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Anchorage Information

Anchorage city is a home ruled municipality in the state of Alaska. Anchorage is the major community in North America and there are above 100,000 residents in the city. It is the high populated area in Alaska. Anchorage city has 42 % of state's population. The Anchorage city was discovered in the year of 1915. It is a prestigious metropolitan city. This is the United States tax favorable city. The city has high per capita income, less taxes, and a less crime rate. The Anchorage is the most habitable city in United States. The atmosphere is relatively mild with various seasons.

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      Anchorage Recreation, Culture and Attractions
The city has National Historic Register structures. These are a living device to the city's rich cultural history. The city is interesting for churches and building architecture. Georgeson Botanical Garden provides tours in the summer season. The other attractions are Hot springs, gold dredges and structures. The city hosts the number of festivals and cultural affairs in year around. There is the University of Alaska Museum and several natural and cultural history related museums in the city of Anchorage. In Fairbanks Ice Museum is the ice sculptures are for exhibition. These ice sculptures are collected from the World Ice Art Championship conducting in March of every year. Camping grounds, hiking trails, and fishing information is giving by the Alaska Public Lands Information Center. There are number of Alaska House Art Gallery, Tundra Walker Studio and several art galleries in the city.

      Anchorage Demographics
Anchorage City Total Population is 293,300
Anchorage City Male Population is 148,900
Anchorage City Female Population is 144,400
Anchorage City White Population is 182,800
Anchorage City Asian Population is 23,300
Anchorage City American Indian Population is 22,100
Anchorage City Hispanic Population is 22,100
Anchorage City Two or more races Population is 20,300
Anchorage City Black Population is 15,300
Anchorage City Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander Population is 5,800
Anchorage City Other race Population is 600

Alaska State Symbols
Anchorage City Nickname - The City of Lights and Flowers

Image of Anchorage Flag

Image of Anchorage Motto
Anchorage Flag
Anchorage Motto
Big Wild Life

      Anchorage Education
The Anchorage city has around 50,000 students in schools. It is the 87th biggest educational district in United States. The city had a choice of private education, in those religious and nonreligious schools are there. The Anchorage has higher education, which can provide bachelors or master's degrees. The University of Alaska Fairbanks has a small Center for Distance Education. The high school diplomas in Anchorage's adults were 90 % and 65 % were attended Colleges and 17 % have advanced degrees.

      Anchorage History
In 1867, the U.S State Secretary William H. Seward was bought Alaska from Imperial Russia. The Anchorage city was constituted in the year of 1914. The city was established as a railroad construction port for Alaska Railroad in between 1915 -1923. The Railroad headquarters was in the city, it becomes a camp city. It was established in November 23, 1920. The city economy in 1920 is based on railroad. The city growth was raised as air transportation and military became progressively significant. The International Airport was started in 1951. In the year of 1940 the Elmendorf Air Force base were built. The Anchorage city was facing a 9.2 magnitude Earthquake in March 27th 1964. In that Earthquake 115 Alaskans were dead and damaged around $1.8 billion. The oil was founded Prudhoe Bay in 1968 and the oil boom was base for city next growth. The Anchorage city was combined with many more communities. Then the city was elaborate and known officially as the Municipality of Anchorage.

      Anchorage Tourism
The Anchorage city encircled by Chugach Mountains, and locates head of Cook Inlet. The Anchorage Museum and Earthquake Park are the most visible places. The Earthquake park is devastating 1964 earthquake. The natural landscapes in city are Chugach National Forest and State Forest. The Anchorage Museum consists art and historical items. In this Museum 17 thousand objects and historical photographs are there. The LEED Green Building is in 80 thousand square-foot expansion. In this city people were coexistence of wildlife, moose walking around downtown and eagles perched in trees. The city Nightlife, Lodging, Central locations are wonderful places to visit.

