocahu" is the Taino Indians god. The fountain is looking like a regional worship site and Amerindians pilgrimage place. This park consists of beautiful caves, excellent art considered as archeological site and most ancient buildings. The Big Spring National Park is the nature reserve designed to protect the partially collapsed cave consists of 28 Amerindian petroglyphs at the time of 9th-15th C. This park can be visited only as the part of tourism provided by the National Trust of Anguilla. The Mesa de Anguilla is the national park located in the western-most edge of this country. This park is the scenic area consists of so many adventurous hiking opportunities and the visiting of this park gives most exciting experience to the visitors. The most prominent attraction in this park is Rio Grande valley and is a fantastic natural spot.

      Anguilla Economy
The Anguilla has very few frequently available natural products but this country economy is mainly based on the tourism, fishing and offshore banking. The increase the concentration on tourism results the growth in construction sector that makes large economic growth. By observing the economic structure of this country major economy nearly 78% is raised from services, 18% is gained through industries and remaining 4% is coming from agricultural sector. This country has total 6,049 of labor source and very less unemployment nearly 6.7%. The average annual income of this country is $22.8 million and the expenditures are roughly $22.5 million. The tobacco and vegetable products are the major cultivated sources and this country has various industries such as boat construction, offshore financial service mechanism and tourism. The products like Lobster, fish, salt, and rum are exported to UK, US, Puerto Rico and Saint-Martin from this country. The imported products are listed as Fuels, foodstuffs, chemicals, trucks and textiles from US, Puerto Rico and UK. The East Caribbean dollar usually referred as XCD is the currency of Anguilla. Anguilla has $8.8 million of external debt and one East Caribbean dollar is equal to 2.70 US dollar. The Fiscal calendar year starts from 1 April and ends with 31 March. User Anguilla Comments

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