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San Francisco Information
San Francisco is officially known as City and County of San Francisco. It is a fourth greatest populated city in California and the thirteen most famous cities in the United States, with a population of 805,235 in 2010 estimation. It is the most heavily established big city in the state of California and the second-most severely populated large city in the United States after New York City. San Francisco was mainly demarcated by the Gold Rush of 1849, but continues to be reinvented every few years. It is the most well-known for technology, witnessing the dot-com craze and crash, Web 2.0 mania, and the rise of social networking and the smartphone. San Francisco is a great peninsula bounded by water on three sides and grows from the inside out. In 1776, settlers from Spain originated a fort at the Golden Gate and a mission named for Francis of Assisi on the site. San Francisco was speedily recreated, holding the Panama-Pacific International Exposition nine years later. The city was the port of embarkation for service members shipping out to the Pacific Theater throughout the World War II. After the World War II the convergence of returning servicemen, massive immigration, liberalizing attitudes, and other factors led to the Summer of Love and the gay rights movement, cementing San Francisco as a center of liberal involvement in the United States.
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San Francisco Recreation, Culture and Attractions
San Francisco has a major culture in terms of arts, music, festivals, museums, and architecture. The city is the '50s Beat drive, and the '60s "counter-culture" transported further raucous social revolt, which strongly influenced most features of The City's -- and sometimes the country's culture. The city is home to museums, some of the museums are the Museum of Modern Art, Palace of Fine Arts, De Young Museum and the Asian Art Museum. San Francisco has fostered since its establishment is sustained today by large numbers of settlers from Asia and Latin America. The city's large gay populace has formed and continued a governmentally and culturally active community over several times, developing a powerful presence in San Francisco's civic life. San Francisco has repeatedly held powerful rock music trends, starting with the San Francisco Sound through the 1960s. The city is hosts several different and unique street festivals, parties and parades. Most famed events are its gay pride parade it is the world's major, held every June; the Folsom Street Fair held every September; Chinese New Year Parade whispered in February; Carnaval, held during the spring season; Litquake and Hardly Strictly Bluegrass in October; and the North American home of the Loveparade, held in the late summer/early fall. San Francisco is home to the 2010 World Series champs, the Giants (professional baseball), who play at AT&T Park in China Basin and the 5-time Super Bowl champions, the 49ers (professional football), who play at Candlestick park (or "the Stick"), just south of the city.

San Francisco Demographics
San Francisco total population - 805,235
San Francisco White population - 390,387
San Francisco African American population - 48,870
San Francisco Native American population - 4,024
San Francisco Asian population - 267,915
San Francisco Pacific Islander population - 3,359
San Francisco other races population - 53,021
San Francisco Hispanic or Latino population - 121,774

San Francisco Education
Completely committed to alumnus edification in health and biomedical sciences is the University of California. San Francisco is the solitary campus of the University of California organization. In the United States it is graded amongst the top-five medical schools, and functions the UCSF Medical Center, which positions amongst the top 10 infirmaries in the country. UCSF is a foremost indigenous employer, second in size only to the metropolitan and province administration. Accompanying its innovative capability in Parnassus Elevations, A 43-acre (170,000 m2) Mission Anchorage campus was unfastened in 2003. San Francisco State University is a portion of the California State University organization and is situated near Lake Merced. By its foremost capacity in the Ingleside region, The Metropolitan Institution of San Francisco is one of the leading two-year community colleges in the country. the University of San Francisco, a secluded Jesuit university positioned on Lone Mountain, Originated in 1855, is the hoariest organization of higher education in San Francisco and one of the oldest universities recognized on west of the Mississippi River. In West of the Mississippi, the San Francisco Art Institute is the oldest art school established in 1871. The individual self-governing music school on the West Coast is the San Francisco Conservatory of Music that endowments gradation in orchestral instruments, chamber music, composition, and directing. By the San Francisco Amalgamated School District Public schools are run and as well as the State Board of Education for some approval institutes. More than 100 private or parochial schools associated to a 10% rate countrywide and just less than 30% of the city's school-age populace appears one of San Francisco. Accomplished by the Archdiocese of San Francisco approximately 40 of those schools are Catholic schools.

