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Commercial Real Estate Rentals & Sales
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Commercial Real Estate rentals are available in many sizes and shapes, so scan neighborhoods carefully to find the best rental that meets your needs. Commercial Real Estate Sales offers an excellent opportunity for investment in Office space, retail space, executive suites, industrial warehouses and more.
Commercial Real Estate Recommendations
When renting commercial real estate, we recommend you purchase renter's insurance and examine your rental contract carefully. Depending on whether you are investing in commercial real estate or acquiring commercial real estate space for your business will greatly influence your decision on location and commercial real estate property type. Be sure to map out a budget - use our Mortgage link resource for more information. Commercial Real Estate Related Resources
3/28/2013 simmon hiscoWrite Comment
Profitable Investments
The best investor is one who is able to acquire both positive cash flow and eventual capital gains from a property that has been invested in. Many properties require little maintenance if bought in good condition. Investors need only take care of the property and income taxes, and the cost of borrowing a Investmenta
8/25/2012 DON HINOWrite Comment
Where can I purchase insurance for my possessions that I keep in a storage building? How much does it cost?
2/25/2012 TIMOTHY WAREWrite Comment
2/23/2012 jamieWrite Comment
commercial real estate can be a good investment
if you buy the right building with the right sort of units, you can be in really good shape. get a building with a lot of doctor ready units...
11/9/2011 homes for sale richmond vaWrite Comment
Real Estate Matter
Looks like you guys are doing good work.
8/9/2011 jamieWrite Comment
great investment
commercial real estate is a great investment! buy and rent out your property!
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