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Belize rental properties are primarily found in the major metropolitan areas of Belize. Common rental types found in Belize are apartments, studios, lofts, one bedrooms, two bedrooms, condos, houses for rent, mobile homes, hotel rooms, vacation rental, furnished rentals short term rentals. Regions and cities if Belize where housing rentals are found are All Cities, Ambergris Caye, Belize City, Cayo, Corozal, Orange Walk, Stann Creek, Toledo. Vacation rentals, short term rentals and furnished housing are more common in the metropolitan areas of Belize.

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Belize Information

Belize is a country located in the north of Central America. The government of Belize is democratic constitutional monarch. Belize has a varied civilization, including several ethnicity and languages. The majority of people speak Kriol and Spanish. The single nation in Central America in which the English is the official language is Belize. The boundaries of Belize are Mexico in the north, Guatemala in the south and west and Caribbean Sea in the east. The mainland of Belize is nearly around 180 miles long and 68 miles wide. The total land area of Belize country is 8,867 square miles or 22,960 km². The lowest inhabitant's thickness in Central America is of Belize. Belize's profusion of global and naval types and its range of bionetwork provide it a means set inside the worldwide vital Mesoamerican natural passage. Belize is ethnically exclusive between its Central American neighbors. Belize is the solo country in the area with a British colonial heritage. The Belize contributes a universal heritage with the Caribbean section of further Central American countries. Belize is a part of the Caribbean Community, (CARICOM). Belize is regard as to be a nation in Central America with tough bond together for the Caribbean and Latin America.

Belize Recreation, Culture and Attractions

The culture in Belize is combination of Spanish and Native Americans and with cultures of Chinese to Lebanese. It is an exclusive merger that materialized all the way through the nation's extended and sporadically vicious past. Courteousness has its own significance to the majority of Belizeans. One of the features of the civilization is the thought of the spiritual curing and Obeah. Soccer and basketball are the main sports in Belize. Volleyball, track and field, jai-alai, boxing, cycling, and softball are some of the other sports played in Brazil. Freshly the latest games in which Belizeans are involved are canoeing, chess, darts, billiards, martial arts and ice hockey. Annually an overseas cross-nation Cycling race is held. The Belize is considered as the world's second biggest barricade reef and hundreds of tiny islands, known as cayes that are well attracted recreation regions for inhabitants, principally in school holidays and Easter. The Belize's recreational diving is world famous. There is a plenty of cays and a submarine cave system. Bird-watching, hiking, snorkeling, and fishing are other trendy activities. The Belize is well known for the type of Garifuna music called as Punta. It is manifestly Afro-Caribbean. Some of the well known celebrities in Belize are Andy Palacio, Herman "Chico" Ramos, "Mohobub" Flores, Adrian "The Doc" Martinez, and Lindsford "Supa G" Martinez. Brukdown is all the rage fresh mode of Belizean music linked to Calypso. It advanced away of the music and dance of loggers, mainly a type called buru. Wilfred Peters and Gerald "Lord" Rhaburn of Belize City and Leela Vernon of Punta Gorda are the supreme proponents.

Belize Demographics

Belize total Population - 333,200
Belize male Population - 155,945
Belize female Population - 151,954
Belize Mestizo Population - 162,268
Belize Creole Population - 82,966
Belize Maya Population - 35,319
Belize Garifuna Population - 20,325
Belize Other Population - 32,320

Belize Education

The education in Belize is mandatory for the students between the ages of 6 and 14 years for primary education. Primary education is without charge, but the associated expenditure, like uniforms and books, are a monetary sprain for the poor people. Secondary schools and apprenticeship and professional courses can barely contain part of children who finish the primary school. The structure was influenced by the British education. The education system was classified into three levels. They are primary, secondary, and tertiary. Belizean kids start the education with the primary education. The primary education is of eight years out of which two years are of the infant classes. Secondary education is further classified into four forms. The additional postsecondary institutions incorporated Belize Teachers' College, the Belize School of Nursing, and the Belize College of Agriculture, in count to UCB. Belize donates to and joins in the worldwide University of the West Indies. The University of the West Indies also sustained a tiny extramural department in Belize City. The level decides the organization of the system. The religious denominations supervised the most of the primary schools in the end of 1980s. The secondary education are controlled the regime or concealed, community-based panels of governors. The prevalence of regime society at the derived level was a moderately innovative progress; as newly as 1980, the popular of secondary schools were in religious organization. Tranquil denominational legislative body holds extensive pressure on the supervision panel of private, allegedly nondenominational, organization. Secondary schools also vary from set of courses and civilizing point of reference. Jesuit pressurized level exaggerated like customary supporter of British pedagogy as the Anglican and Methodist secondary schools and the regime administered Belize Technical College. Almost thirty years of Peace group and further United States unpaid assistant teachers contains also partial Belizean educational civilization. Methodical professional learning courses by the United States Agency for International Development pledge to corrode extra British instructive legacies.