San Francisco History
Currently recognized as San Francisco, as an anchorage city California has remained significantly inclined ,by its ancient times of the metropolitan littoral position. For both the metropolitan and the province, San Francisco is the existing designations which share the same limitations. To develop a usual midpoint for nautical skill and armed movement, the occurrence of an inlet is well-matched to develop a foremost anchorage produced San Francisco for further issues. For stalking and gathering their necessities and for the formation of numerous minor communities to relax this area found the Inlet to be an enormous usual source stayed the chief Native Americans. Cooperatively, these early Innate Americans remained as the Ohlone, and the linguistic they spoke belonged to the Miwok household. Sir Francis Drake and his troop, in 1579 were the first Europeans to perceive what would develop San Francisco. Together for trade and defense the Spanish originate this locality to be of inordinate deliberate implication; these earliest European colonial enterprises came from Spain. Because of its nearness to a creek named after Our Lady of Sorrows, the Mission San Francisco de Asís was known as Mission Dolores. The mission was known as Yerba Buena was the small town that grew up near the mission, after the herb of the same name that grew in abundance there. Until the late 1970s or early 1980s, Yerba Buena remained the name of a San Francisco neighborhood and today's city takes its name after the mission of course when new names arose and now, only a few buildings and a garden retain the name. Of this first town Yerba Buena, near the Mission, the MOs cone Center was built within the boundaries. With the annexation of California in 1848 San Francisco became part of the United States. By rapid economic change and cultural diversity until the late 1970s or early 1980s, San Francisco is now estimated to be the twelfth largest city in the United States and has been characterized.

San Francisco Flag

image of San Francisco flag

San Francisco Tourism
San Francisco is a city and county of California. It is an outstanding point bounded by water on three sides and develops from the inside out. Tourism is playing a major role to the San Francisco's economy. This modern city has developed one of America's favourites and is visually huge, with several world-famous steep hills present unbelievable views of San Francisco Bay and the wonderful Golden Gate Bridge, which opened in 1937 and proximately became the longest interruption bridge in the world. The city of San Francisco is not a tourist town in the similar way that, say, Las Vegas or Key West is tourist towns. But there are number of cool things to do in San Francisco. It has become one of the nation's topmost destinations for tourists. The Pacific Ocean forms the westerly border of the point, while San Francisco Bay lies straight to the east.

San Francisco Symbols
San Francisco nick name - The City by the Bay Fog City
San Francisco mmotto - Oro en Paz, Fierro en Guerra (Spanish for "Gold in Peace, Iron in War")
San Francisco official flower - The Dahlia

San Francisco Transportation
In the year of 1989 the city Authority is planning the responsible long-range transportation system in the San Francisco. San Francisco is one of the few American cities that have selected for European-style major accesses instead of a big network of freeways. The city leaders decided to defeat the Embarcadero Freeway, and voters accepted destruction of a share of the Central Freeway, converting them into street-level avenues. The city traveler rail is provided by two corresponding agencies. Public transportation exclusively within the city of San Francisco is provided primarily by the San Francisco Municipal Railway. The San Francisco has an International Airport. It is situated on the south of the city in San Mateo County, is under the jurisdiction of the City and County of San Francisco. The Port of San Francisco was once the major and busiest seaport on the West Coast. Cycling is also a popular way of transportation in San Francisco, with about 40,000 populaces travelling to work regularly by bicycle.

