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San Diego Information
The eighth-largest municipality in the United States and second-largest city in California is San Diego. Contiguous to the Mexican boundary the origin of California, the city is situated on the shore of the Pacific Ocean in Southern California. For its moderate year-round environment, for its usual deep-water port, and its extensive connotation with the U.S. Navy San Diego is well recognized. At the 2010 survey the populace was 1,301,617. San Diego remained the leading location visited by Europeans on whatever is currently the West Coast of the United States, but archaeologically home-based to the Kumeyaay societies. In 1542 upon alighting in San Diego Bark, Juan Cabrillo demanded the complete region for Spain, establishing the foundation for the defrayal of Alta California 200 years later. Originated in 1769, The Presidio and Mission of San Diego remained the leading European defrayal in whatever is currently California. San Diego converted as a portion of a new autonomous Mexico, in 1821, and in 1850, converted as a fragment of the United States succeeding the Mexican-American War and the admittance of California to the amalgamation. The foremost monetary locomotives of San Diego are martial and defense associated accomplishments, tourism, worldwide trade, and industrialized. The presence of the Academe of California, San Diego (UCSD), with the affiliated UCSD Medical Center, has assisted to create the region an epicenter of investigation in biotechnology.
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San Diego Recreation, Culture and Attractions
San Diego is the city of California and its culture is influenced deeply by American and Mexican cultures owed to its location as a boundary town, its large Hispanic population, and its history as part of Spanish America and Mexico. San Diego has some of museums, such as the San Diego Museum of Art, the Timken Gallery, the Mingei International Museum featuring folk art, the Museum of Photographic Arts, and the Museum of the Living Artist are situated in Balboa Park. San Diego has ethnic and mixed culture. One can find Mexican, Italian, French, Spanish, Filipino, Vietnamese, Greek, Latin, German, Indian, Central and East Asian, Middle Eastern and Pacific Islander food thru the city. The city's long history and close closeness to Mexico has gifted the area with a general variety of authentic Mexican restaurants. The city of San Diego had warm, dry climate and access to the ocean have also made it a center for fishing and for growing fruits and vegetables. San Diego has several attractions and tourism spots. San Diego's most famous attractions are SeaWorld, The San Diego Zoo Safari Park and LEGOLAND. San Diego has beautiful La Jolla, it is the sun sets over the blue Pacific Ocean. San Diego has three NFL Super Bowl championships. Rugby union is a developing sport in San Diego. Tourism is also affected the city's culture, because San Diego has many tourist attractions. The city people celebrates the annual events, they are Comic-Con, San Diego/Del Mar Fair, and Street Scene Music Festival.

San Diego Demographics
San Diego Total population - 1,306,301
San Diego Males population - 658,685
San Diego Female population - 647,616
San Diego White alone population - 615,495
San Diego Hispanic population - 373,573
San Diego Asian alone population - 185,716
San Diego Black alone population - 82,885
San Diego Two or more races population - 36,242
San Diego Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone population - 7,220
San Diego American alone population - 2,383
San Diego Other race alone population - 2,713

San Diego History
More than 10000 years ago the San Diego was occupied by Kumeyaay people. The first Europeans are stay the region was Portuguese-born surveyor Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo sailing in the flag of Castile. Sebastian Vizcaino was directed to map the California coast in 1602. Inward on his flagship San Diego, Vizcaino charted the port and what are now Mission Bay and Point Loma and named the area for the Catholic Saint Didacus, a Spaniard more usually known as San Diego de Alcala. On the year of 1602 the religion of first Christian's facility of record in Alta California was directed by Friar Antonio de la Ascension, it is a member of Vizcaino's tour, to celebrate the feast day of San Diego. In 1769 the Gasper de Portola founded the Fort Presidio of San Diego on a hill near the river of San Diego. At the same year Mission San Diego de Alcala was established by Franciscan friars under Father Junipero Serra. Mission San was the southern presenter in California of the important mission trail El Camino Real. Both the Presidio and the Mission are National Historic Developments. In the year of 1821 the county of Mexico was got the independence from Spain. The San Diego became part of the Mexican state of Alta California. The original San Diego was situated at the end of Presidio Hill, now this area called Old Town San Diego State Historic Park. In the late 1860s, Alonzo Horton helped a move to "New Town", several miles south of the original settlement, in the area which became Downtown San Diego. In the 20th century San Diego presented two World's Fairs; they are one of the Panama-California Exposition in 1915 and second one is the California Pacific International Exposition in 1935. These both Expositions were thought in Balboa Park, and several of the Spanish/Baroque-style buildings that were built for those expositions remain to this day as central features of the park. Throughout World War II, San Diego became a major center of military and defense activity, due to the presence of so many military installations and defense manufacturers.

