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Prince Edwards Island Rentals
Prince Edwards Island rental properties are primarily found in the major metropolitan areas of Prince Edwards Island. Common rental types found in Prince Edwards Island are apartments, studios, lofts, one bedrooms, two bedrooms, condos, houses for rent, mobile homes, hotel rooms, vacation rental, furnished rentals short term rentals. Cities in Prince Edwards Island where housing rentals are found are Charlottes Shore, North by Northwest, Hills & Harbours, Bays & Dunes, Annes Land, Ship to Shore.  Vacation rentals, short term rentals and furnished housing are more common in the metropolitan areas of Prince Edwards Island.

Prince Edwards Island Rental Areas
Use the rental links below to find Prince Edwards Island apartment rentals, Prince Edwards Island houses for rent, Prince Edwards Island short term furnished Prince Edwards Island vacation rentals and more. Landlords post rentals directly. Tenants contact landlords about the houses and apartments and negotiate such rental aspects as rent, lease term, pet policy...

Canada Prince Edward Island Apartments, Houses, Rooms North by Northwest Rentals Ship to Shore Rentals Annes Land Rentals Charlottes Shore Rentals Hills &  Harbours Bays & Dunes

      Prince Edwards Island Province Information
The province of Canada consists of an island with the same name of Prince Edward Island and also other islands. The island also has some different names as "Garden of the Gulf", referring to the pastoral scenery lush agricultural lands throughout the province and "Birthplace of Confederation", referring to the Charlottetown Conference in 1864. As of 2009 estimates, island has 141,000 residents. It is in rectangle shape and roughly 46°?47°N, and 62°?64°30'W and at 5,683.91 km2 (2,194.57 sq mi) in size. The island was named after the fourth son of King George III and the father of Queen Victoria.

      Prince Edwards Island Province Recreation, Culture and Attractions
The cultural and tradition of Prince Edwards Island are arts, music, and creative writing which are supported by the public education system. The Charlottetown Festivals an annual arts festival which is hosted at the Confederation Centre of the Arts. In 1874 Lucy Maud Montgomery was born in Clifton (now new London) wrote about 20 novels and the first book was published in 1908 and the name is "Anne". "Anne of Green" Gables is the name of the musical play which has run for more than four decades every year at the Charlottetown festival. "Johnny Belinda" was a famous play which was set by Elmer Blaney Harris, who founded an artist's colony at Fortune Bridge. In 19th century the island?s music history begins with religious music, some written by local pump and block maker, and organ-importer, Watson Duchemin. Prince Edward Island has a watching scenes of water awed by the natural beauty and serenity. For the tourist, Seal watching is popular scenery and the bays offering the opportunity to see harbor seals and mussel farms. The unique prospective view of the island is the majestic red cliffs, beautiful sand dunes and rustic landscapes. The tourist can enjoy a deep-sea fishing excursion into the deep blue waters off the coast and catch your own fish. The beaches of Prince Island are the best among the country and the warm waters of the ocean around and there are beaches where the tourists can spend the whole day listening to the shore birds and waves. The northern beaches are like heaven for the tourists who are interested in birdwatchers. The province even includes camping and day use parks which are worth watching beaches, beautiful scenery, nature trails and lots of outdoor recreation. The Prince Edward Island has beautiful and breathtaking sceneries to have a memorable vacation for the complete family. At the foot of the Confederation Bridge, there is a village called Gateway Village (Borden-Carleton) with variety of food services and handcraft works and gift outlets are the special features of this village. The Cavendish Figurines and North America's only figurine economuseum is the home for the Gateway Village. The Orwell Corner Historic Village (Orwell) experiences the life of a rural community in 1890's. People will keep walking amongst the blacksmith shop, country store, church, school, farm buildings and community hall. Lennox Island Mi'kmaq Cultural Centre (Lennox Island) community museum that aims to promote and regain Mi'kmaq culture on PEI and interpret Mi'kmaq history. In this fishing village "Spinnakers Landing" one of summer side?s great market places. In 1875 West Point Lighthouse was constructed. These are called the second generation lighthouses. By combining different types of architecture, folklore, shipwrecks and dramatic scenery began a second career as a lighthouse museum.