San Francisco Universities
San Francisco State University, San Francisco, California, United States - 30,469 Students
Academy of Art University, San Francisco, California, United States - 17,500+ Students
Alliant International University, Fresno,CA, US - 5125 Students
DeVry University, Downers Grove, Illinois, United States - 90,000+ Students
Golden Gate University, San Francisco, California, United States - 5,300 Students
University of San Francisco, San Francisco, California, United States - 8,772 Students
Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA - 3977 Students

San Francisco Tourist Attractions
Alcatraz Island In San Francisco, California
Aquarium of the Bay in San Francisco, California
AT & T Park in San Francisco, California
Cable Cars, a San Francisco Tradition
Candlestick Park - San Francisco, California - Home field for the San Francisco 49ers NFL football team
Fisherman's Wharf On Monterey Harbor In San Fransisco, California
Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco, California - Enduring Symbol of San Francisco
Golden Gate National Recreation Area an Urban Oasis
International Children's Art Museum World Trade Center - San Francisco, California - Youthful Art Showcased in an Historic Building
Muir Woods National Monument California
San Francisco Zoo - San Francisco, California - old zoo and tourist attraction in northern California
San Francisco International Airport - San Francisco CA - San Francisco Airport Flights
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art - San Francisco, California - A West Coast Leader in Contemporary Art
Zeum - San Francisco, California - Children's Museum with an Historic Carousel

San Francisco Tourism
San Francisco is a city and county of California. It is an outstanding point bounded by water on three sides and develops from the inside out. Tourism is playing a major role to the San Francisco's economy. This modern city has developed one of America's favourites and is visually huge, with several world-famous steep hills present unbelievable views of San Francisco Bay and the wonderful Golden Gate Bridge, which opened in 1937 and proximately became the longest interruption bridge in the world. The city of San Francisco is not a tourist town in the similar way that, say, Las Vegas or Key West is tourist towns. But there are number of cool things to do in San Francisco. It has become one of the nation's topmost destinations for tourists. The Pacific Ocean forms the westerly border of the point, while San Francisco Bay lies straight to the east.

