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Andorra Rentals
Andorra rental properties are primarily found in the major metropolitan areas of Andorra. Common rental types found in Andorra are apartments, studios, lofts, one bedrooms, two bedrooms, condos, houses for rent, mobile homes, hotel rooms, vacation rental, furnished rentals short term rentals. Regions and cities if Andorra where housing rentals are found are AndorralaVella, Canillo Encamp, EscaldesEngordany, LaMassana, Ordino, SantJuliade Loria. Vacation rentals, short term rentals and furnished housing are more common in the metropolitan areas of Andorra.

Andorra Rental Areas
Use the rental links below to find Andorra apartment rentals, Andorra houses for rent, Andorra short term furnished Andorra vacation rentals and more. Landlords post rentals directly. Tenants contact landlords about the houses and apartments and negotiate such rental aspects as rent, lease term, pet policy...

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      Andorra Country Information
Andorra is a small country in southwestern Europe. It is located in the heart of the Pyrenees Mountains. Andorra is the highest inhabited country in Europe. It is sixth smallest nation in Europe. The country total area is 181 sq mi and total population is 84,082 in 2009 estimation. The country capital is Andorra la Vella it is also a largest city in Andorra. County official language is Catalan and spoken languages are Spanish, French, and Portuguese. Andorra?s official name is Principality of Andorra. Andorra's climate is similar to that of its neighbours' temperate climates. Andorra people there enjoy many days of sun throughout the year. Andorra has more snow in winter, lower humidity, and it is slightly cooler in summer. Andorra has rugged mountains dissected by narrow valleys. Andorra?s forest land is about 25,000 acres. It is occupied 22% of the total land area. Andorra has no currency of its own, so local trade mainly in French francs and Spanish pesetas. Andorra?s agriculture had been the mainstay of the economy. Agricultural production is limited by a scarcity of arable land, and most food has to be imported. Most of the cropped land is devoted to hay production for animal feed. Andorra is a charismatic country comprising some of the most dramatic scenery and the best skiing grounds in the world.

      Andorra Recreation, Culture and Attractions
Andorra has a lot of wonderful rugged mountains and museums. The rest of the country is made up of meadows, mountain and woods. Water is one of the most important natural resources in Andorra. Andorra organizations are developed, despite the presence of associations in sports, culture, the arts, and business. Andorra has a rich architectural heritage and ancestral traditions, which have been preserved for more than thousands of years now. Andorra is celebrates international Jazz Festival. It is held every July, the Festival of Classic Music is held every September and the months from November to May see The Season of Music and Dance in Andorra. Andorra is a home for folk dances. Andorran folk music has similarities to the music of its neighbours. Music has also influenced the culture of Andorra. Football and Tennis is popular Andorra Sport of the country.

      Andorra Country Demographics
Andorra total population - 83,888
Andorra male population - 43,427
Andorra female population - 40,461
Andorra white population - 32,370
Andorra black population - 2,401
Andorra American Indian population - 64
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander population - 9

      Andorra School Information
Education for Andorran students begins at age 6 and is free and compulsory until age 16. In Andorra education up to secondary level is provided free of charge by the government. There are three systems of schools. They are Andorran, French and Spanish. More than 50% of the children attend the French primary schools, and the rest attend Spanish or Andorran schools. The Andorra has only one university, i.e University of Andorra. It was established in 1997. The University provides first-level degrees in nursing, computer science, business administration, and educational sciences, in addition to higher professional education courses.

Andorra Country Symbols

Image of Andorra Country flag

Image of Andorra Country bird

Image of Andorra Country flower
Andorra Country Flag
Andorra Country Bird
Lammergeier Vulture
Andorra Country Flower

Image of Andorra Country motto

Image of Andorra Country song
Andorra Country Motto
Virtus Unita Fortior
Andorra Country Song
El Gran Carlemany, Mon Pare (Catalan)

      Andorra Country History
Andorra Country is one of the most remarkable countries in Europe. Andorran people were return for their fighting the Moors. After that, the control of the place went to the local count of Urgell and eventually to the bishop of the diocese of Urgell. In the 11th century a dispute arose between the bishop and his northern neighbor over Andorra. The conflict was resolved in the year 1278 by the signing of a pareage. Andorra declared a war on Imperial Germany during World War I. It did not actually participate in the fighting. It remained in an official state of belligerency until 1957. It was remained a neutral state during the World War II. In 1933, France occupied Andorra as a result of unrest before elections. In March 1993, Andorrans voted to establish the country as an independent, democratic, placing full sovereignty in the hands of the Andorran people, with the French and Spanish co-princes continuing to function as joint heads of state with greatly reduced powers. On July 12, 1934, an adventurer named Boris Skossyreff issued a proclamation in Urgell, declaring himself Boris I, the sovereign prince of Andorra. Andorra has existed outside the mainstream of European history. In 1991 Andorra was entered into a customs union with the European Communities. Nowadays the Andorra Country is developed in tourism, the mainstay of Andorra's tiny, well-to-do economy.