San Diego Religions
San Deigo Evangelical population is - 14%
San Deigo Mainline Protestant population is - 8%
San Deigo Catholic Church population is - 67%
San Deigo other population is - 11%

San Diego Flag

image of San Diego flag

San Diego Education
The preponderance of the community institutes in the metropolitan is assisted by the San Diego Unified School District; Public schools in San Diego are functioned by self-governing school districts, which is also the second major school district in California, which comprises 11 K-8 schools, 107 elementary schools, 24 middle schools, 13 atypical and substitute schools, 28 high schools, and 45 agreement schools. Inside the city; numerous adjacent school districts which are headquartered exterior the city restrictions attend specific schools. The Del Mar Union School District, San Dieguito Union High School District and Sweetwater Union High School District and Poway Unified School District are encompassed by these. A amount of secluded schools in the metropolitan are in accumulation.

San Diego Taxes
San Diego Sales tax - 7.5%
San Diego Tax Rate Range Low 1.0.0% - High 9.3%
San Diego Tax Income Brackets Lowest 6,827 (b) - Highest 44,815 (b)
San Diego Personal Exemptions Single -94 (c), Married - 188 (c), Dependents - 294 (c)
San Diego Sales Tax Rate on Food 7.25%, on Prescription Drugs 0%,on Non-prescription Drugs 0%
San Diego Total Tax on Gasoline 18.0%, on Diesel Fuel 18.0%
San Diego Excise Tax Rates on Cigarettes Tax Rate 87( per pack)
San Diego Beer Excise Tax Rate $0.20($ per gallon)
San Diego Wine Excise Tax Rate $0.20($ per gallon)

San Diego Tourism
Outstanding to the city's environment Tourism is a leading commerce. Its beaches, and various tourist fascinations such as Balboa Park, Belmont amusement park, San Diego Zoo, San Diego Zoo Safari Park, and SeaWorld San Diego. In the numerous significant locations crosswise the metropolitan, San Diego's Spanish and Mexican inheritance is reflected, such as Mission San Diego de Alcala and Old Town San Diego State Historic Park. The Comic-Con, the Farmers Insurance Open golf tournament, the San Diego Black Film Festival, and Street Scene Music Festival are certain of the annual events that are encompassed in San Diego. For the Metropolitan of San Diego Commission for Sculptures and Philosophy which creates finance is the Transient Occupancy Taxes (TOT). Additional than 30 million tourists in 2009 by San Diego County that accommodated, of whom roughly half remained overnight and half were day visitors; collectively they spent an estimated $15 billion locally. Fascinating more than 600,000 tourists the San Diego Convention Center hosted 68 out-of-town conventions and trade demonstrations in 2009. San Diego's voyage ship manufacturing is the second major in California; each voyage ship call inoculates an assessed $2 million from the purchase of food, fuel, provisions, and preservation amenities into the local budget. Various voyage lines, comprising Celebrity, Crystal and Princess Operating out of San Diego, When the Port introduced over 250 ship calls and more than 900,000 commuters. Conversely cruise ship business has remained in stable deterioration meanwhile climaxing in 2008. The amount of ship calls had collapsed to 103 (estimated) by 2011. Holland America and Carnival Cruises had functioned weekly voyages to the Mexican Riviera, but broadcasted that they will no longer do so after April 2012, a monetary damage to the area of more than $100 million. Due to well-publicized ferocity there, the deterioration is blamed on the sinking budget as well as anxiety of tourism to Mexico.

