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Winnipeg Area Information
The city of Winnipeg is a major and capital city in Manitoba and also it is a main municipality of the Winnipeg Capital Region, with more than half of Manitoba's population. The city is situated at the junction of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers, nearly at the geographic center of North America. The city name was originates from the Cree for "muddy waters". It is a 7th major municipality in Canada. The city has 675,100 populations in 2009 estimation. In population wide the city is eighth-largest city in Canada. Winnipeg has a varied economy and is also a multiethnic city where more than 100 languages are spoken. Though the city is a highly affordable city, it is host to world-class ballet, theatre, visual arts, music and festivals. The city trend headed for strong residential development, the downtown continues to be a lively shopping, entertainment, and cultural center of the city. The city of Winnipeg is an amusing tapestry of arts, culture, education, neighborhoods, communities and recreational activities in the great outdoors. The city has cultural accomplishments and flourishing arts scene. The city has continental-type climate with summer are very hot and it has cold winters. It gets lots of snow, generally beginning in November and sometimes not finishing until April. The city's main economic sectors are transportation and distribution, aerospace, agribusiness, finance and insurance, health industries and biotechnology, information and communications technology, media, electric power, apparel and furniture manufacturing.

Winnipeg Area Recreation, Culture and Attractions
The city of Winnipeg has rich drapery of arts, culture, education, neighborhoods, communities and recreational activities in the great outdoors. And it is home to many national and world class cultural and professional sporting organizations and related opportunities. There is long tradition of lively literary, music, religious and ethnic organizations. The city has many important attractions including the museums. The city's major museum is Manitoba Museum and depicts the history of the city and province. Winnipeg attracts four million visitors of every year. The city conduct the several TV and film production companies in Winnipeg: the most prominent are Farpoint Films, Frantic Films, Buffalo Gal Pictures, Les Productions Rivard and Eagle Vision. The city hosts the many famous festivals and events. The city has the Winnipeg Jets, formerly the Atlanta Thrashers. Winnipeg has many rock, pop, and hot adult modern oriented stations and two country stations. After the railways came to Winnipeg, this area was developed with lots of fine warehouses, offices and banks. Many of these buildings are still standing and are unrivalled in Canada. The city of Winnipeg has two daily newspapers, the Winnipeg Free Press and the Winnipeg Sun, a generally spread weekly student run newspaper The Manitoban from the University of Manitoba, and The Uniter from the University of Winnipeg. Winnipeg is home to many professional hockey, football, and baseball franchises. Manitoba is a exclusive and energetic blend of many heritages that they are celebrate in a myriad of ethnic festivals and events.

Winnipeg Area Flag

image of Winnipeg Area flag

Winnipeg Area Demographics
Winnipeg total population - 1,148,401
Winnipeg Philippines population 25,490
Winnipeg United Kingdom population - 15,225
Winnipeg Germany population - 9,045
Winnipeg Poland population - 7,355
Winnipeg United States population - 7,090
Winnipeg India population - 6,765
Winnipeg Mexico population - 6,155
Winnipeg Portugal population - 4,565
Winnipeg Ukraine population - 4,330
Winnipeg China population - 4,310
Winnipeg Paraguay population - 4,025
Winnipeg Yugoslavia population - 3,535
Winnipeg Vietnam population - 3,460
Winnipeg Italy population - 3,455
Winnipeg Russia population - 3,135
Winnipeg Netherlands population - 3,015
Winnipeg South Korea population - 1,950
Winnipeg Trinidad and Tobago population - 1,610
Winnipeg Ethiopia population - 1,555
Winnipeg El Salvador population - 1,475

Winnipeg Area Education
The city of Winnipeg education system is donates to the sustained accessibility of a quality pool of educated human resources to sustain industries. The city's education is a concern of the provincial government in Canada. The Public Schools Act and the Education Administration Act are managed the Winnipeg's public education system. The city has seven school divisions; they are Winnipeg School Division, St. James-Assiniboia School Division, Pembina Trails School Division, Seven Oaks School Division, Division Scolaire Franco-Manitobaine, River East Transcona School Division, and Louis Riel School Division. The city is home to three universities, the University of Manitoba is a largest university in the Province of Manitoba, The University of Winnipeg is founded in 1871 and The Canadian Mennonite University is founded in 1999, it is a private university in Winnipeg. It is a first university in Western Canada. The city is home to two independent colleges they are Red River College and Booth Colleges are provide diploma, certificate, and apprenticeship programs.

