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Quebec Rentals
Quebec rental properties are primarily found in the major metropolitan areas of Quebec. Common rental types found in Quebec are apartments, studios, lofts, one bedrooms, two bedrooms, condos, houses for rent, mobile homes, hotel rooms, vacation rental, furnished rentals short term rentals. Cities in Quebec where housing rentals are found are Quebec City Area, Ottawa Area (Quebec), Western Quebec, Central Quebec, Montreal Area, Eastern Quebec, Northern Quebec.  Vacation rentals, short term rentals and furnished housing are more common in the metropolitan areas of Quebec.

Quebec Rental Areas
Use the rental links below to find Quebec apartment rentals, Quebec houses for rent, Quebec short term furnished Quebec vacation rentals and more. Landlords post rentals directly. Tenants contact landlords about the houses and apartments and negotiate such rental aspects as rent, lease term, pet policy...

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      Quebec Province Information
Quebec is located in east-central Canada. Quebec has 2nd rank in size among the provinces of Canada. The Province total area is 595,391 sq mi. Province total populations is 7,782,561 in 2009 estimation. Quebec is the only province which constitutionally recognized French as an Official provincial language of Quebec. Quebec is bordered on the west by the province of Ontario, James Bay and Hudson Bay, north by Hudson Strait and Ungava Bay, east by the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and south by U.S. states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York. In population wise the state has 2nd rank in Canada. English-speaking members and English-language organizations are concentrated in the west of the island of Montreal but are also significantly present in the Townships, and Gaspé regions. The name Quebec is derived from the Algonquin word kébec. Sovereignty plays an important role in the politics of Quebec.

      Quebec Province Recreation, Culture and Attractions
Quebec is the only region in North America with a French-speaking majority. Quebec and New Brunswick are only two provinces in Canada which constitutionally recognized French as an Official provincial language. Citadelle de Quebec is the most important and protected built in Canada under British rule. The construction of the outer walls took 30 years to finish its construction. The Battlefields Park is one of the world's most prestigious parks in Quebec. Quebec City is one of the cultural highlights which tourists visit during both traveling by bicycle and walking.

      Quebec Province Demographics
Quebec total population - 7,782,561
Quebec black population - 188,070
Quebec Canadian population - 4,474,115
Quebec French population - 2,292,450
Quebec Irish population - 406,085
Quebec Italian population - 299,655
Quebec English population - 245,155
Quebec Native American popu - lation 219,815
Quebec Scottish population - 202,515
Quebec German population - 131,795
Quebec Chinese population - 91,900
Quebec Haitian population - 91,435
Quebec Spanish population - 72,090
Quebec Jewish population - 71,380
Quebec Greek population - 65,985
Polish population - 62,800
Quebec Lebanese population - 60,950
Quebec Portuguese population - 57,445
Quebec Belgian population - 43,275
Quebec East Indian population - 1,601
Quebec Romanian population - 40,320
Quebec Russian population - 40,155

      Quebec school information
The Québec education system consists of a public education network that ranges from Preschool education to university. The Québec public education system is spiritual and language-based according to the language of instruction in the schools. The school year starts at the end of the month of August or the beginning of the month of September and ends before June 24. Colleges are the first level of higher education and Universities are the second level of higher education. There are 17 universities in Quebec. Of the 17 universities, 14 are French and the remaining three are English. University Laval is the oldest university in Quebec established in 1663. Ecole de technology supérieure and Concordia University are the most recently specified universities in Quebec for both of them are established in 1974.