San Diego Colleges/Universities
San Diego State University : 25,883 Students
University of San Diego : 6,471 Students
San Diego Mesa College 5,178 Students
University of Phoenix-San Diego Campus : 4,139 Students
San Diego City College : 3,377 Students
Point Loma Nazarene University 2,992 Students
Alliant International University : 2,472 Students
San Diego Miramar College : 1,711 Students
The Art Institute of California-San Diego : 1,594 Students
Kaplan College-San Diego : 1,402 Students
California College-San Diego : 1,299 Students
ITT Technical Institute-San Diego : 1,088 Students
California Western School of Law : 809 Students
Thomas Jefferson School of Law : 694 Students
Concorde Career Colleges : 666 Students
Newschool of Architecture and Design : 453 Students
Coleman University : 435 Students
Pacific College of Oriental Medicine : 365 Students
Platt College-San Diego : 293 Students
The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising-San Diego : 262 Students

San Diego Transportation
San Diego transportation contains of a variety of air, road, sea, and public transportation options. San Diego stands served by the trolley, bus, Coaster, and Amtrak. The city roadway system offers an extensive network of routes for travel by bicycle. City climate makes cycling a suitable and enjoyable year-round option. San Diego has major routes; however, a large number of bus stops are focused in central San Diego. The city has San Diego International Airport, it is also known as Lindbergh International Airport or Lindbergh Field. It is the busiest single-runway airport in the United States. The city include other airports are Brown Field Municipal Airport and Montgomery Field. The Port of San Diego succeeds the naval operations of San Diego harbor. San Diego is home to General Dynamics' National Steel and Shipbuilding Company (NASSCO), it is the biggest shipyard on the West Coast of the United States.

San Diego Symbols
San Diego nickname : America's Finest City
San Diego motto : Semper Vigilans

San Diego Government
The metropolis's procedure of government transformed from a "city manager system" to a "strong mayor system", in 2006. The city is administered by a mayor and an 8-member metropolitan council. The mayor is the effect leading managerial officer of the metropolitan, whereas the council is the legislative body. The modification was conveyed around by a citywide ballot in 2004. The mayor and metropolitan barrister are nominated directly by the constituencies of the complete metropolitan. The associates of the city council are all nominated from solitary associate regions inside the metropolitan. Through a two-term boundary, the mayor, city barrister, and council affiliates are nominated to four-year terms. Selections are held on a non-partisan source per California state law; nevertheless, most officeholders do recognize themselves as either Egalitarians or Antiroyalists. The Province which is administrated by a 5-member Board of Superintendents San Diego is part of San Diego County, represented by Republican County Supervisors Greg Cox, Dianne Jacob, Pam Slater-Price and Ron Roberts; The City of San Diego comprises all or fragment of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th supervisorial districts. A quasi-governmental organization which possesses all the property in the tidelands and is accountable for its land use scheduling, policing, and related purposes, Regions of the city proximately contiguous to San Diego Bay ("tidelands") are managed by the Anchorage of San Diego. Community institutes inside the metropolitan are accomplished and subsidized by self-governing school districts. San Diego is an affiliate of the provincial planning organization San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG).

San Diego Libraries

San Diego parks
Paradise Valley Park and Recreation Center
Park De La Cruz
Parkside Park
Cypress Canyon Park
Adams Avenue Park
Penn Athletic Area
Dailard Park
Adobe Bluffs Park
Petco Park

San Diego Geography
On unfathomable gorges and peaks unraveling its plateaus, the metropolitan of San Diego lies giving it a mountainous topography and generating insignificant pockets of natural grassland disseminated all over the metropolitan. On the plateaus Conventionally, San Diegans have constructed their households and dealings, whereas leaving the gorges comparatively desolate. A segmented texture is specified by portions of the city gorges, creating gaps between proximate regions and donating to a low-density, car-centered atmosphere. Through the central of San Diego from east to west the San Diego Brook runs which serves to distribute the metropolitan into northern and southern sections, generating a brook gorge. By separate advanced regions of the metropolitan numerous reservoirs and Assignment Trails Regional Park also lie in between. The Cowles mountain, the uppermost point in the city at 1,593 feet (486 m); Black Mountain at 1,558 feet (475 m); and Mount Soledad at 824 feet (251 m) the Cuyamaca Massifs and Laguna Massifs rise to the east of the metropolitan, these are the distinguished summits inside the city parameters which are encompassed and elsewhere the mountains are in desert regions similarly. Several ranches are found in the gorges northeast and southeast of the metropolitan. Since downtown to San Diego the Cleveland Nationwide Jungle is a half-hour drive.

