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British Columbia Rentals
British Columbia rental properties are primarily found in the major metropolitan areas of British Columbia. Common rental types found in British Columbia are apartments, studios, lofts, one bedrooms, two bedrooms, condos, houses for rent, mobile homes, hotel rooms, vacation rental, furnished rentals short term rentals. Cities in British Columbia where housing rentals are found are Thompson Okanagan, Northern BC, Vancouver Area, Rockies BC, Vancouver Islands, Cariboo Chilcotin Coast.á Vacation rentals, short term rentals and furnished housing are more common in the metropolitan areas of British Columbia.

British Columbia Rental Areas
Use the rental links below to find British Columbia apartment rentals, British Columbia houses for rent, British Columbia short term furnished British Columbia vacation rentals and more. Landlords post rentals directly. Tenants contact landlords about the houses and apartments and negotiate such rental aspects as rent, lease term, pet policy...

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      British Columbia Province Information
British Columbia is located on southeastern of Vancouver Island. British Columbia is bordered on the west by Pacific Ocean, on the north by Yukon and the Northwest Territories, on the east by British Columbia and on the south by the U.S. states of Washington, Idaho, and Montana. Victoria is the capital of British Columbia, Largest city is Vancouver and largest metro city is Metro Vancouver. Victoria is the 15th largest metropolitan religion in Canada. British Columbia?s official language is English. The Province has 5th rank in area-wise. Its total area is 944,735 sq. km. In population wise British Columbia has 3rd rank among the provinces of Canada. The Province total population is 4,419,974 in 2009 estimation. British Columbia has continental climate with warm summer and cold winters. British Columbia's topography and climate divides the province into two distinct forest regions. They are the Coast and Interior. British Columbia is unique among the world?s leading forest producers. 95% of forests are publicly owned and managed by British Colombia Government. British Colombia forestry industries dominate the Province economy.

      British Columbia Recreation, Culture and Attractions
British Columbia has many recreation areas and attractions. Some of attractions are Horseback riding is enjoyed by many British Columbians. It is established for tourists in numerous areas of the province. Those who devote themselves to adventurous exploration of Canada's western coast eventually make their way here to hike trophy trails, ski trophy peaks, and paddle trophy waters. Water sports both motorized and non-motorized, are enjoyed in many places. The 2010 Winter Olympics downhill events were held in Whistler Blackcomb area of the province. Vancouver area conducted the indoor events. The culture of British Columbia is extremely varied, ranging from Aboriginal to European roots.

      British Columbia Province Demographics
British Columbia total population - 4,419,974
British Columbia Hispanic or Latino population - 549,774
British Columbia English population - 2,875,770
British Columbia Chinese languages population - 342,920
British Columbia Punjabi population - 158,750
British Columbia German population - 86,690
British Columbia French population - 54,745
British Columbia Tagalog (Filipino) population - 50,425
British Columbia Korean population - 46,500
British Columbia Spanish population - 34,075
British Columbia Persian population - 28,150
British Columbia Italian population - 27,020
British Columbia Dutch population - 26,355
British Columbia Vietnamese population - 24,560
British Columbia Hindi population - 23,240
British Columbia Japanese population - 20,040
British Columbia Russian population - 19,320
British Columbia Polish population - 17,565
British Columbia Portuguese population - 14,385
British Columbia Ukrainian population - 12,285
British Columbia Hungarian population - 10,670
British Columbia Croatian population - 8,505
British Columbia Arabic population - 8,440
British Columbia Urdu population - 7,025
British Columbia Danish population - 6,720
British Columbia Greek population - 6,620
British Columbia Gujarati population - 6,565
British Columbia Romanian population - 6,335
British Columbia Serbian population - 6,180
British Columbia Czech population - 6,000
British Columbia Finnish population - 4,770
British Columbia Athabaskan languages population - 3,500
British Columbia Slovak population - 3,490
British Columbia Norwegian population - 3,275
British Columbia Tamil population - 3,200
British Columbia Salish languages population - 3,190
British Columbia Ilocano population - 3,100
British Columbia Malay population - 3,100
British Columbia Bisayan languages population - 3,035
British Columbia Swedish population - 2,875
British Columbia Turkish population - 2,255
British Columbia Tsimshianic languages population - 2,125

