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Ontario Rentals
Ontario rental properties are primarily found in the major metropolitan areas of Ontario. Common rental types found in Ontario are apartments, studios, lofts, one bedrooms, two bedrooms, condos, houses for rent, mobile homes, hotel rooms, vacation rental, furnished rentals short term rentals. Cities in Ontario where housing rentals are found are South West Ontario, Thunder Bay, Sault Ste Marie, Sudbury, Getaway Country, Toronto Area, Ottawa Area, North East Ontario, Lakelands, Near North, North Ontario, North West Ontario.  Vacation rentals, short term rentals and furnished housing are more common in the metropolitan areas of Ontario.

Ontario Rental Areas
Use the rental links below to find Ontario apartment rentals, Ontario houses for rent, Ontario short term furnished Ontario vacation rentals and more. Landlords post rentals directly. Tenants contact landlords about the houses and apartments and negotiate such rental aspects as rent, lease term, pet policy...

Canada Ontario Apartments, Houses, Rooms Ontario Rentals Lakelands Rentals South West Ontario Rentals Toronto Area Rentals Getaway Country Rentals Ottawa Area Rentals Near North Rentals Sault Ste Marie Rentals Sudbury Rentals North East Ontario Rentals North Ontario Rentals Thunder Bay Rentals North West Ontario Rentals

      Ontario Province Information
Ontario is located in east-central Canada. Ontario has 4th rank in size among the provinces of the Canada. The Province total area is 415,598 sq mi. Province total populations is 13,150,000 in 2009 estimation. In population wise the state has 1st rank in Canada. Ontario is bordered on the west by Canadian provinces of Ontario, east by Quebec and Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York to the south and east. Ontario is often fragmented into two regions, Northern Ontario and Southern Ontario. In comparison to the north of Ontario, the great majority of population and forming land of Ontario is located in the south. The Province capital and largest city is Toronto. English is the Official provincial language of Ontario. The name of the province is taken from Lake Ontario. The second largest Canadian province is Ontario. Ontario is the populous in mineral, industrial and agricultural output. Manufacturing and Toronto-Hamilton region are the most important economic and industrialized section of Ontario. Motor vehicles and parts are the Major industrial products in Ontario Province. Around Ottawa and in the 'Canadian Technology Triangle' region Ontario has many high-technology companies. Agriculture is the one of the most important industry in Ontario.

      Ontario Province Recreation, Culture and Attractions
One of the North America's big recreational waterfronts is Toronto's waterfront. Ontario province has world-class ballet and opera companies. Ontario has the most culturally diverse population. Each year more than half of all Canada's immigrants and over 125,000 newcomers arrive to Ontario. Toronto Zoo is the largest Zoo in Canada. It has more than 5,000 animals in their natural environment. Canada's largest theme park is Canada's Wonderland .It contains more than 200 attractions and more than 65 rides in a thrilling environment.

      Ontario Province Demographics
Ontario total population - 13,150,000
Ontario male population - 5,577,055
Ontario female population -5,832,990
Ontario black population - 473,765
Ontario American Indian - 242,495
Ontario Asian population -904,215
Ontario English population -2,971,360
Ontario total population - 13,150,000
Ontario male population - 5,577,055
Ontario female population -5,832,990
Ontario black population - 473,765
Ontario Canadian population -2,768,870
Ontario Scottish population -2,101,100
Ontario Irish population -1,988,940
Ontario French population -1,351,600
Ontario German population -1,144,560
Ontario Italian population -867,980
Ontario Chinese population -644,465
Ontario East Indian population -573,250
Ontario Dutch (Netherlands) population -490,995
Ontario Polish population -465,560
Ontario Ukrainian population -336,355
Ontario North American Indian population -317,890
Ontario Portuguese population -282,870
Ontario Filipino population -215,750
Ontario Jamaican population -197,540
Ontario Welsh population -182,825
Ontario Jewish population -177,255
Ontario Russian population -167,365
Ontario Hungarian (Magyar) population -151,750
Ontario Spanish population -149,160
Ontario Greek population -132,440
Ontario American (USA) population -113,050
Ontario Pakistani population -91,160
Ontario Métis population -87,090
Ontario Sri Lankan population -85,935
Ontario Vietnamese population -Vietnamese
Ontario Romanian population -80,710
Ontario Finnish population -72,990
Ontario Korean population -72,065
Ontario Croatian population -71,380