      Prince Edwards Island Province Demographics
Prince Edward Island Province total population - 140,402
Prince Edward Island Province English population - 38,330
Prince Edward Island Province Canadian population - 60,000
Prince Edward Island Province Scottish population - 50,700
Prince Edward Island Province Irish population - 37,170
Prince Edward Island Province French population - 28,410
Prince Edward Island Province German population - 5,400
Prince Edward Island Province Dutch (Netherlands) population - 4,130
Prince Edward Island Province Acadian population - 3,020
Prince Edward Island Province North American Indian population - 2,360
Prince Edward Island Province Welsh population - 1,440

      Prince Edwards Island school information
The University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) was formed by the island legislature to replace Prince of Wales College and St. Dunstan's University. It is also home to the Atlantic Veterinary College, which offers the province?s only veterinary medicine program. Across the province there is a Holland College which is a provincial community college and includes specialized facilities such as the Atlantic Police Academy, Marine Training Centre and the Culinary Institute of Canada. Prince Edward Island's public school system has divided into two Anglophone school districts, Eastern and Western as well as a Francophone district. There are total of 10 secondary schools and 54 intermediate and elementary schools and the Francophone district has 6 schools covering all the grades.

Prince Edwards Island Symbols
Prince Edwards Island nickname - "The Princess Province", "The Energy Province", "The Sunshine Province", "Oilberta"

Image of Prince Edwards Island flag

Image of Prince Edwards Island flower

Image of Prince Edwards Island tree
Prince Edwards Island Flag
Prince Edwards Island Flower
Lady's Slipper
Prince Edwards Island Tree
Red Oak

Image of Prince Edwards Island bird

Image of Prince Edwards Island soil

Image of Prince Edwards Island motto
Prince Edwards Island Bird
Blue Jay
Prince Edwards Island Soil
Charlottetown soil
Prince Edwards Island Motto
Parva sub ingenti (the small under the protection of the great)

      Prince Edwards Island Province History
The people of Mi'kmaq inhabited originally in the Prince Edward Island. They named the island as Abegweit, which means' Cradle on the Waves'. The people believe that island has been formed by the Great Spirit placed crescent shaped dark red clay on the Blue Waters. The French colony of Īle Royale was called as Īle Saint-Jean. In 55 during the British-ordered expulsion, the Acadians fled from the island to the main island Nova Scotia. Around one thousand Acadians lived on this island. Under the command of Colonel Andrew Rollo, British soldiers were ordered by the general Jeffery Amherst to capture the island. "St. John's Island" also known as "Island of St. John" was the new British colony settled by "adventurous Georgian families looking for elegance on the sea. In 18th century Prince Edward Island became a fashionable retreat for British nobility". In 1798, St. John's Island has been changed to Prince Edward Island by the Great Britain to differentiate it from similar names in the Atlantic as the cities of Saint John and St. John's. During (1767-1820) the fourth son of King George III, Prince Edward Augustus, the Duke of Kent has been honoured the new name who was then commanding British troops in Halifax. Prince Edward was the father of Queen Victoria. Prince Edward Island hosted the Charlottetown Conference in September 1864 was the first meeting in the process leading to the Articles of Confederation and the creation of Canada in 1867. The colony began to construct railways and frustrated by Great Britain's Colonial Office has begun negotiations with the United States. Sir John A. Macdonald Prime Minister in 1873 is anxious about the American expansionism and facing the distraction of the Pacific Scandal negotiated for Prince Edward Island to join Canada. The Federal government of Canada assumed the colony's railway debts and agreed to finance a buy-out of the last of the colony's absentee landlords to free the island, which is on lease hold tenure from new migrants entering the island. In 1873 on July 1, Prince Edward Island entered the Confederation. As a result of inaugural meeting of Confederation, Charlottetown Conference, Prince Edward Island presents itself as the "Birthplace of Confederation" Confederation Bridge, the longest bridge over ice covered with waters in the world, the confederation Centre of the Arts is the most outstanding buildings in the province with this name and it is presented as a gift by the 10 provincial governments and the Federal Government upon the centenary of the Charlottetown conference, to the Prince Edward Islanders. Charlottetown is known as "Fathers of Confederation".

