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Landlord Category: Tenant Database
1. how can i save my email message?
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To send the same email message to all potential tenants you must set your email message as your email draft. Read more to learn how to do this. Read more
2. what are tenant matches and how can i view them?
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Tenant matches represent the active tenants in our tenant database that are seeking a rental, which match the details of your posting. Read more to learn how to access them. Read more
3. what is the difference between premium hits and tenant matches?
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Premium hits are a list of all tenants which have clicked and viewed your rental details. Tenant matches are part of the tenant database, a separate paid service we offer, which gives you a list of all potential tenants seeking a rental in your area. Read more to find out about each separate service Read more
4. what is the tenant database?
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The tenant database is a database of potential tenants who are actively searching for a rental. Each tenant that visits will enter a rental profile if he/she wants to be contacted by landlords. saves each rental profile and allows landlords to search for tenants by the relevant rental criteria. The Tenant Database is an effective means of renting a place quickly since within minutes a landlord can send 1000ís of emails to a targeted group tenants. Read more
5. i paid for the tenant database, but do not have access to my tenant matches?
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If you upgraded to the tenant database and still do not have access to the tenant matches, please make sure you have are not confusing this service with upgrading your listing to premium. The tenant database and premium listing are two separate services. Read more to learn about both.. Read more
6. how to use the tenant database to search for tenants
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The tenant database is a database of all potential tenants who are searching for a rental within the past 60 days. Read more to learn how to use the tenant database. Read more
7. how long is my tenant database account active?
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The tenant database is good for 30 days from the time of activation Read more
8. what is the cost of the tenant database?
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The tenant database varies in price per city and area. You can access multiple areas within the same state by registering for "All Cities". For those individuals or property managers who wish access on a longer term base can click on the appropriate link to contact us about tenant database discounts. Read more
9. how can i effectively email all tenants?
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Emailing the tenants can be easily managed and done effectively using email messaging features. Read more to learn about the different types of messaging features included in your service. Read more
10. what is the stored tenants feature and why should i use it?
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Stored tenants is a feature which allows a landlord to keep track of potential tenants which he/she has contacted through our service. Using this feature is totally free and is designed to help remind you whom you spoke to, whom you need to get back to, or whom you would like to follow up with. Read more
11. what is the notes column for on my stored tenants page?
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The notes column is a feature designed for the landlord to take down a few notes about a potential tenant you have made contact with using our service. Read more
12. what is the renewal policy for a tenant database account?
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The tenant database will expire automatically after 30 days, so there is no need to cancel. Read more
13. how can i send group mails?
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Read more to get specific instructions on how to select potential tenants and send them one group email. Read more
14. how do i include my listings?
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When emailing potential tenant you can include your listings, so every tenant will be able reference your available rentals. Read more to learn how to include your rental listing in your email message Read more
15. how do i include my name and phone number?
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When sending any emails to potential tenants you can use the message box and include your phone number here, or you can use our automated feature to include both you name and number. Read more on how to use our automated feature to include your name and number. Read more
16. how do i get an email confirmation of the emails i sent?
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To get confirmation of the emails you sent to potential tenant just check off the email confirmation box. Read more to learn to how to get email confirmations Read more
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