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How Escrow Works
Use escrow service to secure your rental deposit. will hold your rental deposit until two days after you have arrived at your rental. If there is a serious problem with the rental, you can contact escrow team and the deposit will be held until the problem is resolved.

Your Rental Deposit is Secure escrow service serves both the landlord and the tenant. The landlord knows that the rental deposit has been sent and the tenant knows that's the rental deposit is secure. Since the rental deposit is held by and released by the tenant, only high quality landlords will use the escrow service. Landlords with properties that do match the descriptions will be more hesitant to use the escrow service. Monies are only withheld if the tenant files a complaint prior to the scheduled deposit release date. If a complaint is filed, the monies are held in escrow until both parties are agree on a resolution

Escrow Fees
The fees for the escrow service is 5% of the deposit amount with a minimum of $25.

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