Quebec Symbols

Image of Quebec flag

Image of Quebec flower

Image of Quebec tree
Quebec Flag
Quebec Flower
Blue Flag Iris
Quebec Tree
Yellow Birch

Image of Quebec bird

Image of Quebec motto

Image of Quebec song
Quebec Bird
Snowy Owl
Quebec Motto
Je me souviens
Quebec Song
"Gens du pays"

      Quebec Province History
At the time of first European contact and later colonization, Algonquian, Iroquoian and Inuit tribes occupied Quebec. Seven Algonquian groups lived nomadic lives based on hunting and fishing. Jacques Cartier was the first French explorer to reach Quebec. In 1522 Italian navigator Giovanni da Verrazzano convinced King Francis I of France to giving an expedition to find a western route to China. On June 27 1775, General George Washington determined to invade Canada by the American Continental Army to get Quebec and St. Lawrence River from the British. In 1977 the newly elected Parti Québécois government of René Lévesque imported the concept of the French Language. Bill 101 defined French as the only official language of Quebec.

      Quebec Province Tourist Information
St.Lawrence River is located in the South Central part of the Province of Quebec. St.Lawrence River is the Greatest Quebec Tourist Region. Quebec contains more than 1 million lakes and waterways. The Saint Lawrence River is one of the most wonderful stretches of water in North America crossing Quebec from west to east for 1000 km. Quebec City is one of the oldest European foundations in North America.

      Quebec Province Transportation
Quebec is fully combined with the general transportation system of Canada and of North America. Around the Montreal and Quebec City areas Roads are divided into four-lane highways. The Quebec Bridge and Pierre Laporte Bridge link with the south shore of the Saint Lawrence River and Orleans Island Bridge links Quebec City with the Orleans Island. Quebec City is also has a big port on the St-Lawrence in the first, fifth and sixth districts.

      Quebec Taxes
Provincial rate is nominally 7.5%, but also applied to federal 5% GST
Effective provincial rate is 7.875%.

      Quebec Universities
Concordia University - Loyola Campus,Quebec - 44,257 Students
McGill University - Macdonald Campus,Quebec - 33522 Students
National Theatre School of Canada, Montreal,Quebec - 163 Students
Bishop's University,Sherbrooke,Quebec - 7,644 Students

      Quebec Province Religions
Quebec Catholic Christian Population is 83.6%
Quebec Protestant Christian Population is 4.71%
Quebec Orthodox Christian Population is 1.41%
Quebec Other Christian Population is 0.80%
Quebec Muslim Population is 1.52%
Quebec Jewish Population is 1.26%
Quebec Buddhist Population is 0.58%%
Quebec Hindu Population is 0.34%
Quebec Sikh Population is 0.12%
Quebec Other Eastern Religions Population is 0.05%
Quebec Pagan Population is 0.02%
Quebec Aboriginal spirituality Population is 0.01%