San Francisco Neighborhoods
Alamo Square neighborhood
Anza Vista neighborhood
Aquatic Park neighborhood
Baja Noe (Mission Deluxe) neighborhood
Balboa Park neighborhood
Balboa Terrace neighborhood
Bayview District neighborhood
Bayview Heights neighborhood
Bernal Heights neighborhood
Bernal Heights North neighborhood
Bernal Heights Park neighborhood
Bernal Heights South neighborhood
Buena Vista Park neighborhood
Castro (Eureka Valley) neighborhood
Cathedral Hill neighborhood
Cayuga Terrace neighborhood
Central Richmond neighborhood
Central Sunset neighborhood
Chinatown neighborhood
Civic Center neighborhood
Clarendon Heights neighborhood
Cole Valley neighborhood
Corona Heights neighborhood
Cow Hollow neighborhood
Crocker-Amazon neighborhood
Deco Ghetto neighborhood
Diamond Heights neighborhood
Dogpatch neighborhood
Downtown neighborhood
Duboce Triangle neighborhood
Embarcadero neighborhood
Excelsior neighborhood
Financial District (FiDi) neighborhood
Financial District South neighborhood
Fisherman's Wharf neighborhood
Forest Hill neighborhood
Forest Knolls neighborhood
Fort Mason (Fort Mason Center) neighborhood
French Quarter neighborhood
Ghirardelli Square neighborhood
Glen Park neighborhood
Golden Gate Heights neighborhood
Golden Gate Park neighborhood
Haight-Ashbury neighborhood
Hayes Valley neighborhood
Holly Park neighborhood
Hunters Point neighborhood
India Basin neighborhood
Ingleside neighborhood
Ingleside Heights neighborhood
Ingleside Terrace neighborhood
Inner Parkside neighborhood
Inner Richmond neighborhood
Inner Sunset neighborhood
Inset neighborhood
Intermission neighborhood
Jackson Square neighborhood
Japantown neighborhood
Laguna Honda neighborhood
Lake neighborhood
Lake Shore neighborhood
Lakeside neighborhood
Laurel Heights (Jordan Park) neighborhood
Laurel Village neighborhood
Little Hollywood neighborhood
Little Russia neighborhood
Little Saigon neighborhood
Lone Mountain neighborhood
Lower Haight neighborhood
Lower Nob Hill neighborhood
Lower Pacific Heights neighborhood
Marina District neighborhood
Mastro neighborhood
Merced Heights neighborhood
Merced Manor neighborhood
Midtown Terrace neighborhood
Mint Hill neighborhood
Miraloma Park neighborhood
Mission Bay neighborhood
Mission District (The Mission) neighborhood
Mission Dolores neighborhood
Mission Terrace neighborhood
Monterey Heights neighborhood
Mount Davidson Manor neighborhood
NOMA (NoMa) neighborhood
Nob Hill neighborhood
Noe Valley neighborhood
North Beach (NoBe) neighborhood
North Panhandle (North of Panhandle) neighborhood
North Waterfront neighborhood
Oceanview neighborhood
Outer Mission (Cayuga Terrace) neighborhood
Outer Parkside neighborhood
Outer Richmond neighborhood
Outer Sunset neighborhood
Outset neighborhood
Pacific Heights neighborhood
Park Merced (Parkmerced) neighborhood
Parkside neighborhood
Parnassus (Ashbury Heights) neighborhood
Pier 39 neighborhood
Pine Lake Park neighborhood
Polk Gulch neighborhood
Portola neighborhood
Potrero Flats neighborhood
Potrero Hill neighborhood
Presidio (Crissy Field) neighborhood
Presidio Heights neighborhood
Presidio Terrace neighborhood
Richmond District neighborhood
Rincon Hill neighborhood
Russian Hill neighborhood
SOMISSPO neighborhood
Saint Francis Wood neighborhood
Sea Cliff neighborhood
Sherwood Forest neighborhood
Showplace Square (Showplace Sq) neighborhood
Silver Terrace neighborhood
South Basin neighborhood
South Beach neighborhood
South Of Market (SOMA) neighborhood
South Park neighborhood
St Marys Square neighborhood
Stonestown neighborhood
Sunnydale neighborhood
Sunnyside neighborhood
Sunset District neighborhood
Sutro Heights (Vista Del Mar) neighborhood
Telegraph Hill neighborhood
Tenderloin neighborhood
The Hub (Mid-Market) neighborhood
Transmission neighborhood
Treasure Island neighborhood
Twin Peaks neighborhood
Twin Peaks West neighborhood
Union Square neighborhood
Upper Market neighborhood
Van Ness neighborhood
Visitacion Valley neighborhood
West Portal neighborhood
West of Twin Peaks neighborhood
Western Addition neighborhood
Westwood Highlands neighborhood
Westwood Park neighborhood
Yerba Buena Island neighborhood
Zion District neighborhood

San Francisco Government
The government of the Metropolitan and County of San Francisco is well-defined by the Charter of the City, as the individual amalgamated city-county in California and County of San Francisco, Which is comparable to the former counties of California and describes numerous officers and individuals. With "ll moralities and influences of a City and County which are not bestowed in another officer or entity" by the agreement, the legislative body substitute as both a board of superintendents and a metropolitan committee is the 11-member Board of Superintendents. The county executive, along with the "departments, appointive a board, commissions and other divisions of administration, is the executive body is composed of the Mayor of San Francisco as the mayor. The Assessor-Recorder, City Attorney, District Attorney, Public Defender, Sheriff and Treasurer are the other nominated officers of San Francisco, in addition. Confirmed by the Board of Supervisors, the City Administrator is selected by the Mayor. Which is normally responsible for the supervision of the government of San Francisco is the Director of the General Services Agency (GSA). To choose the Mayor, Supervisors, and other elective officers, San Francisco electorates use ranked-choice elective. Controlled by a President the Board of Supervisors is responsible for transient laws and budgets. To pass legislation San Franciscans similarly make use of direct election initiatives. As representatives of specific regions inside the metropolitan, the members of the Board of Supervisors are nominated. The President of the Board of Supervisors undertakes the workplace, if the mayor expires or quits. That was done by Dianne Feinstein afterwards the slaying of George MOs cone in 1978.

