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Los Angeles Information
"The Angels", with a population of 3,792,621 people by the United States survey at the 2010 census. In California it is densely inhabited city and after New York City it is the second heavily populated in the United States. It is situated in the southern area of the state, and 468.67 square miles (1,213.8 km2), on a land vicinity with the population of almost 17.8 million citizens and one of the second leading in the United States and most densely inhabited city areas in the globe. The name "Angelinos" are referred for the city residents. On September 4, 1781 Los Angeles was founded by Spanish governor Felipe de Neve. During 1821 it became a division of Mexico following the Mexican War of self-determination on April 4, 1850 as a metropolis. Los Angeles was integrated five months earlier than California achieved statehood. Los Angeles is a world center of big business, worldwide trade, distraction, civilization, media, fashion, science, technology, and education. To renowned institutions it is an extensive collection of specialized and enlightening fields. Los Angeles is a home and within the United States it is one of the most significant economic engines. In the globe Los Angeles has been ranked the third richest municipality and fifth most commanding and leading capital behind only New York City in the United States. As of 2008, the mutual statistical region of Los Angeles has disgusting metropolitan manufactured goods of $831 billion making it the third major monetary center in the world. Los Angeles is recognized as the "Entertainment Capital of the World", it is leading the world in the formation of motion pictures, television invention, video games, and recorded music as it is home foundation of Hollywood. The Summer Olympics of 1932 and 1984 as well as numerous sports events of the 1994 FIFA World Cup, including the finals were hosted by Los Angeles. The well-known universities such as the University of Southern California and the University of California, is also home for Las Angeles. A Mediterranean type of climate is enjoyed by Los Angeles with a standard of 35 days through considerable rainfall yearly.
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Los Angeles Recreation, Culture and Attractions
Los Angeles is frequently publicized as the "Creative Capital of the World", owing to the statement that unique in each six of its citizens works in an imaginative production. Universally acknowledged as the epicenter of the motion representation production Los Angeles is home to Hollywood. In the United States the hoariest and leading school is the USC School of Cinematic Arts, and it is a home to Los Angeles. There are around 1,000 melodic, movie house, dance, and performing groups which play a foremost role in Los Angeles ethnic identity. One of the three leading execution sculptures complexes in the nation is the Los Angeles Music Center. The centerpiece of the Melody Center and The Walt Disney Concert Hall is home to the admired Los Angeles Philharmonic. At premier organizations such as the Colburn School and the USC Thornton School of Music, the aptitude is locally sophisticated. In Los Angeles Province there are 841 museums and art galleries. Than several other cities in the world Los Angeles has extra museums per capita. The Los Angeles Dodgers of Major League Baseball, the Los Angeles Kings of the National Hockey League, the Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association, the Los Angeles D-Fenders, an NBA Development team owned by the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Los Angeles Sparks of the Women's National Basketball Association, all these are the home to Los Angeles recreations. In 1932 and in 1984 Los Angeles has twice played and host to the Summer Olympic Tournaments. Including the final in 1994 Super Bowls I and VII were similarly apprehended in the city as well as numerous FIFA World Cup tournaments. Los Angeles will host the Unusual Olympics World Seasonal Tournaments in 2015. The renowned tourist fascinations of Los Angeles are Dodger Stadium, the Walt Disney Concert Hall, CBS Television City, the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Los Angeles Zoo, Paramount Pictures, the famous Hollywood Sign, The First Interstate World Center, the Angelus Temple, the Watts Towers, the Griffith Observatory, the Wells Fargo Center, Union Station, the Crystal Cathedral and Elysian Park.

Los Angeles Demographics
Los Angeles Total population - 3,792,621.
Los Angeles White population - 9.6%
Los Angeles African American population - 0.7%
Los Angeles Native American population - 11.3%
Los Angeles Asian population - 3.2%
Los Angeles Filipino population - 2.9%
Los Angeles Korean population - 1.8%
Los Angeles Chinese population - 0.9%
Los Angeles Indian population - 0.9%
Los Angeles Japanese population - 0.5%
Los Angeles Vietnamese population - 0.3%
Los Angeles Thai population - 0.1%
Los Angeles Cambodian population - 0.1%
Los Angeles Pacific Islander population - 23.8%
Los Angeles other races population - 4.6%
Los Angeles Mexican population - 31.9%
Los Angeles Salvadoran population - 6.0%
Los Angeles Guatemalan population - 3.6%
Los Angeles Honduran population - 0.6%
Los Angeles Nicaraguan population - 0.4%
Los Angeles Puerto Ricanpopulation - 0.4%
Los Angeles Peruvian population - 0.4%
Los Angeles Cuban population - 0.4%
Los Angeles Colombian population - 0.3%
Los Angeles Argentinean population - 0.2%
Los Angeles Ecuadorian population - 0.2%
Los Angeles Nickname: L.A., the City of Angels, Angeltown, the Entertainment Capital of the World, La-La Land