      Anchorage Transportation
The Lake Hood seaplane base is the biggest seaplane base in the world. It is located in the Anchorage city; this is beside of Ted Stevens International Airport. The Ted Stevens Anchorage International airport is 10 km from downtown Anchorage and it has national and international airlines including charter air services. It is the main air freight gateway in the nation, by weight. Merrill Field was one of the busiest aviation airports in the country. The Alaska Railroad gives transport facility between the Seward, Fairbanks and Whittier. The daily passenger services are available in summer season. In talkeetna, denali national park and other areas have been passenger terminals, these are associate with bus from Anchorage. In Anchorage, The Seward Highway is nearly 10 miles long, and it is constructed to freeway measure. The Glenn Highway transmits commuter traffic and it associates to Richardson Highway and North American Highway via Alaska Highway. It is six lanes Highway and it reduces four lanes on Eagle River.

      Anchorage Tourist Colleges and Universities
University of Alaska Anchorage, Anchorage, Alaska - 17,800 Students
Alaska Pacific University, Anchorage, Alaska, United States - 700 Students
Charter College, Anchorage, Alaska, USA

      Anchorage Museums
Alaska Aviation Museum
Anchorage Museum
Alaska Native Heritage Center
Alaska Museum of Natural History
Veterans Museum
The Alaska Heritage Museum at Wells Fargo
Alaska Experience Theater and historical quake exhibit
Trooper Museum
Oscar Anderson House and Museum
The Roundhouse at Alyeska

      Anchorage Parks
Alaska Native Heritage Center
The Alaska Botanical Garden contains over 900 species of hardy perennials and 150 native plant species[60]
Delaney Park Strip
Kincaid Park
Point Woronzof Park
Earthquake Park
Russian Jack Park
Flattop Mountain Recreation Area
Westchester Lagoon/Margaret Eagan Sullivan Park
Valley of the Moon Park
Lyn Ary Park
Pop Carr Park
Minnesota Park
Fairview Lions Park
Roosevelt Park
Hanna Cove Park
University Lake Park
Goose Lake Park
Conifer Park
Muldoon Park
McPhee Park
Williwaw Park
Connors Lake Park
Jewel Lake Park
Ocean View Park
Cutty Sark Park
Taku Lake Park
Bancroft Park
Campbell Park
Meadow Park
Storck Park
Forsythe Park
Charles Smith Park
Al Miller Memorial Park
Lloyd Steele and Balto Seppala Parks
Tikishla Park (which includes the Scotty Gomez Skating Rink)
Nunaka Valley Park
Centennial Park
Sand Lake Park
De La Vega Park
Southport Park
Ocean Bluff Park
Ruth Arcand Park
Meadow Park
Abbott Loop Park

      Anchorage Religious
Anchorage CIty Catholic Church Population is 24%
Anchorage CIty Southern Baptist Convention Population is 12%
Anchorage CIty Orthodox Church in America: Territorial Dioceses Population is 10%
Anchorage CIty LDS (Mormon) Church Population is 8%
Anchorage CIty Non-Charismatic Churches Independent Population is 6%
Anchorage CIty Other Population is 39%

      Anchorage Government
The Anchorage Assembly was constituted in the year 1975. It is the 11 member assembly; these members are elected from different districts. The mayor was elected from citywide vote process. The Assembly gives all laws. More than half of the Alaska state legislature comes from the Anchorage metropolitan region. The assembly sanctions budgets for Municipal and School Boards.

      Anchorage Geography
The Anchorage city was located in the south-central Alaska. The east side of the city has Chugach Mountains; these Mountains are stops the warm air from Mexico. The Anchorage city's climate is Snow coming from October and most of the rain was drizzle in late summer. The dangerous mudflats lie on city's seacoast and Turnagain Arm is in south side. The Mount Redoubt volcano is located in 78 miles away from the city's West Side. In 2009, multiple blasts are occurred in Mount Redoubt volcano. The Anchorage city area is 1,961.1 square miles, in that land is 1,697.2 square miles and 263.9 square miles is water. The city Elevation is 132 feet above sea level. The city's annual average temperature is 35.8 F; rain is 15.71 inches and 70.6 inches of snow.

      Anchorage Economy
The Anchorage city economy relies on areas geographical and natural resources. Today the city income mainly depends on oil and gas, military, transportation, and the convention and tourism industries. The Alaska oil production is 22 percent of national production. In Anchorage nearly 30 thousand jobs in tourism sector and gaining $80 million economy. By developing this region is expected to get another 3 lakhs visitors in each summer and produce $74 million income annually. The city is like an administrative heart for the industry.

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