San Diego Neighbourhood
Adams Avenue Park neighborhood
Adams North neighborhood
Adeline Gardens neighborhood
Allied Gardens neighborhood
Alta Vista neighborhood
Andalucia neighborhood
Angove Condos neighborhood
Arbor Drive Townhomes neighborhood
Arizona Park neighborhood
Arroyos Del Mar neighborhood
Avalon Plaza neighborhood
Axos neighborhood
Balboa Park neighborhood
Bamboo Gardens neighborhood
Banker's Hill (Bankers Hill) neighborhood
Barrio Logan neighborhood
Bay Ho neighborhood
Bay Park neighborhood
Bay Terraces neighborhood
Bay View Villas neighborhood
Bella Vista Condos neighborhood
Bernardino Corp Center neighborhood
Birdland neighborhood
Black Mountain Ranch neighborhood
Blue Waters Condos neighborhood
Bosque Del Mar neighborhood
Bridgeview neighborhood
Britannia Industrial Park neighborhood
Broadway Heights neighborhood
Bryn Glen neighborhood
Burlingame neighborhood
Cabrera neighborhood
Cabrillo Knoll neighborhood
California Terraces neighborhood
Califronia Terraces neighborhood
Cambridge Square neighborhood
Campus Walk Condos neighborhood
Canyon Ridge neighborhood
Carmel Mountain neighborhood
Carmel Valley neighborhood
Carroll Canyon Business Park neighborhood
Castle neighborhood
Chalcedeony Row Homes neighborhood
Cherokee Point neighborhood
Chollas Creek neighborhood
Chollas Creek Villas neighborhood
Chollas View neighborhood
Cielo Del Mar neighborhood
City Heights neighborhood
City View Condominiums neighborhood
City Walk Condominiums neighborhood
Cityscape neighborhood
Clairemont neighborhood
Clairemont Mesa East neighborhood
Clairemont Mesa West neighborhood
Colina Del Sol neighborhood
College East neighborhood
College Grove Condos neighborhood
College West neighborhood
Colonial Court neighborhood
Core-columbia neighborhood
Coronado View neighborhood
Corridor neighborhood
Cortez neighborhood
Costa Del Sol neighborhood
Costa Del Sol West neighborhood
Courtyard at College neighborhood
Cypress Greens neighborhood
Darnall neighborhood
Del Cerro neighborhood
Del Norte Cottages neighborhood
Dennery Ranch neighborhood
Dennery Ranch Villages neighborhood
Downtown neighborhood
Duck Pond Ranch neighborhood
East Village neighborhood
Egger Highlands neighborhood
El Cerrito neighborhood
Elan Condos neighborhood
Emerald Hills neighborhood
Encanto neighborhood
Esperanza neighborhood
Estelle Condos neighborhood
Fairbanks Summit neighborhood
Fairbrook Estates neighborhood
Fairmont Park neighborhood
Fairmont Village neighborhood
Fashion Walk Condos neighborhood
Felspar Park neighborhood
Felspar Street Townhomes neighborhood
Felton Heights neighborhood
Felton Street neighborhood
Fenton Carroll Canyon neighborhood
Fleet Ridge (Roseville) neighborhood
Florida Gardens neighborhood
Florida Street Condos neighborhood
Fox Canyon neighborhood
Gaslamp neighborhood
Glenridge neighborhood
Gold Coast Condos neighborhood
Golden Heights neighborhood
Golden Hill neighborhood
Golden Palms Condominiums neighborhood
Grant Hill neighborhood
Grantville neighborhood
Greystone Torrey Highlands neighborhood
Greystone-Garden neighborhood
Harbor Lights Condos neighborhood
Harborview neighborhood
Hidden Trails neighborhood
Hillcrest neighborhood
Hilltop Condominiums neighborhood
Hollywood Park (Azalea) neighborhood
Horton Plaza neighborhood
Imperial Marketplace neighborhood
India Street Lofts Condos neighborhood
Islenair neighborhood
Jamacha Lomita neighborhood
Judson Street Condos neighborhood
Kearny Mesa neighborhood
Kearny Mesa Townhomes neighborhood
Kensington neighborhood
LXJ Condominiums neighborhood
La Boheme Condos neighborhood
La Jolla Commons neighborhood
La Jolla Crossroads neighborhood
La Playa neighborhood
Lake Murray neighborhood
Legacy Walk neighborhood
Levanto neighborhood
Liberty Station neighborhood
Lincoln Park neighborhood
Linda Vista neighborhood
Little Italy neighborhood
Logan Heights neighborhood
Loma Portal neighborhood
Lone Tree Estates neighborhood
Lusso Condos neighborhood
Marina neighborhood
Mariners Village neighborhood
Marlborough Villas neighborhood
Maryland Street Townhomes neighborhood
Mcmillin Torrey Highlands neighborhood
Memorial neighborhood
Mesa Grande neighborhood
Mesa Norte neighborhood
Mesa Verde Estates neighborhood
Midtown neighborhood
Midway District neighborhood
Milazzo neighborhood
Mira Mesa neighborhood
Miramar neighborhood
Miramar Ranch North neighborhood
Mission Bay neighborhood
Mission Beach neighborhood
Mission City neighborhood
Mission Hills neighborhood
Mission Hills Commons neighborhood
Mission Valley neighborhood
Mission Valley East neighborhood
Mission Valley West neighborhood
Mississippi Street Condos neighborhood