      Prince Edwards Island Province Tourist Information
The island has a landscape which resembles large playground with sandboxes, water games and pedal paths. The complete family can have fun together. Tourist can enjoy the live theater which is applicable to all ages. There are even adventurous parks with water slides and green picnics and there is a workshop where traditional arts and crafts work will be done. The locals call it "The Islands" for its beautiful sandy beaches and dunes. It is also the home of the gregarious Anne Shirley from Lucy Maud Montgomery's classic Anne of Green Gables. It became the "Cradle of Confederation" after the Fathers of Confederation met there in 1864 to discuss the possible union of five British North American colonies. Three years later Canada formed in 1867. There is a visitor?s information center which provides the tourist free maps and even tourist information too. In Confederation Centre of the Arts in Charlottetown, there is a variety of theatrical and musical acts will take place through out the year in addition to the long running Anne of Green Gables musical dramas which plays in every summer and it also provides a small art gallery and a public library for the tourist?s convenience. Prince Edward Island provide Bike Tours which starts from Cape North through Malpeque Bay along the Bay of St. Lawrence to the most easterly point of the island passing through many lovely villages including Cavendish, North Rustico, Brackley Beach and Stanhope. Basin Head is a popular beach which has a long bridge where the tourist can have some jumping fun. PEI Scenic Drives and its one of the best ways to experience island life along the various back roads and highways adding your own diversions here and there. The tourism of PEI presents three scenic drives-North Cape Coastal Drive, Blue Heron and Points East Coastal Drive which are all unique aspects of island life.

      Prince Edwards Island Province Transportation
The transportation network of Prince Edward Island rotates traditionally around its seaports of Charlottetown, Summerside, Borden, Georgetown, and Souris and all are linked to airport and railway systems with North America for communication with mainland. In order to improve the major highways of the province in 1989 the railway system was abandoned by CN in favor with the agreement of Federal Government. The province was linked by two passenger-vehicle transport services until 1997 to the mainland. One is provided by Marine Atlantic, between Borden and Cape Tormentine, New Bunswick which is operated year-round. Second, is provided by Northumberland Ferries Limited between Wood Islands and Caribou, Nova Scotia which is operated seasonally. And there is another transport service which is provided by CTMA between Souris and Cap-aux-Meules, Quebec in the Magdalene Islands seasonally. The Confederation Bridge is opened on June 1 of 1997 connecting between Borden-Carleton to Cape Jourimain, New Brunswick. The Marine Atlantic transport services are replaced by the longest bridge over ice covered waters in the world. The Confederation Bridge's assure transportation link to the mainland.

      Prince Edwards Island Taxes
Prince Edward Island Province The lower rate of income tax is 4.3%
Prince Edward Island Province higher rate of income tax is 16 %
Prince Edward Island Province Environment Tax is $4.00 on every pneumatic tire sold
Prince Edward Island Province Financial Corporation Capital Tax rate is 5.0% of paid up capital in excess of $2,000,000
Prince Edward Island Province The Provincial Real Property Tax is $1.50 times each $100.00 of assessed value.
Prince Edward Island Province Revenue tax is 10% provincial tax
Prince Edward Island Province Tobacco Tax is 22.45 cents per cigarette
Prince Edward Island Province Tobacco Tax is 71.6% per cent of the retail price of each cigar purchased
Prince Edward Island Province Tobacco Tax is 16.01 cents on every gram or part thereof of tobacco purchased
Prince Edward Island Province Tobacco Tax is 22.45 cents per tobacco stick