      British Columbia school information
British Columbia education is responsible for primary and secondary education. The provincial public school system is free. 16 years of age children attendance is compulsory. It is currently made up of 59 school districts and one Francophone Education Authority. Every district has an elected board of trustees that governs under the School Act. There are six publicly funded universities in British Columbia. Distance education and open learning programs are coordinated by the Open Learning Agency in British Columbia.

British Columbia Symbols
British Columbia nickname - The Pacific Province

Image of British Columbia flag

Image of British Columbia flower

Image of British Columbia tree
British Columbia Flag
British Columbia Flower
Pacific dogwood
British Columbia Tree
Western Red cedar

Image of British Columbia bird

Image of British Columbia fish

Image of British Columbia animal
British Columbia Bird
Steller's Jay
British Columbia Fish
Bull Trout
British Columbia Animal
Spirit bear

Image of British Columbia motto
British Columbia Motto
Splendor sine occasu

      British Columbia Province History
British Columbia is Canada's westernmost province. British Columbia was home to many Indigenous peoples speaking more than 30 different languages before the arrival of the Europeans. The Europeans arrival began around the middle of 18th century. In 1579 the Sir Francis has explored the British Columbian coast. Fort St. John located at the junction of the Beatton and Peace Rivers. In 1788 John Meares sailed from China and explored Noorak Sound and the neighboring costs. He is an English navigator and explorer. He bought some land from Maquinna. John Meares built a trading post. Maquinna was the chief of the Nuu-chah-nulth people of Nootka Sound. European explorer-merchants discover the British Columbia form the east started. In British Columbia early history of mainland is dominate the three persons. They are Sir Alexander Mackenzie, Simon Fraser, and David Thompson. They are employees of the North West Company. The three members concerned with discovering a practicable river route to the Pacific. British Columbia was run the Hudson's Bay Company largely after its merger with the North West Company in 1821. In 1903 railway employees struck against the CPR for union recognition. In 1935 the struck wave peaked. The unemployed persons flooded the city to protest conditions in the relief camps run by the military in remote areas throughout the province in 1935s. Winnipeg was the inundated during the 1950 Red River Flood and had to be partially evacuated. In the same year the Red River reached its highest level since 1861 and flooded most of the Red River Valley.

      British Columbia Province Tourist Information
Tourism plays an important role in British Columbia?s economy. British Columbia has many tourist attractions. Tourism is the ideal way to enjoy British Columbia's natural beauty. It is the westernmost province in Canada. The majestic peaks of the Kootenay Rocky Mountains are the place to visit. Horseback riding is enjoyed by many British Columbians. It is established for tourists in numerous areas of the province. Those who devote themselves to adventurous exploration of Canada's western coast eventually make their way here to hike trophy trails, ski trophy peaks and paddle trophy waters. The British Columbia?s Government dedicated to promoting ecotourism in their region.

      British Columbia Province Transportation
The Province transportation played a major role in British Columbia?s history. British Columbia requires thousands of kilometers of provincial highways to connect its communities. The Province highways are maintained and are the responsibility of the provincial government. There are five major routes to the rest of Canada through this province. The largest highway is Highway 97 in British Columbia. It is running 2,081 km from the britishcolumbia-Washington border at Osoyoos north to Watson Lake, Yukon which includes the British Columbia portion of the Alaska Highway. Public transit in British Columbia consists mainly of diesel buses. British Columbia?s passenger train service on Vancouver Island is operated by VIA Rail. The provincial system is improved and expansion has begun in the 1950s. British Columbia commercial ocean transport is of vital importance. The province major ports are located at Vancouver, Roberts Bank, Prince Rupert and Victoria. Of these, the Port of Vancouver is the most important, being the largest in Canada and the most diversified in North America. British Columbia has more than 200 airports. They are Vancouver International Airport, the Victoria International Airport, the Kelowna International Airport and the Abbotsford International Airport.

