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Tenant Category: Membership
1. how do i cancel my full membership?
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Once you have upgraded to a "full" membership we cannot reverse the process. Upon activation you have full access to your area of interest and the ability to contact landlords. Read more  Read more
2. how do i contact landlords?
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To obtain the email addresses and phone numbers of our owners and lease holders you need to register and pay a "full" membership fee. This fee ranges per city and area of interest, from $9.95 to $150. All accounts are activated immediately after registration. We encourage users to browse our listings FREE. Read more Read more
3. what is the renewal or cancellation policy regarding full memberships?
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We do not automatically re-bill or re-charge your account when it expires. There is no need to cancel the account as all accounts expire automatically after the 90 days has elapsed. Read more
4. how can i get a discount?
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If you do not have a discount code, please contact us to request a discount code. If we have one available we will gladly offer it you. Read more
5. how can i get 25% discount?
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Please click on the read more link so that you can information in how to get a 25% discount on the registration fee. Read more
6. what are the different types of membership?
  Contact us offers full access and free access memberships. Free access membership is a free but limited membership. Full access membership costs vary per state and area of interest. To find out more on pricing go to or click read more. Read more
7. can i register for less than 90 days?
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Currently you cannot register for less than 90 days. Read more
8. what features are associated with my account?
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Using Sitename accounts you can find a rental with ease. Read more to learn about all features associated with your account. Read more
9. am i eligible for a refund and how can i apply?
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Our business model allows all our clients to view our listings prior to registering to make sure we have satisfied users. Additionally, accounts are valid for 90 days and there are 100's of new rentals posted every day. Read more
10. how can i register to activate an account?
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Click the read more link below to become a registered member and contact the landlords directly. We offer a FULL access and PARTIAL access memberships. Read more
11. how can i save listings to group email landlords?
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Its a good idea to save listings in your account. Once a listing has been saved you'll be able to send a one email to a group of landlords. Read more to learn how to save listing and send group emails. Read more
12. what websites do i have access to?
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Registered members have access to landlord contact information for, and Read more
13. how can i add access to additional areas or states?
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You can access additional areas with in the same state or add areas in other states by upgrading your access. Read more the learn how to upgrade your access to add more areas. Read more
14. can we set up a corporate account to use database?
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Yes, corporate rates are available. Please contact one of our representatives for pricing information, as prices will vary depending on area and usage. Read more
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