Los Angeles History
The city of Los Angeles was discovered by Spanish Governor in 1781. Thousands of years ago Tongva and Chumash Native American people was settled in Los Angeles coastal area. The first Europeans reached in 1542 in a trip controlled by the viceroy of New Spain and commanded by Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, a Portuguese-born traveler who appealed the area of southern California for the Spanish Empire. Felipe de Neve the new Governor of California was suggested to Antonio Maria de Bucareli y Urs˙a, viceroy of New Spain, that the site noted by Juan Crespi be established into a pueblo in 1777. The town was formally established on September 4th, 1781, by a group of forty-four settlers known as "Los Pobladores". These pueblo settlers came from the mutual Hispanic culture that had appeared in northern Mexico among a culturally mixed society. Most of the settlers were mestizo or mulatto, and consequently had African, Amerindian, and European extraction. New Spain gained their independence from the Spanish Territory in 1821, and the pueblo sustained as a part of Mexico. In 1876 the city railroad arrived with the achievement of the Southern Pacific line. Los Angeles was a one of the popular city in world's petroleum output. Los Angeles population had grown to more than 102,000 people by 1900, putting burden on the city's water supply. In the 1920s, the movie and flight industries flocked to Los Angeles, with continuing growth certifying that the city suffered less during the Great Depression. In 1932, with population exceptional one million, the city hosted the Summer Olympics. The city hosted second summer Olympics in 1984. On 20th century the city was plagued by growing gang warfare, drug activity, and police corruption. The century completed with the Rampart scandal, one of the most extensive recognized cases of police misconduct in American history. The city of Los Angeles has many developed urban parts of the city, particularly Hollywood, Koreatown, Silver Lake, Echo Park and Downtown.

Los Angeles Tourism
Frequently abbreviated too modestly 'LA', is Los Angeles a complex city, recognized for its wonderful beaches, excellent surfing environments and abundant movie actors. Los Angeles includes some of the most famous areas of Hollywood which are allocated into many districts that is full of movie-related tourist fascinations, and LA's Beach district, where you will catch Malibu Beach amongst others. When discover the more ethnic areas of LA, you will rapidly recognize why Los Angeles The 'City of Angels', is the most desirable cities and one of the America's foremost sightseeing terminuses. For over 10 years Los Angeles Sightseeing Tours has remained aiding the Los Angeles zone in providing the finest excursions of Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. Over 10 million of population has the province of Los Angeles, the leading of any province in the nation. Amongst the gorgeous Pacific Ocean and the snowcapped mountains over 4,000 square miles the metropolis of Los Angeles spreads diagonally. From all over the world, Los Angeles draws tourists year round devising one of the best climates in the world. For the first-time tourists may be astounded by Los Angeles offer for the fine-art galleries, attractive seashores, outstanding restaurants, thrilling music gardens, non-stop shopping, remarkable exploring, and effervescent nightclubs, the entertainment capital in the world is Los Angeles. The hottest localities and fascinations excursions are the connection of Los Angeles Exploration.

Los Angeles Flag

image of Los Angeles flag

Los Angeles Transportation
The intercity transportation systems in Los Angeles serve as a provincial, national and international center for traveler and cargo traffic. The system incorporates the United States' main port complex, a widespread freight and passenger rail transportation, several airports and a well-known freeway organization. In the Los Angeles city area there are six business airports and several more general-aviation airports. The main airport in Los Angeles is Los Angeles International Airport. The world's industrious general flight airport is also placed in Los Angeles, Van Nuys Airport. Amtrak manipulates eleven daily round trips connecting San Diego and Los Angeles, five of which maintain to Santa Barbara via the Pacific Surf liner, the only examine that runs during Los Angeles various times daily. Because of the great quantity of trade in goods that pour into the city's port compound, Los Angeles is a mainly important cargo railroad hub. Freight is harvested by Union Pacific Railroad and BNSF Railway. The now-obsolete Southern Pacific Railroad once organized the Los Angeles area prior to integration with amalgamation Pacific. The Alameda air walkway, a below-grade rail corridor connects the port to the city's main rail corral and to points additional north and east. The widespread bus system directed by LACMTA constitutes the Metro Local, Metro hasty, and Metro Express services. Local buses are likely to be orange, while quick and express buses are red. LACMTA has two bus express transportation lines: the Orange Line and the Silver Line. The Orange Line coordinates from Warner hub/Woodland Hills to the North Hollywood Red Line station establishes manipulation on October 29, 2005. Foothill transportation also manipulates a bus quick transport system called the Silver Streak, which discharges from Montclair to Downtown Los Angeles beside the El Monte Bus way. The Los Angeles Metro Rail system equates propagated areas of the county collectively with Long Beach, Norwalk, El Segundo, Pasadena, North Hollywood and Downtown Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Tax
Los Angeles sales tax: 1.25%