Belize State Symbols

Belize state Flag
Belize state Flag
Belize state Flower
Belize state Flower
Black Orchid
Belize state Bird
Belize state Bird
Keel Billed Toucan
Belize state Tree
Belize state Tree
Mahogany Tree
Belize state Anthem
Belize state Anthem
Land of the Free
Belize state Animal
Belize state Animal
Tapir or Mountain Cow
Belize state Motto
Belize state Motto
Sub Umbra Floreo

Belize History

The Belize past is around thousands of years old. The Maya culture widened hooked on the region of Belize in 1500 BC and AD 200 and prospered till around AD 1200. Cahal Pech, Caracol, Lamanai, Lubaantun, Altun Ha, and Xunantunich are some of the archeological locations which reveal the superior evolution and greatly opaque inhabitants of that age. Shipwrecked English seamen were the first documented European agreement in the year 1638. This age also was manifested by piracy, unsystematic sorting, and irregular assaults by pre-America citizens and bordering Spanish resolution. Belize was declared as a crown colony in the year 1862. In January 1964 complete inner sovereignty in a ministerial structure was approved. In June 1973 formerly the name of the region was altered from British Honduras to Belize, and they got total freedom on September 21, 1981. A bicameral government was initiated after the general elections in 1965. The conflict between Belize and Guatemala subsisted from a long period. The reason for the conflict was Guatemala's persistent allegation over the control of Belize. In September 1991 a harmony was appropriately attained in which Guatemala documented Belizean independence in switch over for right to use to Belizean ports. The Belizean regime acted in response by initiating discussion with Britain on prospect military support. Official dominion allegation was wedged at the United Nations as Guatemala troubled appeared for another time. With the backing of UN both the countries Belize and Guatemala apprehended a sequence of indecisive mutual discussions. The Belizean regime was influenced by the USA for its suspected negligence in the 'war on drugs'. Washington considers that Belize has developed into a foremost transportation summit for consignment into the USA and for the decontamination of drug income through the nation's banking network.

Belize Tourism

The tourism department in Belize plays a significant role in the economy of the country. Ministry of Tourism supervises the tourism of Belize. Belize has an amalgamation of natural causes like climate, the Belize Barrier Reef, many offshore Cayes, exceptional fishing, safe waters for boating, scuba diving, and snorkeling, numerous rivers for rafting, and kayaking, a range of jungle and wildlife reserves of fauna and flora, for hiking, bird watching, and helicopter touring, and several Maya remains are the help for the booming visiting the attractions and ecotourism industry. The biggest cave system of Central America is in Belize. The tourism is the second advancing concern for the regime of Belize. The main attractions are Belize District, Orange Walk District and Cayo District. Some of the famous tourist destinations of the Belize District are Altun Ha, The Great Blue Hole, La Isla Bonita Ambergris Caye, Hol Chan Marine, Reserve, Museum of Belize, The Bliss Centre for the Performing Arts, Old Belize Museum and Cucumber Beach, The Belize Zoo (Called, "The Best little zoo in the world"), Caye Caulker, Belikin Beer Brewery, San Pedro Town, Numerous Cayes (islands)- Stann Creek District-, Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary and Jaguar Reserve, Placencia, Hopkins, Victoria Peak, Numerous Cayes. Few of the visitor's sites of Orange Walk District are Lamanai, Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area. The Cayo District popular tourist visiting places are Caracol, Xunantunich, Cahal Pech, Blue Hole (park), Guanacaste National Park, Chiquibul National Park, Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, Barton Creek and Actun Tunichil Muknal Caves which has 1,000 ft. Falls, Chaa Creek, Big Rock Falls, Belize Botanic Gardens, Doyle's Delight. The peak point of Belize's is at 1,124 m or 3,688 ft.

Belize Transportation

The basic mode of transport in Belize is public buses. There are several buses running in the northern and western highways. The roads in Belize are not mainly paved. Barely four asphalt-paved two-lane roads are there in Belize. The four highways are the Hummingbird Highway, Southern Highway, Western Highway, and Northern Highway. The roads in Belize are not maintained well. Belize has around 44 airports. A landing strip development agenda will permit bigger airplane to land and also promotes straight or nonstop service from Europe and Canada. There is a Municipal Airport in Belize City. Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport located in the Ladyville, which lies exterior to the Belize City. The main airlines which offer regular service in Belize are the Tropic Air and Maya Island Air. Belize has no rail transport. Linking Dangriga and Middlesex Estate the Stann Creek Railway initiated its services in the year 1913. By the year 1937 the nail network was closed. Travelling on Private vehicles is common in Belize. For the local journeys people of Belize desire to tour by taxis, bicycles, motorcycles, scooters or simply walking. The water taxis and the regional airplanes are the significant to take a trip in the islands.