      Ontario school information
1.4 million Students studying 4,000 publicly funded elementary schools. 700, 000 students studying 850 publicly funded secondary schools. The government's goal is to have 85 per cent of students graduate by 2010-11. Ontario contains 19 publicly funded universities, including 9 French language and Bilingual universities. French-language education in Ontario is adding more courses to its curriculum in French. The province's Native speakers look to its schools to protect and enhance French language and culture. The Aménagement linguistique provided 12 French-language district school boards and 422 French-language schools. School boards are clarifying and simplified their admission policies, as well as making French-language schools more welcoming.

Ontario Symbols
Ontario nickname - "The Keystone Province"

Image of Ontario flag

Image of Ontario flower

Image of Ontario tree
Ontario Flag
Ontario Flower
White Trillium
Ontario Tree
Eastern White Pine

Image of Ontario bird

Image of Ontario motto

Image of Ontario song
Ontario Bird
Great Northern Loon
Ontario Motto
" loyal she began, loyal she remains "
Ontario Song
"There's No Place Like This"

      Ontario Province History
The name of the Ontario derived from 'glittering waters' which refers to thousands of lakes. In 1788 southern Ontario was divided into four districts. They are Hesse, Lunenburg, Mecklenburg and Nassau. In 1792 Hesse renamed to Western District, Lunenburg renamed to Eastern District, Mecklenburg renamed to Midland District and Nassau renamed to Home District. Time being the borders of Ontario was expanded to north and west. In 1884 Judicial Committee of the Privy Council determined by Northwestern Ontario and confirmed by the Canada. Before the arrival of the Europeans, Algonquians lived in the northern or western portions and Iroquois lived in the south or east portions. During the 1600s, the Algonquians and Wyandots fought a bitter war against the Iroquois. Once constituted as a province, Ontario continued to maintain its economic and legislative power.

      Ontario Province Tourist Information
The Royal Ontario Museum is one of the largest and exciting urban centres and is located in the capital of Ontario. In Ontario the ROM is a must-see Toronto attraction. The capital of Ontario is Canada's largest city. Point Pelee National Park, Wasaga Beach and Niagara Falls are popular tourist destinations in Ontario. CN Tower in Toronto is the tallest building in the world. The Basilica of Notre Dame in Ottawa is a nineteenth century construction and it contains wonderful edifice with stained glass. Niagara Falls is the largest and the most famous waterfalls in Ontario province.

      Ontario Province Transportation
To improve public transit service Municipal transit systems across Ontario placed 470 new buses on the road. A new agreement between Ontario and Australia will give permission to new residents to exchange their valid driver's licence upon relocation, without having to take a road test. Ontario province used two important east-west routes, both starting from Montreal in the neighboring province of Quebec. In the south of province 400 Highways make up the highest vehicular network and they link to numerous border crossings with the U.S.

      Ontario Taxes
provincial sales taxes 8%,
provincial sales taxes on entertainment and alcohol at restaurants 10%
provincial sales taxes on alcohol at retail stores 12%
provincial sales taxes on lodging 5%

      Ontario Universities
Algoma University College,Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario - 1207 Students
Brock University,St. Catharines, Ontario - 17,006 Students
Carleton University,Ottawa, Ontario - 24,263 Students
Lakehead University,Thunder Bay, Ontario - 7,644 Students
Laurentian University of Sudbury,Sudbury, Ontario - 8,792 Students
Nipissing University,North Bay, Ontario - 2,376 Students
University of Ottawa,Ottawa, Ontario - 33576 Students