      British Columbia Taxes
British Columbia Province Tax Rate Range Low 12%- High 17%
British Columbia Province Tax Income Brackets Lowest flat rate - 15.25%
British Columbia Province Goods and Services Tax - 5%
British Columbia Province Provincial Sales Tax - 7%

      British Columbia Universities
Capilano University,North Vancouver - 6,615 Students
Emily Carr University of Art and Design,Vancouver - 1,870 Students
Fairleigh Dickinson University,Vancouver - 78 Students
Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Richmond, Surrey, Langley, and Cloverdale -16,811 Students
Quest University,Squamish - 142 Students
Royal Roads University,Victoria - 887 Students
Simon Fraser University,Burnaby & Surrey & Vancouver - 26,032 Students
Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops - 13,072 Students
Trinity Western University,Langley - 2,130 Students
University of British Columbia,Vancouver & Kelowna - 41,700 Students

      British Columbia Religions
British Columbia Protestant Population is 31.4%
British Columbia Catholic Population is 17.2%
British Columbia Christian Orthodox Population is 0.9%
British Columbia Christian Population is 5.2%
British Columbia Sikh Population is 3.5%
British Columbia Buddhist Population is 2.2%
British Columbia Muslim Population is 1.5%
British Columbia Hindu Population is 0.8%
British Columbia Jewish Population is 0.5%
British Columbia Eastern religions Population is 0.3%
British Columbia Other religions Population is 0.4%
British Columbia No religious affiliation Population is 35.1%

      British Columbia Counties
Cariboo County, British Columbia - Population 7,304
Kootenay County, British Columbia - Population 55,485
Nanaimo County, British Columbia - Population 13,8631
Prince Rupert County, British Columbia - Population 15,281
Vancouver County, British Columbia - Population 69,217
Victoria County, British Columbia - Population 78,057
Westminster County, British Columbia - Population 58,549
Yale County, British Columbia - Population 69,217

      British Columbia Province Government
British Columbia Government Legislative Assembly members are elected by the plurality voting system. British Columbia has 85 Legislative Assembly members. The Governor General in Council may appoint an administrator to execute the duties of the office. The British Columbia Province Liberal Party is not related to the federal Liberal Party. British Columbia has politically active labour unions that have traditionally supported the NDP or its predecessor, the CCF. British Columbia's main political party was the British Columbia Social Credit Party.

      British Columbia Province Parks
British Columbia has many parks and tourist attractions. British Columbia?s some national parks are Glacier National Park of Canada - Lush interior rainforest and permanent glaciers. Gulf Islands National Park Reserve of Canada - Exceptional coastal island landscape in the southern Strait of Georgia. Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site - Ha´da culture and coastal rainforest on Queen Charlotte Islands. Kootenay National Park of Canada - UNESCO World Heritage Site featuring the famous Radium Hot Springs. Mount Revelstoke National Park of Canada - Rainforest of 1,000-year-old cedars and spectacular mountains. Yoho National Park of Canada ? It is UNESCO World Heritage Site in Rockies. Pacific Rim National Park Reserve of Canada - Pacific Coast Mountains make up this marine and forest environment.

      British Columbia Economy
As of 2008 the British Columbia gross product was C$197.93 billion. British Columbia economy rank was 4th in the Canada region. British Columbia has many forests take place around three fourth of total. British Columbia economy is mainly based on mining resources. The mined outputs of British Columbia are Copper, coal, natural gas, oil, zinc, gold, silver, nickel, iron and lead. The manufacturing outputs of British Columbia are food stuffs, transportation tools, machinery, chemicals, furniture and electrical goods. Beef, fish and lumber are the main farming sources of British Columbia. Tourism also play important role in British Columbia economy. User British Columbia Comments

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