      Quebec Counties
Abitibi County ,Quebec -Population 24,275
Argenteuil County ,Quebec -Population 29,992
Arthabaska County ,Quebec -Population area sparsly populated
Bagot County ,Quebec -Population 1,446
Beauce County ,Quebec -Population 50,229
Beauharnois County ,Quebec -Population 60,802
Bellechasse County,Quebec -Population 29,570
Berthier County ,Quebec -Population 4,007
Bonaventure County ,Quebec -Population 18,267
Brome County ,Quebec -Population 5,629
Chambly County ,Quebec -Population 22,608
Champlain County ,Quebec -Population area sparsly populated
Charlevoix-Est County ,Quebec -Population 16,624
Charlevoix-Ouest County ,Quebec -Population 16,624
Châteauguay County ,Quebec -Population 42,786
Chicoutimi County ,Quebec -Population 143,692
Compton County ,Quebec -Population 93,493
Deux-Montagnes County ,Quebec -Population 17,402
Dorchester County ,Quebec -Population area sparsly populated
Drummond County ,Quebec -Population 92,982
Frontenac County ,Quebec -Population 30,735
Gaspé-Est County ,Quebec -Population 14,819
Gaspé-Ouest County ,Quebec -Population area sparsly populated
Gatineau County ,Quebec -Population 242,124
Hull County ,Quebec -Population 66,246
Huntingdon County ,Quebec -Population 2,587
Iberville County ,Quebec -Population 1,223
Ile-de-Montréal County ,Quebec -Population 3,635,571
Ile-Jésus County ,Quebec -Population 376,845
Iles-de-la-Madeleine County ,Quebec -Population 94,336
Joliette County ,Quebec -Population 19,045
Kamouraska County ,Quebec -Population 22,494
Labelle County ,Quebec -Population 34,999
Laprairie County ,Quebec -Population 21,763
L'Assomption County,Quebec -Population 16,738
Lévis County ,Quebec -Population 130,006
L'Islet County ,Quebec -Population 19,368
Lotbinière County ,Quebec -Population 27,425
Lac-Saint-Jean-Est County ,Quebec -Population 272,610
Lac-Saint-Jean-Ouest County ,Quebec -Population 51,170
Maskinongé County ,Quebec -Population 2,233
Matane County ,Quebec -Population 22,507
Matapédia County ,Quebec -Population 19,994
Mégantic County ,Quebec -Population 6,058
Missisquoi County ,Quebec -Population area sparsly populated
Montcalm County ,Quebec -Population 652
Montmorency No. 1 County ,Quebec -Population area sparsly populated
Montmorency No. 2 County ,Quebec -Population area sparsly populated
Montmagny County ,Quebec -Population 23,438
Napierville County ,Quebec -Population 137,894
Nicolet County ,Quebec -Population 29,771
Papineau County ,Quebec -Population 21,863
Pontiac County ,Quebec -Population 14,586
Portneuf County ,Quebec -Population 3,922.91
Québec County,Quebec -Population area sparsly populated
Richelieu County ,Quebec -Population 87,492
Richmond County ,Quebec -Population 3,336
Rimouski County ,Quebec -Population 42,240
Rivière-du-Loup County ,Quebec -Population 18,586
Rouville County ,Quebec -Population 31,365
Saint-Hyacinthe County ,Quebec -Population 51,616
Saint-Jean County ,Quebec -Population 87,492
Saint-Maurice County ,Quebec -Population area sparsly populated
Saguenay County ,Quebec -Population area sparsly populated
Shefford County ,Quebec -Population 5,941
Sherbrooke County ,Quebec -Population 147,427
Soulanges County ,Quebec -Population 120,395
Stanstead County ,Quebec -Population 3,012
Témiscouata County ,Quebec -Population area sparsly populated
Témiscamingue County ,Quebec -Population 2,697
Terrebonne County ,Quebec -Population 94,703
Vaudreuil County,Quebec -Population 27,330
Verchères County ,Quebec -Population 5,243
Wolfe County ,Quebec -Population area sparsly populated
Yamaska County,Quebec -Population 1,643

      Quebec Province Government
The deputy Governor represents Queen Elizabeth II as head of state who leads the largest party in the unicameral National Assembly from which the Council of Ministers are selected. Until 1968 the Quebec council was bicameral consisting of the Legislative Council and the Legislative Assembly. In 1968 the Legislative Council was cleared and the Legislative Assembly renamed the National Assembly. Quebec was the last province to cancel its legislative council. The government of Quebec grants an order of merit called the National Order of Quebec. It is provided upon men and women living in Quebec for outstanding achievements.

      Quebec Province Parks
La Mauricie and Forillon are the two important national parks in Quebec. Parc National du Mont Tremblant is the largest park in Quebec and one of the best for outdoor activities. La Mauricie National Park in Quebec is a wonderful place to be during the autumn months.

      Quebec Economy
Quebec is the strong, mixed and market oriented economy. Quebec economy rank was 37th after Greece economy. As of 2010 the Quebec economy was C$ 319,348 billion and the Quebec rank was 2nd in Canada. Quebec is the main mined producer in the earth. Quebec economy is based on natural sources, agriculture, mining, manufacturing and services. In Canada Quebec economy is growing rapidly. The industry outputs of Quebec are aerospace, IT and multimedia. Quebec has top companies for mining. The main exports of Quebec are forest goods like pulp and paper. The manufacturing outputs of Quebec are air traffic control tools, software, trains, air craft's, telecommunications, transportation tools, compact disks and toys. Tourism also play vital role in Quebec economy. User Quebec Comments

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