      Ontario Province Religions
Ontario Protestant Population is 34.9%
Ontario Catholic Population is 34.7%
Ontario No Religion Population is 16.3%
Ontario Muslim Population is 3.1%
Ontario Other Christians Population is 2.7%
Ontario Christian Orthodox Population is 2.3%
Ontario Hindu Population is 1.9%
Ontario Jewish Population is 1.7%
Ontario Buddhist Population is 1.1%
Ontario Sikh Population is 0.9%
Ontario Eastern Religions Population is 0.2%
Ontario Other Religions Population is 0.2%

      Ontario Counties
Bruce County,Ontario -Population 65,349
Dufferin County,Ontario -Population 54,436
Elgin County,Ontario -Population 46,000
Essex County,Ontario -Population 393,402
Frontenac County,Ontario -Population 143,865
Grey County,Ontario -Population 92,411
Haliburton County,Ontario -Population 16,147
Hastings County,Ontario -Population 130,474
Huron County,Ontario -Population 59,325
Lambton County,Ontario -Population 128,204
Lanark County,Ontario -Population 63,785
Leeds and Grenville United Counties,Ontario -Population 99,206
Lennox and Addington County,Ontario -Population 40,542
Middlesex County,Ontario -Population 422,333
Northumberland County,Ontario -Population 80,963
Perth County,Ontario -Population 74,344
Peterborough County,Ontario -Population 133,080
Prescott and Russell United Counties,Ontario -Population 80,184
Renfrew County,Ontario -Population 97,545
Simcoe County,Ontario -Population 422,204
Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry United Counties,Ontario -Population 110,399
Wellington County,Ontario -Population 200,425

      Ontario Province Government
The legislative buildings at Queen's Park in Toronto are the seat of government. Ontario province worked under a three-party system. Liberals are the one of the main political parties in Ontario. The Progressive institutions governed from 1905 to 1985. In 1999 Harris became the first Ontario prime minister. Ontario has three types of Governments. They are Federal Government, Provincial Government and Municipal Government. The federal government is responsible for the post office, copyrights, criminal law etc, Provincial Government is responsible for natural resources and environment, hospitals, education and social services etc and Municipal Government is responsible for water, public transit, police services , fire services etc.

      Ontario National Parks
329 parks, 292 conservation reserves and 10 wilderness areas are presented in Ontario. These areas extend over nine per cent of the province. Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) is the Ontario park staff. This staffs are the natural heritage educators whose responsibility is to teach park visitors Bruce Peninsula National Park has a area of 156 square kilometers and is one of the largest protected areas in southern Ontario.

      Ontario Economy
Ontario's leading trading collaborator is the American states of Michigan. Ontario Power Generation produces electricity, nuclear energy, hydroelectric and fossil fuel. Relevant products involve motor vehicles, iron, steel, food, electrical appliances, machinery, chemicals, and paper. Toronto is the principal city of Ontario. The information technology sector plays pivot role, particularly in the Silicon Valley North section of Ottawa, as well as the Waterloo Region, where the world headquarters of Research in Motion is positioned. Tourism also plays an important role in Ontario border cities with huge casinos, which magnetize many U.S visitors. Ontario's economy is rich and diversified. In Canada, Ontario is the largest economy, its GDP being almost twice that of adjacent Quebec, the second largest economy. The exports items of Ontario are motor vehicles, Machineries, electronics and plastic. The imported things of Ontario are vehicles, gas, energy, machinery, electronics and plastic items. User Ontario Comments

8/8/2011 jamieWrite Comment
Toronto rocks!
Great restaurants, tons to see - Toronto rocks! Check out Lake Ontario!
5/25/2011 David TokioWrite Comment
Moving to Canada soon
I am a Canadian Citizen i live in Australia im moving soon. I havnt lived in Canada since i was a child. I am looking for an inner suburb in canada thats arty Musican Alternitve Type of people living like Newtown in Sydney Aust is, but not too expensive for Rental accomadation. Any suggestions? Pls help
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