Monarch at Carmel Valley neighborhood
Monarch at Scripps Ranch neighborhood
Montecito - neighborhood
Montecito Point neighborhood
Morena neighborhood
Moto Villas Condos neighborhood
Mountain View neighborhood
Mt Hope neighborhood
Navajo neighborhood
Nestor neighborhood
Nobel Research Park neighborhood
Normal Heights neighborhood
Normal Heights Village neighborhood
North Bay Terraces neighborhood
North City neighborhood
North Clairemont neighborhood
North Encanto neighborhood
North Park neighborhood
Northblock Lofts neighborhood
Oak Park neighborhood
Ocean Beach neighborhood
Ocean Crest neighborhood
Ocean View Hills Corporate Center neighborhood
Old Town neighborhood
Orange Blossom Park neighborhood
Otay Corporate Center South neighborhood
Otay Mesa neighborhood
Otay Mesa West neighborhood
Otay Pacific Bus Park neighborhood
Pac Highlands Ranch neighborhood
Pac Tower Condos neighborhood
Pacific Beach neighborhood
Pacific Beach Drive Condominiums neighborhood
Pacific Terrace neighborhood
Palisade Gardens neighborhood
Palm Breeze Villas neighborhood
Palm City neighborhood
Paradise Hills neighborhood
Park Gate neighborhood
Park Laurel neighborhood
Park Place Condominiums neighborhood
Park Villas of Talmadge neighborhood
Park West neighborhood
Parkcrest neighborhood
Parkloft Condiminiums neighborhood
Parkview neighborhood
Paseo De Mission Hills neighborhood
Pegasus neighborhood
Penn Station neighborhood
Pinnacle Museum Tower Condominium neighborhood
Point Carmel neighborhood
Point Loma neighborhood
Point Loma Heights neighborhood
Porta D Italia neighborhood
Porto Siena neighborhood
Prado Terrace neighborhood
Princess Park in California Terraces neighborhood
Rainier Place neighborhood
Rancho Bernardo neighborhood
Rancho Encantada neighborhood
Rancho Penasquitos neighborhood
Reata Way neighborhood
Remington Hills neighborhood
Renaissance at North Park neighborhood
Rhodes Crossing neighborhood
Ridgeview/webster neighborhood
Rivera Drive Residences neighborhood
Riviera Del Sol neighborhood
Riviera Drive Townhomes neighborhood
Rolando neighborhood
Sabre Springs neighborhood
Saddle Club Estates neighborhood
Samuel Fox Lofts neighborhood
San Carlos neighborhood
Santa Monica neighborhood
Savannah Terrace-Sabre Springs Areas neighborhood
Schotz Estates neighborhood
Scripps Highlands neighborhood
Scripps Pomerado neighborhood
Scripps Ranch neighborhood
Seabreeze at Old El Camino Real neighborhood
Serra Mesa neighborhood
Shaw Property neighborhood
Shelltown neighborhood
Shelter Island neighborhood
Sherman Heights neighborhood
Sigsbee Row neighborhood
Silver Oak Estates neighborhood
Skyline neighborhood
Skyline Terraces Estates neighborhood
Smart Corner neighborhood
Solmelia Condos neighborhood
Sorrento Valley neighborhood
South Bay Terraces neighborhood
South Encanto neighborhood
South Park neighborhood
Southcrest neighborhood
Southcrest Park Estates neighborhood
Southgate Condos neighborhood
Southpark Townhomes neighborhood
Spectrum Ter neighborhood
Spinnaker Point neighborhood
Spruce Canyon Townhomes neighborhood
Stockton neighborhood
Summit Place neighborhood
Sundowner Estates neighborhood
Sunroad B Promenade neighborhood
Sunset neighborhood
Sunset Cliffs neighborhood
Sunset Cliffs Boulevard Condos neighborhood
Swan Canyon neighborhood
Swift Park neighborhood
Sycamore Estates neighborhood
Talmadge neighborhood
Temecula Heights neighborhood
Teralta East neighborhood
Teralta West neighborhood
The Anchorage neighborhood
The Bentley neighborhood
The Court at Adelaide neighborhood
The Egyptian neighborhood
The Grande at Santa Fe Place neighborhood
The Metropolitan Project neighborhood
The Palisades neighborhood
The Tent City (Tent City) neighborhood
The Village in University Heights neighborhood
The Villas at Stallions Crossing neighborhood
Thorn Street Condos neighborhood
Tierrasanta neighborhood
Tijuana River Valley neighborhood
Titan Condos neighborhood
Torrey Brooke neighborhood
Torrey Glenn neighborhood
Torrey Highlands neighborhood
Torrey Highlands Village Center neighborhood
Torrey Hills neighborhood
Torrey Ranch neighborhood
Torrey Reserve Gateway neighborhood
Torrey Santa Fe neighborhood
Torrey View Estates neighborhood
University City neighborhood
University Heights neighborhood
Valencia Business Park neighborhood
Valencia Park neighborhood
Verona neighborhood
Villas Del Parque neighborhood
Vista Bougainvillea neighborhood
Vista Colina neighborhood
W Laurel Studios neighborhood
Wabash Gardens neighborhood
Waterfront Condos neighborhood
Wilson Villas neighborhood
Winona Square neighborhood
Wooded Area neighborhood
Yacht Club Condos neighborhood
Yonge Street Condos neighborhood