      Andorra Country Tourist Information
Tourism is the mainstay of Andorra's economy. Annually 10.2 million tourists visit in Andorra. It is a pleasant country, it has many tourist scenic beauty, good hiking, solitude and some lively holiday celebrations. Andorra is a rural, mountainous country wedged between Spain and France that has limited attractions. Andorra has achieved considerable prosperity since World War II through its tourist industry. Andorra is a good destination for outdoor activities. Andorra has many mountainous landscapes and meandering rivers.

      Andorra Country Transportation
Andorra has a network of roads with 279 km of which 76 km is unpaved road. The two main roads north-south highway links Andorra la Vella with the Spanish and French borders. There are no railways in Andorra. The government is considering a new public transport system. The nearest railway station is L'Hospitalet-pres-l'Andorre 10 km east of Andorra. Andorra does not have commercial airports also. The nearest international airports are at Lleida, Spain, located 160 km from Andorra. The closest airport is located in Perpignan France.

      Andorra Taxes
Andorra Country Capital Gains Tax - 15%
Andorra Country Withholding Tax on returns on savings paid to citizens of Member States of the EU - 15%
Andorra Country Payroll Taxes by the employer - 13% of salary
Andorra Country Payroll Taxes by the employee - 5% and 9%
Andorra Country Payroll Taxes by Self-employed individuals - 18%
Andorra Country Municipal Taxes on rental income received - 3%
Andorra Country Municipal Taxes on when property is bought (not inherited) - 1% or 2%

      Andorra Universities
University of Andorra, Sant Julia de Loria, Andorra - 1309 Students

      Andorra Religions
Andorra Christian Population is 90%
Andorra Muslim Population is 2.8%
Andorra Buddhist Population is 0.5%
Andorra Hindu Population is 0.7%
Andorra other Population is 1%
Andorra non-religious Population is 5%
Andorra Jews Population is 0.2%

      Andorra Parish
Andorra Canillo Parish, Andorra - Population 5,422
Andorra Encamp Parish, Andorra - Population 14,029
Andorra Ordino Parish, Andorra - Population 3,685
Andorra La Massana Parish, Andorra - Population 9,357
Andorra Andorra la Vella Parish, Andorra - Population 24,574
Andorra Sant Julia de Loria Parish, Andorra - Population 9,595
Andorra Escaldes-Engordany Parish, Andorra - Population 16,475

      Andorra Country Government
Andorra parliamentary co-principality composed of the bishop of Urgel and the president of France. It is an independent European state with a democratically elected parliament. Andorra political transformation was a recommendation by the Council of Europe in 1990. The Council meets throughout the year on certain dates set by tradition or as required. The Council also approves the annual budget of the principality. Every four years, after the general elections, the General Council elects the head of government. The judicial system is independent in Andorra. The Magistrates and Judges are appointed by the High Court. The highest body is the five-member Superior Council of Justice.

      Andorra Country Economy
Tourism is the central source of Andorra economy. So many tourist are visited Andorra. The agriculture takes small part in Andorra economy. Andorra imported food items from other countries and other items are electricity and consumer goods. The agricultural outputs of Andorra are tobacco, alcoholic beverages, rye, wheat, barley, oats and vegetables. Andorra manufacturing sources are cigarettes, timber, cigars and furniture. The mined outputs of Andorra are hydroelectric, timber, iron ore and lead. European Union not has the Andorra as member but it maintains the relationship as an EU Customs member for trade in manufactured goods. As of 2009 the GDP of Andorra was $3.6 billion. The main exported items of Andorra are perfumes, cosmetic goods, printing industry, machinery, clothing, tobacco and furniture.

      Andorra Country Parks
Andorra Country has a number of excellent destinations for walking, and is very aware of its status as a grand destination. It has many amazing natural parks, high-mountain peaks, thick pine forests, glacial lakes, and rushing rivers that provide the perfect location for all kinds of outdoor adventure, and mountain sport. User Andorra Comments

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