      Prince Edwards Island Universities
Walden University, Prince Edward Island - 40,500 students
University of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island - 4,435 students

      Prince Edwards Island Province Religions
Prince Edward Island Province Roman Catholic Population is 63,240
Prince Edward Island Province United Church Population is 26,570
Prince Edward Island Province Presbyterian Population is 7,885
Prince Edward Island Province Anglican Population is 6,525
Prince Edward Island Province Baptist Population is 5,950
Prince Edward Island Province Protestant Population is 5,105
Prince Edward Island Province Pentecostal Population is 975
Prince Edward Island Province Jehovah's Witnesses Population is 475
Prince Edward Island Province Salvation Army Population is 340

      Prince Edward Island Province Counties
Kings County, Prince Edward Island - Population 18,608
Prince County, Prince Edward Island - Population 44,495
Queens County, Prince Edward Island - Population 72,744

      Prince Edwards Island Province Government
The provincial government of Prince Edward Island was set out its powers and structures in the Constitution Act, 1867. The term "government" referred broadly to the cabinet elected from the Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island and the non-political staff within each province of the civil service in the modern system of Canada. The Province of Prince Edward Island is governed by a unicameral legislature which means composed of one legislative body, the Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island which is operated by the Westminster system of government. The party's leader becomes premier of the province, i.e., the head of the government formed by the political party that wins the largest number of seats in the legislature. Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada and known in province as the Queen in Right of Prince Edward Island and the functioning of the Sovereign is being exercised by the Lieutenant Governor of Prince Edward Island who is appointed by the Governor General of Canada on the recommendation of the Prime Minister of Canada in consultation with the Premier of Prince Edward Island.

      Prince Edwards Island National Parks
The National Park of Prince Edward Island is situated along the island's north shore fronting the Gulf of St. Lawrence and measures approximately 60 km in length and ranges from several hundred meters to several kilometers in width. It was established in 1937 and the parks mandatory rules comprising the protection of many broad sand beaches, sand dunes and both freshwater wetlands and salt marshes. The beaches provide nesting habitat for the extinct species of Piping Plover. In 1998 the park has been extended to add up the extensive sand dune system in Greenwich from the provincial government to Parks Canada. The park also includes Green Gables which was the childhood inspiration for the Anne of Green Gables novels by author Lucy Maud Montgomery as well as Dalvay-bythe-sea a Victorian era mansion currently operated as an inn. The National Park of Prince Edward Island Park is being the most endangered in the national park system based on human impact. As a result of winter storms and vulnerable shoreline it experiences several coastal erosions. "Port-la-Joye?Fort Amherst" is a historic site which reminds us the oldest permanent European settlement on Prince Edward Island and the first military fortification on the island to be built by the British. The British had a sudden control over the port and replaced its initial fort with a new one, Fort Amherst in 1758. The French Acadians was first settled by Port la Joye in 1720. The Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island building is Canada's second-oldest seat of government since 1847. Ardgowan is a National Historic site situated in Park dale currently a neighborhood of the city of Charlottetown and also comprises of cottage of William Henry Pope one of the Fathers of Confederation. It is preserved as an example of a picturesque rural cottage from the Victorian era.

      Prince Edwards Island Economy
The Prince Edwards Island economy is mainly base on farming, tourism, fishery, mined and manufacturing. The main exported items of Prince Edwards Island are vegetables, live stocks and fruits. The Prince Edwards Island has miscellaneous economy. Tourism take main role for Prince Edwards Island economy the country has so many tourist destinations. The mined products of Prince Edwards are oil, petroleum, fuel, natural gas and diesel. Manufacturing outputs of Prince Edwards Island are raw materials, foodstuffs, medicines and electronic goods. Potato is the main farming crop of Prince4 Edwards Island. User Prince Edward Island Comments

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