Winnipeg Area Symbols
Winnipeg nick name - Gateway to the West, Heart of the Continent, The Peg
Winnipeg mmotto - Unum Cum Virtute Multorum

Winnipeg Area History
The city name Winnipeg is came from Cree Indian name specified to the lake 40 miles north, meaning "Win", muddy, "nipee", water. It is located at the convergence of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers. Previously the first European settlers, First Nations peoples seem to have been involved in farming activity along the Red River, near present-day Lockport, where corn and other seed crops were planted. Lord Selkirk of Scotland led Scottish and Irish settlers to the area where Fort Garry was built; the first permanent settlement by the Europeans was molded in early 1812. The arrival of railway networks presented a steady stream of travel and trade and an arrival of population that caused in the building up of a City of standing and importance that is surpassed by only a few cities in Canada. In 1881 the city was linked to the rest of Canada by railway. During the World War I the city's economic stagnation due to low wheat values and the Depression continued well into the 1940s. Winnipeg has develop a important grain center on the American continent, the financial, commercial, wholesale and manufacturing center of the middle west, owing to its geographical position and its marvelous railway facilities, with divisions reaching out in every direction. The city government was passed on under the powers of a special Charter granted by the Provincial Legislature. Now the city is famous for its fine hotel and motor hotel accommodations and for its excellent restaurants. Today the city is a capital city in Canada and it is now known for its classic mid-western style of architecture, which can be found enclosed by old and new buildings giving it a status for the "Chicago of Canada."

Winnipeg Area Geography
The Brooklyn-Manitoba Expressway to the west, the Northern Boulevard to the north Junction, Boulevard to the east and Roosevelt Avenue to the south is circumscribed through the society. From Jackson Avenue the name Winnipeg Area the previous name differs for Northern Boulevard. Within a short extend connecting Manitobaboro Plaza by this foremost road The Jackson Avenue name is retained. In the Long Island City area, the Manitoba Midtown subway approaches.

Winnipeg Area Tourism
The Winnipeg is home to many tourist attractions. Tourism industry is playing a major role in the city's economic development. It is one of the liveliest cultural centers in Canada, and a dream destination for anyone attracted in the arts. While the temperature drops, the best place to be is inside, enjoying a performance of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, the oldest dance company in Canada, or wandering through one of the cities many art galleries or museums. The city of Winnipeg is family friendly with plenty of charm. It is home to many parks. The visitors are spending the day at the Forks exploring its historic grounds or at the charming urban forest setting of Assiniboine Park.

Winnipeg Area Transportation
The city of Winnipeg has public transportation system since 1882. The city is providing by Via Rail, Canadian National Railway (CNR), Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), Burlington Northern Santa Fe Manitoba, and the Central Manitoba Railway (CEMR). The highway links are connected to the United States via Provincial Trunk Highway 75. The city has James Armstrong Richardson International Airport now this is undergoing a $585-million redevelopment. It is the first international airport in Canada and it is established in 1928. This is the 8th busiest airport in Canada.

Winnipeg Area Universities
University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - 27600 students
University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - 394 Students
Universite de Saint-Boniface, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - 1,000 Students
University of Winnipeg Collegiate - 315 Students

Winnipeg Area Tax
Winnipeg federal Goods and Services Tax - 6%
Winnipeg Provincial Sales Tax - 7%