Belize Taxes

Belize Country Corporate Tax - 35%
Belize Country Income Tax - 25%
Belize Country Personal Income Tax - 15 to 45%
Belize Country Value Added Tax (VAT) - 15%
Belize Country Goods and Services Tax - 10%
Belize Country Sales tax - 13%
Belize Country Withholding Tax - 25%

Belize Universities

Sacred Heart Junior College, Cayo District, Belize - 500 Students
St. John's CollegeBelize City, Belize - 2,500 Students
University of Belize, Belmopan, Cayo District, BLZ, Belize - 4,000 Students

Belize Religions

Belize Roman Catholics Population is 49.6%
Belize Protestants Population is 29%
Belize Others Population is 14%
Belize None Population is 9.4%

Belize Districts

Belize, Belize - Population 100,100
Cayo, Belize - Population 80,800
Corozal, Belize - Population 37,300
Orange Walk, Belize - Population 49,500
Stann Creek, Belize - Population 34,500
Toledo, Belize - Population 31,000

Belize Geography

Belize is a country situated in a Central America. It is sited at 17°15' north of the equator and 88°45' west of the Prime Meridian on the Yucatan Peninsula. It shares boundaries with Caribbean Sea to the east, with 386 km of coastline. The total land area of Belize is 22,960 km². The total water area is 160 km². The single country of Central America which has not shared a coastline with pacific and the people their speak English is Belize. There are several coral reefs, cays and islands to the eastern part of the nation. Like Ambergris Caye, Lighthouse Reef, Glover Reef, and the Turneffe Islands are some of the islands located in the sited in Belize region. The Belize Barrier Reef structures the greatest in the western hemisphere branch around 322 km (200 miles) and the second best in the world next to the Great Barrier Reef. The nation's biggest river is the eponymous Belize River. The plenty of lagoons by the side of the coasts and in the northern core eases the real terrain part to 21,400 square kilometers. The rolling line of two rivers, the Hondo and the Sarstoon, identify greatly of the path of the nation's northern and southern borders. The structure of Belize is like a rectangle. The western margin pursues unusual features and directs north-south during lowland jungle and highland plateau.

Belize Government

The government of Belize is a parliamentary democratic, a Commonwealth monarch. The constitution of the regime is influenced by the British parliamentary system. Officially the system of Belize is replica of the Common Law of England. The chief of the regime and of a multi-party system is prime minister of Belize. The government of Belize implements the executive power. Together the regime and the Parliament of Belize vest the legislative power. The People's United Party and the United Democratic Party mutually dictate the party system. The bench is free from the executive and the legislature. Jurisprudence depends on the English common law. Queen Elizabeth II is embodying as the head of state in Belize by a director general who works as the advice for the prime minister and the cabinet. The major executive body of supervision is the Cabinet directed by a Prime Minister. Cabinet Ministers are associates of the main political party in assembly and regularly has nominated chairs in the National Assembly along with the Cabinet places. Cabinet associates are drawn from then Senate. The National legislative body of Belize is a bi-cameral body. It comprises of a House of Representatives and a Senate. The House of Representatives has 31 associates and the elections are held generally for every five years. The Senate has total of 13 senators which include the president of Senate. The selection of senators is done as six of them are suggested by the Prime Minister, three of them are suggested by the Leader of the Opposition, one of them is suggested by the Belize Council of Churches and the Evangelical Association of Churches, one of them are suggested by the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Belize Business Bureau and one of them are suggested by the National Trade Union Congress of Belize and the Civil Society Steering Committee. By voting the 12 Senators elect the President of the Senate.

Belize Parks

Belize has many natural parks in it. Belize Botanic Gardens, Chiquibul National Park, Cockscomb Wildlife Sanctuary, Guanacaste National Park, Hol Chan Marine Reserve are some of the national parks of Belize. Belize Botanic Gardens is situated in the Cayo district of western Belize. It covers a total area of 45 acres or 18 ha. It comprises of local and exotic plants growing. The place is located in a vale on the reservoir of the Macal River, enclosed by the Maya Mountain foothills. It is well known for steady farming, preserving and has appealing education. Hol Chan Marine preserve is an aquatic set aside near to Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker, on the coastline of Belize. The total area of this park is 18 km² or 4,448 acres of coral reefs, sea grass beds, and mangrove forest. Chiquibul National Park is biggest national park of Belize. The size of this park is about 1,073 km² or 414 sq miles. There is Chiquibul Forest Reserve is nearby to the park. Guanacaste National Park is a fifty acre 200,000 m² park in central Belize. It is named after an enormous Guanacaste tree that fugitive creature projected as its shaft separated into three bases, plummeting its worth as timber. Guanacaste National Park is placed on the north side of the Western Highway presently to the east of the Roaring Creek Bridge.

Belize Economy

The Belize's economies rely on the forest department. The prime export of the country was logwood. The logwood was utilized to make dye. In the 20th century the delivering of accessible timber decline and sorting turned into loss-making. The exporting of logwood decreased gradually. The prime export was shifted to Cane sugar. Freshly the additional exports of Belize are citrus, bananas, seafood, and apparel. Major of the overseas exchange is gained through the tourism. The regime's increasing economic and fiscal plans commenced GDP growth. The detection of oil in the year 2006 augmented the economic development. The main anxiety persisted to be the substantial trade scarcity and indefensible overseas liability. The administration modernized almost each and every of its communal exterior marketable debt in February 2007. It will ease interest expenditure and produce the liquidity respite required for a boost in public expenses in the accumulation to the March 2008 voting. A key short-term idea ruins the decline of shortage with the aid of worldwide donor. Domestic business is restricted, forced by moderately high-cost labor and power and a small domestic market.