San Francisco Religions
San Francisco Catholic Church Population is 56%
San Francisco Muslim population is 7%
San Francisco other population is 37%

San Francisco Economy
The backbone of the San Francisco economical is Vacation industry. The metropolitan and its mileposts recognizable worldwide has organized by its abundant demonstrations in music, movie, and prevalent philosophy. San Francisco captivates the third-highest total of foreign holidaymakers of any metropolitan in the U.S.dated info and privileges Pier 39 near Fisherman's and Quayside as the third-most prevalent tourist captivation in the nation. Immunizing roughly $8.2 billion into the economical and together record high statistics for the municipal, extra than 16 million sightseers accomplished in San Francisco in 2007. On behalf of contract and deliberations San Francisco is also amongst the top-ten North American destinations, through an enormous hotel infrastructure and world-class arrangement ability in the MOs cone Midpoint. Out of 100 of the biosphere's extreme remained metropolises, in a Euro TV International position of the uppermost metropolitan destinations, San Francisco continued to categorize the 33rd greatest stayed city in the biosphere. In the early twentieth epoch the legacy of the California Gold Rush twisted San Francisco and bowed on the leading progressing and investment midpoint of the West Shore. There are regional control centers, abundant huge monetary institutions, multinational banks and venture capital companies that are recognized in the metropolitan. San Francisco is designated as one of the ten Beta World Metropolises as it has over 30 international monetary administrations, seven fortune 500 companies, and a large support substructure of specialized amenities-including law, public relations, architecture and design-similarly with significant manifestation in the metropolitan. The uppermost twenty Global Monetary Midpoints of the metropolitan Catalog locations eighteenth in the biosphere's list of metropolises by GDP, ninth in the United States, and is fifteenth place. , Allocation the prerequisite for tremendously well-educated staffs through specific amenities. San Francisco rehabilitated an epicenter of the Dot-Com bubble of the 1990s-2000s, and the following Web 2.0 boom of the late 2000s Due to such relations with Silicon Valley. Numerous prevalent and projecting Dot-Com corporations and "start-ups" such as, Twitter,, and the Wikimedia Foundation amongst others have recognized their head administrations in San Francisco.

San Francisco Geography
On the West Coastline of the United States San Francisco is positioned at the tip of the San Francisco Peninsula and inside its limitations it comprises momentous expanses of the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Inlet. Numerous atolls similar to Alcatraz, Treasure Island, and the neighboring Yerba Buena Island, and a minor percentage of Alameda Island, Red Rock Island, and Angel Island are portion of the metropolitan. Inside the metropolitan restrictions unevenly forms a "seven-by-seven-mile square," of the continental. However its entire region counting aquatic, are approximately 232 square miles (600 km2) and a mutual indigenous idiom mentioning to the metropolis's outline. Surrounded by metropolitan restrictions there are more than 50 mounds. For its well-known mounds San Francisco is renowned. Subsequently the mounds on which they are positioned particular localities are titled, comprising Nob Hill, Pacific Heights, and Russian Hill. Southwest of the city center region, is a sequence of less thickly inhabited mounds close to the topographical midpoint of the metropolitan. Relaxing at solitary of the metropolis's uppermost points a couple of mounds titled as Twin Peaks, forms a prevalent overlook spot. Mount Davidson is 925 feet (282 m) tall and is covered with a 103-foot (31 m) tall cross constructed in 1934 is the highest mound of San Francisco. The menace of foremost tremors plays a huge role in the city's substructure expansion; on a regular foundation negligible earthquakes happen. For new structure necessitating retrofits for older structures and advanced engineering standards, the city has constantly progressed to its construction ciphers. Entire localities such as the Marina and Predators Point, as well as huge segments of the Embarcadero, sit on regions of landfill. Beyond its usual restrictions San Francisco's coastline has developed. User Comments

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