Winnipeg Area tourist attractions
The Manitoba Museum
Prairie Dog Central Living Museum
Assiniboia Downs
Assiniboine Park Zoo
Royal Canadian Mint
Forks Market
FortWhyte Alive
Manitoba Children's Museum
Osborne Cybercafe
St. Vital Centre
Red River Exhibition Park
Nucci's Gelati
Shannon's Irish Pub
Toad in the Hole Restaurant and Pub
Exchange District Guided Walking Tour
Leo Mol Sculpture Garden
Stoneware Gallery
Copperfield's Computer Books
Sedentary Nomad
Greenfield Books Ltd.
Gas Station Theatre
Stella's Cafe and Bakery
Keg Steakhouse and Bar
MTS Centre
Dalnavert Museum (Sir Hugh John Macdonald House)
Club Regent Casino
Into The Music
Shark Club
Manitoba Legislative Building
Assiniboine Park Zoo
Bayat Inuit Gallery
Explore Manitoba Centre
Burton Cummings Theatre for the Performing Arts
Pyramid Cabaret
McKim Courtyard
Adventure Junkie Tours
Western Canada Aviation Museum
G Martini Bar
Manitoba Theatre for Young People
Red River Books
Mike's General Store
G.G. Gelati
Amici Restaurant and Bombolini Wine Bar
Plug In ICA - Gallery
Liquid Lounge
Bel Acres Golf & Country Club
Medea Gallery
Cold Drake Books
Stoneware Gallery
Bel Acres Golf & Country Club
MAD About Paper
Antique Exchange and Warehouse
New Prairie Gallery
Burton Lysecki Books
Ben Moss Jewellers
Sugar Body and Bath
Kites and Kaboodle
Garden City Shopping Center
EB Games
International Clothiers
Whiskey Dix
Windsor Park Golf Course
Johnston Terminal Antique Mall
Old Market Square
Elephant & Castle Pub & Restaurant
Muddy Waters Smokehouse
Royal Winnipeg Ballet
Raw Experience
Braemar Bakery Village Restaurant
Pantages Playhouse Theatre
Cafe Dario
IMAX Theatre
Fyxx Restaurant & Espresso Bar
Centennial Concert Hall
Manitoba Operav Windsor Hotel
Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra
Medea Gallery
MTS Centre
Air Force Heritage Park & Museum
Adventure Junkie Tours
Johnston Terminal
Tuxedo Golf Course
Triathalon Manitoba
Oodena Celebration Circle
Westminster United Church
Movie Village
McPhillips Street Station Casino
Prairie Garden
Old Market Square
Triathalon Manitoba
Tuxedo Golf Club
Right on Q

Winnipeg Area Religions
Winnipeg Protestant Population is 43.0%
Winnipeg Roman Catholic population is 29.3%
Winnipeg Christian population is 4.0%
Winnipeg Christian Orthodox population is 1.4%
Winnipeg Jewish population is 1.1%
Winnipeg No religious population is 18.6%

Winnipeg Area Government
The city of Winnipeg is signified by 15 city councilors and a mayor voted every four years. The Winnipeg is a single-tier municipality, managed by a mayor-council system. The city mayor is nominated by direct popular vote to serve as the chief executive of the city. The city represented by eight Members of Parliament. There are six Senators representing Manitoba in Ottawa. The city of Winnipeg is represented by 31 of the 57 provincial Members of the Legislative Assembly. The supporting association in the Senate is three Liberals, two Conservatives, and one Independent.

Winnipeg Area Economy
The city has differentiated economy; it is an economic base and regional center. The Winnipeg economic trades are finance, manufacturing, transportation, food and beverage production, industry, culture, government, retail, and tourism. Several of Winnipeg's major employers are government and government-funded organizations, with The Province of Manitoba, the City of Winnipeg, the University of Manitoba, the Health Sciences Centre, and Manitoba Hydro. The city has the most expanded secondary industrial base of any Canadian city, well supported by an equally diverse range of service industries.

Winnipeg Area Geography
The city of Winnipeg is the largest city in Monitoba, Canada. It is situated in the valley of the Red River and has a very flat topography. It is a relatively isolated metropolitan city in Monitoba. The downtown Winnipeg is the economic heart of the city. The city has 2 major parks in the city. The city has four major rivers they are the Red River, the Assiniboine River, the La Salle River, and the Seine River. The city neighboring the downtown area is different residential neighborhoods. The city most important cultural and nightlife areas are the Exchange District, The Forks, Osborne Village and Corydon Village, Sargent and Ellice Avenues, and Old St. Boniface. The city has typical climate. Summers are warm and generally not overly humid. The Winnipeg is one of the sunniest cities in Canada.

Winnipeg Area Parks
The city of Winnipeg has many parks including the Assiniboine Park was founded in 1904. It is situated in north of the Assiniboine Forest. Bruce Park is an urban park in Winnipeg. This is founded in 1966. It is situated in Portage Avenue, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Central Park is a large urban park in the city. Kil-Cona Park is a park placed in northeast Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Kildonan Park is founded in 1909. It is one of the largest parks in the city of Winnipeg. Kings Park is a large park in southern Winnipeg it is situated on the western side of the Red River. The Maple Grove Park is situated in southeast Winnipeg in the St. Vital neighborhood. St. Vital Park is on a bend of the Red River. The Stephen Juba Park is a waterfront park on the western bank of the Red River. Wildwood Park is occupied community in Winnipeg.

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Hi , pls can you tel the averege cost of rent 2 bedrooms nearbuy Winnipeg or manitoba university
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Winnipeg Jets
The Winnipeg Jets played their first home against the Montreal Canadiens on October 9 2011.The Jets lost the game 5 to 1 in front of a sold out crowd. Tickets sold for this game often cost over seven hundred dollars
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