Los Angeles Univercities/colleges/schools
California State University Los Angeles (CSULA), Northridge (CSUN)
University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)
American Film Institute Conservatory
Alliant International University
Syracuse University
American InterContinental University
American Jewish University
The American Musical and Dramatic Academy
Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science
Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising's (FIDM)
Los Angeles Film School
Loyola Marymount University
Marymount College
Mount St. Mary's College
National University of California
Occidental College ("Oxy")
Otis College of Art and Design (Otis)
Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc)
Southwestern Law School
University of Southern California (USC)
East Los Angeles College (ELAC)
Los Angeles City College (LACC)
Los Angeles Harbor College
Los Angeles Mission College
Los Angeles Pierce College
Los Angeles Valley College (LAVC)
Los Angeles Southwest College
Los Angeles Trade-Technical College
West Los Angeles College

Los Angeles Religions
Los Angeles Catholic Church population - 69%
Los Angeles Mainline Denominations population - 6%
Los Angeles Other population - 14%
Los Angeles Evangelical Denominations population - 11%

Los Angeles Government
Antonio Villaraigosa is the present mayor of Los Angeles. By a mayor-council organization the city is managed and the city committee localities are15 in number. The City Prosecutor Carmen Trutanich and the City Organizer Wendy Greuel comprise Additional nominated city administrators. Four specialized police agencies are also maintained by the city (LAPD) The Los Angeles Police Division safeguards the Organization of Public Protection. The City Hall, city gardens and archives, the Los Angeles Zoological gardens, and the Resolution Center are surrounded by the Common Amenities Subdivision which is accountable for safety and regulation implementation facilities. For all education departments in Los Angeles, the Police department handles regulation implementation in the city. In 1852 formed by the state Government, the five-member Board of Administrators of Los Angeles is the prevailing body of the Province. Other than the assessor, district counsel and sheriff, which are optional positions, remaining all division heads are allotted by the board. The Region is charged by providing abundant facilities as a division of the government that affects the lives of all citizens. The tax collection, public health fortification, public social amenities, elections, torrent control, law implementation, and property assessment are comprised by the province. Within the region there are 88 cities, each with its individual city association in all of the municipalities, in fluctuating grades, agreement with the County to afford public amenities. For self-governing zones the Board of Administrators performs as the "city council". For air superiority, water, cleanliness, transference, and edification there are isolated boards.

Los Angeles geography
According to the United States survey agency Los Angeles is randomly shaped and covers a complete region of 502.7 square miles (1,302 km2) and Comprising 468.7 square miles (1,214 km2) of land and 34.0 square miles (88 km2) of water. For 44 miles (71 km) longitudinally and for 29 miles (47 km) latitudinally the city extends. Bisected by a mountain range, it is merely the major city in the United States of the city boundary with 342 miles (550 km). The highest point in the city is 5,080 ft (1,550 m) Mount Lukens and Los Angeles is equally horizontal and mountainous. The mountainous parts of Los Angeles comprise the complete Santa Monica Mountains which extend from Downtown to the Pacific Ocean positioned at the northeastern end of the San Fernando Valley. The foremost river which is basically seasonal is the Los Angeles River and it is the major drainage waterway. By the Army Corps of Engineers it was straightened and creased in concrete for nearly its whole length to act as a torrent manage waterway. The river begins in the Canoga Park region of the city and flows east from the San Fernando Valley down the north border of the Santa Monica Mountains as they reduce, then south all the way through the city center, then through close by Vernon on its way to its entrance in the harbor of Long Beach at the Pacific Ocean.

Los Angeles Economy
The economy of Los Angeles is induced by international trade, aerospace, entertainment, technology, fashion, petroleum, apparel, and tourism. Los Angeles is the principal manufacture metropolis in the western United States. The adjacent ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach together consist of the fifth-busiest port in the world and the mainly important port in the Western Hemisphere and are essential to operate within the Pacific Rim. Further important industries contain telecommunications, media production, finance, law, healthcare, and transportation. The Los Angeles-Long Beach-Riverside joined statistical area has a gross metropolitan manufactured goods of $831 billion, produces it the third principal economic hub in the world, after the larger Tokyo Area and the New York-Newark-Bridgeport CSA. If counted as a country, the contiguous CSA has the 15th major nation in the world in conditions of small GDP. It has been classify an "Alpha world city" according to a 2008 study by a examine collection at Loughborough University in England. Awaiting the mid-1990s, Los Angeles was domicile to several main economic institutions in the western United States. The metropolitan area contains the headquarters of companies who motivated outside of the city to get away its taxes but keep the settlement of proximity. The University of Southern California is the city's major classified division manager and contributes $4 billion per annum to the confined economy. The United States Postal examine operates post offices in Los Angeles, the most important one of which is situated at 7001 South Central Avenue. User Comments

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Woodbury University
Woodbury University (Accredited school of Architecture)
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Los Angeles Fun Facts
Los Angeles is the birthplace of: * The hula-hoop * The Barbie doll * Mickey Mouse * The chaise lounge * The Space Shuttle
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