San Diego Economy
By its unfathomable water anchorage, the economy of San Diego is predisposed, which comprises the only major submarine and shipbuilding yards on the West Coast. In San Diego, comprising Universal Atomics, Cubic, and NASSCO, Numerous foremost national defense outworkers were commenced and are headquartered. It was in 2008, San Diego crowds the major navigational armada in the biosphere. It was household to 53 vessels, finished 120 occupant instructions, and extra than 35,000 mariners, militias, Subdivision of Defense civilian workforces and outworkers. 15,000 dealings in San Diego County depend on Department of Defense conventions and around 5 percent of all noncombatant professions in the country are military-related. The US Navy amenities, Maritime Corps sources, and Coastline Protector Stations are comprised in armed sources in San Diego. Marine Corps establishments in the city of San Diego comprise Marine Corps Air Station Miramar and Marine Corps Recruit depot San Diego. The metropolitan that comprises numerous organizations of Navy is the Naval Base Point Loma, Naval Base San Diego (also recognized as the 32nd Street Naval Station), Bob Wilson Naval Hospital, the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center San Diego and Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command. Several of them are also adjacent to San Diego, but not surrounded by the metropolitan restrictions they are: Naval Amphibious Base Coronado and Naval Air Station North Atoll Which functions Naval Auxiliary Landing Facility San Clemente Atoll, Silver Strand Training Complex, and the Outlying Field Imperial Beach. San Diego is recognized as the "Birthplace of Naval Aviation". The metropolitan is "home to the preponderance of the U.S. Pacific Armada's external warriors, all of the Navy's West Coast amphibious vessels and a assortment of Coast Guard and Military Sealift Command vessels", One Nimitz class super-carrier, (the USS Carl Vinson), five amphibious mugging vessels, numerous Los Angeles-class "fast attack" submarines, the Hospital Ship USNS Mercy, transporter and underwater proposals, Demolishers, cruisers, frigates, and countless minor vessels are home-ported around. Four Navy vessels have been titled USS San Diego. User Comments

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